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Male masturbation in gay porn first time Caden gets dominated by
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After all the amazing things he'd witnessed and taken part in over the past few days, the start of Amy's party turned out to be an anti-climax for young Matthew Ryder. After the initial introductions were made, he wasn't inclined towards the small talk that prevailed among their little cliques.

Heading off to the kitchen, the handsome seventeen-year old availed himself of a drink, a small glass of vodka doused in lemonade and generously filled with ice. The cossetted young man wasn't accustomed to drinking vast amounts of alcohol. Returning to the front room, he stood on the outskirts felling somewhat cut adrift. It wasn't a deliberate or calcuated snub, it was just that each of the girls had other friends and relatives to entertain. And it wasn't as if Matthew hadn't enjoyed quality time with each since coming back to the family fold.

But all the same, he couldn't help feeling left out, forlorn and in need of a friend. Looking around, he hoped one of the girls might notice his plight and come over. Things din't augur well, however. Young birthday girl Amy was surrounded by a ring of pals of similar age, giggling merrily and showing off her vast array of presents. Sexy coffee-skinned Beth was with her friend Alice, an amiable-looking redhead, the pair playing at being DJ's by the stereo. Effervescent Jo had invited along the shopgirl, introduced as Caz, and they'd become inseparable in a corner.

Kindhearted eldest sister Meg was also engaged, engrossed in the company of a dark good-looking Italian guy called Marco. A 'work colleague', the pair seemed closer than Matthew might have liked. And even their mother was busy, chatting to a small Swedish fellow with a golden goatee called Erik who was Amy's father. If it was any consolation, the ratio was favourable: three-to-one in favour of the men, a bevy of beauties from thirteen upward to salivate over.

Matthew only wished he had a more forward demeanour, his shyness around strangers an impenetrable barrier at times. He stood alone for fifteen minutes, sipping at the drink, hoping one of the girls might rescue him. Just when he was starting to feel sorry for himself and thinking about returning upstairs out of the way, a tap on the shoulder caught his attention. Turning he looked into a face that appeared somehow familiar, though at first he couldn't quite place her. "Hi, I'm Rosie Palmer, Amy's teacher," she introduced.

Matthew held out his hand in greeting, still trying to work out where he recognised her from. It wasn't as if he'd wandered too far afield during his two days in England.

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Yet her face was unmistakable. It was down to Rosie to fill in the gaps for him. "Didn't I see you in the forest a day or two back?" she offered, bringing to an end the mental anguish. Matthew's mind went quickly into flashback mode, a delicious picture forming of games by the stream: the cyclist.her lover.oral sex.Meg's body pressed to his.

Rosie, of course, was blissfully unaware they had been spying on her. "Ah yes, you were on bikes, you and your um." "Yes, that's right, Tom couldn't make it tonight." "Your husband?" "Boyfriend," she corrected. Matthew looked her up and down furtively, liking what he saw. He'd felt something the first day too, an instant attraction and nothing changed that opinion.

Dolled up in a tight-fitting black dress that highlighted her ample bosom, she was no typical school teacher. Matthew was suitably impressed. "You're really Amy's teacher?" he said in an exasperated manner, desperate to make conversation though floundering owing to a lack of social skills he could do little about.

Thankfully Rosie saw the funny side and laughed. "I'll take that as a compliment." "It's just." "I know. If I had a pound for every time one of my kid's parents told me that, I'd be a rich woman.

I'm twenty-three, if it makes any difference." Matthew made an almost inaudible whistle of approval beneath his breath, wanting her like crazy. Six years his senior, he imaged she could teach him a thing or two. "Can I get you another drink, Matthew?" His initial reaction was to decline, met by a slant-eyed expression from the woman.

"Come on," she prompted. "I could really do with a drinking partner tonight, seeing as I'm on my own and since most of my students are half-cut already." Matthew glanced over to Amy's group. Two teenaged lads wobbled drunkenly and, with the normal teacher / pupil roles suspended for the evening, they were unsutbly giving Rosie the eye. Matthew suspected her interest in him was more as a chaperone than anything else, though she was so pleasant and easy-going he didn't mind being used in that way.

"Okay, vodka and lemonade then.thanks," he conceded. As Beth glanced up from the stereo, sexy in her braids, halter and hotpants, she gave her brother a sweet becoming smile, followed by a blown kiss across the room. Matthew pretended not to see. At the same time, Meg brushed past extremely close, shooting one of her sexy come-hither looks.

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Even Amy seemed to have grown tired of her friends and was looking his way alluringly running her tongue around her lips. He sighed deep and hard. Typical women, he thought, all but ignoring him for half an hour then, when he found some female company, suddenly growing covetous.

Rosie returned with the drinks and wickedly Matthew decided to test how jealous he could make them. Knocking back the much larger measure of vodka, immediatedly Matthew's head began to swim.

His turn, he returned to the kitchen for more, filling two big glasses. Rosie smiled and told him that was better.


Relaxed, the small talk came easily. The party soon in full swing, a group of Amy's friends had already begun dancing drunkenly. So when Beth put on Robbie Williams' 'Angels' and Rosie asked Matthew if he cared to dance, he accepted the invitation warmly.

She smiled, taking his hand. Immediately they moved close together her scent filled his nostrils, her skin as soft as a baby's as their cheeks brushed. But what really excited Matthew was the heave of her ample breasts as they touched his firm chest.

For all their talents and there was no denying his sisters were a talented quartet none of the girls was overly blessed in the breast department. Matthew loved boobs and Rosie's d-cup delights jiggling against him brought an instant hard-on.

Matthew could hardly miss the lascivious look in Rosie's eye as her hip brushed his groin in a furtive appraisal.

At the same time, he also couldn't help but catch the daggered looks from Beth, Meg and Amy. His ploy, it seemed, was working a treat with only Jo seemingly immune, occupied as she was on the shopgirl's knee, the pair kissing unselfconsciously.

The slow song ending, the faster, dancier one that followed prompted Rosie to lead Matthew from the dancefloor, through the patio doors and beneath the gazebo. A pleasant evening, she suggested a walk. Though it was pitch black, Matthew was in need of some fresh air and only too happy to oblige, happy in her pleasant company. The trail led them through the almost familiar forest, down the bicycle trail and to the lido where Matthew had enjoyed many of his hottest experiences over the past few days.

In the dark he could just about make out Rosie's outline. She seemed to be wrestling with her blouse. "Come on Matthew," she prompted. "Let's go skinny dipping." Matthew exhaled, apprehensive at first but, endowed with enough Dutch courage thanks to the vodkas, to strip off as well. Rosie sprinted down the bank, taking to the stream with a splash. Throwing caution to the wind, Matthew tore off in pursuit, launching from the edge and into the abyss. In actual fact, the water was little more than chest high where they landed.

Immediately Rosie swam to him, rising and pulling him close. Matthew responded, their lips locking, his hands roving up her curvy backside. So much for her having a boyfriend, he thought. It must be something in the country air turning these sexpots into horny little women, he concluded. The water naturally cold, Rosie's nipples turned rock hard almost immediately. Squatting down, the water lapping as his collarbone, Matthew moved his face to the expansive left orb, warming the teat with hot breath as his thumb and forefinger clamped around the other, rolling it around.

Turned on almost immediately, Rosie moaned wantonly, fingers raking his damp hair. Matthew sucked at the teat with relish before moving across to the other. Pulling away, the naughty schoolteacher squealed as she splashed him, before swimming off teasingly.

A slow breaststroke, clearly Rosie wasn't anxious to get too far away too soon. Matthew caught up easily and the pair intertwined once more, sinking beneath the marbled surface.

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Despite the cold, Matthew found he had a raging erection. Rosie's hand took a firm grip as their tongues flicked. In return, Matthew ensured to paw her huge tits manfully, eliciting deep moans of pleasure. Feeling as horny as hell, he decided to chance his luck, moving up close, chest to her boobs, and docking his rockhard cock at her vaginal entrance. Rosie moaned, reaching around to hold onto his shoulders, rocking gently. Matthew didn't need asking twice, lifting her to him and pushing firmly from the buttocks.

The water lapping around their sexual organs added a whole new dimension as Matthew slid inside the sexy schoolmistress' love channel. He didn't stop until buried to the balls in hot twat. Her cunt filled completely, Rosie moaned lascivously into her young lover's mouth as they kissed long and hard, tongues dancing delightfully.

Nails scraping his shoulderblades, the sexy schoolteacher encouraged her newfound lover to fuck her hard. Soon she was groaning as he jackhammered into her with all his might, sparing nothing in pursuit of an explosive climax. The water around them rippled like the prelude to a storm.

A highly sensitive woman, Rosie soon panted that she was close to cumming, hands moving to his buttocks. Yet worryingly, despite the allure of this incredible older woman, Matthew found himself unable to. Perhaps it was the cold or maybe the fact that, despite her overt sexiness, Rosie was not a member of his family. Or maybe it was the alcohol or simply that he was just spent from so much recent sexual endeavour. Whatever the reason, his cock began to soften alarmingly inside her.

Thankfully, the inventive lad knew just how to retrieve the situation, salvage some pride and give Rosie the orgasm she craved. Moving behind, he quickly fell to his knees, hands on his partner's hips. Neck just above the surface of the water, nose scraping her anus Matthew drove his tongue hard into Rosie's sopping pussy. Targeting her clit, he licked and flicked furiously, burrowing in as far as he was able to. He licked until his tongue was raw, bringing Rosie to a shattering orgasm.

Rewarded with a powerful squirt, her scented spray peppered his face as her hands slapped the water.

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Little time to recover from their exertions, at that moment, the couple in the stream were stopped in their tracks, alerted by excited and youthful-sounding voices from the bank.

Two splashes disturbed the water close by. It was too dark, however, to make out whether they were male or female. Discovering that the lido was already in use, a drunken roar rang out. "Oh my God, I think it's some of my students," she whispered, clinging like a limpet to her chaperone's side. With that, the pair were circled in a predatory manner, splashed and cajoled as the two drunken schoolboys made high jinx.


Without warning, Matthew was nudged aside and Rosie was accosted, the carefree lads, seemingly unaware it was their teacher. She dared not speak, let alone put up a struggle for fear of future humiliation. Matthew found he could do little to help, limbs suddenly numbed as the alcohol kicked in big time. Rosie found herself sandwiched between the confident teen hunks as they moved in on their pray. One eager pair of hands squeezed her large tits from the front whilst lips sucked at her neck from behind.

Matthew could just about make out the silhouette of Rosie, though his head was spinning wildly, feet rooted to the bed of the pond. Her fight quickly extinguished, Rosie allowed her body to be rather roughly spit-roasted in the shallow water. From where he stood, Matthew could hear thighs slap on buttocks continuously, supplemented by the slurping of mouth on cock. Rosie didn't seem to be protesting too hard, doubtless so as not to give the game away.

Blissfully unaware it was his teacher who was deepthroating him, one of the teen students groaned and stated: "Oh yes, that's it you dirty slut, suck my fucking cock." Rosie's moaning was muffled as she let herself be used to satisfy their teen lust, each bang from behind bringing her closer to another shattering orgasm. In an ironic act of role reversal, the lad at the rear spanked her arse several times with his bared hand as he thrust in and out.

Rosie shreiked lustfully. "Oh God, just listen to the filthy bitch, she's loving it." A volley of firm thrusts later and the two young drunken studs were close to cumming, their panting filling the still air as unwittingly they worked their teacher into an equally frenzied state. Matthew couldn't help but wonder whether she'd take them to task the next time they were in class. The one fucking her face had evidently reached beneath the water for he gasped: "Oh fuck, this dirty whore has lovely huge tits." With that he grunted and cried out triumphantly, unloading a glob of fresh semen in his teacher's willing mouth.

Tossing her head back, Rosie swallowed what she could, squealing as the one at the rear brought her to the verge of a second orgasm, wet flesh slapping wet flesh.

She wailed unreservedly as the youngster came with a roar. Spent, the two teenaged students paddled away to the side, exchanging high fives and whooping with joy.

Rosie let them go ahead before making her own exit. Matthew followed, requesting of her wellbeing. Rosie informed him brusquely that she was fine as she gathered up her clothes and Matthew did likewise.

"Time I made a move," Rosie disclosed. "Can you, um, say bye-bye to Amy for me and tell her I had a wonderful time," she added, clearly embarrassed by thesexual antics in the stream. "Sure.

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Come on, I'll walk you home," offered Matthew. "It's okay, it's not far," Rosie countered. But Matthew wasn't taking no for an answer, especially in a dense and dark woodland late at night. Clasping hold of her hand, he let the comely schoolteacher lead them through the labyrinthine paths using some kind of sixth sense. A fifteen minute walk through more forest, finally the lights of a faraway street burned a yellow hole in the blackness. Mounting a stile, the pretty teacher turned to say goodbye.

Yet Matthew being Matthew insisted on walking her right up to the door, an offer borne of genuine concern for her welfare rather than any ulterior motive. Though he couldn't deny how heavy his balls felt, having yet to cum that evening. The nearer they got to the door, the edgier Rosie became, seemingly worried that her boyfriend might be looking out the window. Doubtless she could do without the inevitable inquisition. "Okay thanks," she said, making a hasty jink to depart. Matthew caught hold of her hand, confidence returning.

"Don't I get a goodnight kiss?" Rosie glanced around anxiously, a light on inside the house. They were close to the front step.

"Matthew I can't.not here." Ignoring the protest.

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he eased her against the wall, the alcohol raging inside. Knee elevated into her groin, Matthew pressed his lips firmly to hers. Rosie's clenched fists swiped ineffectively at the air. "Matthew no, please.not here," she protested between long volleys of lip and tongue action, though her body was telling a different story, moulding back into his almost of its own accord. Rosie couldn't prevent her hands unclenching and moving to Matthew's shoulders as the pair pressed together tightly.

She squealed in a mix of surprise and delight as, letting her away from the wall, he took a firm hold on each buttock, kneading manfully. At that moment a light came on in the porch and the front door creaked open. Rosie's eyes widened like ping pong balls as they urged Matthew not to give the game away. "Rosie, is that you?" rang out the male voice. "Oh my God it's Tom," she mouthed under her breath, holding perfectly still. Were her boyfriend to step outside and peer back around, he'd catch his girlfriend and the handsome stranger pressed against the house in an impossible-to-explain clinch.

As the door opened wider, a funnel of light from inside brushed their profiles. Her heart thumping against his, Rosie moved Matthew deeper into the shadows, careful not to make a sound in the gravel underfoot.

Despite the gravity of the situation, Matthew couldn't resist reaching between her legs, an errant thumb finding that the crotch of her panties was soaked through. Though she tried to act to the contrary, Rosie, it seemed, was getting off on the thrill of discovery as much as her partner was.

She implored him with her eyes to stop yet that only made Matthew more determined. Moving the damp material to one side, he buried two fingertips inside the moist cunthole as Rosie battled to control her breathing.

To her relief, Tom issued a deep sigh and pushed the door shut once more, blackening the driveway and the two conjoined figures. "Phew that was close," whispered Matthew, his cock twitching uncontrollably. "No chance of being invited in for a coffee then?" "You're crazy," she replied in hushed tones, heavy with exasperation. "Well I'm horny. And you are too," he stated, fingers flexing inside her moist snatch.

Rosie groaned as her clit came under attack from the embedded digits. "No I'm not horny, let me go." Matthew just smiled, removing the fingers and pressing them to his lips whilst continuing to pin her to the wall. He signalled his approval at the musky taste with a pleasurable sigh. However, his next move caught her completely off guard. "Eek, what are you doing?" squealed the schoolteacher as Matthew rotated her body so that she faced away from him, ample bosom squashed to the wall, his body shielding hers like a cage.

"No Matthew, no, not here, not now.please." Undeterred by the weak protests, the alcohol raging inside, Matthew pressed up closer still, nibblng at her soft and tender neck whilst lifting the straps of the black dress off her shoulders with his thumbs. "Matthew, no," Rosie mouthed as he feasted upon an exposed shoulderblade. The straps falling away down her arms, the dress crumpled above her breasts, held in place only by their firm roundness.

Shoulders and upper back exposed to the cool night air, she shivered. Reaching down, Matthew placed a hand on her bum then ran it slowly down the curvaceous mound to the back of her knee. Elevating slowly, he caressed the rear of her thigh, gathering up the skirt on the way to expose a thigh top.

Rosie gasped, continuing to protest. When his hand reached the pleasant plumpness of her bum once more, Matthew gave the excess flesh a good hard squeeze and a firm slap, before slipping his fingers inside the elasticated hem of her panties. Unable to breathe, let alone move, Rosie stood as still as a corpse, pressed tight to the wall. When she did eventually catch a breath, it came in fits and starts, powerless to resist his advances but knowing she had to.

If Matthew got that cock of his anywhere near that soaking wet pussy of hers, she'd surely scream the neighbourhood down within seconds. "No, no, no," she panted, body wanting it so badly, mind determined to fight the urge. By adjusting position to press her pussy to the wall, she hoped to railroad her ardent suitor as he frisked her up and down, one hand in her panties, the other playing with her hair. "Oh no, please Matthew," she implored. With access to her pussy denied, growing frustrated Matthew pushed a fingertip against the knot of her arse.

Rosie startled. "Oh God no, Matthew.please." Matthew twisted it, breaching the seal and corkscrewing to the tip as Rosie went all limp.

Working it in, he buried to the knuckle, the schoolteacher's arse walls gripping tight and causing her to mewl like a cat on heat. Suddenly the front door opened once more.

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"Rosie?" With Matthew distracted momentarily, finally she managed to slip his grasp. As she made the short dash she tugged up the straps of the dress before fleeing into the waiting arms of her lover. Matthew sighed, remaining in the shadows until the front door had been shut firmly. Yet he didn't head back immediately, hovering instead beneath the bay window.

With several top windows open, he was able to make out the voices inside. Seemingly worked up by Matthew's digital exploration into her anus, Rosie was begging her lover: "I'm so damned horny, Tom, fuck me up the arse." "Oh my God, Rosie, what's come over you?" sounded Tom's response.

Two of her school students plus I gave it a good go, thought Matthew with a devilish grin. Oh well, he couldn't win them all. From outside. he heard Tom move up behind his sexy girlfriend and, as ordered, shove his cock into her tight behind. The motion was marked with a high-pitched squeal from Rosie, followed by the slapping of thigh on curvy buttock. Matthew decided it was time to get back to the party and his ever loving family.