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Saxy girl sdgfzsgfriend xxx story xxx5
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Here I am, somewhere in EBF Cape Cod; actually it's called East Falmouth. This would be my first full week of my first summer job. I started out last week as a shy fifteen year old introverted and inexperienced guy posing as an eighteen year old. Did I mention this job was away from home? My boss assured my parents that I would be under his total supervision and not to worry. My first thoughts about this place were beginning to come true. No one else knew where the carnival was situated.

Business was slow and to make things worse, it rained on two nights this week. The small crowds of people that showed up on Monday were probably it for the week. I got the impression in my mind that Cape dwellers did not leave their homes when it rained. We closed up early on Tuesday and Wednesday. I hadn't even earned enough to pay for the weekly rent of my tent space on the midway.

I, likewise, did as the locals and stayed in. The temperature dropped a bit below normal from the overcast and rain.

Although the extra blankets I had brought along had paid off, they didn't help with the dampness that settled in all my clothes. The rain had made a lot of my fellow workers more irritable. This was going to be a lean week. I realized that the carnival circuit was not all fun and games. After closing up early Wednesday, I scanned the grounds; the place was like a ghost town.

Six days on the job and I was already becoming bored. I went over to see how Corrine and Carla were doing; they were closing up their game tent as well. Being the helpful little nerd, I asked if there was anything I could do to help. "We're just about finished here.

But maybe there is something you could do." Simultaneously, they both said, "You like to play Monopoly, Bobby?" Then Corrine added, "On crappy nights we usually stay at home and play games with Mom and Dad. Tonight we decided Monopoly would be a good choice" I hadn't seen much of these two babes all week and right about now anything sounded good.

Without sounding overly anxious, I replied, "That sounds like a great idea. I love board games and card games as well. Do you think your parents would mind if I came over to your house?" "I think Dad really likes you; and he doesn't like too many people. Sometimes I think he doesn't even like me.

Last Friday after closing I went out just walking around and he caught me sneaking back in late. He grounded me for the whole weekend," Corrine emphasized her words to make it sound more convincing in front of Carla. She certainly convinced me. Even I would have believed that story if I didn't know otherwise. Carla cut in and spoke softly with tongue in cheek, "Actually, Mom asked us to invite you over tonight.

I think she likes you too." I don't think either one of them knew that I had been with both of them; first Corrine on Friday and then Carla the next day Things could get very interesting and possibly exciting. I was looking forward to this evening. It was around 8:30 when I arrived at Carmen and Joe's home. Joe was still out working somewhere on the grounds. He always kept a low profile, so you never knew when he would show up.

The three women were sitting at the kitchen waiting for me to show. Carmen was in her usual attire while she lounged around her house. It appeared she was ready for bed wearing a light summer pajama top, a robe and slippers.

I couldn't tell if she was wearing anything below her waist. I was wondering if she was going to play Monopoly with us or go to bed. It seems the few times I've been at their home, Carmen was always relaxed and dressed for comfort.

She also seemed to appreciate her evening drink or two and sometimes more. Tonight she was right on schedule, nursing her second margarita when I arrive. Carla got up to open the door.

She stood just to the side, but her enormous tits brushed across my chest as I turned sideways to walk through the narrow doorway. "Oh, you don't know how nice that felt," I said to myself. "Good evening, Bobby," they all announced upon my arrival. "We've been waiting for you. The board is all set up. Would you like a cool drink before we get started?

Carmen asked. "Yes, please, I replied. Thinking she would bring over a Coke, she dragged out two more Carling's.

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"Anyone else?" she asked. Both Carla and Corrine also replied that they would. Carmen grabbed two Cokes for her daughters. Carla spoke up and asked her mom, "Can I have a beer, too? I'm almost legal and you know Dad let's me have one once in a while." "Okay, but only one." Mom said. Corrine, knowing the answer, asked for one, too, but Coke was all that was placed before her. About an hour later, Joe showed up and said he had to go home, in Springfield, to get some equipment and supplies from the garage.

A generator was giving him some problems. "I'll be staying there tonight and I'll see you in the morning," Joe said. "You drive carefully, Joe. It's a miserable night to be out," Carmen said as she got up and went over to kiss him good night. She staggered slightly and leaned a hand on my shoulder as she went by me.

I heard Joe's truck start up and drive off, heading west on Rte 28. Springfield was quite a ride from EBF. Carmen brought over another round of drinks and we continued playing.

I wasn't doing so well. It looked like Corrine was way ahead of everyone. Game over; we all conceded and Corrine was the big winner. We sat around for a while. I accepted another beer and was already feeling slightly light-headed. I wondered if this is the way alcohol always makes you feel. I liked it. It was becoming warmer in the trailer, and far more comfortable than outside in the drizzle. Carmen was sipping her third or fourth and talking up a storm and I was pretty much doing the same.

Corrine and Carla both went to their room and got ready for bed. Carmen leaned toward me when she spoke. She was becoming more physical by placing her hand on my hand and then my arm. Her hands were warm and felt nice. I didn't pull away as I allowed the sensations of just a touch from an older woman surge through m body.

I couldn't believe I was getting aroused. I found out she was only thirty four. That didn't sound quite as old as when I first thought she was in her forties. She must have had Carla when she was close to my age.

Her big brown eyes stared deep into mine as we talked. I concentrated on her lips as she spoke with an accent that I couldn't quite place; some European country no doubt. "Joe and I got married when we were childhood sweethearts. I was younger than you when Carla was born. He was hansom just like you. I think Corrine and Carla both like you." She was rambling on and on about everything in her life's history.

"Joe and I both like you also." The distance between us closed. We must have talked for over an hour. By the time she got around to telling me about her verbal abuse and sexual neglect from Joe, her firm left breast was pressed against my arm. She didn't seem to notice and I wasn't about to say anything. It was warm and heavy I was getting a boner. "Joe and I haven't had sex in over four months. Do you have any idea what that's like for a woman in her sexual prime, Bobby?" I was becoming uncomfortable in this situation, and didn't really understand the affects of alcohol.

I changed the subject when she started telling me how infrequently she has sex with Joe. Some things a kid just doesn't need to know; like how often a woman in her sexual prime needs to get laid. I had no clue. "Your daughters are very beautiful." Then I said something I normally never would have said. "Carmen, I can see where Corrine and Carla received their beauty and charm.

You are also very beautiful. If I were Joe, I would make love to you every day and every night" I might have said the wrong thing. It looked like tears were forming in her eyes. She stood up and then leaned over me and kissed me on the mouth with her full soft and succulent lips. My groin began to stir further. My cock was painfully pressing against my clothing. I never expected this from Carmen. Her robe was now open and her massive tits were straining against the thin cotton material.

The top two buttons on the front had come undone. I couldn't help gawking at her gorgeous cleavage. Without asking, she got up and shuffled to the refrigerator and withdrew another beer for me.

The front of her pjs was completely unbuttoned. I didn't think this happened without help. Her heavy globes swayed under the open front of her top as she returned with my drink. She leaned and kissed me again; this time her whole soft nippled tit shot into view. I felt my dick drooling in my shorts. I was still trying to grasp this situation. Last week I was a virgin.

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Tonight I'm faced with a 34 year old woman. Carmen mixed herself one more drink and stumbled slightly as she set her glass on the table. Her robe had come unwrapped and my eyes followed her open front from her gorgeous tits down to her matching light blue panties.

Practically see through, it was not difficult to notice the dark bushy patch cushioning her pussy.


A shuffling from the other end of the trailer caused Carmen to pull back and close her robe. A few seconds later, Corrine and Carla appeared dressed for bed. Pajamas and slippers were all they wore. Both were tired and said they were going to bed. My dick was already stiff as they approached to give me their usual hug and kiss good night. It appeared that both Corrine and Carla wore the thinnest pjs they could find.

Their nipples were very visible through the shear tops. My cock pressed hard into their tummies as each in turn said their nitey-nites. A broad smile and a flirtatious wink and they were to bed for the night. I sure would have loved to have one or both of them tonight.

My dick was in need of some relief. Before they were out of earshot, Carmen asked if I would like to stay the night. "We have a pull-out sofa bed in the living room and I'm sure sleeping here would be much more comfortable than outside in your damp tent." My cock throbbed wickedly thinking of what might happen here; three hot women and my raging boner; what a combination.

This was too much to comprehend. My head felt light and I wasn't thinking straight. I said I would love to stay the night. I didn't even give it a second thought that Joe, the knife thrower, could come back and find me here. All I thought of at the moment was it would be nice to have bathroom facilities and a warm bed. Here in EBF, facilities were far and few. The girls seemed extra happy and said, "I guess we'll see you in the morning." I stayed in the kitchen while Carmen made up my bed.

I watched her as she bent over putting sheets and a blanket on the sofa bed. I hadn't noticed before, but her ass was firm and rounded; perfectly shaped just like Carla's. Her tummy was very flat for someone who had two children. I wanted to say something to her, but held back. I didn't know how she would take it if some kid told her she had a great ass. My mind was having conflicting arguments; should I or shouldn't I?

As I continued to watch her bending over making my bed, I saw her robe open wide as she snagged it on the corner of the sofa bed. She didn't close it and I enjoyed the thrill of seeing her tits undulating and swaying across her chest as she continued working on my bed. "Carmen," I said when she returned to the kitchen, "When you kissed me just before your daughters interrupted, I wanted to tell you that it was the best kiss I ever had.

I can't imagine why Joe would or even could ignore you. While you were making my bed, I also couldn't help notice, you have the body of a teenager; one just about my age." She kissed me once again and said, "Thank you.

That is very sweet, but you realize I am almost old enough to be your mother!" "I'm sorry I said that. I just don't know what came over me," I slobbered.

"It's getting late and I think I will get ready for bed." I stood up and Carmen kissed me once more as a good night kiss. I put my arm around her and kissed her back, hard.

Her eyes were open and stared into mine. Her mouth opened and her tongue slid into my mouth. Her breasts mashed against me. My cock stabbed and throbbed against her tummy as we embraced.

Her hand dropped and pulled my butt tighter against her and my cock started throbbing and dripping. I was getting all sorts of crazy thoughts; most of which resulted in my dick erupting in voluminous torrents of hot cum.

I broke the clutches of Carmen's mostly nude body and headed for the bathroom to wash up before bed. The sliding door did not close completely, but I didn't notice. Before anything, my cock screamed for relief. I barely touched myself when I felt my balls tighten and my cock started shooting wildly all over their sink.

That's when I noticed movement through the three inch wide gap in the doorway. I started getting bright red. "I hoped I was only imaging I saw something or I should say someone. I hurriedly finished washing and quickly darted out in just my under wear and slipped into bed.

Carmen was cleaning the kitchen table; or had she just as quickly returned to it. My cock had the much needed attention, so I felt comfortable lying on my back as I started to doze off into dreamland. It had only been a couple of minutes, but the scraping of kitchen chairs caused my eyes to open.

I caught a full frontal top view as she reached to turn out the light. I pretended to be almost asleep as she headed past me to the bathroom. "Good night, Bobby," she whispered. I gave her a somewhat of a mumbled good night in reply.

I don't know if it was a coincidence or intentional that the sofa bed was almost directly across from the folding door to the bathroom. The light from the bathroom hit my closed eyes. I opened them and was rewarded with a heavenly vision of Carmen clad only in panties. She bent over and scooped something up in her fingers and I saw her sliding between them.

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I then knew I missed the sink with quite a sizeable load of my jizz. I didn't know what to think next when she put her fingers to her lips and licked them. A long sticky string clung to her lips and fingers as she pulled her hand from her lips. She face contorted as she formed a big smile to herself in the mirror.

I continued to watch as she removed her panties and ran her hand down between her thighs and slowly began rubbing herself. I shuffled in the bed and she immediately stopped.

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I turned my gaze away and just lay there thinking about what I just witnessed. I was lying on my back wearing just boxers. It was now way too warm in the trailer to cover myself with the sheet and blanket. Now I was having trouble getting to sleep. My soft dick was coming back to life. Fortunately it was now much darker without the kitchen light on. Carmen exited the bathroom with only her short robe.

I kept my eyes closed as she approached. "Bobby!


Are you asleep?" she whispered. I didn't reply. I didn't know what to say so I just lay still pretending to be sleeping. I sensed her kneeling next to me and then felt her warm hand on my leg. Still I said nothing, hoping she would go to bed. My cock became rigid as I felt the back of her fingers bump against it through my shorts. I lay motionless with my raging boner a hair's width from her touch. She stopped and got up. I heard her walking down to her bedroom.

Good, I thought. I was in completely strange territory here. I kept my eyes closed and held the visual image of Carmen in the bathroom. Over and over my mind played the scene of the long strand of cum stretching from her lips to her fingertips: her rubbing herself, the soft touch on my thigh, the almost unnoticeable tough on my engorged dick. I had a hard-on that just wouldn't die. I remained still in the night quietness.

Even the sound of traffic was non-existent. I finally dozed off for a warm and comfortable sleep. It seemed like only few minutes had passed when I felt a slight weight pushing down across my hips. I must have been dead asleep; probably too much beer consumption. I was starting to wake and I felt this heaviness moving, pushing down and lifting up.

I tried to open my eyes but the sandman had welded them shut. I rubbed them slowly and was finally able to make out a naked form straddling my legs. It was almost totally dark, just a dim light from the kitchen window, and the person was facing away from me.

My cock and balls felt as if they were being crushed. I was just about to utter a few syllables when I felt a hand on my cock. If nothing else, I knew I was hard. The hand began moving the head of my dick against some warm hairy slipperiness.

Almost immediately the head of my swollen shaft was engulfed by a hot wetness. The thin sensitive skin off my young cock was stretching almost painfully as this horny pussy was trying to force me inside her. Her body was not as wet as she thought it to be, or maybe my massive boner was just a bit bigger than she was used to. Slowly she moved up and down; each stroke became smoother and slipperier than the previous. Several strokes later her firm ass was pressing against my abdomen and my almost virgin cock was completely swallowed.

I couldn't have even imagined how good something like that could feel. The vision of a naked woman in the almost totally darkened room lowering her pussy onto my cock was Heaven. My mind was going through all manners of handling this situation.

Most of my ideas told me to shut up and say nothing.

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I couldn't tell which of the three was swallowing my cock with their pussy. I almost immediately ruled out Corrine, mostly because she said she had never had sex; just manual and oral. Carla on the other hand has had sex; I knew that first hand. Slowly she began pumping her firm ass up and down, sliding my throbbing cock deep inside A couple of times my dick slipped out of her sweet hole, but without missing a stroke she grasped my tool and swiftly returned it to her hot wetness. I loved how it felt when her butt made firm contact with my tummy.

After several strokes my seven inch thick swollen tool hit bottom. I couldn't decide which felt better; the upward strokes or the downward. Each had a different sensation; and each was pure bliss.

Her quick maneuver of re-inserting me asserted that this person was not a beginner. She was hot and tight, just like Carla. Could the pussy of a woman in her sexual prime who had delivered two babies still have a cunt this tight and hot? I was confused, but at the moment I really didn't care.

This felt fucking wonderful! Each time when I felt the weight push down against my abdomen, my thick boner seemed to plunge deeper into her hot tight depths. Her hot pussy was no longer pulling and stretching the soft tender skin of my cock. My engorged member slid easily in and out of this woman.

My cock could feel every ripple and folds of skin and muscle inside this love tunnel; each one massaging and hitting different nerves throughout the length of my shaft. She moved slow and deliberate; each stroke allowed the faintest of purring to escape her lips.

The sofa bed barely made a squeak as she rhythmically pumped herself up and down my entire length. I don't know what kept me from exploding within her hot interior.


My mind went delirious with each stroke. She continued to ride my bone at a steady rhythm; up and down, up and down, up and down, in and out, in and out.

My last vision before passing out was of Carmen.

I closed my eyes and thought of that bathroom scene and remained motionless while this unknown pussy pumped my cock for all its worth. Each slamming stroke crushed my balls, but the shaft massage more than compensated for the discomfort. I kept thinking of Carmen, but this also could have been Carla; both were almost the same size and shape. As I pondered this, her rhythm all of a sudden increased.

Her ass pounded hard against my abdomen making loud slapping sounds. The bed started squeaking louder also. Within seconds I felt her cunt tightening and pulsing along the length of my swollen tool. She lunged forward toward my feet; two hands pinned my legs to the sheet. Her hips bore down hard and rocked and slid herself against my bone.

My engorged shaft was in a vise. The muscles of her vagina squeezed my cock so hard; yet it was still so slippery. As tight as her pussy clamped around me, she still was able to bounce wildly upon its length. It actually felt as if her pussy got wetter and slipperier as my balls and still rock hard cock rode the length of her slit.

Her moaning and groaning continued with each back and forth motion as I felt her lean forward and rest her heaving breasts upon my legs. Finally her cunt convulsions became sporadic around my cock. She pushed herself back up to an almost sitting position as her long legs straddled me while repositioning herself on my tool. I hadn't moved during this whole episode and continued to lie on my back as this sopping wet pussy began to release its grip on my boner as it lay deep within her hot and drooling love canal.

She let out a few more muffled moans as her pussy twitched few more times around my cock. Her reactions could only be those of a woman who just had a huge orgasm. I wanted to cum, but I also wanted this to last forever. If I hadn't jerked off earlier, I never could have lasted this long. I'm glad I did. My swollen and now super sensitive cock was noticeably twitching inside her hot depths. Every orgasmic squeeze from her vagina sent unbearable pleasure through every nerve of my body.

Just as I was about to pump my hips to encourage more of the same from her, she must have felt my swollen cock throbbing inside her she raised her ass off my tummy and began to go for another ride my throbbing rod. This time she rode at full gallop; the bed springs became louder. My cock was not going to take much more of this tortuous pleasure. My balls were tightening as her pace continued to increase. Her hot seething cunt clamped around my shaft once more; it was all I could bare.

She turned slightly sideways and I could make out an aroused nipple on her breast. I watched her heavy tit bouncing in the dimly lit room. That voluptuous breast, the full firm ass riding up and down on me for the last twenty minutes or more was more than I should have been allowed to endure.

Her ass came down hard on me for one final plummet; my exploding cock hammered into her cervix. She let out a deep, "Oh my God!" as she shook and then collapsed on my legs once more. Her long legs spread wide as she fell forward on top of my legs. Her pussy began contracting and squeezing my shaft. My balls were pressed into her hot wet slit as my dick erupted with hot torrents of well churned cum into the depth of her love tunnel. Her cunt contracted and released itself from around my shaft.

Each time I could feel more cum being milked from my dick. I've never felt anything so wonderful in my entire life. Her contractions finally stopped after what seemed like five minutes. My cock was completely drained. She slowly dismounted her steed and I felt my and her fluids drip from her pussy onto to my abdomen. She got off the bed and hobbled down the hall in the semi darkness to her room.

I wanted to call out to her, but didn't know who to call; so I just lay on my back with my now sticky limp dick flopped against my thigh. I didn't quite know what to do; I reached down and felt her sweet pussy lube all over my dick and pubes; she tasted good.

I was left in the dark literally not knowing which woman just fucked the shit out of me. I glanced at the clock in the kitchen and could just make out the time of 3:12. I must have dozed off for a longer period than I originally thought. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. The next thing I knew, it was morning. I was covered with a sheet and blanket; my dick was pasted to my leg. I couldn't find my shorts. Who took them off and when? They must have been removed while I slept before the attack last night.

I sat up and looked around; there they were on the floor beside the bed. I quickly snatched them up and put them on. Carmen was making breakfast, wearing the same loosely tied robe she had when she went to bed last night.

"Good morning, Bobby," she said with a broad smile. "Did you sleep well, Bobby?" "Good morning Carmen; and yes I slept like a log. Thank you for all your hospitality," I replied, trying to get some indication if she knew about last night. She gave no indication of being with me last night. I got up, dressed and accepted a hot cup of coffee as Carmen held it out for me.

I told her I had to go and inspect my tent to see if all was O.K. After last night, I didn't feel like facing Joe when he got home. The rain was over and things were already drying out. "Where are Corrine and Carla? Are they still sleeping? I said. "Corrine is outside checking her tent for any rain damage. Carla is still in bed. She said she had trouble getting to sleep last night and wanted to sleep a bit longer." Carmen replied.

I excused myself and again thanked Carmen for all she had done for me. All she said was that it was nothing and the least she could do was to have me stay in a nice warm bed for a change. "I hope I didn't embarrass you by drinking too much and boring you with all my small talk last night.

Sometimes I don't even remember what I say. And sometimes I act like an idiot," Carmen said. "You were the perfect hostess and I hope I didn't do the same. I don't drink much and when I do I usually pass out and don't remember a thing." I retaliated. I got up to leave, but not without the usual goodbye kiss and hug.

I could feel a big smile stretching across my face as I left the electrician's trailer. Today would actually be the last day of my first full week at my summer job. Carnival life is great.

Joe was just pulling in as I was opening my tent t to let it air out. "Good morning, Joe." I shouted across the narrow midway. "Good morning, Bobby." And today is also going to be a great day.