Mutter Reife Frauen Dort Liebhaber Ficken

Mutter Reife Frauen Dort Liebhaber Ficken
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Hello, my name is Wanda and I am writing about what happened at the beginning of what I call my summer of dirty fun that happened last year. First a little about me, I am 37 5'6 and around 190 to 215 pounds with above the shoulder brown hair and brown eyes with a 38DD chest in case you were all wondering.

I'm not in the greatest of shape but not completely flabby either but after two kids my boobs aren't nice and perky like they used to be. I am married and we live in a nice subdivision that has its own park, tennis court, and swimming pool which is paid for by our home owners' association fees.

In other words, it's sort of a private pool for the neighbors who actually pay. Anyway back to my story. One day in early June, my husband was out of town as usual, the kids were out of school and off at friends' houses playing and I had some time to myself, so I figured a relaxing afternoon at the pool would be nice. I knew at this time of day and week it wouldn't be that crowded as the pool never really was.


And since I was wanting to work on my tan some, I decided to wear one of my extra skimpy two piece string bikini. It was a skimpy bikini the girls usually wear but one that leaves almost everything uncovered it should be covered while being very naughty.

As I thought, the pool wasn't that crowded, just two other mothers and their kids laying around and playing. I said hello to the women and then settled in on one of the lounge chairs and started reading my book. After some time the other women packed up their kids and pool gear, said goodbye and left, leaving me to some peace and quiet. I guess it was around half an hour later I heard some voices and the security gate open, glancing up I saw it was Michael and I assumed a friend of his come in.

Michael was the son of one of the few black neighbors who lived two houses down. I knew he had been at college and figured that he was home for the summer.

He had always been a nice kid, doing odd jobs around the neighborhood, a bit shy and quiet, and a little pudgy. However, as he entered the pool I could tell that he had changed some while away.


"Hi Ms. Wanda" he said when he saw me, "this is my friend Malcolm." "Hi guys, home from college?" I asked. They came over and put their towels on some chairs just down from where I was sitting.

"Yes, it let out a few days ago; Malcolm is staying with me for a week or two." We chatted briefly about college then I went back to reading my book. I glanced up when the two boys removed their shirts and my mouth flew wide open.

Michael was no longer the chubby kid from the neighborhood, now the baby fat was gone, replaced with a flat stomach and rippling muscles on his arms. His friend Malcolm was equally built, tall, muscular and a little darker skinned than Michael. He noticed my stare and just gave me a wink as he and Malcolm walked over and jumped in the pool. I recovered from my shock and went back to my book as the boys swam around and played in the pool.

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A couple of chapters later and it was time to swim a few laps. I jumped into the pool and out of the corner of my eye thought I saw both boys watching me as I had walked to the edge of the pool or maybe it was just my imagination. I swam a few laps in the pool which while not big allowed for some laps due to is shape. After that was done I just floated for a bit and saw that the boys were tossing a ball back and forth in the pool. They worked their way over near me and we all started talking about various things and then the splashing started.

Not sure who started it but we were splashing each other and laughing and just having a good time. It was then that Michael picked me up as though I weighed nothing and threatened to dunk me under.

I tried to say no but ended up being dropped into the water, immediately I felt some strong arms help me up. It turned out to be Malcolm whose hands stayed on my waist briefly where he had lifted me. "That wasn't very nice" I said while trying not to laugh. "I'm sorry" he said, "You can dunk me if you want, to make it fair." "I can't even lift you" I said. "You can try and push me under" Michael said.

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And without hesitation I jumped up planted my hands on his shoulder and tried to push him down. However all that I was able to do was push my chest into him. My hands ended up going around his neck as he wrapped his arms around me. I let go of him and slid down some into the water as he was taller than me. He then turned his back to me and said "Maybe this will be easier." I jumped back up onto him planting my hands on his shoulders trying to push him under with the same results as before.

However, this time Michael had lowered himself so that I ended up being much higher. Again my arms went around his neck and his head pushed in between my breasts. Michael then dove forward with me still on his back and swam to the shallower end of the pool. I went along for the ride then slid off and floated some more. Michael then sat up as the water level here just came up to his waist. "Maybe it would be easier to dunk me here" he said.

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I agreed and stood up, walked over to him and tried pushing him under with no such luck. I was standing over him pushing down when he suddenly flopped backwards and with me gripping his shoulders I fell forward landing on top of him.

His arms went around my waist holding me against him, his head just above the water, neither one of us trying to move. "Looks like you got me" he said. I just laughed and nodded my head. Michael's hands moved down to my ass which he then squeezed pretty hard. At the same time I felt a very noticeable massive bulge pushing against me.

That couldn't be what I thought it was, could it?

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Holy fuckin shit! I regained my composure and stood up, apologizing to Michael.


He stood up and said "for what?" I didn't know what else to say, just standing there as he then moved towards me, wrapped his arms around me again and squeezed my big white ass again several more times. This time I could easily feel his massive bulge pushing against me and to my surprise it just kept growing larger and larger! His hands then moved to my hips as another hard body pressed up against me from behind.

This time a hard and equally massive bulge pressed in between my ass cheeks. I felt someone breathing close to my ear and heard, "I really love married white bitches like you Wanda." I couldn't be sure who said it as I was sandwiched in the middle of two very muscular black teens and I was making no attempt to escape at all.

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The next few moments were a blur but soon I had an extremely huge black cock in each of my hands and my big tits were now free of my bathing suit top and on full display for anybody that walked by to see. I was amazed at the enormous length and unreal thickness of these boys' cocks as I stroked and gently squeezed them, noting the contrast between my white skin and the darkness of theirs.

Completely forgetting that I was an older married white woman and that we were in the public neighborhood pool, all I wanted was to feel those hard black dicks shoved deep inside my pussy for a few hours. The boys led me out of the pool and over towards where their towels were.

One of them, Malcolm, spread a towel on the concrete and then laid down, his hard black cock standing straight up. I immediately got down on my knees and grabbing his beautiful black dick started sucking, trying to get as much of it in my mouth as was possible, which because of his size actually wasn't much, hell it had to be 10 or 12 inches long and 3 or 4 inches wide! At the same time this was happening, Michael had removed my bathing suit bottoms, removed his suit as well, and was rubbing my pussy with his long black fingers.

One, then two of them entered into my now very wet pussy, and not because of the water. "Wanda I've been wanting to fuck that white pussy of yours for a long time bitch" he said.

I only managed an approving grunt as Malcolm's huge delicious cock was deep in my mouth. Michael's cock rested at my entrance and he buried himself inside my pussy forcing my cervix wide open as his cock went up inside my womb and bottemed out hard causing my breath to be forced out of my lungs!

Not all at once, it took two or three thrusts before he was completely inside, and I was in heaven as the first of no less than 13 major squirting orgasms rolled through my body as the boys watched in amazement at how much I would squirt each and every damn time for them. He fucked me hard for several minutes, I'd say at least 20 minutes or more before tensing up and grabbing my hips pushed his cock deep into my pussy and unloaded a large stream of hot cum into my married white pussy.

As soon as he withdrew his dick, Malcolm had rolled me onto my back, spread my legs even wider and plunged his monster cock into me even deeper.

They both kept talking extremely nasty to me calling me a slut, a white cum whore and other such names, I actually loved being called such dirty names! I orgasmed several more times as they both sat there watching me squirt my pussy juices everywhere before he too unloaded his seed into my very well fucked and extremely over-stretched widely gaping pussy. I just laid there, catching my breath, thankful that the pool was shielded from the road and that no neighbors had been able to see what had happened to me in broad daylight with two black teenagers.

The boys got dressed again as I came down from my sex high and started to put my tiny swim suit back on, their cum leaking out of my pussy like a river.

"I'm a having a little party tonight at the house. My parents are gone for a few days and am having some friends over. Would love to have you stop by, I'll introduce you to all my friends they'll fucklin love your fat white ass." Michael said. "I don't think that is going to happen" I said, "while great, this was a onetime thing, plus I'm married, and friends with your parents" I replied.

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"Well if you change your mind, you know where to find me" he said and they both left, laughing and talking to each other as they talked about how they just took my white pussy so damn easily and how I'd make a perfect bbc whore for them to use whenever they wanted to. I quickly picked up my things and headed home where I took a long shower, reliving what had happened to me, relishing in how those black boys, or more importantly, their big monster black dicks had made me feel deeper inside my belly than any other man has ever been in my life.

With my husband out of town and my kids' plans for the night keeping them away from home I ended up going to Michael's party, just like he knew I would. I just thought that I would have a couple of drinks then leave. It didn't turn out that way at all.

Not long after I arrived I was quickly taken upstairs into a bedroom where they first made me strip as several of them took pics, then they took even more pics as they had me pose in every kinky perverted position known to man before they started fucking me while even more pics were taken.

I was fucked by the first of 23 of Michael's black friends, they ran trains on me all night long one right after the other, when they were finally done with me my cunt was gaping so wide you could have dropped a softball in my pussy hole and it would have fell deep inside my belly!

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That summer was spent with me on my back or on my knees every damn day sometimes several different times a day, servicing Michael's huge black cock and all of his friends huge black cocks whenever I could get away, which was several times everyday and night, actually it was whenever they sent me a text to meet em somewhere. Most of the time when I got there they'd be a huge crowd of black boys all waiting on me to fuck them. At the end of summer as he got ready to head back to college I was invited to come visit and stay at his fraternity which he said I'd love they had this private room like a basement where they could pratice tying me up among many other more kinky things they were sure to be doing to my naked white body the entire time I was there.

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I believe I might just take him up on his offer. A side note to this story is that I discovered that I wasn't the only white wife in the neighborhood sorry to see Michael go, apparently he really got around plenty that summer, he and his friends had fucked almost every housewife that lived there several different times and later I found out 8 of the women were now expecting babies in a few more months, all the husbands were dumbfounded as to how so many women got knocked up at almost the same time.