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Babe Elena Anaya Nude Has Hot Sex
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Kara waited, looking at the ad. She was assured she would remain anonymous, right? Only craigslist barely knew who she was.


To everyone else she would be a number. Any reply to her add would go unanswered unless she replied. She would be totally in control. Once again she checked the add, was she saying too much? Was she absolutely sure she wanted to do this? She knew the legal ramifications if she was caught. But the desire was so strong, too strong to stop her. She pressed the post button and knew it was done. And even though she knew she could cancel the add, she also knew she wouldnt, not just yet anyway.

She closed her tablet, gathered her things and left the office. One half hour later she pulled into her garage and closed the door behind her. Sitting in her car, she opened her tablet, went to Google and searched out the Craigslist web site.

Quickly she went to the personal adds and then clicked on casual encounters. The third add she saw was hers.

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"47 year old married woman on her hands and and knees, wanting to get mounted and knotted by a large strong male. Owner can watch! Can travel on weekends. Must be discreet. Maybe turn into something on a regular basis. Instantly she got wet thinking about what she was asking for.

That's what watching porn will do to you, she thought to herself. It all started in college when she was finally able to get out from under her parents firm control. Up to that point, they had controlled everything in her life, her clothes, who she dated, everything!

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She was so fed up when she left. Of course they chose her school for her, sending her to the same Christian university they had graduated from in Abilene Texas.

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Something that would backfire big time. She went wild, finally getting to do the things with her friends they had already been doing. They went to frat parties, drinking and dancing. Then one night, Kara and her friends found themselves at a party put on by some members of the football team.

She woke up the next morning in bed with a young black man on the football team, her stretched and sore pussy full of his cum. After that, she became especially fond of black dick and the way black men made her feel so much like a whore when they were between her legs.

Their powerful bodies and huge dicks never stopped making her feel good. Then one night she went out with an older man she had met at a cowboy bar who decided to take her to an adult book store.

She was a little apprehensive as they entered and stayed very close to him as they walked around. She didnt comprehend the situation she was in until he led her into the open theatre. She was the only woman in the room full of men sitting in the old discarded love seats and couches. Most of them had their pants undone, masturbating as they watched her being led in.

She quickly found herself sitting by him on a love seat, nervously watching a movie where a woman was being gang banged. Kara became very uncomfortable when the man put his arm around her with one arm and then started unbuttoning her blouse with the other.

She watched as he gently opened her shirt, exposing her sexy black bra to the others. Then as she watched, he undid the snap between her tits and her bra opened up, revealing her firm young tits to the men. The contrasting white skin under the bra revealed tan lines that showed just how small her bikini top was. No one was watching the movie now, all eyes were on her. She closed her eyes when he began to squeeze and play with her breast, showing them to the others. Her nipples were harder than ever, swollen and begging to be sucked.

Then for some perverted reason, she found herself arching her back, pushing her tits up and out for the men. She wanted them to see them, to see how nipples looked.

She suddenly wasntscared anymore but excited as she thought about what was fixing to happen. She noticed that several of the other men had moved closer to them, standing and watching her. "They need to be sucked." She hissed at them. The man beside her could only watch when she pushed his hands out of the way and then stood up. Slowly she walked over and stood in the middle of them. Her date could only watch as her pants were unsnapped and pushed down, revealing her panties.

Several men helped hold her up as her jeans were stripped from her. An old man quickly knelt in front of her and grabbed the waste band of her panties and pulled them down just far enough to reveal her hair covered pussy. Kara cried out as he buried his mouth into her and began to eat her out.

Others began to suck on her tits as she was held up. The old man suddenly stood up and quickly moved around and knelt behind her, spread the cheeks of her ass, and started licking her virgin butthole.

This was a first for her. Sure she had played with her own butthole, fingering and pushing small objects into it. But this was the first time she had allowed someone else to enjoy it.

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The feeling of someone willing eating her back there was incredible! Anonymous hands and mouths were everywhere, sucking and biting on her.


She relaxed, letting them do anything they wanted. Through half closed eyes she saw the woman in the movie. She was straddling one man, his dick buried to the roots in her cunt, while another man slowly started to sodomize her.

She was groaning around another dick that was fucking her mouth. Men were standing around her, jacking off on her. Sperm, mixed with her sweat and the body fluids of the men around her, coated her completely.

Kara knew that what she was watching was going to happen to her. She knew it! But she didn't care anymore, she wanted the perversity.

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She realized the value of her body to these men. What they dreamed of was in their hands to use. After several minutes she felt herself being moved. Slowly they moved her over to one of the sofas. Quickly the old man, probably in his sixties, sat down and she was placed in his lap.

Looking down, she watched as his dick disappeared into her cunt. Quickly she used her legs to start moving up and down on him as he frantically grabbed her tits and started sucking. His dick felt so good in here as she fucked him.

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Suddenly she felt a pair of hands grab her from the back. The weight of another man her back made her stop moving. A set of hands frantically pulled her ass back. She realized what he wanted and arched her back. Reaching back, she pulled the cheeks of her ass apart, giving him room to place the head of his dick at her hole.

She tensed up when she felt the initial push. "Relax little lady, relax. You're going to like this a lot!" Kara did as she was told and was surprised when she felt the head of his dick enter. Another push and she felt her rectum and bowels stretch to accept him. At the same time she was pushed back onto the old man's dick. In the matter of a minute the two men were fucking her, their dicks sliding in and out of her, separated only by the thin walls of her cunt and asshole.

She quickly began to move with them, enjoying the incredible feeling of being dp'd. Unsurprisingly the man in her ass lasted less than a minute before he buried his dick as deep as possible in her ass and squirted.

Kara felt the warm liquid, enjoying the thought of what was happening. After a minute, she felt him pull his dick out of her. The sudden cold air on her back was short lived though as another man mounted her ass. This man's fucking was violent as he thrust into her as fast and hard as he could. "I'm coming in your cunt sweety." The old man under her said to her as he stopped moving.

Kara pushed down onto him, milking him. Kara was caught off guard when suddenly the man in her ass, grabbed her from behind and lifted her off the old man.

She quickly found herself laying on top of him as he rolled over and sat on the couch. She was now on her back, a dick buried up her ass, with her beautiful legs spread obscenely for everyone to see. That didn't last long when a man suddenly crawled up on her and pushed his dick into her.

Karaks legs stiffened and pointed up into the air as he begin to thrust into her. For the next hour, she took on all the men. Sucking, fucking and getting sodomized, time and time again. When they finally stopped, she was a wreck. Sperm was everywhere, she could feel it leaking out of her holes as she stood up.

The old man helped her get dressed. Of course her bra and panties were gone, a souvenir for one of the men. She was surprised when he offered to take her where she lived, but then she realized her date had left her there. When she walked out of the theatre, the owner told her to come back anytime.

A short time later, Kara snuck into her dorm room.

Quickly she stripped and was headed towards the shower when she looked in the bathroom mirror. She was horrified by the amount of hickeys covering her neck and chest.

There were others elsewhere, but she could hide those. She entered the shower and stood under the waster.