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Who is the white girl  Quien es la chica blanca
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Red, white and blue. The colours of the American dream had taken on a whole new meaning in a small corner of the sleepy seaside town of Heaven's Cove. Once designed to be breakthroughs in virility, birth control and body toners they had become a chemical cocktail of debauchery. The first " victim" of this madness was Franny Chesterson.

Loving wife and mother one day and devoted sexual servant the next to her two stepsons; James and Marshall. The twin boys themselves enhanced by those drug to increased physiques, stamina, penile size and recovery.

Their father Ted, a victim of another combination of the drugs into submission and lethargy; a cuckold in his own home. The boys had caught onto the slippage of the drugs just in time, and planned that they would go no further then the confines of their home.

They had a sex slave in their step mother and an unquestioning father. The lovely old lady next door would always be willing to make up more for them. And that's where it should have handed, a tiny corner of hell in a sleepy quiet town. Except they had forgotten one last part which would throw everything into disarray. This last small part was Hannah Chesterson, their little step sister. The petite 12 year old firecracker had been the one that pulled the " candies" from her step brothers bag.

She had been the one that first shared them with Franny her mother. She had been the one that had them passed along to her stepfather Ted. And the boys wouldn't even know the candies were out until late in the day of their step-mother's sexual submission.

And by that point, Hannah would have already spread the drug out into the public domain. Hannah had a fitful sleep the night before. The thick dose of chemicals already taking a strong affect with the hormones in her body just bursting into puberty.

Boysboys and more boys filled her dreams. Hot sweats woke her through the night. And that constant slow burn in her breasts and crotch which she felt would drive her mad. Her stepfather rushing to work the next morning woke her from this disturbed slumber much later than she had wanted.

Hannah was grumbly and felt her chest was sore and swollen. The petite girl stretched in bed sore and got up and stretched some more. Most people go through growing pains at some point, but not so severe as she was now. Hannah was ravenously hungry and wandered downstairs half asleep for breakfast.

She didn't see her Mommy around, so she reached into the bowls of candy on the table and grabbed and popped a handful of each into her mouth. Still hungry, she poured a bowl of cereal. The cereal was delicious but she was just crazy about the milk. In fact she poured herself a big glass of instead of orange juice. And then another. And then another. Hannah couldn't possibly know that her body was just craving the calcium to help strengthen her hip bones, and the fats to increase her bust as the chemicals were commanding.

In the weeks and months to come, dairy products would be this town's number one commodity. Hannah was going to go play with her friends a block over today and packed a big bag.of the jelly beans, just over half of those that were remaining in the bowls t share with her friends.She stuffed them in her Hello Kitty backpack and threw them over her shoulder.

She grabbed a piece of paper and wrote in a crayon " GONE TO TINAS BACK HOME SUPPER LUV HANNAH" and she put the note up on the fridge. That's when she heard the noises. It was a grunting and moaning sound coming from upstairs. It sounded like Mom and James like they were wrestling or exercising.

Hannah being the curious little kitten she was decided to investigate for herself. As she wandered up the stairs she could hear them speaking between grunting " Oh yeah, squeeze those fat tits around my dick", was Marshall " Like that?" was Mommy "Yeah, just like that" Hannah could also hear James huffing and puffing and grunting, this was a mystery.

Hannah came upstairs and turned around the corner to go the boys room. The grunting and huffing and moaning continued. Hannah could here wet slapping of something she thought was meat on meat. She turned open the door and looked inside.

James was behind Mommy and was grabbing onto her hips, he was thrusting deep inside her as she was bent over the edge of the bed. Marshal on the other hand was sitting on the bed with a truly huge penis in between her mother's breasts. She was bobbing her chest up and down on him and his big dick kept disappearing and reappearing between her large boobs. Hannah froze like a deer in the headlights and watched this spectacle. Hannah knew very well what sex was, in this day and age kids aren't fools.

But she had never actually seen it, only crude drawings some boys in school had drawn on a rock behind the school. She knew how it was supposed to go and seen animals do it. But this was something else entirely. Hannah should have screamed or been horrified at seeing her mother be doubleteamed by her own stepsons. Alas, the chemicals in her system were telling her another tale. There was certainly shock and a feeling of betrayal but that passed in seconds.

Hannah had also taken the triple cocktail that made her so very susceptible to the pheromones her big step brothers were now expulsing in volumes. They aroused her to incredible heights, even the ones in her own mother made her feel weak in the knees.

Hannah had no idea just how long she stood there, but she felt flush and tingling like her body was going to explode. Her little nipples were rock hard and the heat in her loins was something she had never dreamed possible, a thousand times more then when she dreamed of kissing the pretty boys in school.

The part between her legs then when she rubbed sometimes when she was alone to tickle her felt like it was going to explode James started really pumping into Franny and exclaimed " Oh shit oh shit, I'm gonna blow!" Franny turned her head to the side, her hair plastering her face and moaned out " Yes please, cum in me, cum in me" This sent Hannah into a near swoon and she almost fainted when she saw James grip Mommy's hips hard and thrust into her.

Marshall grunted too and over Mommy's shoulders Hanna could see white goo erupt from his huge penis coating Mommy everywhere. Hannah also saw the same white goo now dribbling down Mommy's thighs. The explosion of endorphins into the air set Hannah off and she actually felt her body spark up like a Christmas tree, she bit her own hand to avoid screaming as she couldn't quite understand the wave of pleasure that rippled through her.

She wobbled and then freaked out. Hannah ran. She hurried down the stairs, threw open the front door and ran. She ran down the street, down the next street. Her heart was beating a mile a minute as the electricity zoomed through her.

She ran down a path. She cut across a yard. Hannah had no idea where she was going, she just knew she had to burn this strange feeling out of her. She didn't even know that. She just ran. Through parks, through yards, through streets she had never been on, she ran by places in town she had never been before. And she kept running until she could run no more.

The massive burst of exercise did nothing at all to stop the chemicals racing through her brain. It in fact did the oppisite. The chemicals now pumped more and more quickly through her young body. She had taken more then her mother and more then James had and Marshall had ingested in a week. Her need was now biological more instinctive. She needed relief. Hannah finally slowed down at the edge of town, she ran down a dusty road near old an old farm.

She was dishelved and sweat soaked and all but staggered into the field of wheat. She dropped her Hello Kitty beg by the side of the road and staggered into the amber waves of grain. She staggered maybe just 20 feet before she toppled pushing the wheat beneath her as a mattress. Her body was burning, her nipples were ice and fire.

The throbbing in her private parts was relentless. Panting she pulled down her panties and rubbed herself hard in that special place. The lights went on in her head again and she felt it jerk through her body. She liked it so she did it again. And again and again. Hannah was content to do this all afternoon if she had to. Hannah would have done that all day too if nothing were to interrupt her, but that would have left her lost and alone in the dark at edge of town and that's not something we would ever wish on a little girl.

One could call it providence that she was found, or maybe fate because it also sealed the towns destiny when she was. Sheriff Lewis Brown was actually out on patrol.

The new sheriff wasn't the type of man to sit back idly and be a figurehead for his small but very competent police department. He was determined to make himself a public presence and assure the citizens of Heaven's Cove that he was a man that had a personal interest in their safety and well being. Sheriff Lewis Brown, or Lou, or Big Lou amongst his closet friends, was something of a mystery figure to most of the town folks. They knew some of his history and what they knew sounded good.

He came from a poor family in the big city, didn't have very much to their name. He up and enlisted in the Marine Corps when he was 18 and served honourably for eight years.

He left the service and went straight into law enforcement gaining a quick reputation as someone who get the job done. He was decorated in the police and the military for courage under fire and dedicated service.

Marine buddies of his told him of the potential spot opening for Sheriff in Heaven's Cove and thought he would be perfect for the job. After just one visit, Lewis Brown was hooked on the seaside town and resigned from the police force and ran for Sheriff.

He won in a landslide.Which was surprising too, as this town had never had a black police officer before let alone a black sheriff. The Sheriff was a good and fair man, who often let the minor things slide and looked the other way at the bikers growing pot at the edges of town.

He was in it to help people not prosecute silly laws that weren't hurting anyone. There was probably some dirt in him as he did enjoy the occasional toke of his own and he often bent some minor rules. But he was still considered a good man. It didn't help he was a big specimen of a man as well. He was tall and powerfully built, working out every day. Affable and kindly spoken, he could charm anyonebut his marine and police years could make him turn on a dime and scare the crap out of anyone.

His head was shaved from his long military years. Most men were intimidated by him, and a lot of women merely blushed wondering if they called him Big Lou for other reasons He had done a slow cruise through town on a slow day, barely a traffic violation and the tourists were usually on good behaviour till dark came, and that was still a couple hours off.

He was just driving out of a speed trap and down the road back to town when he noticed something in the road he was passing. He turned the cruiser around and drove down the dusty road until he came closer. It looked to be a child's backpack just discarded in the middle of the road. He pulled up along side and stopped. The Sheriff got out of his cruiser and walked over to it.It was a big pink Hello Kitty bag.

The Sherrif scanned the area to see if anyone was around and gave the bag a nudge. He unzipped and looked inside. A towel, A girl's bathing suit. A binder filled of pictures of Justin Bieber. And a bag full of red, white and blue jelly beans. Nothing at all to identify the owner. Something bothered the sheriff, the way it had been found didn't suggest it had been dropped, but rather it had been thrown.

Or worst yet, pulled off. Shit, they hadn't had a child abduction out here before, but Lewis knew they could get bad and fast. He just had to make sure Feeling a bit cheeky he opened the bag of candies and chewed on a handful.


Being Sheriff had its perks, it wasn't like he was doing drugs he figured. How little he new The Sheriff reached into the car and grabbed the mic for the radio. " This is Sherrif Brown, I need to know if there are any amber alerts in the area" " No sir, nothing on for this county", came one his deputies Deborah Powalski. " No parents lost their kids in town?" " Nothing I've heard about, everything okay Lou?" Deborah asked The Sheriff off hand took a handful of jellybeans and popped them in his mouth " It's probably nothing just checking something out" " Be careful Lou" That Deborah, she was 10 years his junior yet she still clucked over him like a mother hen.

The Sheriff decided to do a more thorough investigation and walked down the side of the road where the wheat field was. He found a parting in the grass no more than 25 feet from where the bag was and thought this might be where who ever might have gone in.

The big black man ducked down through the wheatfield and followed the trail, one hand on his sidearm in the holster just like all his training had taught him.

He could hear some wheezing and sighing up ahead and sounded like a girl moaning. His adrenalin pumped in and the drugs started zipping through his system. He couldn't place why he was so tensed up and ready to pounce, he hadn't felt this way the entire time he had been the man with the silver star in Heaven's Cove. The moaning was just on the other side of the next row, and "Lou" was sweating as he pushed it aside and stepped through.

His heart was racing, his blood was pumping and for the life of him not understanding, he was hard as a rock in his uniform tan trousers. Hannah didn't even hear the Sheriff till he was almost right on top of her, she was already lost in rubbing her magic spot. Her thoughts were about the boys at school kissing and touching her, and her own big step-brothers doing to her what she had seen them doing to her Mommy.

She was flat on her back with her skirt pulled away rubbing herself hard, having tossed her little panties to the side. Hannah looked up at the big black policeman, and Lou looked down at the prepubescent masturbating schoolgirl. In any kind of normal context both of them should have been shocked, or at the very least embarrassed by what was going on, but none of that was the case here.

Hannah's exertions had coursed the drugs in and through her adrenals for a couple hours now and she was discharging pheromones that were meant to attract a mate. The big sheriffalso had the same cocktail running through his system which also announced that he was the fitting mate.

What happened next wasn't a decision either of them could have ever made, it was made for them. The sheriff dropped quickly to his knees unbuckling his belt as quick as he could.

The 12 year old Hannahs hands flew to his crotch already trying to pull her into him. They both fumbled at his trousers and pulled down his underwear so that his big cock sprang free.

Hannah gripped in her tiny hand and spread her thighs wide, acting solely on biological instinct. "Lou" gripped the tiny blonde girls ankles and spread her thighs further as her little hand guided his throbbing black member.

Hannah couldn't even wrap her hand around his girth knowing only that this huge man had to take her virginity. Hannah gasped as Lou's big dick pushed into her event though just to the tip. It was unlike she had ever felt before, something foreign, hot and huge in her sacred place. She should have been nervous or scared, but she just wanted it in her. All of it. Lou was in a haze of lust and just gave in to it. He pushed his giant meat even further into the tiny preteen, every time he did, she gasped some more.

It was the tightest hungriestpussy he had ever been in and was wet and squeezing at him. Pleasentries be damned as he felt the need to ram it home.

Hannah was in a world of pain and pleasure as this black beast broke her in. It hurt like she was being impaled on a log and there was that horrible stretching and tearing in her. But then after a few more thrusts, the sherrif pushed past some wall in her, there was a burst of rich pain and then nothing but golden joy. The little girl at first had tears forming in the corners of her eyes, and on some level the sheriff knew he had broken everything he stood for.

Then she started laughing and smiling and trying to push back against him that he felt he had dodged a bullet. Lou just rutted into Hannah, never getting his full girth length into her, watching her expression be filled with a lot of wincing and her body bucking back under him.

They went at it for while, the two of them nothing more than slaves to their biological urges. Hannah loved it, and she could see why Mommy liked doing it so much too.

Every thrust from the big black man stretched he even wider and wider, every thrust was like a big lance of pleasure going into her. The petite blonde girl couldn't understand why everyone though this was so holy, ever girl should be doing this all the time. It was done in less then 10 minutes, Hannah could feel the big policeman straining and trembling as he picked up his pace into the little girls tiny twat.

She gasped and wheezed as those magic sensations ripped though her, she was arriving to that magic moment of joy and wanted the sheriff to arrive with her. She tried repeating the words she had heard her Mommy say to get her step brothers to erupt. " Yes please, cum in me, cum in me, please cum in me" Hearing those words set off Big Lou and he arched his back and thrust another inch into her, the little girl taking nearly 2/3 of him now into her.

He let out a loud groan and his balls tightened and he shot his hot load into her.This final thrust set off the little girl and she opened her mouth in a wide O and let out a high pitched squeal as he came into her. The two breathed heavily as he fired volley after volley in her young twat, and then he rolled off and collapsed on the flattened wheat beside her. His thick long black too slipped out of her wetly, leaving only a slight trail of semen and blood from when he had broken hey hymen.

He collapsed breathing heavily starring up at the perfectly blue sky. She felt the best pull out and a huge void was left in her. The two of them lay side by side for a few moments, but Hannah felt empty inside. She reached over to him and start stroking his deflating cock to the best of her abilities. He was slick with their juices still and that helped lube him up.

The Sheriff was beginning to regian his senses as the diminutive girl start stroking him. What had he done? He was sworn to serve and protect and he had just fucked an grade school girl in the middle of a field. Yes, she was willingbut no matter how you sliced itit was still statutory rape and he was going to lose everything. He was about to pull away from Hannah when he felt himself getting aroused and erect again just by the hand of this little girl. He was in his forties, even on his best days it would still take him half an hour to recover from sex.

But now he was hard again just at a touch. * If I'm going to jail, I might as well enjoy the last sex I'll ever have* he figured and was about to roll on top of Hannah again for round two. But Hannah had already beaten him to it, she was incredibly impatient and didn't want to wait. So the moment he was hard again, the tiny blonde climbed up on top of Lou. She was all but standing astride him trying to guide his big cock back into her.

Lou gripped her by the hips so that tiny Hannah wouldn't fall over. She gently eased her self back onto his dick, her face lighting up like Christmas tree as he entered her. Lou guided her hips slowly up and down on her as she bent her knees and lowered herself onto him. He was so big, Hannah couldn't believe boys didn't kill girls with their giant penises when they made babies.

The girl had no idea that Lewis Brown was already very well endowed, or that he would grow three more inches by the time the pills had done with with his thyroid gland. In any case she just loved it. This time it was slower and easier, as Lou helped Hannah set her own pace to fuck him. Her mouth hung loosely open as she tried accommodating his significant girth, and he couldn't believe how tight and horny this little girl was.

They fucked slowly and languorously for the better part of the next hour. She would shut her eyes and bite her lip every time she would feel herself cumming around his big dick and her legs would tremble as she did. Lou surprised himself by cumming twice more in the preteen honey hole before she collapsed fucked out on top of him She squeezed and squeezed at his deflating dick as he slowly slipped out of her.

She felt a steady stream of white slow wet warmth trickle out of her too, as his semen dribbled feely out of her, matting their crotches together. She just lay on top of this beautiful man and relaxed through a series of aftershocks After a few minutes, Lou gently pushed Hannah up and said "I think we should get dressed and find your parents" Hannah was now mortified.

Oh god, her Mommy was going to find out about this and ground her for like forever. A month at the very least. She couldn't imagine facing her in this state.

It was horrible. " Kay", she mumbled and started straightening herself out. Darn it, she had totally stretched out her panties. Oh no, was that blood? Her white cotton panties had a big red stain on them.

She should have been mortified, but right now she was only concerned about how to hide the evidence of losing her virginity. Lou sighed seeing this, knowing his career was up in smoke.

He was a good man damnit, he was just weak. At least his wife wasn't alive to see what he had become. Hannah stepped out of her panties and handed them with two fingers over to the sheriff. " I won't tell if you don't", she said very concerned and earnestly Lou had gotten to his position by knowing how to read people, and this girl was a straight shooter.

Maybe he could come out this intact. He would drive her down to the station, get her showered, find her parents and make up some bullshit excuse. The fact that he was slowly on his way to becoming the corrupt sheriff that used to run this town totally escaped him. Lou stuffed her panties away in his back pocket and led the girl, who staggered a bitback through the wheat field.

Hannah felt like she did after a long day of riding horses with her rich friends. She was sore, but also very happy, like she was walking on a cloud. A cloud that occasionaly kicked her in the pussy it seemed.

They got to the car and he could hear the radio beating at him. " Unit 1 please respond. We have all units searching for you. Unit 1 please respond" It wasn't Deborah on the line this time, another woman. And she was angry There were only two women on the entirety of the Heaven's Cove Sherrif's Department. They were Deborah Powalski, the clucking mooneyed blond, and of course there was … " I'm okay, Erin.

Over", Lewis Brown said responding as he sat in the cruiser " Thank fucking christ, last thing we need is a missing sheriff" Erin Sullivan. The rookie. The rookie from Hell. She had just graduated from the State Academy and applied here the week after he got his post. She was top of her class and incredibly talented. And as he slowly found out, totally ruthless. Erin was bright, witty, athletic and excelled at everything she did.

Best marksman. Two black belts in tae kwon do and aikido in addition to her police training. She was not to be fucked with, and she wanted to be Sheriff by the time she was 30, and she was only 24. She had thick red hair and green eyes. Despite her inherent athleticism, she had an hourglass build. She used her looks as a tool. Around the office she would always leave a couple of buttons undone around senior deputies to show off her cleavage. She always insisted on the summer shorts from spring to early fall, she hemmed them in too so they were hemmed intight and just barely squeaking past regulation.

" Where the hell were you boss, I almost had to call Jim" Jim. What a fucking idiot. Could barely tie his shoes, but he was the all-American local who would be runner up if he ever had to step down. He hated that twit. " Sorry to break your heart, Sullivan, but just had to…ummm.chase her around the wheatfield a bit" " For an hour? Fuck it, never mind, just glad you're okay. I swore Deborah was going to faint" Lou laughed at that. Erin was ruthless and dedicated to becoming sheriff one day, but she was also fiercely loyal.

She wasn't about to cross her bread and butter. " Roger that. I'm heading back to the ranch, this girl needs a hot shower and then maybe then she'll open up" " See you back home boss.

Over and out". As they drove, Lou and Hannah heard call of the dogs, the deputies on their day off could go back home and the regular units could go back to keeping an eye on the tourists.

The drove to the quaint downtown core of Heaven's Cove and to the main square. The elaborate Town Hall dominated the square, with the more modest Sheriff's office flanking it. They pulled around back and Lewis Brown quickly ushered Hannah in the back towards the women's shower.

The blood on her thighs were almost dry, and showering would nip most of that evidence in the bud. As he heard the showers start to run, he took a sigh of relief and stepped down the hall towards the fishbowl as they called the main office. Erin and Deborah were sitting at Deborah's desk and Erin was comforting the overemotional mother hen that Deborah was. She was patting her hand and reassuring Deborah that there was nothing they could do when the boss put his mind to something, and everything turned out okay in the end.

Seeing him walk in elicited Deborah to run up and hug Sheriff Brown in not the most professional way. Normally it would have been a quick one, but with the gamut of pheromones being released from his body after the sexual work out, Deborah just hugged him closer. In an almost intimate way. She blushed and pulled away. " Glad you're okay Lou", she said going back to her chair and pretending to cancel a missing persons report.

" What? No hug from you?", said Sheriff Brown uncharacteristically cocky. Erin could smell him from where she sat, but it only registered in the most primitive parts of her brain. * Damn, he really is a good looking man.

I wonder if he's big everywhere* she found herself thinking and a warmth growing in her. Deborah felt a similar way, and it embarrassed her so she kept herself busy She was always good at that, keeping herself busy.

Deborah was a dynamo around the office, but a crappy cop in the field. She hated confrontations, and barely squeezed by her exams. She just wanted to help, and thought working with the police was the best way to make a difference in people's lives in her home town.

Deborah was a fair skinned, blue eyes all-american blonde. Not the brightest bulb, but one the cheeriest. She had been on with the Sheriff's Office for 10 years now, quite content in her unspoken role as office manger and dispatch.

She was in her mid thirties and kept herself in great shape with yoga Her hair was always neatly straight past her shoulders, or in two long golden braids like today. Part of the reason she was so happy spending so much time in the office was that he husband was a commercial fisherman here in town.

So he was often away for weeks at a time and needed something to do to fill the empty hours. Her and her husband had decided it was time for children, and were busy practising at it when he had to go again for another three weeks. Little did she know now, but Deborah would be quite pregnant by the time hubby got back. Erin merely flipped Sheriff Brown the bird with a wink that sent him laughing. He wandered over to the desk and set down Hannah's backpack.

" See what you can find in here to identify the girl, I only gave it a cursory glance", he said stepping up between them. The two deputies were seated, so their eyes almost came to crotch level with the big black sheriff.

He was still losing his erection and paid no heed to it. But the redhead and the blonde distinctly noted it. Deborah blushed and busied herself by turning away and checking out the bag. Erin just smiled and gave his healthy bulge an appreciative glance before he turned away. " Where is she?", Deborah asked glancing around avoiding eye contact with her boss. " Hitting the showers, she was filthy", the Sheriff gesture towards the back " Before we questioned her, you let her clean up?", Erin asked getting a hint of something awry.

" Yes, I did, " Lou said briskly, " problem with that?" So demanding, Erin though with a flush. He was hiding something, but she liked a touch of dirt in her superiors heart she mused.

" Just a bathing suit,a towel, a Justin Bieber book and some jellybeans", Deborah said empyting the bag. " they're really good" Sherrif Brown quipped " You like boy bands?", Erin teased. " Smartass, I'm talking about the jelly beans" Odd that there were only 3 flavours of jellybean Erin thought. Cherry, and something white and blue. " Think she'll mind ?" Deborah asked being the resident sweet tooth " Not at all, she shared them with me"a bit of a white lie but being Sheriff had some perks Deborah opened the bag and poured them out into her empty candy bowl on the desk.

She must have gone through her sour candies during her stress filled hour trying to find her boss. Erin was a mooch at heart though and was the first to taste the mystery new flavours. She popped a white candy to find it to be liquorice. The Sheriff turned and walked to his office. Erin couldn't help but notice that he had a pair of underwear sticking out of his backpocket.

She smiled at this, six months and he was already banging bored housewives she thought. This was a good detail. Hmmm, the blue ones were blueberry. " Licorice, cherry, and blueberry" " Yuck, I'll stick with cherry", Deborah said being a candy purist. Erin was more equal opportunity, and kept dipping in for a random variety.

Unbeknowsnt to them, the two ladies were availing themselves of the sex drug. The drug. Erin like Franny and Hannah before her was taking the full cocktail which would trigger the great pheromone release and profound physiological changes.

Deborah on the other hand merely partook of the red, which would increase the ticking of her biological clock to a death metal drum solo, increase her fertility and be many times more responsive the male triple cocktail. The Sherrif went into his office and locked the door behind him mysteriously enough. For someone with a "door-open" policy, hiding yourself behind a locked one was out of sync Erin thought again.

Something was very much up here. Deborah paid no heed, having spent most of the last several years with a Sheriff that secretly did lines of coke in there. Hannah came out of the washrooms in the back, her hair behind her in a ponytail clearly still wet from the shower.

Her clothes were back onand they were a bit messy from the dirt she had been fucking in less then an hour before. She nervously smiled and walked up to the policewomen. " Hi", she said nervously She walked a bit stiffly Erin thought, perhaps hurting herself in the field, but no mention of that from Sheriff Brown.

" Hi sweetheart", Deborah asked softly, " what's your name" " Hannah", Hannah said awkwardly Erin popped another couple of candies in her mouth, she was trying to see if all three tasted good at the same time. It was just a mess of confused flavours. So she just popped a red one next.

" Hey, those are my special candies" " I'm sorry, honey, I didn't mean to steal them", Deborah apologized " It's okay, my Mom said sharing is caring" " Your mom is so right" " What makes them so special", Erin asked innocently enough.

Sheriff Brown then stepped out of his office, locking the door as behind him. Hannah turned her head to him and Lou looked back. It was just for a moment then Hannah looked to her feet and the Sheriff coughed.

Erin could see a blush of red on Hannah's cheeks and a spot of rose briefly pop into his. What the hell was that all about? " I'm going to have.umm. Have a shower, got all sweaty .and umm dirty on those back roads", the Sheriff said almost fumbling "I'll get you a spare uniform and put it in the change room", Deborah said " Thanks, you're the best" Deborah actually blushed for a moment under this flattery.

Normally it wasn't a big deal, but being in the presence of a man pumping the alluring pheromones created by the triple cocktail was eliciting the same response as it had Franny Chesterson in the first few days before her fall into debauchery.

And just like her, she was finding herself a bit aroused. The Sheriff noticed that both women were checking him out appreciatively and had to turn away to hide the quickly growing erection in his trousers.

He would have a toss off in the shower to cool himself down and that would be the end of that. Erin leaned over to Deborah and whispered" Did you check out the size of his package?

Holy shit" Deborah blushed again, Erin was such a bad girl. But she was right, the Sheriff seemed to be on the very well endowed side. Just by the outline Deborah could tell he was easily bigger than her husband. " Swear to god, this big", Erin whispered making a wide semi-circle with one hand. Hannah had buried herself in her book, chewing on a couple more jellybeans.

She could hear the adults talking and she was pretty sure they were talking about his penis. She blushed too having known exactly how big and wonderful it was inside her just half an hour earlier.

" Go check him out and report back", Erin said whispered with an evil grin. " I couldn't!", Deborah whispered back. " You can too, you're married not buried, looking wont kill you", Erin argued " I don't know", Deborah said waffling at the thought of seeing Lou naked.

" Come on, just a peek and rush right back" " Ohhhh, alright", Deborah finally gave in. Deborah couldn't believe what she was doing, but she went and unlocked the Sheriff's office and pulled a spare uniform from his locker. She didn't even notice the pair of girls panties sitting on the desk, she was too busy trying to control her excitement.

She passed buy Erin who was chit chatting with Hannah, Erin gave her a big wink and Deborah continued on her way. Deborah could hear the shower running so she placed his uniform on a bench and slowly crept towards the shower. The red " candies" had increased her sex drive with a need to reproduce whereas normally it only increased a man's virility and sex drive. They were the same biological interests but with dire differences. Deborah poked her blonde head around the corner and peered inside the steamy group shower space and bit her lip.

Lou was leaning one hand against the wall as the shower. The water streamed out and highlighted his body perfectly. His tall powerfully built body glistened like chocolate in the steady stream. His thick arms, his washboard abs, his hugely muscled upper chest.

He was drop dead gorgeous. But what really made her eyes bulge was his huge erection. The Sheriff was stroking the biggest thickest cock she had ever seen, which wasn't saying much. But in her eyes it was a monster, easily twice as big as her husbands. He was slowly stroking his thick tool lost in his own masturbation. It was enough to make her jaw drop and her body tingle. Deborah should have just turned around and returned to Erin to report her findings, but she just couldn't tear her eyes away from this scene.

She just had to see him him climax, so she could go home and replay it all over again in her fantasies. Enough to hold her off till her husband got him in a few weeks. She felt herself throb for him and had to rub herself through her uniform slacks as she watched her boss jerk off.Her eyes were glued to the scene, she had never seen a man masturbate before.

This was exceptional and too exciting to miss. With every stroke she rubbed herself harder. The big black sheriff soon was groaning as he stroked faster reaching his own climax, Deborah followed suit biting her lip wanting desperately to cum as well, but limited by her own confining clothes.

Lou groaned and volleys of cum shot out from his dick and splashed against the wall, Deborah groaned being so close herself but not getting there. She breathed heavily and tried gathering her thoughts She looked up and saw that Lou was staring right at her, she found herself paralyzed by his gaze. There was no surprise or emberrasment from him at this intruder. Deborah wasn't ashamed either, despite her instincts telling her to bolt.

" Come join me", Lou asked his subordinate. She shook her head, still watching him stroke off his big meat. He wasn't even wilting. " You can keep your under wear on, it will be like bathing in a swimsuit" " I can't" she whispered weakly. " I won't do anything you do want me to do" " Promise?", Deborah said meekly her resolve faltering. " Promise", Lou said with that wholesome smile that won him the Sheriff election. " Okay, I guess", Deborah said undressing.

At least she'd be able to get a first hand opinion. In the " fishbowl" meanwhile, Erin was trying to coax some answers out of the very quiet and unwilling Hannah. Hannah didn't want to get into trouble and she had a pretty good idea that telling Erin that the Sheriff had humped her in the field that he would get into trouble as well. Erin tried other tactics, but Hannah was a tough cookie and a smart one too and was hard to approach her with honest questions from any direction.

Even wheedling up to her though her interests weren't working. " You were saying before that your candies were specialHannah?" Erin asked munching away. " Uh huh", Hannah said kicking her heels " It's a secret" " Silly rabbit, if you cant tell a police officer a secret who can you tell" Hannah was about to answer " Mom", but then she realized her mom already knew the secret.

She wanted to tell someone about her secret, and Deputy Erin sure was pretty. " Promise not tell?", Hannah asked " Promise. Cross my heart and hope to diestick a needle in my eye", Erin said crossing herself. " Okay", Hannah said nervously " What is it silly Hannah-rabbit" " They're magic" " How are they magic?", Erin said chewing on another blueberry " They make people horny" Erin stopped chewing for a second and gave the girl a doubletake.

Did she just say what she thought she said? " I'm sorry, did you say horny", Erin asked incredulously. " Uh huh" " You're saying these candies make people horny" " That's what I said", Hannah giggled thinking this new conversation was a game. Erin was about to ask her to clarify what the heck she was talking about when they were interrupted by a series of loud cries from the shower room.

" YES!


YES! YES!", came Deborah's unmistakable voice in the throes of ecstasy. Erin twirled her head in the direction of the washrooms and then back to Hannah who was sitting with a mischievous look on her face.

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" They're humping", Hannah said with a soft smile. Erin was dumfounded. Could this little girl be right? That jelly beans were making people horny? That was ridiculous. Was Deborah and Lou playing a joke on her for Erin having sent her to playing peeping tom on them. No way, no one was that a convincing actor, least of all Deborah the mouse. It had to be placebo, it had to be. " I should. Umm. The candies. They. I should", Erin said stammering trying to think of what to say.

Hannah just smiled and offered her a red jelly bean, " Candy?" Erin tuned away and walked to the washroom slowly hearing the grunts of Lou and the gasps and groans coming from Deborah. The shower scene had quickly turned carnal after Deborah had stepped into the hot water in only her bra and panties.

Lou had pulled her beside him and offered her some soap to wash him down. Touching and soaping him was a thrill, and she even summoned the nerve to soap up his huge cock. Deborah loved stroking him and was soon two handing his turgid tool. Lou returned the favour and offered to soap her up, he turned her around and rubbed her back and slapped his big dick across her ass as he did so. She yearned for that thickness but she couldn't say it and the ache in her loins was too much.

The Sheriff started rubbing it up and down between her ass cheeksthen along her flimsily clothed pussy. She let him eagerly " Don't you wan to feel this up against your hot lfesh", Lou whispered in her pressing up against er from behind. She nodded and pushed aside her panties. Deborah groaned as she felt his hot flesh againsts her pussy as he rubbed his fat dick alongst her slit.

In just a few thrusts Deborah wanted to feel it in here and guided him with a hand into her opening. " Just the tip", she asked " Of course" That didn't last long either, the moment he entered her even slightly Deborah swooned.

Almost involuntarily she found herself grinding back into him, at first just the cockhead like she wanted, then slowly pushing back more and more of his big dick into her. Within half a minute Lou was fucking her, he literally tore the panties off her and deeply started thrusting into her. Deborah felt her nipples were on fire and pulled her tits out of her bra and guided Lou's huge back hands to them.

Soon he was pounding into her bare pussy, gripping her tits tightly like handles as he fucked her. Deborah was more filled and fulfilled then she had been in her 12 years of marriage to her husband. She felt like she was on fire even under the rain of the shower head. He filled her so good and she was almost swooning, she reached between her thighs and started rubbing her thoroughly swollen clit as her boss fucked her " YES!YES!YES!", Deborah hollered out loud as Lou started power fucking her.

Erin slipped into the locker room and followed the grunts and gasps and groans to the steam coming out of the shower. She poked her head around the corner just as Deborah had done before her.

This time however there was no threat of being caught as Lou and Deborah were very busy. Erin just smiled watching Deborah get it hard, she was shocked but thrilled. This wasn't the first time she had seen people screw in front of her. She had been quite the exhibitionist and voyeur in college and loved a live show. What she was impressed with was how much they were into it. Sheriff Brown was pounding the hell out of Deborah, her ass shook every time he slammed into her.

He would pull out all the way and slam back into her.

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He was no small boy either, his cock was huge. Erin was going to be surprised if Deborah could walk straight tomorrow, hopefully she wouldn't be needing surgery either. Erin had taken a couple cocks nearly Lou's size, and now that she had caught him fucking, she had already decided she wanted to give it a try too. Erin unzipped her shorts and pulled them down around her ankles so that she could get really enjoy the show.Erin was supremely horny too, the drugs having kicked her into overdrive as well, she was already sopping as she began to diddle herself to the hard fucking going on in the shower.

Lou manhandled Deborah like a bastard. He let go of Deborah's C-cup tits and gripped her braids like handlebars and pulled back hard on her. Deborah's back arched as he handled her like a prize filly being ridden hard, which essentially she was. She gripped her tits to have them stop bouncing so hard. She holleredshe moaned, she came like a banshee while Sheriff Brown fucked the shit out of her. Erin masturbated furiously to the hot sight of the formerly mousy dispatch deputy get pounded like a bitch in heat.

She came it seemed every couple minutes as she furiously rubbed her clit hard and vigorously. Lou picked up his pace and was soon all but hammering Deborah in the shower.

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The blonde's mouth opened ina gasp and yet no sounds came out as she was rendered speechless under his penile assault. He hammered as fast as he could and then suddenly stopped and slowed to a near crawl and began groaning. He pushed himself firmly and fully in the blonde and groaned loudly and shook as he pumped her blonde twat with his jizz.

Seeing him cum in Deborah's pussy bareback set Erin off one final time and she bit her lip from crying out as she came.She slumped back against the wall and came down from her orgasm, just as Lou pushed Deborah bodily into the wall and let the last drops of his seed be milked by her squeezing pussy into her hungry depths.

The two hungrily shared a kiss as Erin slipped out and back into the " fishbowl" She straightened her steam moistened hair and gained her composure and sat down at her desk where Hannah was waiting with a smile.

" Told you", Hannah said " You certainly did", Erin agreed. " Mommy took these and humped by big step brothers just this morning", Hannah said certainly. " Really?", Erin asked, " do you mind if I keep the rest for.umm.

tests?" " Sure, I think I've had enough candy for one day, don't want cavities you know" " Thank you Hannah" " Chesterson. Hannah Chesterson" " Thank you Hannah Chesterson, we'll make sure you get a safe drive home" " Thank you Deputy Sullivan" About 20 minutes later Deborah wandered out of the locker room, Erin couldn't help but notice little drivel of cum trickling down her chin as well.

Little bitch had sucked him after as well, shit, that was recovery. She sat red faced acorss from Erin at her desk with Hannah and busied herself by looking through the desk. " You've got a little something on your neck", Erin said with a mischievous grin Deborah quickly swiped at her neck and reacted to the warm goo.

She turned beat red when she saw what it was and made an excuse and ran to the woman's washroom to clean up. Erin nearly choked on a blueberry jelly bean at the absurdity.

Lou wandered out of the men's locker room with a spring in his step shortly thereafter. He was fresh and ready to go, and Erin saw that he was still sporting a chubby in his trousers. Sheriff Brown seemed completely oblivious to it, it was one of the drawbacks to the sheer quantites of the triple cocktail in men; they were constantly horny and ready to go.

" We make any progress on discovering the name of our lost little girl" " yes Lou, this is Hannah Chesterson", Erin replied The Chestersons? Hmmm. He remembered them, Ned, his two boys and his new wife Franny. Franny with the big tits.

She was always doing bake sales or shows in the town community theatre. His dick stirred some more thinking of fucking her and watching her big tits jiggle with each pounding Deborah came out of the washroom and mumbled something about having to feed her catgrabbed her jacket and rushed out the door. A little stiffly Erin thought with a smirk.

" Guess that just leaves us" " Take her home boss, I'll watch the shop till you get back" " Thanks Erin, you're awesome too", the sheriff said leaning down and giving her a peck on the cheek.

In any other time or place that would be considered sexual harrasment and a good way to move up in the world for a manipulator like Erin. But she actually appreciated it, and when he leaned close she almost purred getting a full sniff of his pheromones which were clicking with her own which had taken the triple cocktail too.

" Damn right I am, now go, I'll be here when you get back" Sheriff Lou led Hannah out and Erin watched his ass as he left wondering how it would feel when she grabbed it. It was evening and the drive was nice and quiet as Sheriff Brown drove Hannah home. He was reflecting on his own day.

He had fucked and cummed in the 12 year old three times today, then fucked the mousy Deborah in the shower before pushing her to her knees to clean him off and then swallow his next load in the shower. He hadn't had this much stamina or recovery since college and that was half a lifetime ago. Just thinking about it was making him hard again too, maybe he would go visit Deborah tonight and keep her company. They pulled up to the Chesterson home in the quiet cul-de-sac.

He rang the doorbell and waited. Franny opened the door and he could feel himself stiffen at the sight of her. Thick curly blonde tresses, bright blue eyes, perfect cheekbones, and those tits!

He couldn't remember them being so big before. He wanted to fuck her, right here and right now. But he could hear her kids and hsuband inside and decided to wait to another time to put the moves on her " Are you okay angel?" she asked Hannah Hannah just nodded meekly " Sorry to disturb you during dinner Mrs. Chesterson, Hannah here got herself lost earlier this afternoon and was shy about telling us about where she lived.", Lou said " Thank you so much Sheriff for bringing back my angel", Franny said wrapping her arms around him That crazy wave he felt earlier with Hannah when he first found her in the field, and that same strange buzz he had gotten from Erin zipped into him as she did so.

The big busted blonde stepped away Hannah rushed past her mom and ran towards the kitchen and the smell of pizza. " It's all in a day's work, it's always a pleasure to reunite a family", Sheriff Brown humbly said Franny moved in close to the towering peace officer and put her hand on his belt. She was intoxicated by this mountain of dark flesh. " If there's anything I can do to repay you, " Franny moved in closer, " and I mean anything, please let me know.

She was right up close to him, just yesterday he could never believe he could be so blatantly horny with a complete stranger. The feeling seemed to be mutual as he could feel her push up to his black uniform pants, his firming cock poking at her belly based on their mutual heights. The drug working on both of them mutually dangerously. " Honey, come join us at inner", came the insecure call of her husband Ted This somewhat broke the spell, and she stepped away somewhat abashed.

He just smiled cordially and gave Franny a business card. " There's my office and cel number, have a safe night ma'am" said the Sheriff and stepped back into the night and towards his cruiser at the end of the driveway.

The Sheriff got back into his cruiser and drive back across town, thumbing her business card thinking he would be calling it a lot while her husband Ted was at work. He pulled up to the darkened Sheriff's office, which was slightly unusual for a summer night even if the other cruisers were out on patrol. He liked keeping the lights on as public relations even if it was a skeleton crew of one or two. He wandered into the darkened fishbowl and looked around.

The lights in his office were on behind the closed blinds, he turned them off when he left he was certain so he wandered over to the door to investigate. When he reached the door his heart jumped into his throat. Hannah's torn panties were hanging off the doorknob like an accusation.

Shit. The perfect day was over, and nothing but jail time loomed ahead. There was probably a couple state troopers on the other side of the office door waiting to arrest him. His dick leading him to his arrest and incredible shame. He took a deep breath, composed himself and opened the door. There was no state trooper, no group of angry deputies, no lawyers, just one very naked Erin.

Erin was sitting in his swivel chair with her legs propped up on either arm of the chair. Erin was wearing nothing but her gun belt and her deputy stetson. She was slowly easing the tip of a nightstick in and out her bare pussy, several inches of it slick with her pussy juices. She was pinching at her nipples with her hand, and they were hard as rocks. " I was wondering when you'd get here" As soon as he entered the room he felt that overwhelming urge again. The air was thick with pheromones from Erin's own deep imbibing of the triple cocktail.

He felt himself get hard as a steel pipe instantly. The sight of this busty redhead masturbating so lewdly made him just want to tear off his oants and shove his cock into her pussy all the way into her guts. He started towards her, already unbuckling his belt.

She panted and looked at him. " Not so fast, we have something to discuss" The Sheriff stopped cold, but still horny as hell. Yeah, she had him, he knew that. " What do you want", he hissed out. " I know you fucked that little girl, and that mousy bitch Deborah" " Yeah, I'm busted, what of it" " Keep fucking them as much as you want, but when I want something, you give it" " Fine", she had him over the barrel.

Lou had to agree. " Good. First thing I want, is that tongue in my pussy" Sheriff Brown dropped to the floor and crawled quickly over to her. He gripped her creamy white thighs in each hand and buried himself in her bare twat. Erin gasped as Lou hungrily lapped up at her pussy, so much so she dropped the nightstick to the floor.

She reached over to the desk and grabbed a handful of jellybeans and gobbled them down as he slurped away. Erin wasn't convinced that the jellybeans weren't some kind of placebo, but she acted like they were green M&M's and hungrily wolfed them down. Lou wasn't the best pussy eater in the world Erin mused, but what he lacked in skill he made up for enthusiasm.

He devoured her as much as he could. Lapping noisily up and down at her wet slit. She had to gudie his lips to her clit so that we would get it right, but he still went back to sloppily licking her all over. Not enough to make her cum alas, but enough to drive her wild. " Stick it in me!

Fuck me!", Erin barked at Lou. He pushed down his unbuckled pants, not wearing underwear anymore after earlier today. He shoved his dick home into Erin's churning honey pot. The buxom redhead gasped as Lou's big black cock pushed deep into her, he filled her full and deep.

Erin was petty he was probably the biggest dick she had ever taken. And he was just getting started. She queezed around him hard as he pushed his thick ten inches into her. She loved it. He fucked her back into the corner against the wall as the chair rolled back on its wheels.

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Erin wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in a deep kiss. Their tongues rolled around resltlessy against each others, their tongues hungrily wrestling with the other. The two started rutting like animals. Erin wrapped her legs around his and pulled him further into her. He just gripped the arm chairs for leverage and kept pounding away at her. The fucked for ages, hot and heavy. He had never encountered such a hungry pussy.

The more he gave her, the more she wanted. His heavy balls slapped wetly up against her. She came and came again at the sheer animal fucking they were doing. Their crtches hotly and wetly mashing against each other.

After what seemed ages, Lou grunted and thrust to the complete hilt deep in side the green eyed nympho and she squealed as he dumped a huge cum load into her. They hungrily kiss and she shook through another climax. He was exhausted now and pulled out slowly, letting a river of cum spill out of her twat and onto the chair. He then fell back onto the floor and stared up at the annoying florescent lights.

" I'm not done with you Mister", Erin said Erin got onto the floor and knelt astride Lou's legs. She started licking at his limp dick, cleaning her juices and his cum off his dick. Erin loved the taste of pussy and cum, even if it was her own. She then started sucking on his fat cockhead, teasing the pisshole with her tongue. In just a few minutes of sucking him, Lou was hard again.

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Lou couldn't believe it, and Erin was impressed with his prowess. She was going to spend a lot of time fucking this machine from now on she thought. When he fully hard, Erin climbed up his body and eased herself onto his big dick. She put her hands down on his chest for leverage and he reached up and mauled her big tits.

Erin started riding himslow and easy at first as she grinded against him. Then she began to pick up her pace until she was bouncing on him like a pogo stick. She rode him hard for another half hour till her hair was slick with sweat and matted to her head and neck. She let go of his chest and let him grab her hips to fuck back up against her, and she rubbed her clit to a simultaneous orgasm cumming in her one last time.

Erin lay onto his chest and the two heaved and panted in the afterglow of their torrid and frenzied lovemaking. She squeezed at his cock which was still half hard in her, she could actually feel him slowly thickening and hardening in her. But she was tired, just tired it had been a long day and it was late. Grudgingly she slipped off him and slid up beside him.

" Holy fuck, that was intense", Erin gasped " Never saw today coming", Sheriff Brown chuckled Erin cuddled up close to this chocolate god, feeling horny again but hardly comfortable on this floor. " Hannah said the jellybeans make people horny" " Really?" " Yeah, I had a bunch while I was waiting" " So that's why you jumped me", Lou joked " I'm being serious, I had a bunch I got horny, Deborah did too, you fucked her.

Oh don't look at me like that, I saw you and Hannah was munching on them earlier" " That is… interesting", Lou said taking it half seriously " You took them too, and did you take any before your time with Hannah" Lou thought back " Shit, I had a handful before I found her" Lou sat upright from the floor in shock. Jellybeans? He was horny over jellybeans?

" You're right, it's the candies!!!", Lou turned to Erin, " do you have any idea of what this means?" " Yeah" Erin said with an evil grin, " It means this town…………is ours"