Um pequeno video do meu rabo

Um pequeno video do meu rabo
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My name is Jerri. I guess it first started when I hugged my mom Sandy's new boyfriend Bill, and I first felt his boner. The thought of him getting a boner from being turned on by me, gave me a thrill that ran though my body. He had just brushed my wet hair. I sat between his legs on the couch. I loved this attention and had scooted back tight against him. He took a long time as my eyes drifted closed.

I fantasized about him kissing me and feeling me up. When he finally finished, I leaned back on him and I put his arms around me. I loved feeling of his big warm arms just touching the bottom of my tits. When we stood up, I quick hugged him. That's when I felt his boner again, only now it was real big. We both froze. We were in our robes that morning and we just stood there. I enjoying the touching of his boner firm against my pussy. I moved my pussy slightly, he moved his boner slightly.

Our breathing increased, but not a word was spoken. We began to hold each other tighter, with just slight hand movements on our body's. We heard mom get out of the shower. We quickly broke it off, and walked our separate ways. I went my room and laid on my bed thinking about what a hot thrill I just got.

I closed my eyes and could almost feel his hands still around me, and that warm boner pushing tight on my pussy. As I re-lived the event, I let my hand slightly rub my slit.

It felt good so I continued. I began to hear my mom and him talking and giggling in their bedroom. I pictured her getting out of the shower naked, and him with that boner and what they must be doing.

I thought: "I gave him that boner, not you…mom!" She was getting the benefits of a boner I gave him. I felt a little pissed about it. I started hearing some moaning from mom. I put my fingers in my ears. 'I' should be the one moaning, not her. I went back to rubbing my pussy. I felt really turned on by him, pissed about her, &hellip.and myself&hellip.I was just felt left out. I just knew they were probably fucking right now. I closed my eyes and pretended he was fucking ME, and not her.

I slowly stuck three fingers in my pussy and imagined it was his big boner in me. I felt my tits like it was him, and then rubbed my clit firmly. It was turning out to be a intense wank for me. My pussy was really getting wet and I felt a orgasm coming. The harder I imagined him fucking me, the hotter I got. I kept it up until I gasp with a super orgasm, causing my body to shake. I moaned out a little. I laid there in splendor, catching my breath. A knock at my door. "Who is it?" "It's me, Jerri." Bill said.

"Come on in", I said as I quick covered my self with my robe. He came over and sat on my bed. I couldn't help but gasp for breath. I had just orgasmed thinking of him fucking me, and now he sat on my bed and was almost touching my leg. I smiled an embarrassing smile and he smiled back. I know he saw my wet fingers and could see the slight trembling in them.

He looked right at them. He could probably smell my sex, I know I could.

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He thought&hellip. (' …I came in to let her know I wasn't trying to make a move on her this morning, but now…forget that&hellip.I think Jerri has just masturbated, I can just tell. She's out of breath, wet fingers, and I smell the aroma of a pussy. I wonder what she was thinking about as she fingered herself. A boyfriend, movie star, or……maybe me?

Change of plan…') I picked up her trembling hand and kissed it. She twitched when I did that. I could smell pussy on her fingers strong. I scooted closer to her face as her eyes went wide with excitement, like I was going to kiss her. I still held her trembling hand. I said: "Did you want pancakes?" She froze and didn't answer, just stared deep in my eyes. Her lip quivered a little as she whispered: ("…yes please.") ----------------- He kissed my hand again.


I had the jitters bad. He left. I almost had an orgasm again when he leaned close to me, holding my damp hand and whispered like that. He knew what was going on and was just teasing me. I liked it! I liked the attention, I liked the thought of him getting a boner over me. I wanted a lot more of his attention. To have him get a boner over me was giving me a new hot thrill. I wanted to give him more boners, and have him get turned on by me. Bill is a very sexy man that just turns me on.

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Mom must not be making him very satisfied or he wouldn't be getting boners over me. Maybe he secretly desires me over mom&hellip.I love the thought of that. The rest of the day I could think of nothing else. I watched him walk around the house and always checked to see of he had a boner. I put on my skimpiest shorts, a low cut blouse with no bra.

When mom was not around I sat on his lap, and ask him dumb questions. I would come up to him and hug him, pushing my pussy into his front firm. He always smiled very coy at me. I grabbed him in the hallway from behind. I felt his upper legs, all warm. He turned, picked me up, took me in my bedroom and laid me on my bed. He held my face as I gasp for air, He put his lips almost on mine. My heart raced and my pussy tingled. Bill whispered: ("Were the pancakes good?")…then got up and closed my door behind him.

Damn he made me hot again doing that!, and he damn well knew it! My pussy was soaking wet and he was getting a laugh teasing me…grrrrr.


I waited for an opportune time. I found some ear plugs for night time. I could not stand to hear them make even the slightest noise fucking! I thought of something. I ask him to take me down to buy some new wheels for my skates. I knew mom was busy doing something and wouldn't want to go. We went and looked at all the wheels and stuff as I leaned on him, rubbed on him and held his arm and hand like a boyfriend. I saw no boner. He put his arm around me and felt my back up and down, and I got wet!

I was getting nowhere giving him a boner, but he was instead making me hot. I told him I decided to just keep the wheels I had. I laid my head in his lap as we drove home, I said I had a little headache. I finally felt it. A slight boner on the side of my head. I started moving my head around to tease his cock.

It got bigger.


He stopped the car in our driveway. Mom's car was gone. He rubbed my head to ease my fake headache.

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His fingers gliding through my hair. Now I could really feel his boner and even feel the heat from it. He leaned down, softly kissed me on the cheek and whispered: (".I better take you in and put you in your bed.") I got a pleasure shock in my pussy. He got me out of the car and held me tight as we went in the house. As soon as we were in the house, he picked me up and carried me. I loved the smell of his aftershave as I snuggled my head against his chest.

He stopped and read a note mom had left.

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He whispered: ("…looks like your mom won't be home till about 11pm.") It was now 2 in the afternoon. He took me to my bedroom and gently laid me on my bed. He got on top of me. I got the jitters in my tummy and pussy. He put his hands on the sides of my head and started rubbing my head. He whispered: (".This ought to make that headache feel better." ) I put my arms around his back. He was so warm. Now I felt his big boner on my pussy&hellip.that's what I wanted. I felt his warm breath on my neck, along with a continuous tingling in my pussy.

I wanted to give him better and bigger boners than mom. I created his boner and it was for me. I was catching on to his little game fast. He would make me wet and walk away&hellip.but I wanted give him a huge boner in return. I had given boys boners before, but not like his. I trembled as I whispered: ("…ohhh&hellip.that feels so good, keep that up. I think my headache is getting better.") During saying that I lifted my pussy up firm into his boner.

He pushed back with his boner. I pushed again. He pushed back. We continued this and now we were slowly fucking with our clothes on. His breathing told me he was as hot as I was. I started running my fingers thru his hair gently.

I had on short shorts and I could feel the wetness in them. I parted my legs open wide. He had on jogging pants with an elastic waist band. Bill thought&hellip. 'She started this teasing stuff and now it comes down to what she must want. I can only take so much. Her hot body, long flowing hair, sweet face are pushing me over the line. Damn I want to fuck her so bad, but what's the risk. Her and her mom don't get along. Will this be just a score for her, and then brag to mom she and I had sex?

I better nail this down first. Now&hellip.just hold still girl, your going to have to commit right now. I whispered: ("…how good are you at keeping your mouth shut?, we could have a lot of pleasure if you can. If this is just a competition with mom&hellip.forget it…I've liked you for a long time&hellip.let's be 'us' and only we'll know and she never will& we have a deal?") That was what she wanted to hear most.

She whispered back: ("…oh god yes, she'll never ever know, and we can do what we want&hellip.she'll just never know&hellip.ever.") I think fucking me behind Sandy's back was the ultimate to her. I loved her pushing her pussy up to me and feeling me get a boner. It's time to take it to the next level, or is she all tease and no go. We made a deal&hellip. We would have an affair behind her mom's back. Secretly, quietly and let our desires just go for anything we wanted to do.

Now to make it happen. ------------------------ Jerri's mind raced I was full of jitters in my mind and body. I was going to have my first affair with him. He doesn't know it but I want to steal all his attention away from mom. He can teach me how to please him and myself. I had dreamed I could get his attention away from mom and now its going to happen. He knows how to turn me on so fucking good.

His teasing makes my pussy jump with excitement. Kiss me, feel me and fuck me is what I want, and I'm going to get it. To bad mom, I'll be getting sex from Bill too and you'll never even know it. Bill…&hellip.

We pulled out all the stops and I slowly undressed her as she squirmed and panted. She kissed me non stop except to gasp for air. She was red hot with excitement. This girl needed my cock in her bad. I was younger than her mom, so her and my ages weren't that far apart. The thought of having two hot pussy's in the same house was setting me on fire. I loved all her teasing, flaunting, rubbing and I knew she liked to try and give me a boner.

I had played it down all this time. Now I lay on top of a red hot girl who is so ready to fuck she's shaking. She'd had sex before with a few boys, but her mom kept tight control on her. She must have resented the fact that mom was getting sex and she was not. Her mom and her snapped at each other all the time. I had a plan to stop all this.

She was a younger version of her mom, nice sweet tits, a young curvy body and pretty face. I wondered if she ever had her pussy licked, or sucked a cock. I decided to flat out ask her. "Have you ever had oral sex?" I asked. She squirmed a little as she didn't want to answer. I was about to tell her never mind when she answered in a whisper. ("&hellip.yes…with my girlfriend once when I was younger. We wanted to try it and had oral sex with each other&hellip.but not with a guy yet.") I decided to start with that.

She began to undress me as I started taking her clothes off. I unbuttoned her blouse as she unbuttoned my shirt. She felt my chest and rubbed it as I reached around and unhooked her bra.

It was great seeing the excitement in her eyes and her panting breathing. I slowly felt her tits for the first time. They were sweet with hard nipples.

She grabbed my head and kissed me. Young, soft, sweets lips that held a wandering tongue. We both were very hot, and breathing hard. My boner was rock hard against her pussy.

I slowly undid her skirt and tossed it to the floor. She undid my belt, button and unzipped my pants with her trembling hands. We lowered my boxers and her panties together. Our hands started feeling our naked bodies. She started stroking my boner as I felt her warm tits. We continued kissing as I teased her lips with my tongue. She had the jitters bad. Her tongue started slipping in my mouth as her other hand felt my balls. She put my boner between her legs and squeezed it tight.

I turned her to a 69 position. She had a hot pussy, un shaven and a small patch of pubic hair. I felt her stroking me and feeling all around my boner. I waited to see what she would do next as I started a slow lick up her slit. She jumped as my tongue went a little deeper with each lick. She kissed the head of my boner first, then began to lick it slowly. Jerri thought… I've never done this but my urges are making me lick his warm boner. This is so hot I'm shaking inside.

I want to put it in my mouth and suck on it now. I think he likes it because he moans each time I do something more. I want to get his boner all wet and let be slick when I slide it in my mouth. I feel him parting my legs, his hot tongue teasing my clit, then go deep inside my slit.

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Oh damn that feels so good. Now it's my turn mom, I hope he likes my pussy better than hers. His boner is bigger than the other boys I've had sex with, I want it in me and I'll make him cum way better than mom. You'll just have to share him mom, and you'll never even know it…ha ha. I'm going for it. I wonder how much of his boner I can take in my mouth. I've heard guys like that, so here goes&hellip.mmmmmm. Oh my god&hellip.

I love the feeling of it warmly sliding in my mouth. He's moaning so he must like it. I feel his tongue moving all around my pussy so good.

Oh god…my clit is so sensitive when he sucks on it. It makes me jump with a thrill I've never known before. Other girl have told me about this, but now It's my turn. I wonder if I can make him cum. I want to do it for him, other girls have told me It' pleases a man to make him cum in a girl mouth. He going to make me orgasm as he licks me&hellip.oh jezzz…I can't hold back. I'll jerk him fast and we can…OH Yes!…I'm having super orgasm…and&hellip.ohhhhhh…cum with me Bill…now!

Oh my god…he fucking my mouth so fast&hellip.OH!. I feel warm cum shooting in my mouth! It's so powerful it hitting the back of my throat!

I have to swallow some, I feel I might choke. Oh Bill, my pussy is in pleasure shock!, and I feel wetness flowing out of it. He's still cumming and overflowing in my mouth. We're both moaning and It feels beyond wonderful! I can hardly breathe, I so excited. More Bill, more! Keep licking my pussy!&hellip.and I'll keep licking your warm cum. It's the greatest feeling …ever! Our bodies are both are shaking&hellip.I made him cum, he must like it and he made me orgasm right off the scale of pleasure!

Next I want this boner of his inside me and feel him shoot is cum deep in me. I'll lick him clean and turn for part two. Bill lay spent thinking… Man this girl can make my cock go crazy. She's hotter than Sandy! I'm taking her in the shower and then it's fucking time for us. We still have many hours left to get in a good hot fuck. ---------- Bill picked me up and carried me into the shower. We kept kissing as we soaped each other and felt our bodies so good.

He treated me like a Queen. He dried me off and kissed my body everywhere. He carried me to his and mom's bed this time.

His boner never went down and stood out all full and ready. I felt like I was in a dream and he was a prince who had to please me. He laid me on the bed and put my legs up high. I was all jitters as he felt my tits so good.

I closed my eyes and started feeling his cock rubbing my slit up and down. His warm body slowly laid on top of me. I had to kiss him with all I had. I let my tongue go and explore, as I was in heaven with excitement.

Finally having sex with him right in mom's bed! He eased his big boner in me a little at a time. I moaned with each push. My pussy was wet and ready as we slowly started in fucking so hot. I got new feelings inside me that took my breath away. I wrapped my arms around him and felt his body pumping away on me. I fucked back to match his movements. My pussy was going past the feeling of an orgasm and going for a higher feeling.

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I fucked harder to reach it. I was losing control with my moans and I just had to fuck faster in a drive to get more feelings still. My legs were pushed back as his cock touched bottom. I yelled something as each thrust was driving me to go for more. We both started to shake as he moaned with me and then&hellip.I felt a hot cum blast enter my pussy.

We both moaned as I hit a high and my whole body shook. More of his cum flowed in me and overflowed out my pussy.

That made my pussy react by squeezing down on his cock as I helped it hold him tight inside me. I lost my thoughts. My mind went away to euphoria land. He kept pumping and I kept moaning. I began to get weak and holding him so tight against me was drifting away along with my mind. I kissed him between gasping for breaths of air. We lay there and could feel our hearts beating hard.

He was so warm on top of me& was a glorious feeling&hellip.

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----------- Bill tells it&hellip. That morning, Jerri came out of her room, went in the kitchen, hugged her mom and fixed breakfast for everyone. She cleaned up the whole house and said: "Anything else I can do to help?" Sandy said no and thanked Jerri for everything. Jerri went to her room. Sandy whispered to me: ("Wow…that 'little talk' you said you were going to have with her really seemed to work!") I smiled and said: ("We had sex all afternoon, we really didn't talk that much.") Sandy began to grin and said: ("Well whatever you did, keep it up.") Bill answered: ("Ok my dear, if you insist.")