Skandinavisch Junge 2013 Winter kein 84

Skandinavisch Junge 2013 Winter kein 84
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I'm Ethan, a few years ago when I was 19 I was invited by my friend Kamario also 19 at the time, to spend the holiday weekend with him and his family at their home, it nothing fancy or over the top it was just a four day weekend in a small town in North East California with my friend and his family.

Kamario and I arrived at his family house early Friday afternoon; I was surprised to find that his mother was a total MILF when she greeted us at the door with a huge smile super excited to see her son, "Ma…" Kamario said "this is my friend Ethan" Kamario said holding his arm out introducing me to his Mother, at first it was all smiles and introductions while I was meeting his Father and his younger brother (12 ) and sister (14), followed by long hours of video game playing and eating junk food in Kamario's old room, that is until Kamario got a visitor.

She was a pretty girl average height and weight, she walked into the room wearing a very large green T-shirt and a pair of shoes, I couldn't help wonder whether or not she was actually wearing anything at all under that shirt, she was an old girlfriend or something like that, Kamario didn't tell me but the way they looked at each other it was pretty obvious that there was a history between them.

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Kamario took off with the girl, kind of a dick move to just leave me alone with his family but who am I to get between Kamario and pussy. It was around 9:00PM; I was sitting on Kamario's bed the playing Xbox when his little brother walks in the room holding a small booklet in hands, "hey… its Leo right?" I said "what you got there?" I asked trying to make small talk with someone seven years younger, "a book about hypnosis… I wanted to try and hypnotize my brother but I can't find him" Leo said, "yeah, he took off with some chick a while ago" I informed "well do you mind if I try it out on you?" he nervously asked, "uh, yeah sure" I said with a chuckle and a shrug, it wasn't that I didn't believe in hypnosis, I simply doubted that he knew what he was doing, "wait… you're not going to mess up my head are you, making me forget how to do math or something like that" I said mostly joking, "I don't think… I'm not trying… no, no" Leo said shaking his head, I just looked at him for a moment pretending to be concerned, "I won't, I promise" he said reassuring me.

"So what do I have to do?" I asked still sitting on the bed, "Nothing really… just hold out your arm, close your eyes and focus on my voice" Leo explained I did what he asked holding out my arm and he gripped my wrist with his middle index finger and his thumb like he was checking my pulse while I relaxed my body and shut my eyes, "now take a few deep breaths and just relax" Leo instructed I played along doing as he asked breathing deep and slow.

"Now, I'm going to count down from ten and the closer I get to one the more relaxed you will get and when I get to one you will sleep and follow my commands" Leo claimed, "ten, nine, eight, more relaxed…" he started and I began to question what I should do, whether I should keep pretending letting Leo think he knew what he was doing?

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"seven, six, five…" he went on, or should I freak him right the hell out pretending to be crazy and make him think he brought out something… "dark" in me? "four, three, two…" he said, or should I burst his bubble and end the game? "One, now sleep" Leo finished and I let my body slump a bit but I was in full control of myself, "no way" Leo let slip in disbelief, "hey…" he said, "uh… Ethan" he finally said and I realized he'd forgotten my name, "are you messing with me?" he asked I wanted to giggle but fought the urge keeping a straight face, but I didn't know how to answer the question without giving myself away so I just kept quiet sitting there with my eyes shut.

Leo poked my shoulder then a few times trying to determine if I was faking or not to the point I wanted break and just smack him.

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"Ethan, can you hear me?" he questioned softly still unsure and I simply nodded my head in response, "uh stand up" he commanded, I sprang straight up like an army cadet standing at attention keeping my eyes closed, "now… touch your stomach" Leo commanded again and I did, "and stand on one leg" he demanded and I did that as well.

I knew that Leo was testing me, seeing how far I would go before hesitating and then he would know if I was faking or not, "start hopping" he added, I wanted to laugh so bad as I hopped up and down on one leg with my hand on my stomach like an idiot.

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"Ok stop… now start spinning" he said and that's what I did, after a minute of that he finally told me to stop then hesitated a moment before speaking again, "pull down your pants" he said, I did hesitated for just a second but he didn't seem to notice when I dropped my pants keeping things entirely PG-13 leaving my boxers on, after I dropped my pants it got a little too quiet so I opened my eyes just slightly and saw the look of shock and disbelief on Leo's face as he stood there looking at me with my pants down around my ankles then slowly backed away to the door.

At first I thought he was going to go run and tell someone and I was ready to pull up my pants and just pretend nothing happened but when I saw him turn and look both ways down the hall and closed the door then turn back to me looking super excited, I could only imagine the thoughts going through Leo's head thinking he actually managed to hypnotize me.

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There was no longer any doubt in Leo's mind that I could be faking. What followed was the most unexpected thing to come out of Leo's mouth when he whispered, "touch your dick", I was shocked but kept the act going by keeping my boxers on and just placing my hand on my dick, but Leo moved closer and took things a step further, "not like that, like this" he commanded grabbing my wrist and making me rub on my dick.

I should have stopped right there and just told him that I was messing with him but I was curious to know how far he planned on taking all this. I wasn't normally into this kind of thing but I couldn't help but get hard as I was made to touch myself, again I opened my eyes just a little to see the look on Leo's face and he looked thrilled with his eyes focused on my crotch as he made me rub on my dick.

"Pull down your boxers" Leo demanded letting go of my wrist, I had a second, then third thought about but I still did as he said pulling my boxers down letting my now hard ten inch cut dick stick straight out giving it a chance to breath.

I risked opening one eye fully and I could see Leo looking down at my dick in awe eyes wide and mouth gaped open like he had never seen another man's dick as big as mine before. I felt an overwhelming sense of pride swelling up inside me as I spied on Leo staring at my hard dick mesmerized like he was looking into the eyes of god, I shut my eye again when I saw Leo lift his head, I stayed hard while he said nothing at all for what seemed like hours but in reality was only a few seconds, "jack off…" Leo finally said, I hesitated noticeably knowing that this was the line into the danger zone and there would be trouble if anyone came in the room, "hey, jack off" Leo commanded no longer looking for clues that I could be faking it.

(What the hell?) I figured just going for it putting my hand back around my shaft and started stroking, Leo moved around getting a look at me from angle he could even getting down and looking up at the underside of my dick and balls.


Truthfully I was aroused; I mean I've never had anyone so transfixed on my dick the way Leo was, I opened my eyes glanced down and found Leo down on his knees in front of me looking right into the eye of my dick, I don't know exactly what he was expecting but that looked like an invitation to me. I shut my eyes again and started stroking faster letting out genuine but well placed soft moans of pleasure trying to let him know on some level that if he didn't move he would get a little more than he bargained for.


I warned Leo with my moans but either he didn't get the hint or didn't care that any moment I was going to pop, still jacking with my eyes shut I felt something warm and wet against the tip of my dick it was only for a moment and I didn't check I could only assume that it was Leo's tongue licking the pre-cum from the tip of my dick.

I was getting close and I knew Leo was still there in front of me, if this was what he wanted then he was going to get it. I could feel myself building up for a release and I was done trying to get him to move out of the way at this point I was more than willing to paint his face white, I grunted just a bit as I released and shot my cum, there was no "eww" or "gross" coming out of Leo's mouth in fact he didn't say anything at all whether it was the situation or it was just a good orgasm I don't know, but my whole body tingled from head to toe my legs went numb and I had to struggle to stay up on my own two feet, its rare that my orgasms are that intense but in that moment I almost broke and let it slip that I wasn't really under Leo's control.

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I opened my eyes just enough to make it look like they were still closed and looked at Leo's face as he stood up with my sperm sticking to his face and dripping from his nose and chin, "pull up your pants" he commanded calmly with a serene look on his face, I did as told and pulled my boxers and pants back up and watched as Leo turned and went to the door and peeked out looking up and down the hall as he did before then he left leaving me alone closing the door behind him, I couldn't tell if he went into the bathroom or into his room but I heard a door close.

"Fuck…" I said with a sigh of relief and a smile on my face so happy I didn't get caught I stretched my arms and legs a bit before hearing the door open, I snapped back into the position I was in when Leo left and just waited with my eyes closed, it wasn't long before he came back in with a clean face, "I'm going to count to ten, when I do you'll wake up feeling refreshed and you wont remember anything from the last fifteen minutes, understand" Lo said and then started counting.


"Nine, ten, wake up "Leo said and I opened my eyes, "I should have told you that wouldn't work" I said with a shrug then go a huge smile from Leo, "what?" I asked playing dumb, "uh, nothing, thanks for letting me try at least" he said with a smile before scurrying off leaving me alone again.

For the rest of the weekend though I never actually caught him but I knew Leo was looking at my dick every chance he got, I didn't say anything about it I just knew he wanted to try and hypnotize me again but I figured once was enough and denied him the chance to get me alone again.

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