Redhead tgirl Chelsea Poe anal pounded

Redhead tgirl Chelsea Poe anal pounded
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Alicia Saves Her Mother's Job By rutger5 (An Original Story Copyright 2011) "No I understand that it has to be done. Once I make my final decision I'll let you know who as well as informing the person affected. By Friday it will be finished Mr. Johnson. No it is very unfortunate that it's come to this I agree. Yes sir I will speak to you soon." After I heard the click on the other end I hung up the phone and just sat there for a minute thinking.

When I accepted my current position I understood that there might be times like this that I would be forced to do unpleasant tasks. Now I had a doozy ahead of me. The way the company did business left me with a limited choice and neither option was clear cut. I decided to follow the course I had discussed with Mr. Johnson, the company founder and president, as I felt under the circumstances it was the best way.

In spite of my decision I found myself sitting at my desk doing other work rather than taking the bull by the horns. Do it, I told myself, because no matter how hard it is for you it is much worse for the others involved. That steeled me enough to get up and head out of my office. Passing my administrative assistant Barbara on the way I walked out to the bullpen where the workers I supervised were located.

Coming to the cubicle of the first person I needed to speak with I stuck my head in. "Yes that is correct and if you have any future problems always feel free to call back. And thank you for doing your business with us. Good bye." Once she finished the call the woman looked up expectantly at me. This was going to be tough I knew. " Judy…ah Ms. Phillips, may I speak with you for a few minutes please?" I asked the woman before me. A look of uncertainty flitted over her face after hearing how I addressed her but she quickly regained her composure and smiled at me.

"No problem Mr. Daniels, I'm free now" she replied. "Would you please come to my office, it won't take long" I told her. She followed me to my office where I made sure to leave the door open. Though I didn't wish anyone to overhear the conversation I felt it was prudent under the circumstances to make sure we weren't alone unobserved.

Once I sat behind my desk I looked up at Judy. She had joined the company around fourteen months ago and had done all that was asked of her so this wasn't easy. "Please sit Ms. Phillips" I said indicating the seat on the other side of my desk.

I observed her as she sat and I had to admit to myself she was still an attractive woman. Just north of forty years of age she had a voluptuous figure but dressed conservatively in keeping with our company dress code. A subdued light blue blouse buttoned to near her throat kept her ample bosom covered and a navy blue form fitting skirt that clung to her curves and reached her knees completed her clothing.

Like many women she dyed her naturally dark hair a brassy shade of blonde and though it caught one's eye, in my opinion, it would have looked better untouched. After she sat she giggled nervously as she was aware that something wasn't right. "This can't be good if we're formal Mr. Daniels" she sagely observed.

"No unfortunately it's not for a good reason that we're having this conversation. Let me cut to the chase then. As you may be aware the bad economy has been hurting this company's bottom line for some time. The reason you found a job here was the person who held the position previously moved out of state.

It wasn't because the company was expanding at the time. The last quarter numbers are in and they are grim.

I have been directed by Mr.

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Johnson that I have to terminate one of the workers I supervise." When I said that I saw all emotion drain from her face as she was confronted by the specter of the unemployment line. "I understand Mr. Daniels" she said barely audible. "Wait Judy" I told her "it isn't certain that it will be you that goes. Hear me out first. The company policy is for the most part last in, first out. Exceptions can be made if a more senior worker is really doing a bad job but in this case I don't think anyone under me is performing poorly.

However you and one other worker started within a month of each other. So my choice has to be one of you and as of now I haven't made my decision. To my mind you are both good workers and each of you brings some different strengths to the position but the unpleasant fact is one of you has to go. I'm letting you both know in case it was possible one of you might know of another position you could find plus when it happens I don't want the affected party to be blindsided.

I'm sorry about this and I'll let you know my decision by Friday." "Thank you for that then sir. If you don't need me then let me get back to my job while I still have one." She smiled wanly and stood up, doing her best to show no emotion. To be honest I was very impressed by her demeanor as I knew she was a single mother, with a daughter in her senior year of high school, and she was the sole supporter of the girl.

Facing such uncertainty couldn't be easy for her but she put on a brave front. As she left the office my eyes drifted to her shapely calves as well as her wide hips and large round posterior. Stop it I told myself feeling ashamed. Here I might be laying this woman off in less than a week and I had the nerve to check her out. I waited a couple of minutes before again rising from my desk. No sense in putting it off, I might as well talk to the other employee now.

The conversation followed a similar course with Chet Norris. The only thing I didn't like was that he made a few disparaging borderline sexist comments about Ms.

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Phillips, as if as men we shared some solidarity because of that. I informed him that as far as I was concerned it was purely a numbers issue and that I wished neither had to go. Truthfully I didn't really blame him as I understood the situation he was in. Chet was divorced but he had a couple of kids who he paid support for and losing his job would not be a good thing. The problem for me, beyond the fact that I didn't wish to fire either of them was that it really was a toss up.

Flipping a coin or picking a card would resolve the dilemma as fairly as anything else I could do. Not wanting to think about it for a minute I decided to get a cup of coffee. As I approached the company lunchroom I heard a voice speaking and I realized it was Judy Phillips. Since I didn't hear any other voices I figured she was on her cell phone.

That stopped me in my tracks as I didn't wish to interrupt her call after our recent conversation. I turned to retrace my steps but I couldn't help but overhearing some of what she said. "Well thank God you didn't buy that prom dress yet Alicia. What ever you do, don't spend any money right now. No we can't discuss it until I see you so it will have to wait until tonight. You're not working, right? Okay wait at home for me baby because we really have to talk. Bye." Luckily I managed to reach my office before she returned to her desk and saw me.

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Her eavesdropped conversation only made me feel worse and I realized that I was feeling too much sympathy for her. If she was the one to go I couldn't let my natural chivalrous inclinations overrule my head. It wasn't until everyone had left for the day that I left my office again. Before she left my assistant Barbara spoke to me.

Peering at me over her glasses she shook her head slowly first. "You have to not let the pressure get to you Peter." "Easy for you to say, I'm the one who has to do it" I replied.

As I was speaking Barbara bit her full lip. "If you want I would do it for you but I doubt you'd let me." "No it's my job and responsibility Barbara but thank you." "Good night then Peter and don't stay too late." She looked like she wanted to say something more but after standing in the doorway for a minute she turned and left.

I sat there around fifteen minutes before I roused myself to leave. Once I turned the lights off in my office I wandered through the bullpen. For some reason as I passed Judy's cubicle I noticed the light on her phone flashing and I actually stepped in to answer it before I realized it was just indicating that a voicemail was saved. While there I couldn't help but notice a couple of framed pictures sitting on Judy's desk. One was of Judy and a young woman I presumed to be her daughter standing outside by a body of water.

It was from a far distance so there wasn't much detail of the two of them. They were both dressed in jeans and flannel shirts and it was probably taken on vacation. The other was a head shot of her daughter in a standard school portrait style photo. She was smiling and her facial features certainly reminded me of Judy. The biggest difference was that Judy had a rounder, fuller face while her daughter's was thinner, almost elfin. Also while Judy had bottle blond hair her daughter had long straight brown hair which complemented her big, brown eyes.

Reluctantly I tore my eyes away from the pictures. I had no right to ogle the daughter especially when I might be firing her mother. That night I went straight home and stayed in for the night. My sleep was interrupted a few times during the night but whatever disturbed me I can't be sure of but I felt it was triggered by my unremembered dreams. At work on Tuesday I decided to not think about the looming lay off and work on other matters instead. The day moved much quicker and except for once where Judy had to consult with me over a client I was able to not think about it.

Wednesday followed the same routine but by the end of the day I couldn't help but think about it. I really should make my decision by Thursday so I could appraise Mr.

Johnson before announcing it on Friday. Again I was the last one out and this time I visited both Judy and Chet's cubicles as if somehow this would make things clearer. It was another night I decided to forgo a trip to the fitness center and just head home. While driving I realized I had no food at home so I decided to stop and pick up some fast food for dinner. It was early evening when I pulled into the lot for Burger-rama and headed inside.

Surprisingly there was only one person ahead of me in line and in a minute I was at the counter ordering. "Welcome to Burger-rama, may I take your order please?" the tiny young woman at the register said. "Yes let me get the #4 combo with the side salad please" I replied my mind still preoccupied with work.

It took me another moment to realize that the woman was talking to me I was so distracted. "Sir, what size drink do you want?" "Medium" I said snapping to attention. As she rang up my order I looked at her and for some strange reason she looked familiar as if we'd met even though I'd never come here before.

"That's $6.79 sir" she told me, so I handed her a twenty. It was while she was getting my change that suddenly it hit me. In spite of the unflattering hat and polyester uniform recognition of who she was dawned in my brain. "Oh my God, you're Judy's daughter" I blurted out. She shot me a look like who the f are you and do you really know my mom? Not wanting to creep her out further I attempted to explain my outburst.

"I'm sorry for startling you but I work for the same company as your mother. You appeared familiar to me, and then I remembered your photo that your mother has prominently displayed on her desk." Her face lost the suspicious expression it had displayed and she smiled and for a second let me tell you it lit up the drab environ for a moment until the smile vanished as quickly as it appeared. As she handed me my change she studied my face as if it could give her the answer she sought.

"So you work with my Mom, huh? Funny she never mentioned she worked with any cute guys. Then you've probably heard some asshole is trying to fire her." I grimaced when I heard that statement but I couldn't blame her up to a point.

It was unlikely that Judy put it that way to her daughter but maybe she had. Either way it didn't change things and if I was the villain then so be it. "It's not exactly like that but I understand where you are coming from." I replied. She handed me my bag while staring deep into my eyes. "How is it then?" "I'm the asshole" I told her "and I don't want to lay off your mother or anyone else.

But I've been ordered to let someone go by my boss and it is either your mom or one other worker. I wish it was neither but I don't get to make that decision." After saying that I turned and left the store and headed to my car. It made more sense to eat in the parking lot than driving home as my burger would be stone cold before I arrived and nuked fast food is even worse than normal.

Eating my food I stared straight ahead lost in a fog. Meeting Judy's daughter only made it worse for my worried mind so once I scarfed down the burger I decided to go home where I could eat the salad.

My hand reached for the key in the ignition when I heard a knock on the window. It startled me so much that I might have jumped if I wasn't sitting down. As it was I managed to spill my iced tea all over myself. Looking up I saw that it was Alicia, Judy's daughter.

I rolled down my window so she could talk to me as I attempted to blot my pants dry with a couple of napkins. She seemed to find that amusing and got a laugh at my expense.

"Hey can I talk to you a minute?" she asked. "Sure" I answered. As soon as I spoke she moved around to the passenger door and stood waiting until I unlocked the door. Alicia sat in the passenger seat and for the first time I really realized how tiny she was. Her feet barely reached the floor and her head didn't reach the top of the seat. Once she made herself comfortable Alicia turned to me and spoke.

Her words were rushed and came out in a breathless manner.

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"First let me apologize for calling you an asshole even if I didn't know at the time I was talking about you. My Mom kind of told me what is happening at the job but I'm just so pissed about it. After my parents divorced we moved here to the city for a new start and it was tough in the beginning on me. Now I have friends and a job even if it's just in a fast food joint and things are okay and I wanted to start college in the fall. Now my Mom might lose her job.

It just sucks is all." "Okay first thing is apology accepted, by the way my name is Peter Daniels and your nametag says you are Alicia, its nice to meet you. Listen, I understand that life isn't fair and this is proof of that. No matter what I have to tell someone that they no longer have a job. If it works out for your mom then it will still be someone else kicked to the curb and I have to do it." "Well that is what I want to talk to you about.

My Mom really needs this job and she really doesn't know many people in the city who could help her find another one. I was wondering if there was ANYTHING I could do to convince you to keep her on." She fluttered her eyelashes at me as she said that but the next thing I knew was that I felt her hand touching my leg.

It was tentative at first but as Alicia found her courage she squeezed it as her hand crept upward until it encountered both my package and my wet pants. Her big brown eyes met mine as she groped me between my legs. "You're all wet here from spilling your drink so maybe if I rub hard enough I can help dry your pants." It was pretty obvious what she meant and she immediately put her words into action.

My manhood swelled in my trousers as her small warm hand vigorously worked back and forth on my growing bulge.


Alicia smiled at me as her hand continued its rapid movement causing me to have an erection. "Hmm it's having a reaction, no doubt about that. Maybe what it really needs is some fresh air." The fingers on her other hand tugged at my zipper, pulling it down gently. This roused me to action as I'd just been sitting there in a state of shock while enjoying her manual stimulation. I pulled her hand from my zipper but her first hand slipped inside both my trousers and boxers.

When Alicia touched my hard cock my resolve to resist her crumbled like a crushed cookie. She managed to work it out of my fly and into the light of day or rather evening. "Nice piece" Alicia said in an apparently sincere tone before she leaned down and kissed the swollen head. I let out a gasp at which point she turned her eyes up at me and winked. Her lips began kissing me up and down the full length of my erection.

Alicia tugged at it now, freeing the whole length from its captivity and once it was all out she opened her lips wide and took it inside her mouth. Slowly she slid her wet lips down the skin as she swallowed more of me into her mouth. Her tongue was licking the underside just below the head and I could feel pre-cum seeping out of me into her welcoming mouth. Alicia's long hair cascaded down obscuring my view of what she was doing though I obviously could feel it fine.

My hand pulled her strands of hair together so I could watch her head bob up and down on me. Alicia took me as deep as her mouth was able to and now worked her hand inside my fly so that she could fondle my balls. While she caressed them she increased the speed of her mouth on me as well when suddenly I felt my stomach tighten and my nuts tense up.

"I can't take it - I'm cumming" I cried out but she took me even deeper when she heard this. It had been a while and I erupted with the force of a volcano. Alicia seemed surprised at the amount of thick, white spunk that filled her mouth but she doggedly continued sucking until my prick was spent. She had a big smile on her pretty face as she pulled off me and wiped away any stray bit of cum that escaped her mouth. She did a quick look in the mirror to make sure she hadn't missed any and when satisfied of that fact her tongue sensuously ran along her red lips.

"How was that?" she asked me though we both already knew the answer. "What can I say but incredible" I told her in reply.

"Do you think maybe my Mom can keep her job now?" There was no way I could fight this at the moment so I just nodded affirmatively at her. Alicia smiled before leaning close to me where she could whisper in my ear.

"I'm on break now but I get off at nine. I'd like to thank you properly for what you're doing so why don't you pick me up then." She kissed me quickly and climbed out of the car and ran back toward the entrance as my eyes followed her closely.

Damn, what have I let myself in for I thought to myself as I started the car. Once I reached home I did a fast tidying up of my apartment before jumping in the shower then changing my clothes to more casual ones. The time was fast approaching nine when I pulled into the parking lot and pulled into a corner.

In around ten minutes Alicia came out and headed over to me. Her long hair was now held in a pony tail with a scrunchy and she was wearing tight black jeans and a tee. The shirt fit her like a glove and though Alicia was pretty flat chested her nipples showed prominently making me believe she wasn't wearing a bra.

She slid next to me and greeted me with a kiss. Her lips felt soft against mine and she now smelled of perfume, Poison I believe it was, as we kissed passionately. After a minute I broke our kiss as I was becoming very aroused making out with this tempting teenager. "You know Alicia you don't have to do anything more if you don't want to" I stated.

"Oh but I want to. I got you off before so it's only fair if you return the favor. Then once we're even we can go from there because I love sex and being with older men." She snuggled against me as I started to drive and we hadn't gotten far when her hand was teasing me by rubbing the inside of my leg.

Part of me just wanted to floor the accelerator to get home faster but somehow I managed to follow the speed limit without crashing even with her distracting me by handling my equipment. We had barely entered my apartment and locked the door when Alicia was all over me. Since I was a foot taller than she was I had to bend down to kiss her but before I had a chance to she was rubbing her body against mine while at the same time sliding her hand under my shirt.

As her little hand moved across my flesh I positioned my leg between hers and pushed it against her mound. Alicia responded by grinding on my leg as our lips met again. With my arms wrapped around her my hands reached down and kneaded her buttocks. Though not large they were firm and well shaped and certainly not small for her frame. Alicia broke our kiss and with a wicked grin took hold of her shirt hem and lifted the tee over her head revealing her torso.

Her breasts as expected were two small bumps on her chest but her nipples were another story. They were pale pink, as large as marbles and definitely erect. I didn't need an engraved invitation to spur me on but lifted her petite body and fastened my hungry mouth to her delectable treat. Now Alicia gasped as my teeth gently clamped on her while my mouth sucked on the areola and surrounding skin. When I finally pulled my mouth free I noticed the pale breast flesh was reddened and flushed from where I had suckled.

Wasting no time I turned my attention to her other nipple to which I gave the same attention. Alicia was squealing and squirming in my arms as I walked down the hall to my bedroom and not once did I release her bit from my mouth until I put her down on my bed. Now I undressed, yanking my shirt up as I kicked of my shoes before unfastening then sliding my pants down and off.

She had kicked her sneakers off but was having some difficulty in removing her jeans when I stepped in. My hands grabbed the material at which point I inexorably pulled them down her legs and tossed them aside. Alicia was now just wearing a tiny pair of red panties which inflamed me as if I were a bull. I sprung on the bed landing next to her and making her laugh.

My body covered hers and I managed to work my hips between her legs where I then humped against her panty covered mons.

Alicia was breathing hard now as my burning lips traced a pattern on her slender neck and shoulders and before I knew it she locked her thin legs around my waist pushing me closer to her treasure. My hips continued their rhythm of rubbing against her covered vulva and it was having a strong effect on Alicia.

She was making little mewing noises while rocking her pelvis slightly to further enhance the pleasure she was receiving. My hip speed increased after which Alicia's eyes clamped shut and she started to tremble gently. My teeth found her neck at which time she let out a moan and her muscles stiffened and tensed. When she opened her brown eyes I feathered them with light butterfly kisses before tasting her sweet mouth.

Her hands grabbed my butt and pulled me closer if that was possible. We kissed then and my tongue slipped between her lips where her tongue met mine and they entwined. "Come on I want your big dick in me" she pleaded and though I intended to I also wanted to taste her essence first.

My lips began working down her body beginning at her throat and continuing across her collarbone before again briefly sampling her breasts but then continuing down. Next kissing down her flat tummy and probing her navel with the tip of my tongue before tracing the swell of her pubic bone and hip. Alicia parted her legs as widely as she was able to allow me total access down there.

My mouth bypassed her covered pinkness and instead my tongue ran along the soft skin of her inner leg until I reached her knee. Her rounded calf was the next body part to get my oral treatment after which I switched to her other calf.

As my tongue worked its way to my desire I could see that her panties were soaked from the attention she had been getting. Now my fingers slipped under her waistband and with a strong tug I yanked them down exposing her most intimate area. Now I was frozen and speechless as I beheld the charm of Alicia revealed.

Her pussy was perfectly formed and proportioned for her body and the sheen from her juices only accentuated the beauty. She was pink of course with narrow lips that barely protruded from her pelvis and her core was soaked while a deeper shade of pink. Her pubic region was shaved and as hairless as a girls. I'm not sure how long I remained transfixed before Alicia nudged me with her foot impatiently.

That roused me from the spell I was under and wasting no more time I moved closer so that I could touch her with my eager tongue. It went straight to her opening like a heat guided missile where it probed her juicy goodness while delivering the intoxicating flavor to my taste buds.

She was as delicious as ambrosia and I attempted to get my fill. I slurped away at Alicia, funneling her nectar to my waiting mouth but the more I licked her the more juice she produced. Pausing for one moment I wet the tip of my thumb before resuming my liquid feast. Once my thumb started to rub her erect little nub Alicia's body writhed in response, twisting about the bed but I continued to lick and fondle her.

After bringing her to orgasm twice with this method her fingers worked through my short, dark hair and attempted to dislodge me but I refused to stop.

My jaw was beginning to ache now from its efforts but I still hadn't gotten my fill of fragrant, tasty teenaged pussy. Working through my discomfort my tongue swirled in a circular motion buried inside her canal. It probed as deeply as it was able to reach, licking the woman sugar from her walls.

When I felt her fingers tighten in my hair and her thigh muscles tense up my thumb increased its speed. Alicia let out a moan as she climaxed and I finally moved.

My tongue slipped out of her as my body moved into position, kneeling between her legs. Grasping my erection which felt harder than steel to me I pushed it to her gates of paradise. With one smooth motion I sank halfway inside her aided by the fact that she was soaked. "Fuck" Alicia cried out as my thickness split her lips and worked deep. My arms hooked her legs underneath her knees and pushed them toward her chest further opening her charms to me.

Slowly I worked deeper but since she was very tight it was slow going. Reversing course I pulled back until just my swollen head was in her. Then I drove hard almost working my full length in. One more time I pulled back and with the next thrust I bottomed out in her. "Damn you're filling me up with that big dick" she almost screamed at me but by this point I was almost in another world as her inner muscles clamped hard on me. My body moved slowly, building a rhythm as I repeatedly sank to her womanly depths.

A hand managed to find and tweak her nipple at the same time pleasuring Alicia even more. My speed increased as her pussy adjusted to my intrusion by stretching just enough to accommodate it while still fitting me like a glove. Our flesh slapped together as my hips pumped my shaft in and out of her pink flower at an ever increasing pace. Both my hands now rested on the mattress giving me as much support as possible as I continued to pound Alicia hard and fast.

My heart beat like a trip hammer in my chest as I slid in and out of her until I wondered how much longer I could last. Alicia's nails raked across my back, the result of me once again pushing her to the heights of bliss. With a few more deep thrusts I felt my own nirvana arrive as I swelled deep inside her. My body collapsed onto Alicia as I felt myself spraying her insides with my sperm. My body shuddered with relief as her pinkness milked me of every drop of cum inside me.

************************************************************************************** The next afternoon I called Mr.

Johnson and even though I had made my decision I was in a state of mental turmoil.

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As much as I'd enjoyed my session with Alicia it left me feeling guilty and troubled. I was so distraught that I was seriously considering resigning after announcing my decision. It wasn't that keeping Judy employed was the wrong decision and I had been leaning that way for other factors.

Still I had sex with Alicia with the understanding it would influence my decision and that seemed unethical to me. "Barbara can you get me Mr. Johnson on the phone" I told my assistant through the intercom.

"Right away sir" was her reply. While I waited for the call to be placed I decided to wait before announcing my resignation until some time passed so as not to jeopardize Judy's position. Somehow I doubted that she had influenced her daughter to throw herself at me to secure her position.

Under the circumstances I couldn't blame Alicia but only myself for thinking with my small head. "Mr. Johnson on line one sir" came Barbara's melodic voice over the intercom interrupting my thoughts. "Hello Mr. Johnson, I just wanted to inform you that I've made my decision. I thought I should inform you first and this way if you have any concerns you can let me know before I announce it tomorrow." "No, no Peter, I told you it was your call and I'm prepared to accept it whichever way it goes.

So what's it going to be?" "For a couple of reasons I decided to retain Ms. Phillips and let Chet go. I believe with his contacts he's more likely to find new employment quickly and also with his background in sales he's more used to hustling." There was a moment of silence on the line before I heard chuckling on the other end.

"I tell you Pete sometimes it's scary how people think alike. I was talking to my old friend Jeb Burnett and if you decided to go the way you're going he informed me he had an opening for Chet. Of course if you went the other way it would have been your decision and I would have respected it. Good work my boy, talk to you soon and after you inform Chet tell him to come see me. Wait until tomorrow to tell him though so we can get the last bit of work out of him." After I hung up the phone I felt an immense sense of relief.

Since my decision dovetailed with Mr. Johnson's there was nothing to feel bad about although I knew it had been a close call on that. With a relieved mind I worked straight through the afternoon knowing that both employees would have jobs in the future. Since I felt I'd been slacking off a bit lately due to the distraction of the lay off decision I continued working beyond my normal quitting time as I completed a review of an employee project.

I was just wrapping up with some comments onto my computers voice recorder when the sound of a knock interrupted me.

"Mr. Daniels may I speak with you a moment?" Looking up from my desk I saw Judy Phillips standing at the doorway before me with an anxious expression on her attractive face. Stopping what I was doing I waved Judy into the room. As she came in I couldn't help but notice that she pulled the door closed behind her and that her blouse had a number of unfastened buttons. My eyes were drawn to the valley of her ample cleavage like a fly lured by honey which she observed with a knowing smile.

Instead of sitting Judy remained standing but she leaned toward me providing me with a view almost to her navel. "Mr. Daniels might I speak frankly to you? I have always found you to be attractive and if not for the company's frowning on office romances I surely would have invited you out for a drink, me being a lonely divorcee and all." "Judy I assure you this isn't necessary…" "Oh no Peter it is" as she said this Judy leaned so close that her breasts were inches from my face and as she did I felt one hand touch my knee while the other reached around to the back of my head.

Pulling me forward my face was buried in her bountiful bosom effectively silencing me. "And now with this possibly being the end of me working here I had to let you know as well as to give us both a chance to grab life with both hands possibly causing you to reconsider if I was the one to go." After saying that Judy's hand moved from my knee higher up until it reached my already growing erection.

For my part once my face came in contact with her soft skin and I inhaled deeply of her scent I was caught up in the moment and both my hands seized Judy's big ass. "Unbutton my blouse" she whispered and soon it was done showing her soft full figure to my hungry eyes. Judy reached her hand back and unhooked her bra before slowly allowing the straps to slide down her milky white shoulders.

She waited a minute teasing me until she pulled the fabric away freeing her large breasts. Each was more than a handful and hung from the weight. Both the nipples and areolas were large and of a reddish hue and were standing at attention. When I tried to lean forward to bring my lips into contact with the mouth watering treats she put her hand up motioning me to stop and shook her head no.

"First I want you to drop your pants Peter and no arguing." Raising my ass a little off the chair allowed me to slip my pants down to my knees freeing my engorged member. It swayed as my body moved but was pointing straight upward. "Judy about the job…" I began before she put her finger against my lips shushing me. "Ssshh Peter, I don't want to know yet.

This is a one time thing, either I leave and never see you again or I stay and we can't do this because of company policy. Well maybe if we both get drunk at the Christmas party we can kiss under the mistletoe or something.

So lets just do this." After saying that Judy sank to her knees in front of me. Her hand reached out and took hold of me by the base while her red lips kissed their way up my thigh. When she reached my erection Judy continued holding it upright as the tip of her tongue touched the hot skin just above her hand and she proceeded to run it up my full length. Her course wasn't a straight one but instead followed a zigzag route from base to head.

Once at the summit she lapped up the clear liquid that had already leaked in anticipation. "Mmm tasty" Judy purred as her tongue then plunged down the other side where it blazed a trail to the bottom. Next she licked it in a circular pattern actually going around and around as if it was a barber's pole. Sometimes she used just the tip but also used the whole tongue but no matter how much it was Judy continued lashing me until I was mad with desire. My hand seized her dyed locks with the intention of directing her to a different tactic but Judy countered by placing her free hand against my midsection and resisting.

"What's the matter Peter? Do you want me to suck your big hard on?" "Please Judy I don't know how much more I can take" I pleaded. Her brown eyes met me and she smiled and the next thing she did was move her mouth above me and one more time her tongue flicked at my head making me groan. Then opening wide she took my head and the top of my shaft in her wet, willing mouth. With her lips wrapped around me it felt even better as her tongue teased my head.

Judy inched downward until my head met the entrance to her throat at which point she pulled back. Her head started to bob up and down taking me as deep as her mouth was able with each movement. Her saliva coated my skin and her hand spread it my length as Judy stroked the portion of my cock which didn't fit in her mouth. Suddenly she pulled her head off me with a popping sound and once again her tongue ran along my sensitive underside.

I looked down at her and discovered that her hand which wasn't holding me was between her legs and making small movements there. Seeing where I was looking Judy suddenly stood then straddled me and raised her skirt. This revealed that her black panties were pulled to the side exposing her wet pussy.

I had a quick glimpse of dark curly pubic hair and a large hard clit above her swollen lips until Judy lowered herself down. Her hand still encircled my shaft and unerringly guided my manhood between her slick vaginal lips. She grunted as my wide head penetrated her opening but Judy didn't pause at all on her descent.

She slid down my pole until I was buried deep in her wetness and her breasts pressed to my face. As I kissed them she began to rotate her hips in a circular motion keeping my full length inside her hungry pussy. My arms hugged her close as my hands held her lower back close to me allowing her to rock on my lap.

Her internal muscles squeezed me as she moved around doing their best to push me to the release of orgasm. Her blowjob had stimulated me greatly and her powerful pussy muscles finished the job. After a particularly strong muscle contraction I felt myself swell as the white liquid heat flowed up my shaft and into Judy's waiting delta. "Yes Peter cum in me baby, that feels so good. How do I feel baby, not bad for a woman my age?" "You are incredible Judy and what's that about your age" I gasped as she continued to milk me.

"Well I certainly have some years on you. Are you even thirty? But either way you can thank my c-section for me staying nice and tight for you." "I'll be thirty next year" I mumbled " but you are certainly tight. I don't think it will let me soften its got me so tightly." "Don't even think about losing your hard on baby.

Now its my turn baby, you're young enough that you should be able to go again without resting first." Judy wrapped her arms around my neck and began to ride me hard. Now she bounced up and down, rising up until just my head remained in her honey pot before slamming down all the way. My hips began thrusting up to meet her on the way down making her moan like crazy. We continued like this until we were bathed in sweat in spite of the a.c. running. Finally she whispered in my ear that she was close at which point we somehow managed to increase our speed.

When her eyes shut and she bit her lip I thrust a number of times burying myself to the balls while clamping my mouth on her left breast and nipple. Judy came like gangbusters then calling out my name as she shuddered.

My hips continued their rhythm as I again irrigated the depths of her canal. Judy sank her head against my shoulder as our bodies slowly recovered from our carnal exertions. When sufficiently recovered she raised her head and again met my gaze. "Okay Peter, I'm ready now. I feel so good that even firing me won't wipe the smile off my face, at least not right away." "Judy you have to promise me that you will be a good girl and not say anything until its official, okay?" ****************************************************************************************** The next morning I arrived a few minutes late as my body was still recovering from the previous nights debauchery.

The first thing I did was head to Chet's cubicle. His eyes had a haggard look as if he hadn't slept well and once I arrived he practically jumped to his feet. There was no need for preliminaries so I got right to it. "Chet you know this isn't about you or the job you've done but I have to let you go.

But before saying or doing anything please go and see Mr. Johnson. Good luck." He just nodded as if he expected to hear what he did and walked off in the direction of Mr. Johnson's office. Next I headed to see Judy at her desk. When I arrived her head was down and she was working. After speaking with her I left the cubicle allowing a couple of co-workers to congratulate her for retaining her position. Before I reached my office I ran into Chet who was returning already.

He looked pleased at the turn of events and smiled and shook my hand. "Well I guess its for the best or at least a lot better than it could be under the circumstances" he said to me before I slapped him on the back as he went on his way.


I breezed past Barbara as I entered my office and sat down. She had followed me in and shut the door behind her. "Well that's over with now" she stated emphatically. "Now maybe you can return to normal instead of being so distracted that you do silly things." "Barbara I know its affected me some but…" "No buts Peter. However it doesn't matter because I've been vigilant in protecting you." As Barbara said this she walked closer and unless I was mistaken I detected the scent of perfume which was unusual to say the least.

"I mean really Peter with what you were up to last evening and being so careless about it." Barbara clucked her tongue and though I did my best to show nothing outwardly, inside I was flabbergasted. She perched her willowy frame on the corner of my desk and smoothed out the skirt portion of her dress. "If one is going to be a naughty boy then one should at least stop making an audio recording to make sure that there is no evidence." My jaw dropped as I remembered what I had been doing the previous evening when Judy arrived.

The whole episode must have been recorded and Barbara in the course of her duties had discovered it. "Well don't worry Peter, no one will find it now. If the wrong person had heard it they might have thought that Ms. Phillips had shamelessly offered her body to you to keep her job and you were complicit and accepted. I know the truth however, that she really couldn't help herself as you are so damn attractive and the thought of never seeing you drove her to temporary insanity.

I know I've been on the verge since I started working for you." To be honest I was shocked at what she said but what she did next stunned me. Barbara sat on my lap and wrapped her arms around me as she wiggled her supple bottom. "From now on if you have an "itch" that has to be scratched let me know. I guarantee that I don't disappoint. In celebration of our new understanding Peter, I'm making a reservation for dinner at a little Italian place near where I live.

This way if we have too much wine we'll be close to my place. Don't worry I have a toothbrush just waiting for you and I don't think you'll be needing pajamas.

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I plan on bringing a report with me just in case we run into someone from the office so we have plausible deniability. You have to learn to use your head Peter." She turned and kissed me and it was quite pleasant especially when she worked her agile tongue into my mouth. After a minute she broke the kiss and got off me, again smoothing her skirt.

Barbara fixed her lipstick before heading for the door. As I watched her go I noticed her slim hips positively swayed as she walked out. This was going to be an interesting evening for sure. THE END By rutger5 (An original story - copyright 2011) As always a big thank you to the readers. Comments, pm's and votes are always appreciated. If you desire to read more of my stories then click on my name in yellow next to the title of story.