Fit shaved headed boy gay porn The shower is one of the naughtiest

Fit shaved headed boy gay porn The shower is one of the naughtiest
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Dip. Swish. Dip. Swish. Jenny and Priya plunged their paddles in the water trying to catch up. Jenny had insisted on stopping their canoe to pick some blueberries and now the other canoes were out of sight. Their high school had organized this final school trip for the graduating class. End of June, summer just starting, college still 3 months away, 50 excited students had signed up for the trip.

Jenny was annoyed at being stuck with Priya who talked with a funny accent and paddled slow. Their arms tired as they spotted a bend in the stream so they allowed the fiberglass canoe to float downstream. Priya, in the front of the canoe, called out, "Jenny, there's a fork in the river." Sure enough, the river divided left and right. They stopped, worried about what to do. "It's ok, there's an arrow. Let's follow it." Jenny brightened up seeing a sign with an arrow just ahead.

Coming closer, her optimism turned to doubt. The sign pointed straight ahead, right between the two branches of the stream! Some goof must have bumped it.

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They still didn't know which way to turn. Priya wanted to go right. She thought she had seen this bend on the map. Alas the map was back in the blueberry bush somewhere. What could someone who couldn't even speak English properly know?

Jenny insisted they go left and left they went. An hour later, still no other canoes in sight, they halted to snack on their blueberries. The sky darkened as evening started to set in. Jason, Josh and Morris stopped at the top of the hill to survey the slow moving stream ahead.

They had managed to ditch their bright orange prison jumpsuits when they ransacked a remote campsite a few hours earlier. Now they wore plaid shirts and jeans. Josh carried a rifle and some rope he found at the same campsite while Jason and Morris carried big hunting knives. Down below them two girls sat in a bright red canoe, but it was a bit too far to see whether they were nice-looking.

The guys grinned at each other. Good-looking or not, none of them had enjoyed a piece of ass since going to prison. It was time to set that right. Josh raised his rifle. Jenny pushed off and the canoe slid back into the stream soon reaching mid-stream. Hearing three rapid gunshots in the distance, she almost jumped when three large holes suddenly appeared in the bottom of the canoe.

Water bubbled up. "Priya!

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We're leaking! Someone shot at us!" Jenny's eyes widened as she watched the water slowly filling the bottom of the boat. Priya turning in alarm shrieked at the sight of water bubbling up. "Shut up and help me dip the water out!" Jenny was angry at Priya's panic because she could feel her own terror starting to rise. The only bucket contained blueberries.

They didn't want to lose their berries so they angled toward the shore and paddled hard but the rising water had made the canoe sluggish. Soon it was filled to their waists and turned over.

Priya caught the blueberries. Jenny caught her iPod and they swam for shore. The canoe, their tent and clothes sank. Jason, Josh and Morris watched with delight from high on the hill. Observing where the girls came ashore, they headed through the bush in that direction to see what they had caught.

It would probably be dark by the time they got there. The soaked red t-shirt clinging to her body, the drenched jeans weighing her down, the sopping running shoes squishing with every step, petite brown-eyed, cinnamon-skinned Priya stumbled ashore. Jenny lurched behind her, spluttering remarks of disgust.

It was all Priya's fault. Jenny was drenched.


Her yellow blouse, neatly tied below her breasts, felt as if it were pasted to her skin. Her white sodden shorts dripped water, one foot bare, the other still wearing a hiking shoe. They both shivered.

Soaking wet, no canoe, no dry clothes, night approaching, temperature dropping. They argued about whose fault it was until Jenny, trembling from cold said, "We need to get dry.

We need a fire. We're going to die!" She was panicking. Priya simply pulled out a plastic bag containing water-proof matches and said, "Let's get some wood. I'll build a fire. I know how. I always made camp fires at home in India." Eventually Priya's fire blazed and she peeled off her wet clothes. Jenny glanced at Priya's brown-skin glistening from the damp and followed suit.

Soon they both stood around the fire naked. Their clothes hung from branches, as they tried to get warm. Priya's petite figure, slender legs and small, pert breasts contrasted with Jenny's taller build, fleshy legs and grapefruit-sized breasts.

The nipples on both young girls stood out rock hard from the cold and wet; goose bumps covered their skin.


Preoccupied with getting warm, listening to the crackle of the fire, they failed to hear the snapping of twigs in the bush as Jason, Josh and Morris tried to approach quietly. They stopped a moment or two to observe their prey.

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Not bad looking. Already naked. A young white girl with a foreign person. The short foreigner had a nice round bum and small brown tits. First time near a woman in two years and they had found an exotic one.

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Nice. Spicy! The white girl was more ample. More to grab onto, more to push into.

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All in all, a good catch. "Don't move bitches!" yelled Jason stepping into the light and pointing his rifle at the startled girls. Josh and Morris simply held up their hunting knives and leered.

Priya screamed. Jenny turned white and grabbed Priya tight for protection. Her milk white breasts contrasted dramatically with Priya's cinnamon tones as she pressed herself against Priya in fear. The convicts grins broadened at the sight of two young naked girls hugging each other.

White on brown, the curves of their smooth backs met their nubile bums. "What are you bitches doing out here naked? Couple of lesbians huh?" Morris waved his large hunting knife at the quavering girls.

He didn't give a rats ass why they were there. He just wanted a quick fuck. Jenny managed to get out, "we got lost, someone shot at us, our canoe sank, and we're cold. Please don't hurt us." She tried to hug Priya even closer so the scary men wouldn't see her nakedness as much. Priya shivered, her wide eyes welling up with tears.

"Of course someone shot at you. That was us. We're hunting for some fresh meat and you're it." Josh sniggered. "Now turn and face us so we can see what we caught. Or we'll carve you!" Shocked, the two shivering girls slowly turned to face their captors. Jenny's ample breasts jiggled as her whole body shook, her pink nipples remaining rock-hard from the cold. She tried to hide her curly-haired pubes with one hand while the other unsuccessfully covered her creamy boobs.

Priya, shaken, squatted to hide her privates but Josh, brandishing his knife, convinced her to stand. Her long black hair hanging over one shoulder partially covered one of her small, firm brown tits. She tried to cover her dark, straight-haired pussy but another motion of his knife convinced her to put both hands at her sides fully exposing her naked, young, quavering body to the nasty leers of the 3 evil men. "I'll start with the brown one.

It looks well-done. You guys can heat up the other bitch, but leave some for me." Josh's evil grin sent shivers down Priya's spine as he beckoned to her. She warily stepped forward. Josh grabbed both of her small tits and yanked so hard she collapsed into him.

His hand instantly went to her round bum fingering her bum hole as he squeezed her to him. Josh twisted his hand in her long hair forcing her to her knees as he asked, "Have you ever sucked cock my sweet brown bitch?" She had heard of this but had never tried with her boyfriend (her parents weren't supposed to know she had a boyfriend). She meekly shook her head. Josh's evil smile broadened. "Unzip me bitch. It's time to learn." His hand twisted her hair harder to ensure her cooperation.

Priya's shaking hands reached to his zipper and hesitantly unzipped his pants. His belt less jeans dropped to the ground. He had no underwear. Priya stared at his stiff cock, tears streaming down her face as she began sobbing. Josh just jammed his cock into her face, squeezed her cheeks to force her mouth open and shoved it in. She almost choked as his smelly cock stabbed the back of her throat.

His hand on her hair prevented her from moving as he rapidly fucked her small lips with utter disregard for her dignity. Nothing mattered but getting off in a real female for the first time in 2 years. Didn't take long. His cum soon filled her mouth choking off her sobs. Still he kept pumping. Meanwhile, Jason and Morris had forced Jenny to kneel.

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Her terror caused her breasts to heave violently. Behind her, Morris, who had already stripped, grabbed her full breasts with both hands, squeezed and pushed his erection against her ass while Jason pulled her hair up to get a close look at her wet, green eyes. Her fear almost made him cum right then.

He stuck his throbbing cock between her pale, shaking tits as he slowly started to tit fuck her. All the while he stared into her frightened eyes. His balls tightened just from the look. A helicopter sounded overhead.

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Probably a rich hunter looking for a campsite. Josh forced Priya to lick his rod clean as he watched his buddies fucking the white bitch.

Jenny's ass stretched as Morris' big cock forced its way in. She almost fainted. Her eyes were locked on Jason's gleaming stare while she tried to ignore the gooey stuff he was spreading on her trembling breasts. Her tits had been squeezed tightly against his hot cock and the expression in his face made it clear that she was less than nothing. Soon his eyes squeezed shut as his rod shuddered.

She felt hot, sticky goo spray her chin and lips interfering with her whimpering. The cock in Jenny's ass pounded in and out. Painful. She wept from the pain but this just added to Morris' excitement. His laughter made her blubber even more, but Jason just pounded harder making loud smacking sounds on her ass. She wished Priya hadn't stopped for blueberries and gotten them lost.

Soon, Morris grunted and shuddered having shot his load into her aching ass. The helicopter sounds came nearer. Josh lifted Priya's small, light body and tossed her to his friends as they kicked Jenny in his direction. Time to swap.

Jenny's big boobs swayed as she stumbled into Josh. "Your brown friend really liked sucking my cock. But you get the best part. I'm going to fuck your pussy till you beg for mercy." Josh sneered as he knocked Jenny to the ground and grabbed her tits. "Please. Don't. Let me go. Fuck Priya instead. She's just an Indian. She won't mind." Jenny pleaded. "Shut up and spread your legs." Josh kicked her legs to make them part giving him a better look at her curly haired cunt. It looked so inviting and his cock was ready for more.

Down on his knees he directed his still throbbing member to her pussy hole and viciously, hastily rammed it in, enjoying Jenny's sudden gasp. His hands still clutched her tits, squeezing them as hard as possible. He enjoyed her winces of pain. His cock, forcing its way up her cunt encountered some restriction. Sneeringly he realized this cunt had never before been used.

He rammed harder to break through again enjoying her sharp intake of breath. His thumbs jabbed down on each nipple as he started pumping back and forth.

Slowly, then faster until finally his cock jerked and his seed exploded into Jenny's no longer virgin hole. At the same time Josh plowed Jenny's field, Priya felt her legs grabbed and pulled apart so hard it hurt.

The largest of the convicts came down on her forcing his hard cock into her poor pussy. Her boyfriend had never pushed this hard!

It hurt. Jason shoved as hard as he could to fuck the exotic bitch's brains out. Back and forth he pounded watching her petite pert tits sway slightly each time his pulsating rod slammed in. No mercy. He enjoyed seeing the tears in her brown eyes, hearing her pitiful moans. Wham. Wham. Her small pussy was so tight on his throbbing member. Her pathetic struggles were such a turn on. He plowed into the exotic bitch over and over. Ready to cum. Ready to cum. His evil seed exploded into her quivering cunt.

Such a release after 2 years without a cunt! The helicopter sound had stopped moving. A voice shouted, "Freeze! Police!"