Popping ballons with feet gets cum on feet

Popping ballons with feet gets cum on feet
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This is the third part in the series with the same title. Please comment with your opinion and any ideas of how I can continue with this story.

The following is an album with pictures of the slut who is the inspiration of the story, comment what you think of her: http://imgur.com/a/132bS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was the second day after her extreme public humiliation in the office.

Sara was sent home early to clean up and prepare for her role as the official office slut. She went home in tears and she cried herself to sleep, covered in fear and humiliation; knowing that she had no other choice.

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She woke up with a start and looked at the clock, quickly realizing how late she was as she started scrambling getting in the shower, and cleanly shaving her pussy as she was instructed.

She quickly got in a red lace pair of thong and a bra, and an extremely tight white shirt leaving the top few buttons undone, and a very skimpy skirt that leaves nothing to the imagination.

The skirt went up way above her knees and had a slit on the side, highlighting her long legs and beautiful thighs. She took the bus to work and she cursed her bad luck as it was the late bus, it was already packed with people. She stood at the back of the bus holding on to the railing, noticing how much of her body was on show.

She suddenly felt someone's hands roaming all over her long legs and roughly squeezing her ass, then she felt his body pressed against hers, she could feel his hard cock rubbing up and down her ass cheeks and his hands reach around and pinch her nipples through her top. Sara struggles to turn around and face the guy, but she feels him holding her in place as he continues to dry hump her.

Finally she manages to squirm away and free herself as she sees her stop, she turns to see an old dirty looking homeless guy smiling back at her with crooked teeth and a wet stain on his crotch. She quickly leaves the bus shivering in humiliation, and disgust as she finally enters her work building a full 40mins late. She takes the elevator up and quickly walks in the office head down, hurrying to her cubicle trying not to be noticed.

She sits down in relief, as nobody confronts her and she starts up her laptop to get to work. Not even 5 mins, David the other intern in the office, who was a nerdy college body who always had a crush on her, came by and leaned on her desk smiling broadly.

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"You're late.you're lucky that the boss is not in yet" David said, while playing with a strand of Sara's hair and tucking it behind her ear. "Don't think it will go unnoticed though, I'll definitely have to report this to him". "Fuck off David, give me a break will you??" Sara says to him angrily. "tsk tsk, I don't really like the tone of your voice slut, so you better be careful what you say.You are the office slut now, that means EVERYONE in the office" David says smiling, as he reaches and takes one of Sara's tits out of her shirt and starts pinching her nipples roughly, as she helplessly looks up at him.

He takes his cock out of his pants, smiling and says "now get to work slut".

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Sara leans forward and reluctantly takes his cock in her mouth, as her head starts bobbing up and down, slurping on his cock and flicking it with her tongue.

As she is doing that, another guy comes along Patrick, "Dammit David you beat me to that slut, I wanted to be the first one today" he smiles as he pushes Sara's skirt up and pulls her thongs down as he starts fingering her pussy roughly with 2 fingers.

He takes out his cock and rams it hard in her pussy while she is still sucking David, he holds on to her tight ass while rhythmically pumping his cock in and out of her pussy, while giving her an occasional loud spank. In no time, David starts shooting his cum in sara's mouth as a couple of guys stop by and watch.

"Swallow it all you slut, not a drop goes to waste" David says smiling, but despite her best efforts, a couple of shots drip down to the floor.

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Patrick is still pounding her pussy doggy style, his breathing getting heavier as he starts pounding her faster and grunting harder, he spanks her ass harder and HARDER.

David looks at Sara disappointed, "now look what you've done.lick that up you worthless slut, can't even swallow a load of cum properly" as the two guys that are watching smirk and laugh at his comment.

She drops down on the floor and starts licking his cum off the floor, while Patrick grunts and starts shooting strings of hot cum deep inside her pussy.

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He turns her around, after she is done licking the cum off the floor, and he makes her lick his cock lean, then he uses her soft dark hair to wipe his cock dry. He smiles happily, "mmm what a fuckin way to start work, right boys" as he gives her one last spank. Then they all turn to leave her there, she stands up putting her sore breast back in her shirt, as she limps to the bathroom to clean up and fix her outfit, dreading the days to come in the office.

Sara walks out of the bathroom limping in pain form the spanking and fucking she had received, as she reaches her desk she winces in pain when she sits down and starts to go about her day trying to just get it over with and finish her work to leave. When it's lunch time, one of the guys who was watching her get fucked, a big black guy called Douglas who is ripped with muscles comes to her and smiles, "I was hungry and thought I'd stop by for some pussy" He smiles lifting her up easily and just spreads her on the desk as he starts eating her out passionately licking and teasing her clit and biting down softly on it.

Her body starts reacting involuntarily as a crowd of people on their lunch come over to watch, she tries her best to fight it and ignore her body, but she cant as she starts moaning and thrashing around and cries out in a huge orgasm as Doug eagerly takes all her pussy juices.


Sara turns red in shame and humiliation from how her body betrayed her. Doug flips her over on her stomach effortlessly, as she feels him reach around and dab his finger in her wet pussy then she hears him spitting on his huge cock, as she feels it touching the pink entrance of her tight ass. "NO NO, PLEASE NO" she squirms around trying to escape his cock but he holds her down, and with a loud grunt slams his cock all the way inside her tight ass and back out again, as the whole office is filled with her loud screams of pain, and the sound of Doug's balls slapping against her ass as he goes all the way in and out.

"PLEASEEE UHHH NOOO" Sara screams repeatedly her eyes tearing up from the pain, as Doug starts repeatedly spanking her, then he grabs a handful of her long black hair, and pulls at it holding on it for leverage, as she arches her back, her perky tits flying up and down.


After what seems like an eternity, he finally erupts in her ass, as she feels strings of hot cum deep in her ass, and it overflows down her thighs. Doug smiles happily and kisses her shoulder, then he flips her around pulling his cock out of her ass, he looks at her leans over and starts making out with her and sucking hard on her nipples. He then makes her clean his cock after it was buried deep in her ass.

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Sara winces in disgust as she goes about cleaning his cock and sucking it clean. No sooner was she done, when Joe her boss came and asked her to go to his office, as she is. She walks completely nude, as she limps all teh way to his office. He sits down and says " I just need a quick suck from you, slut" as she walks over "no, no crawl like the whore you are". She crawls down to him, then starts sucking on his cock bobbing her head up and down, he says "I have some very important clients that I'm meeting with next week in Florida, if they decide on doing business with us, it will bring the company huge profits".

"Naturally, I thought what better way than to bring such a hot slut with me, to entertain them, and perhaps convince them of how good it is to do business with me".

He smiles happily as he puts a hand on Sara's head and starts roughly face fucking her to finish off, as she gags and struggles for air.


Finally he shoots his cum down her throat and watches her swallow it all. He looks down at her, and says "So, next week be ready to travel to Florida with me, and we will also have to go shopping before to get you some good slutty clothes for you to wear, understand whore?" Sara nods in shame, as he sends her back to her cubicle to complete her work.