Sentando na pica com o cu

Sentando na pica com o cu
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I woke up the next morning and started wondering if everything on the phone actually happened. When I looked at my cell phone I realized that it was almost one already so I went down the hall to my buddies room to still find one of them passed out from the night before. After getting him up our group was walking to the dinning hall to get something to eat my phone started to ring, it was Casey.

"Hey" "Hey sexy, what's up?" "Not much, just going to get food, you?" "I am out shopping right now. What are you doing later?" she asked. At that moment I knew last night had actually happened and it wasn't just a dream. "Umm, dunno, might go play some ball later with the guys, or hang out by the lake, other then that nothing." "Good, I'm coming out. I will call you when I get into town. See ya babe." "Yea, bye." Aw shit, now what was all I could think.

Now what do I do. After getting lunch the guys and I went to throw the ball around for a while since none of us felt like doing any work.

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"Hey man, you gonna come drink with us tonight, I think we are gonna do some pong in my room." "I might, I have to see if someone shows up first." "They can come too." "Yea, I don't know if they will want to. She doesn't really drink too much." "She? Your girl coming up? "Not exactly. An old girlfriend of mine said she is going to come up." "Oh shit." "Exactly my thought." After we came in from messing around it was about five and my cell phone rang again, it was Casey. She was telling me that she just got off the highway in town and that she was in her way to the campus.

While I was talking to her I went downstairs so I could meet her out in front of my dorm. While I was sitting there I had no idea what was actually going to happen. Finally I saw her car pull onto the road for my building and I followed her while she was parking her car.

When she got out of the car I couldn't believe what I saw. Casey was wearing an extremely tight deep blue tank top that showed off her b-cup breasts. That was covered by the thinnest white button down shirt. As I tracked my eyes down I saw that she was wearing a pair of jeans that looked like they were a size too small.

"Holy shit" "Well hi to you too." "Hi, but damn, you look incredible." "Thanks, so do I get a hug and are we going to go inside, or just stand here." That was probably one of the best ideas I had heard that day. I reached out and as we were hugging I couldn't help but slide my hand down to her ass and give her a nice squeeze. I forgot just how tight her ass was. "A little frisky." she whispered in my ear and that made my cock start to twitch.

As we were walking back up to my room on the third floor all the guys from the building that we passed kept staring at Casey.

By the time we got there her face was beet red from all the attention that she had got on the way up.

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'You know I have told you that you are hot' I said to her and all she did was flip me the bird. "Offering?" I have a lofted bed in my room so when she tried to get up the first time she fell back on the floor and started laughing.

"Ya want some help?" "How do you get up here? "I have no problem." "Well I am, so gotta a stool or something for me?" "Nope, only my hands." As she tries to get back into the bed so I put my hands just below her ass and push to get her on to the bed. While I am pushing I get an incredible view of her ass and could smell a slight hint of her pussy.

"So what do you want to do? Have you had dinner yet?" "I dunno and no." "Okay, wanna watch a movie and we can order something to eat." "Sure" she says. As I hand her my binder of DVDs I go down to my buddies room to get the number for the chinese place that we normally order from and come back.

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"Did your ex show up?" "Yup, she is in the room" I told him with a smirk. "Ha, pong, here, later?" "Maybe message me or come get me later." "Right, peace bud." "Peace." By the time that I got back to the room Casey was lying down on my bed and had undone the button down shirt.

When I saw this I couldn't help be in shock as I got to see more of the top of her perfect breasts. I lost all sense of what I was going to say. "Food?" "Yea, Chinese sound good?

I'll pay." "Sure." "K, I'll order. Find a movie?" "Yea, Save the Last Dance. It has been a while since I have seen that." She said, after I called and ordered our food I got back into the room and stood next to the bed talking to Casey and playing with her legs. We chat about all kinds of different things, as we are talking she keeps sliding towards the edge of the bed and towards me.

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"So, do you miss this" she asks. "Miss wha--" and before I can finish speaking she leans in and kisses me. Out of instinct I wrap my arms around her and pull her closer to me and we continue to kiss. I pull back some to catch my breath and when I do she shoves her tongue into my mouth.

The longer we kiss I place my hands under her shirt and feel just how soft her skin is. I keep moving my hands up and down her sides and back as she kisses me and arches her back, as she does this I bring my hands to her front and begin to rub her stomach and rib cage and up to the bottom of her bra. When I touch her breasts she takes a sharp breath in and I stop.

When I removed my hands and wrapped my arms around her again she leaned back and pressed against them and just looked at me. "Something wrong?" "No, everything is ok" she tells me.

"Ok, well our food should be here soon" just as I finish saying that my cell phone rings. When I answer it is the delivery guy so I tell Casey that I will be right back and I go downstairs to get the food. Once I came back up Casey and I ate and started to watch the movie.

As we continued we started to flirt with each other some more. Just as we finished I heard someone knocking on my door. It was my buddy from down the hall. "What up man?" "Hey, Michelle and I are going to go out for a bit. When we get back we will do some pong." "Sounds good man, let me know. See ya." "Later" he said and walked back down the road to meet his girlfriend who was standing at the end of the hall.

I said hi to her down the hall and she waved back. She is someone who if she wasn't dating my best friend would be someone that I would try to get with. But, I couldn't ever do that to my buddy. I came back into the room and got into the bed with Casey and we watched more of the movie. "Who was that?" "A buddy, he was letting me know that they are gonna play beer pong later and wanted to know if we wanted to join them.

I told him that we might play. He is going to let me know when he gets back." "Okay, now, when are you going to show me what you said last night?" I knew then that that was my cue that she really wanted to do something. I turned over on my side and I started to kiss her and started to rub her side and stomach. When I do this she starts to coo in my ear and that just gets my turned on even more.

The longer that we kiss the more and more she starts to wiggle and move under my touch trying to get my hands to certain places. As we keep going I pull her on top me. While our tongues are darting in and out of each others mouths I begin to slide her button down shirt off of her shoulders, when I do this Casey sits up and grinds her pussy and ass back down on my stiffening cock which I am sure she is starting to feel now.

Casey starts to do a strip tease while sitting on my groin, once she takes off her shirt she begins to rub her tits and push them together even more. "Oh shit you are so hot right now" I start to tell her then she puts her finger to my mouth to shut me up and then puts one hand under her shirt and under her bra and starts to play with her nipple while with her other hand she starts to remove her tank top.

As I watch her slide one strap down her are along with her bra strap I let a loan moan. "You like that" she asks me and I can't do anything but just nod. After finishing one strap she slowly took down the other strap and pulled off her top so I could see her in just her bra, with the top of her nipples sticking over the top.

I know by now that she has to feel my cock under her. Now that she has her shirt off she bends back over and kisses me again and makes me take my shirt off, after that she starts to nibble and bite her way down my neck, chest and stomach.

As she reaches to top of my boxers and I can feel her starting to squeeze my cock, as she does this she moans and start to pull my shorts and boxers off with her teeth and then releases my dick and pulls them off all together. As my dick is released from my boxers it springs up and hits her in the chin and she giggles.

Watching her look at my dick give me time to reach down and start playing with her tits. While I play with one I reach around and undo her bra and remove it so I can see her tits fully now. I squeeze a breast each in one hand and start to play with her eraser sized hard nipples. I pull her down so I can start to lick and suck on her tits while I rub her back and down to her ass. She start to writhe more on my cock while I do this so she kisses her way back down to my cock and takes it into her wet and warm mouth.

First she just starts to lick the head and flick her tongue on and off of my head while she starts to play with my balls in her one hand and jerks my cock with her other.

As she gets my dick slick she starts to take more and more into her mouth and then takes my whole length into her mouth.


When she does this I can feel my head slide into her throat and that brings me to the edge but she takes me all the way out and makes sure I don't cum yet. She continues to suck my dick while staring at me which just turns me one more. She continued to take my whole length into her mouth and on the last time when she did that she just left me there and began to moan and swallow which just pushed me over the edge. "I'm gonna cum" and she just keeps going and takes me even deeper and I begin to shoot my load.

She swallows the first two shots and then lets my dick out just to the tip and opens her mouth and I shoot my last three shots in her mouth. Instead of swallowing she plays with the cum and then spits some of it onto her tits and rubs it in. After that I roll her over and start making out with her again and I can take my cum on her lips and tongue. I then start to kiss down her neck and to her tits where I play nibble and squeeze her tits.

While I do that I traced my hands down to her jeans and rub one over her jeans and along her thigh to her mound where I rub and she pushes back against my hand.

Then I unbutton and unzip her jeans and slide my hand inside of her jeans and over her panties to her pussy and can feel a wet spot through them. I kiss farther and farther down her stomach to the top of her panties and pull her jeans off and kiss down her thighs on one side and back up her other thigh to her sweet smelling panties. I kiss and lick around the outside of her panties and over her mound. I start to pull them off of her and she lifts her ass and slides them down and off of her legs and I get my first glimpse of her pussy.

She is complete shaved and very smooth with her clit just starting to peak out from her lips which are wet with juices. I bend back down and start to very lightly flick my tongue over her clit and she lets out a moan when I do this. As I keep doing this I lick down farther and farther each time until I get to the opening of her pussy where I slide my tongue in and she begins to moan louder and writhe more against my tongue.

She starts to say "lick my pussy, keep going." When she does this I slide one finger into her pussy and started massaging her g-spot which causes her to buck against me. "Ohhh, keep going, I'm gonna cum. Suck my pussy." I start finger fucking her faster and faster and insert another finger into her cunt.

"I'm gonna cum, ohhhhh god, I'm cumming&hellip." she yells as her pussy clamps down on my fingers and she covers my face in her cum. She continues to cum for about a minute before she calms down all the way. After this I move back up next to her where she kisses me and tries to catch her breathe.

After a few minutes she reaches back down to my cock and sees that I am rock hard again and moves down and starts to suck my cock again. After doing this for a couple minutes I am nice and wet she moves her dripping pussy over my cock and lowers herself onto me and takes my whole cock inside of her. "God your pussy is so tight and hot." Very slowly she begins to slide up and down my cock, as she does this I start to thrust and meet her.

She begins to moan and buries my cock as deep as she can and grinds her pelvic bone against mine and I can feel her wetness running down around my cock. I start to fuck her harder and faster and she moans louder and harder. I am sure that anybody outside of my room can hear us but I don't give a fuck. As we fuck harder and harder she looks at me and tells me she wants me to take her from behind.

I flip her over onto her stomach and get her up on my knees and shove my cock deep into her pussy and she screams out. I grab her hair as I fuck her harder and deeper each time. "I'm gonna fucking cum, fuck me harder, harder" she screams as I shove my cock as deep as I can.

I can feel my balls slap against her as I fuck her. "I'm cumming, fuck me harder" as her pussy clamps down on my cock. I reach under her and start rubbing her clit while she cums and this starts her cumming another time. I pull my cock out and make sure that I am nice and wet from her pussy and I use my finger to make sure her ass is well lubed too.

While she is coming down from cumming I slide my cock into her ass and she gasps. I keep my cock just inside her ass while she gets used to it. She starts to push back against my cock so I start to push it deeper and faster as she starts to moan again. As I continue to push my cock in her ass I can feel myself getting close to cumming so I pull out and get her on her back again and start to fuck her pussy.


As I do I reach down and squeeze her tits. "I'm gonna cum, fuck me harder." "I'm gonna cum too." "Cum in my pussy" she yells. As I pump the last few times I feel her pussy start milking my dick and I start to cum in her pussy. I squirt a few times in her pussy and then I pull my cock out and finish cumming on her tits.

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After I finish I lay down next to her on the bed as we both try to catch our breaths. "That was incredible" she said in between breaths. "I think you need to stay tonight so we can do this again." "I will." Once we caught our breath we got up and cleaned ourselves up. While doing that we kept pinching and feeling each other.

Just as we got dressed and cleaned up there was a knock at my door. When I opened it, it was my buddy from down the hall with the biggest shit eating grin on his face. "Pong?" When I looked I Casey she just smiled and nodded. "Yea, we'll be right down."