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Sexy big tit milfs gets pounded hard milf thing 10 tube porn
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Three Granddaughters-part 3-Brianna What a wonderful way to start Christmas morning! My oldest granddaughter, Dusty, had a few problems with the birth of her son, Wade. As a result, resuming her sex life was delayed a couple extra weeks.

With Wade resting comfortably in his Aunt Mickey's arms, I had my hard cock deep seated in Dusty's willing pussy… it was what she asked for, for her Christmas present. Even her husband, Andy, hadn't used it since before Wade was born.

Mickey, the middle sister, had come home and was staying with me during her Christmas break. Sex with Mickey was the best I'd had in my entire lifetime. At 20, she could… and would… do it all. Suck, fuck, pussy, asshole, mouth, hands, feet, tits… it didn't matter.


Any place, any time, any position, Mickey loved it all. And she loved getting it from her 58yr old Grandad, which made it even better. She had spent Christmas Eve with old school friends and had stayed the night.

Upon her return, Dusty (who lived across the street from me) called to her, "Hey, Mick! Can you come stay with Wade for a little while? I really need to, uh… 'visit' Grandad. And I mean REALLY need to." Mickey knew Dusty was a nymphomaniac and the last two months had about driven the poor girl nuts, "I'd love to! When y'all get done… if it's before noon, Dad and Tess want us call and let them know what time to come over." Dusty just 'happened' to have her bathrobe and shoes on and was off the porch before Mickey got to the bottom of the steps, "Thanks, sis, I owe you for this one." "Naw, you don't owe me.

I got some last night; and tonight I'll be sleeping with Grandad. Enjoy…" I emptied my cods at the same time Dusty was cumming for the third time, "Mmmm… That was fuckin' awesome… or maybe awesome fuckin'. Whichever, it was wonderful.

I've missed my Dusty girl being in my bed. Andrew and I are going to love it, now that you're back in the swing of things. Want some coffee?" We called Mickey; she brought Wade and joined us. Somehow, the conversation migrated to the subject of their youngest sister, Brianna. As much as I loved the two in front of me, Bri was (and still is) the most beautiful of the three. Her birthday is the same day as mine, December 26, and this one would be her eighteenth.

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Bri is the tallest, also, standing at 5'10"… the same as myself. As I listened to the girls gossip about Bri, Dusty spoke up, "You need to teach her how to REALLY fuck, Grandad. Her asshole boyfriend just dumped her and she's been down, pretty bad." "Yeah," Mickey said, "If she's gonna get down, she can get down on you, Grandad. And just think about spreading those long legs. We figure those legs are as long as any man would ever want; they start on the ground and run all the way up to Heaven." That brought snickers from all of us, "I see no reason NOT to fuck her… after all, just think about what I've been doing with you two.

But… she'll have to be the one to bring it up, just like you did. I won't risk losing her love for me, just for some pussy." I slid my hand inside Mickey's sweater, "There's more around here than I can keep up with already." "There's a big difference, though, Grandad; whereas the two of us have had multiple boyfriends, and many cocks inside us, Bri has only had Rusty. He's a shit head and neither of us like him.

He's always treated her like dirt, and she does whatever he says… In other words, Brianna likes to be dominated. Bring her in, order her around; eventually, you'll talk her into getting naked… which I need to do now.


I have to clean up a little before Dad, Tess and Bri get here. As soon as my shower is done, I'll get Christmas dinner ready to put on the table." As Mickey stood, she gave Dusty a big, tongue-dueling kiss; something I hadn't seen before. She smiled and blew me a kiss as she headed out of the room. Dinner went off without a hitch. Andy came in from his convenience store long enough to eat and exchange presents with everyone. He and Dusty went across to their house for a while before he had to head back to work.

Mickey and I knew they were 'celebrating' with his first round of pussy since Wade was born. Once things began to wind down, I told Brianna that she wasn't getting her birthday present until the next day, on her (our) birthday, "You'll just have to get your pretty, little butt in your Jeep and come over for breakfast with your sisters and me.

And don't make plans for tomorrow night; I'm taking everybody out for your first legal drink. I have reservations for all of us at The Beetles' Den." I watched Bri's ass as she walked to Wayne's car, appreciating the way it swayed and hoping to get my face into her crotch gap. Brianna was mildly shocked at seeing her sisters sitting at the breakfast table. She was aware that both had been promiscuous, but she didn't expect them to be naked in front of me.

"Grandad knows how to use his cock better than anyone I know," Mickey smiled, "You should try him out." "Uh… I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with that… he's our Grandad!" I kissed the girl on top of the head as I passed her chair, "That's what I told them, too.

Don't you worry your pretty self about it. Y'all enjoy your breakfast while I get a shower." While I showered, my right hand provided the need stimulation for the Viagra to do its job. I walked back and forth from my bedroom to the bathroom, sporting a full hard on. I made sure Brianna was able to catch a glimpse of my proudest attribute. The third time I crossed the doorway, Dusty spoke up, "That's about all I can take; if Wade wakes up, just give him his binky. I'm gonna go suck on my favorite pacifier for a while.

We landed on my bed in a 69 and within seconds, Dusty's deep throat was working me over. I ate her pussy with abandon, thinking of Bri's cunt. I managed to get her through two orgasms before I sent my load down her gullet.

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We then lay side by side as I helped myself to some of Wade's breakfast milk… it was warm and delicious. I put a robe on and gave Bri her birthday present, a dinner ring that her Granny had worn many times. The six diamonds and gold mounting were worth around two thousand dollars, "Granny was the youngest of her, and her sisters; and she wanted you to have it, being the youngest of you three.

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Dusty's necklace and middle girl's bracelet are probably worth about the same, dollar wise. This ring is the oldest piece of jewelry she had. "Now then, are we still on for dinner and drinks tonight? I just might even feel like dancing, as long as you ladies don't wear me out." All three of my granddaughters decided to wear red mini-skirts to the club.

Mickey had ridden with me and, since she wore no panties, my fingers smelled like her cunt by the time we arrived. Andy brought Dusty; and Wayne had brought Tess and Brianna.

Tess's mini was white and just a tad longer than the red ones… but she looked, fucking, delectable… for a woman approaching forty. Things worked out perfectly. Tess would be able to drive Wayne home; she was a recovering alcoholic and couldn't drink. He took the opportunity to have a couple whiskey sours, which he never drank at home. Judging from the apparent bulge in his pants, that white mini-skirt would be on the floor of the bedroom, as soon as they got home.

Dusty was nursing little Wade, so she couldn't drink, either, so she would drive Andy home. He had a couple margaritas but couldn't get drunk because of his work schedule the next day. Wayne seemed relieved to hear Bri would be going home with Mickey and me. He and Tess would be able to make as much noise as they wanted and fuck anywhere in the house with his daughter gone.

Mickey, Bri, and me… oh, hell yeah, that sounded really, really good to me.

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I decided one drink would be enough for me, so I allowed the girls to have as much as they wanted. Mickey liked craft beer and had several. Bri decided she liked rum and Coke… very much.


What she didn't realize was how that shit will kick your ass later, when you're not expecting it. And it did… Right after a dance with Dusty, I saw a young man working his way toward Bri, "Who's the red headed guy beside your sister?" Dusty's 'OH SHIT!' exclamation confirmed my suspicion… it was Bri's ex-boyfriend, Rusty. I watched as he tried to pull Bri closer and I saw her pull away. When he took her arm again, I stopped Wayne from interfering, "I'll handle this, Wayne.

You know I can." I grabbed the boy's wrist and told him to let her go. He immediately took offense and told me, "Fuck off, old man. She's my girl. Go find someone your own age." I squeezed the wrist and told him, "You listen to me, you little nutless bitch. Take your hand off my granddaughter before I break your fuckin' arm. Trust me, buddy, you Goddamn sure don't want to fuck with a real man who can hold his own." The bouncer appeared at my side, "Alright, break it up here before I have to escort both of you out." I looked him in the eye, "When this punk takes his hands of this girl, I'll turn him loose.

I spent six years teaching hand to hand combat to Green Berets. I really don't think you want to take the little bastard's side, and you definitely don't want to 'escort me out'." The bouncer turned to Rusty and told him to leave. The increasing pressure on his wrist may have something to do with his decision, but he released Brianna's arm, "I'll go, old man, but if I ever see you outside, I'll get your ass for this." I patted the bouncer on the back and told him not to worry… the boy would never be back in his club.

When I stepped out the door, Rusty was standing close to the curb, rubbing his wrist, "The old man is outside now, mister pussy. So… how are you going to 'get my ass'?" He spun and charged at me. I stepped aside and tripped him, which caused him to crash into the building. He turned back and swung his fist, which was easy to deflect.

After three tries to hit me, I rapped my knuckles on top of his head, sending him to his knees. With one hand, I grabbed a handful of hair and stood him back on his feet, "I'm gonna tell you this while you're still conscious, mister pussy. If you ever touch, or even contact Brianna again, you'll never have children. I'll jerk your fuckin' balls so hard, your ears will wind up on your fuckin' neck.

Then I'll cut 'em off and stuff 'em up your Goddamn nose. One last bit of information for you, I've killed more men than the number of years you hope to live… DON'T FUCK WITH MY FAMILY!" With that, I 'helped' him around the corner, where he decided to take a 'rest' on the curb.

When we left the club a little later, he was still there, but he was sitting upright, rubbing his head. The two girls rode in the back seat on the way home. Mickey helped me get a loop-legged Brianna into the house and undressed… completely. Mickey seemed to appreciate her little sister's body as much as I did.

She took a cool, wet, wash cloth and wiped Bri's flesh, from her forehead to her feet. As I watched her take extra care on Bri's tits and pussy (which, unlike her two sisters, was covered with blonde pubic hair), I decided to get myself as naked as they were.

I was taken aback when Mickey began sucking her nipples and it really blew my mind to see her start lapping the semi-conscious girl's cunt. It only took a few seconds for Bri to respond to her sister's ministrations. Before three minutes were done, she was bucking her mound into Mickey's face with an orgasm. I went to my knees with the intent of mounting Mickey from behind, but she told me to wait, "You're gonna have a nice big load, Grandad.

Let's get Bri into bed and you can let her have it. Tomorrow morning, I'll swear she gave her pussy to you as your birthday present." As Mickey looked on, playing with Bri's tits, and my balls, I sank my cock into my youngest granddaughter. Yes, she was drunk. Yes, technically, it was rape. Yes, I'd do it again. Bri was tighter than either Dusty or Mickey. My cock sank in easily enough, though. I knew Bri had no conscious idea it was me, but I was beyond caring. She could feel what was happening to her, and her body was responding and, automatically, her long legs wrapped behind my ass.

I stroked slowly, hoping to make it last as long as possible. I was gradually pumping harder when I felt Mickey's warm, wet tongue slide across my asshole. That did it… Cum must have pulsed out of my nuts for five minutes. We managed to get her cleaned up, somewhat, and back into bed. Mickey asked me to eat her pussy, but save anymore hard cock I may have for her little sister.

She was hot and horny enough to have her first orgasm in less than a minute. I didn't let up, though. With two fingers inside her, I lapped and sucked her clit until she came twice more. As she was coming down from the last one, I rose up and aimed my stiff dick at her soaking wet cunt.

"Wait, Grandad… fuck Bri again. I want to grab my phone and get a few pics." I was so worked up, it didn't take five seconds for me to lift Bri's knees to her cheeks and I slammed into her once more.

By then, Bri was totally unconscious. I didn't care, I was obsessed. Once I had blown my load a second time, I fell to the middle of the bed, between her and Mickey. Mickey was, and still is, a genuine sweetheart. Her mouth cleaned my balls and dick, expertly, "It's really hard for me to believe all this is happening, Grandad, but I'm so happy all us girls are having wonderful sex with you." I kissed her lips, getting a slight taste of my own cum and Bri's wetness, "Me, too, middle girl.

I love you girls more than anything in this world." I kissed her again and suggested we get some sleep. Occasionally, in deep South Texas, the winter temperature gets cool enough to mandate wearing clothes in the house, but it was a warm December that year.

Dusty had made her way to my kitchen, made a pot of coffee and shook Mickey and I when she started cooking pancakes. I stared up at the 'milk full' tits and smiled, "What kind of milk did you use for the batter?" She pinched the tip of my cock and told us to get out of bed, or we'd be eating a cold breakfast.

I patted both of the pussies beside me and told her, "I have plenty to eat; I won't starve." We let Brianna sleep until she woke up, on her own. We heard her gasp when she discovered she was bare ass naked in my bed. Mickey just called to her and told her breakfast was ready. A few minutes later, Bri called from the bathroom, "Where's my clothes?" "Just grab the robe on the back of the linen closet door, if you just have to wear something. Your clothes are downstairs in the laundry." Once again, Bri was taken aback by how casual and comfortable her sisters were, being nude in my home and sleeping with me without hesitation.

Although you couldn't see through the robe, it was thin and silky. The feel of the slick fabric made Bri's nipples hard, making tempting little points push out.

She sat at the table with her coffee and asked, "I'm a little fuzzy-headed on what happened last night.

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Can you fill me in?" Mickey spoke quickly, "Well, baby sis, when you jump on a naked man's cock and tell him, 'Happy Birthday'; I don't care if that guy is your grandfather… you're gonna get fucked.

And you did… twice." Bri was dumbfounded. She sat with her mouth open, listening to middle girl, "You shoved Grandad back onto his bed and climbed right up on top of him.

You told him, 'Thank you for the beautiful ring; and thank you for running Rusty off. If I ever let him back in my life, somebody just shoot me.' Then you told him that you wanted to give him a blow job for his birthday. "He told you that Dusty had already sucked him dry yesterday morning.

You laid on his chest and kissed his little titties and said, 'Then fuck the shit out of me, Grandad'! You slid down on his dick and started rocking. It wasn't long before he had rolled you onto your back.

"I watched him fuck you through three orgasms before he shot you full of cum. An hour or so later, you wanted more, so he gave it to you. "That's about it, Baby Sis. I can't believe you don't remember what happened, everything was your idea." I smiled and assured Bri that it was the best birthday present ever, "And if you don't close that lovely mouth, I just may take you up on that blow job offer." Bri swallowed the last of her coffee, set her cup on the table and said, "I think y'all are shittin' me, but I do feel like I've been screwed.

Whoever did it, I hope they had a condom; I'm not on birth control." "You won't have to worry about that, honey. I had a vasectomy a long time ago." "You didn't really fuck me, did you, Grandad?" "Yes, I did. You fucked me the first time, but I drilled you for thirty minutes the second time.

Now that I think about it, Ol' Fat Boy usually gets some 'after breakfast' pussy. You may as well come to bed with me and we'll make a memory you will remember." "Ummm… Helloooo… Y'all are just shittin' me. And I don't think I'm ready to have sex with my grandfather." I remembered what the other girls had told me… she likes to be dominated. "Brianna Dawn Brown! Stand your long-legged ass up and get over here." She stood and walked to me, slowly, slightly hanging her head.

"Now drop that Goddamn robe and get your ass in the bedroom." "But, Grandad… Please don't…" "ENOUGH! Do it!" She slowly loosened the belt tie and let it fall to the floor. Her ass was beautiful as she turned and walked to the bedroom.

I found out later that she grinned and winked at Dusty and Mickey, just before I heard her sniff, and whimper a quiet, "Yes, sir." Mickey now teaches in our little home town. She lives with me.

Dusty and Andy still live across the street. She and little Wade have breakfast with me every morning. Brianna is now in college, working toward a degree in biological research. She spends all her seasonal breaks and holidays with Mickey and me. I'm completely comfortable to let the three of them work out my schedule, as long as I keep my balls drained and my belly full. Comments are limited to registered XNXX members only.