Teen gal kirsten lee pussy screwed and facialed by stepbro

Teen gal kirsten lee pussy screwed and facialed by stepbro
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(This is a story of our trip to Goa, when the 5 of us went and had a rocking time. Most parts are true, though some parts are exaggerated. I suggest to read Part 1, to get a better storyline) We checked into the Hotel. We had booked a suite at one of the timeshare resorts, which turned out to be a very nice two level suite. The upper level consisted of a Master bedroom, second bedroom & a common bathroom, while the lower level had this huge hall with a dining area and a huge balcony with a great view overlooking the pool.

The Master bedroom had a king size bed, which could probably fit all of us. The mattress was really soft and bouncy. Maya & Anjali climbed on of top the bed and were jumping up & down on the mattress like 2 little girls. The bathroom was massive.

It had the largest bathtub I had ever seen, which could accommodate 4-5 people, which was just perfect. Arya and I flipped a coin to see who would get the Master bedroom and I won.

We started to settle down. I went and took a cold shower (I really needed one after having Babita's panty rubbing against my dick the whole time).

I was hot as hell, but somehow managed to control myself as it was going to be a long day and didn't want to tire myself out. After a long cold shower my hard on subsided and I managed to relax. I changed and went down where Arya and Babita were ordering breakfast.

After we ordered they decided to use the lower bathroom, so I just shouted to Maya, to get ready as breakfast would be coming. After watching TV a bit, I decided to go un-pack my rucksack. While I was unpacking, I heard the bathroom door open and in walked Maya and Anjali. They had just showered together. I exclaimed, "Fuck, this isn't fair. I have always fantasized about you with some other girl and here you two are showering together and I don't get invited" Maya replied, "You wanted us to get ready soon, so we decided to save time.

You didn't miss anything" She then slipped her hand in Anjali's hair and gave her a soft sensual kiss. I just wanted to throw these two on the bed and fuck them hard. I moved towards them and yanked off their towels, leaving them stark naked. The sight of these two perfect bodies, smelling so nice and fresh started to get me hard again. At that very moment the doorbell rang. I just ignored it and was hungrily staring at them, trying to decide which one of them would be first, when the doorbell rang again.

I shouted at Arya and Babita to get the door, but no reply came and that dammed doorbell rang again. I punched the air in frustration and started to make my way down.

Maya called out and with an innocent look asked, " I hope you are not angry darling" before the look turned wicked and she licked Anjali's pointy nipples.

I took a step in their direction, when that cursed doorbell rang again. When I reached down, Babita had already opened the door and let the waiter in. Luckily for him cause had I reached there, I would have probably killed him. She had just gotten out of the shower, her hair was wet and water droplets were running down her arms and thighs. She had draped a towel around herself, which just about covered her tits and ass.

She was looking so fucking hot. As she bent down to sign the bill, the towel rode up and the light coming in from the door illuminated her ass and a bit of her pussy. My hard on was making a big tent in my loose shorts. When she looked back and saw me staring, she realised what effect she was having on us. She then purposely dropped the pen and pushed it below the table.

She bent over and went down on all fours and crawled towards the pen. Needless to say this exposed her pussy completely and her ass was sticking high. I wanted to bury my dick into her pussy and fuck her right there and probably would have had Arya not come into the room.

When he saw her exposing herself and me staring, he just said, " Looks like you are enjoying yourself" and then proceeded towards the food. She let the waiter out. Arya was busy serving himself when she got back. She stopped next to me, gave my dick a squeeze, before proceeding up to change.

After breakfast, we headed off to Anjuna beach. Arya and Babita were on 1 bike, while Maya & Anjali took the other and I was alone, AGAIN. Maya was driving and had worn a very short skirt and while riding she pulled up next to me and spread her legs. Anjali started to bite her earlobes and lick her ears, while running her hands along Maya thighs, before sliding them inside her skirt.

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When she did that Maya moaned. I couldn't keep my eyes on the road and almost crashed the bike twice. These two bitches just giggled and drove past me.

Those two were torturing me and enjoying it. I was definitely going to get these two today. Anjali guided us to a deserted part of the beach. We guys decided to get some beer while the girls decided to settle down. When we reached a shack and bought the beer, I gulped the first one down before taking another cold one and placing it against my crotch to calm my dick down.

Arya laughingly asked, " What happened to you buddy. You have been looking really frustrated today morning I replied," Ya, what do you expect when those three have been teasing me since morning. I have had a hard on since I got up and haven't had any release as yet" "How come??" "Well in the morning Babita handed me her cum soaked panties, which Maya stuffed against my dick.

Then Anjali spread her legs letting the wind blow against her naked pussy, while riding and Maya was playing with her boobs. At the resort these two showered together and kissed each other. I had yanked their towels off and was about the fuck them when that damn waiter came with the breakfast, interrupting me. And Babita with her wet look bending and flashing her ass and pussy. She squeezed my dick, but left it at that.

Even during the ride, Anjali was caressing Maya, while they were riding beside me" "You are right buddy, these girls have been teasing us a bit too much and need to be taught a lesson.

How about we fuck them hard when we get back on the beach? They are just cock teasers, and they deserve to be fucked right in the open on the beach" "Sounds like a good idea and they deserve it too " When we got back the girls had spread out some sheets and were lying in their tiny bikinis. They all looked smoking hot and I wanted some of what was on display.

I looked at Arya and he nodded. I went up to Maya and without warning grabbed her hands and pinned them behind her head. I pulled off her bikini bottoms off and moved her legs apart. When I pulled my shorts off, my dick sprang free and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy. She exclaimed, " Karan, are you out of your mind.

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We are on the beach. Anybody might see us" I growled at her, "Shut up bitch. You were teasing my cock since morning and now you are going to get it" and slammed my dick all the way into her.

She winced in pain and screamed "OWWW, that hurts. I am not wet as yet" I ignored her pleas and continued to slam into her, as I knew that within a few moments she would be leaking like a tap. Within a few moments, I could feel my passage getting smoother by her pussy juices as she orgasmed. She loves it rough and that was exactly what she was getting.

Plus she gets all hot whenever we do anything sexual in a public place, where we might be found out. By now her pleas had changed to "yeah, yeah, Fuck me Karan, Fuck me hard, yeah, Fuck me like the cocktease that I am. I am a fucking slut, ahhh, show me who's boss. Slam that dick in my cock teasing pussy" She wrapped her legs around my ass and started to pull my hips towards her.

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I could feel her pussy tightly squeeze my dick, while I rammed her hard. I let go off her hands and she immediately put them on my ass and pulled it towards her. I pinched her nipple without mercy and she screamed "yesss, yesss, pinch them, pinch them harder, twist them, fuck yess" After a few minutes of slamming hard into her pussy, I couldn't hold back any longer and felt my dick swell as I exploded into her.

I must have spurted about 6-7 times inside her. She climaxed again and dug her nails into my back. My dick plopped out of her pussy and I lay down beside her breathing heavily. She started to lick our juices clean of my dick and hairy balls. She sucked on them nice and long and cleaned all the cum. Her pussy was dripping and she got up and started walking towards the water. I stopped her and asked," Where do you think you are going" " To clean myself up" "And who gave you permission to do that.

Since you are a cock teaser and like to tease guys, next time a guy looks at you he will be able to see my cum dripping through your bikini bottom." When she wore her bikini she was looking hot, with cum dripping down her legs. I knew she would enjoy it thoroughly, walking around in that state. When I had pushed Maya, the other two got up to see what was happening. Arya suddenly grabbed both of them by their hair and pulled their faces towards his crotch and demanded, "Suck it bitches.

You have been teasing it the whole day, so you better take care of it, or else" Babita pulled down his shorts and his dick sprang free and hit Anjali on her cheek. Anjali took the head in her mouth and slowly went down on it.

Babita cupped his balls and started to massage them and squeeze them. Anjali then started to lick the length of his deck.

Babita also joined her. "Yeah, that's right, lick it like the way you would like an ice lolly" Both of them started licking his dick, which by now was glistening with their saliva. They then wrapped their lips around his dick on each side and started to move up and down his dick. Anjali then took his balls in her mouth and started to suck them, while Babita took the whole length of his 6' cock in her mouth.

Both women became extremely wet watching each other suck cock and tasting the others saliva in the process. Those two were trying to out perform one another. But eventually it came to the point where they took turns licking the base of his cock, sucking his balls, and sucking the head of his cock. "You two are unbelievable together," Arya panted.

"Yess Anjali, suck my balls. Suck my hairy balls, Ohh yess, Babita take my dick all the way in your throat, fucking suck it like your day depended on it" Hearing this Babita started to bob up and down on his dick.

She went down taking his whole length, then coming all the way up to the head before going down again.

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"Share my dick, don't be a greedy bitch and hog it all for yourself" Anjali then started to suck on his dick. Arya just grabbed her hair and pull her mouth deeper. He then started moving his hips back and forth, to fuck her mouth. She started to gag on his dick "Yes darling, fuck her worthless mouth. Shove that lovely cock all the way down her throat" After a while he pushed both of them on the sand, on their knees next to each other.

He then rammed his dick in Babita's pussy and started to hump her doggy style. "Yess darlin, fuck me like a bitch. I am your bitch, aaahhh fuck me. Harder. harder!!!" "This is what you wanted, bitch" and he grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and fucked her. When she climaxed her body shuddered and he removed his dick from Babita's pussy and put in Anjali's pussy.

She moaned when he entered her. Her pussy lips stretched as the head of his fat dick entered her. "Fuck bitch, you are so tight" and he slipped his thumb in her ass and started to finger it while he fucked her right there on the beach. When he was about to come, he pulled his cock out and both the girls started to stroke it.

"Get ready.I'm about to cum." Arya moaned as they stroked him furiously, while he lusted to the sight of the two beautiful women kneeling on the beach with their tongues hanging out. Within a few moments he shot his load all over their faces and in their hair.

And with each shot, those two caught as much of it as they could with their mouths. They both licked the cum off each other faces, and when it was over, they licked their lips clean before giving each other one last sloppy kiss, swapping the cum in each others mouths.

There was cum still stuck in their hair, which was visible if you looked closely. We then picked up our stuff and headed to eat as the recent fucking session had made us all hungry.

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We sat down at one of the beach shacks at Anjuna. While we were sitting we could see the cum leaking out of Maya's bikini and there was a clearly visible spot on her bikini. As we were seated in our swimsuits, I am sure that the waiter also good a good look at her 'spot'. While we were seated, some of the vendors approached. The male vendors got quite a eyeful of these three beauties and stayed extra long trying to convince them to buy their wares.

A temporary tattoo artist came along and asked us whether we wanted to get any tattoos. We guys declined, but the girls were enthusiastic to get them. Finally after much deliberation and browsing through their magazines Maya decided to get a dolphin tattooed on her chest just above her breast and it looked as if it was going to dive between her cleavage, Anjali got a shark done on her tummy just below her belly button and Babita, a mermaid on her ankle.

After they were finished tattooing we came back to the resort to relax. After spending the whole afternoon on the beach we were too hot and sweaty. Maya and I went into the bathroom, stripped of our clothes and got under the shower.

The water was nice and cool and felt wonderful. We had just finished our bath and Maya was drying herself. She was looking very hot with water droplets clinging to her body. I was just about to go and grab her, when Anjali walked into the room. She had just shared a shower with Arya and Babita and had come directly from there to our room.

She looked at me and winked and then walked towards Maya and hugged her from behind, crushing her breasts against Maya's back. With one hand she moved Maya's hair away from her shoulder and kissed her neck and then licked her way up, to her ear and started nibbling on her earlobe.


At the same time she started caressing Maya's body, moving up from her waist to her tummy and then to her breast. She fondled her breast and played with her nipples making them hard and pointy.

She pinched her nipples making them even more sensitive. Maya and Anjali started to spank each other and let their hands roam over each other's bodies. Both asses were round and firm and their shaved pussies looked pink and delicious. After a few minutes, she again moved her hands down over Maya's tummy towards her pussy. She spread her pussy with one hand and used her other hand to play with her clit.

She inserted a finger in her pussy and started finger fucking her and when Maya was nice and wet she slipped in another finger. After a few minutes she brought those fingers to her mouth to lick them clean. Maya also helped Anjali lick her fingers clean. Seeing them both lick Anjali's fingers almost made me cum. After licking Anjali's fingers they moved towards the bed.

Once they got comfortable, they started kissing and caressing each other passionately. It was an amazing site to see, both of them with their legs tangled, breast crushed against each other and with their lips locked in a passionate kiss, it looked fucking sexy. I just wanted to go there and fuck their brains out, but I controlled my urge, coz it was my fantasy to see Maya make out with another chick and I wasn't going to do anything to spoil it.

After a while Maya got on top of Anjali and stared kissing and licking each and every part of her body. Maya leaned over and took Anjali's left nipple between her lips and sucked on it tenderly. I watched her move from one erect nipple to the other making them stick out like small buds. She used one hand to play with Anjali's clit and with the other hand she squeezed her breast. In just few minutes, Anjali was dripping wet and had started thrusting her pussy against Maya's hand, asking for more.

I told Maya,"I want to see you taste her" Maya gave a sly look to Anjali. "You heard him, I have to taste you. I want you to lie on your back now and enjoy what I'm going to do for you." She spread Anjali's legs wide and moved between them, planting soft kisses on her thighs.

Anjali squirmed each and every time that Maya's tongue came into contact with her skin and moaned loudly when Maya's tongue found her pussy She started to lick Anjali's pussy slowly, trailing her tongue along the entire length of Anjali's wet slit, blowing on her clit lightly in between strokes.


After playing with Anjali's pussy for a while she stopped and turned towards me. She looked at me and gave me a naughty smile and asked, "Are you just going to sit there staring at us or do you want to be a part of the action." I dint need to be asked twice. I stripped off my clothes exposing my stiff cock that looked to be on the verge of exploding without even being touched and moved towards the bed.

Maya was crouched between Anjali's legs with her head buried in her friend's pussy and her ass sticking up in the air. I could see her pussy was nice and wet already so I just grabbed her hips and stuffed my cock into her from behind.


Maya screamed in pleasure as she started to cum on my thrusting dick while I roughly smacked her bottom, while continuously licking Anjali's pussy. I was horny but I kept my strokes long and slow. Maya increased the pressure on Anjali's clit with each stroke of her tongue. When she felt that Anjali was close to climaxing, she shoved two fingers in Anjali's pussy and took her clit in her mouth and bit on it lightly.

Anjali screamed her pleasure and came long and hard. After seeing Anjali come I lost control completely and started fucking Maya hard and fast which triggered another orgasm and she went off like a rocket. Feeling her pussy clutch my dick and come all over it brought me very close to my orgasm but then Maya stopped me and moved away. I dint understand why she stopped.

I was so close to coming. I dint know what she was upto, but I was really frustrated, I just wanted to shove my dick back in her pussy and fuck her hard. She just looked at me with that naughty smile of hers and winked, then she turned towards Anjali and gave her a smile. I don't know what passed between them but Anjali smiled back at her and got up from bed and came towards me. I still had no idea what would happen next. Anjali crouched in front of me and took my dick in her hand and started licking it.

I was very surprised, my dick was covered with Maya's cum and seeing her lick it off my dick was to damn hot. She licked me clean. I watched for a moment as her pink lips wrapped around my dick and sucked it as deep as she could swallowing my entire member. After a while, I couldn't hold it back any longer and came and came and came, filling her mouth with my cum. After she was done she turned towards Maya and gave her a kiss.

We collapsed on the bed exhausted.

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We drifted off to sleep, with the two snuggling upto me. This was every guy's dream come true, lying in bed with two beautiful naked women who are hugging him.