Amanda puxou o fio dental de lado e cavalgou na Pica do amigo

Amanda puxou o fio dental de lado e cavalgou na Pica do amigo
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Shelly is a hot 32 year old woman, returning to her place after dinner, she asked if I wanted to spend the night. I woke up at 2 AM with a throbbing pain between my legs. I struggled to open my eyes and breathe, my lungs short of air from having kept my pulse low in a deep sleep, now I can feel it rising again as my hand searched down to grab a hold of my cock.

It is painfully hard. The front of my boxers are wet and clinging to my throbbing shaft, it is throbbing and pushing upward to peek out from the elastic band. I must have had a good dream but I didn't remember it. All I remembered is falling asleep to the smell of Shelly's shampoo lingering in her hair long after she showered.

Shelly is laying with her back closely pressed to my chest, her legs pulled up and her chin sunk down towards her chest. She is asleep; her hands are grabbing onto the edge of the sheet as if she is trying to cover herself up, leaving me unable to move much while sweat is forming in a layer all over my body. My face is wet and red by the time I push the boxers down and feel my balls. I wondered for how long I'd been asleep like this. I feel as if I'm bursting though still partly asleep, my heartbeat slowly catching up with me as I'm adjusting my eyes to the dark room, soon making out the shape of Shelly's body pushing up the sheet.

I feel her light breathing as bumps to my chest whenever she sucks in air, and the way in which she let go of it again made a whistling sound.


She had been all over me the day before; we'd been fucking in the kitchen, her legs slamming to the lower cabinet and her arms desperately wrapped around me as she tried holding still, covering up her screams by closing her mouth tightly around my neck leaving six bite marks which have now turned a deep shade of blue. They stung a little as I turn my head to glance into her hair, the long locks surrounding my face and making me breathe shampoo again.

She smells wonderful. It didn't help my hard on. I want to go back to sleep, but I can't. The throbbing is too painful, sending shivers up my spine. I give the head a squeeze and immediately feel the precum slipping out of the tip and into the damp fabric of the boxers. There is no way I can go back to sleep like this and with a glance at Shelly's sleeping face, I start jerking off. My fingers move up and down the shaft, the movement slowly at first but soon faster in pace.

The sound of my palm hitting the base of my cock echoes in the room. My balls pull up with every jerk. The hairy sacks are filled with cum as I tried pulling at them to make it go quicker, but I'm left on the edge without relief. It made me gasp and curse beneath my breath. " Come on," I whispered pressing the back of my head into the pillow, trying to think of something sexy, but my mind is blocked with the dream from earlier and I'm unable to do anything but to stare up at the dark ceiling.

" Fuck." I whispered out of breath and let go of my throbbing cock to wipe my forehead. The pain got worse. It is like the first time I forced my cock into Shelly's tight pussy and fucked her for an hour until I erupted.

My cock wants more than a hand and a dream, as I turned my head again and glared at Shelly, I knew what I have to do. I slide closer, she didn't move. Her back pressed against my chest again as I push my groin between her legs, my hard cock resting on her soft, warm inner thighs. I feel now she is sweating too; it is moist there as I push myself further, I gasp into her hair and bit my lower lip. It is like being licked and squeezed by a pair of tight, lips.

I pull back out a little, letting my cock slip until only the head is held securely and I then push forward again, feeling my cock's veins being rubbed, filling me with warmth. She still isn't waking up, I move closer, placing a big, heavy arm in around her and, as if she was asking me to continue, the pressure made her let go of the sheet slipped down, revealing her small, perky breasts. I'm now rocking steadily to her thighs, my gaze resting on her, and I can't help myself from grabbing one of them, clenching it in the palm of my hand and making her gasp.

" Mhmm." Her sounds made me stop for a second, but she kept sleeping, the light whistling telling me she had no idea what is going on. I'm tugging at her nipple, fondling both her breasts and rocking more faster, my cock moving in and out between her legs as my balls slap her.

Shelly is now making more sounds; her hands start moving, her lips spread open as she gasps in her sleep, turning her head as if to listen more carefully to what is happening. I reach up pressing my fingers to her mouth to feel, she is still breathing deep and she is still sleeping. I'm hard, Shelly is next to me, as I slip my hand up between her legs, she is wet.

Her labia spreads for me and her clitoris is hard to my fingers. She is dreaming sweet dreams too; her eyes are moving beneath her eyelids and her lips close around my fingers, sucking them in as if she is trying not to say a word. I feel a mixture of my cum from the day before and her juices having dried into her small trail of pubic hair, but with the sweat it seems to melt, helping as a lube as I drag my fingers up and down her labia, in between them and pushing at her slit, the ring of muscles opening and closing for me as if she is telling me to continue.

My body is alert; everything in me knew this is wrong, but my cock didn't care. I can't help myself. With my breath caught in my throat trying not to say a word, I grab my cock and lead it up between her legs to her pussy, all the way up until the fat cock head slips between her labia resting at the slit.

I had to take in a breath. Shelly's labia clenches around me and tugs at my cock head as if she is milking it. As I push inside of her, her lips open and she gasps. In sleep her body is unprepared, now it is waking up at the pressure against her slit, pushing me back as I push myself inside with force.

I sense her lips wriggling now as if moaning or speaking, and as I look down at her face again, her eyes are opening, the hazy green in them confused. I gasp and push in further, and her eyes close then open wide.

She is about to say something, but I press my fingers closely to her lips, soon covering her mouth with my hand, and she looks up at me confused as I smile and push in more. Her legs are moving now, I'm partly inside. Her slick, wet pussy is squeezing me, tugging at me as I force her open, pushing my fat cock all the way up into her. The whole length stroking across her clitoris making her mumble words to my palm. Her hands have come up grabbing my arm, but I'm not moving it; I press her back into me with my hand on her mouth and one on her breast, filling her full with my cock in a loud gasp of pleasure.

Her wriggling only made me hornier; the way she struggles around me is rubbing, sucking and tugging at me at the same time, sending me close to the edge and making my balls pull up. I feel sweat all over my body, especially now as Shelly is close to me, as I grab hold of her chest as I pull out of her only to force myself up inside of her again, making her squirm. But she has no escape; I fucking her harder, my cock dripping precum deep inside of her as I rock her on and off my cock, then hold her tight against my body as I move my hips, fucking myself towards an orgasm using her tight pussy on myself as a toy of release.

I feel her struggling starting to give up as my cock pressed harder and harder against her clitoris, making it impossible for her not to feel pleasure running through her body, and soon she isn't struggling but licking my hand and kissing it, as I move it, letting her gasp in a much needed breath. " Fucking.

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hell John!" she gasps. " I wanna. Ah. Sleep." I plunge two fingers deep in between her lips in a breathless laugh. " I wanna fuck, babe," I growl in her ear as her teeth close tightly on my knuckles.

It hurt, but I still didn't move, rather it made me fuck her harder, making the bed rock as her body juggle up and down. She is gasping between her tight bite, her eyes rolling around as I fondled her breasts, tugging at the nipples and playing with them. I'm close to coming; her warm, tight pussy is squeezing me tight like a vise as my orgasm rises and my balls slapping against her ass pushing them up, ready to release.

She gasps before I did as I feel her pussy spasm and tighten around me as she came, and it made me let go of her face and push her over, pressing her front into the mattress as she is whining, trying to come back to reality as she is spasming her release, but I needed it much more than she did. With my body laying on top of her, it is easy to fuck her without her struggling anymore; she is pushed deep into the mattress, I'm fucking her despite having come already and I hear her gasp for breath, almost sobbing at the raw, forced strokes.

" Oh god.

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damn it John," I hear her whisper as I bit down on her shoulder, making her whine and finally feeling myself sent over the edge. I shudder as I erupt inside of her, filling her with three loads of cum. She gasps slamming her face into the pillow as if to hide it while I gasp for breath, my lungs throbbing with a need for oxygen.

I finally relaxd, slamming my body down on top of her smaller body as I gasp with pleasure. " That was amazing," I mumble. Shelly slowly turns her head glaring at me. " I'll pay you back for that, asshole," she said, but her voice isn't angry.

I smile at her. " Are you getting off me?" she asked after a minute or two, as I shook my head and wrapped my arms around her as I laid on top of her. " No. Sleep tight." " John, seriously. Pull out of me at least." I press my nose into her hair, smelling her shampoo and mumbled: " I'm not done yet." I slide my hands down her body. I brush across her skin with my fingers, digging my tips into her buttocks and lean down to kiss each cheek.

She smells of sex and sweat, of perfume and deodorant wearing off. But she tasted of me. As I grab her ass cheeks, I smell how I'd been in her, had her - the scent of fucking is overwhelming and as I bury my face in between her buttocks, it only grew. I spread her open and start licking at the line of her ass. my wet, tongue slipping around her anus, teasing her anus and leaving a wet trail down towards her pussy. I pursed my lips kissing her wetly on the inside of her thighs and her ass, I place sloppy kisses on her hole.

She tasted of soap and sperm, and every time I dragged my tongue down closer to her pussy, I taste her wetness. Her labia opens easily for me allowing me to tease her with my mouth feeling how they pulsated and grew a little at the treatment.


Shelly starts to move away from me. I popped my finger in my mouth and wet it well before pushing it into her ass. Her pucker complied with me pushing and the muscles slowly tightened around me. But as I forced a second finger inside of her, that's when Shelly moved her head to see what is going on. Her pucker tightened around my two fingers immediately and her slick muscles rubbed around them hotly as her lips parted and she stared at me in disbelief.

"Fuck you," she then mumbled quietly as if out of breath. I smirked a little twisting my fingers around, making her jump a little and moan. Her fingers dig into the duvet to grab it. " I'll be doing the fucking," I replied swiftly.

" Such a bad joke." " But a good fuck." I curled my fingers a little before dragging them out slowly. Shelly is moving her body with every move I made.

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It is as if she tightened up every muscle until I'm almost outside of her, then she breathes out and relaxes - too soon. As I feel her anus loosen I force my fingers deep inside of her until my knuckles rest against her soft skin. It left her moaning, " Please stop John.I have never had anal sex." " Oh God," I hear her mumble before she pressed her face into the pillow and I laughed as I start fucking her ass using two fingers. She is tight.very tight and very warm, as her muscles work on me.

I reach up with the other hand to grab her buttock to squeeze it. I push inside, and she whines and stretched her body in protest. " Ah.

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it hurts," she gasped. " You haven't had the worse," I smirked at her reaching between her legs as I rubbed her wet pussy. Her labia are spreading for me, her clit is hard with the pleasure of her ass being used, as I easily push two fingers into her already fucked hole and feel my cum still in there. It made a wet noise as I start fucking both her holes at the same time.

" See? You're so wet!" I proclaimed and got a loud moan in response. " You're loving being treated like a slut." " Stop. ah. calli-nngh me that!" Shelly gasps as I force a third finger into her pussy. " Why? Oh, you prefer being a whore maybe?" I teased. I knew she wanted to reply, but can't - she is wriggling and moving all over the bed now, but then suddenly she arched her back some more and reached behind her.

Her fingers sought my hair and dug into my hair. " Lick me again," she said with a strained voice and as I looked her in the eyes, I can tell she needs it.

She'd slipped into her own world of pleasure and I let her guide me to her ass. She twisted her fingers around my hair and tugged at it as she urged me to lick, and I started doing just that; again my rough tongue starts rubbing around her entrance which is stretched slightly by my fingers. Listening to her moans to figure out where she likes it the best, I kissed, sucked, licked and circled her until she is gasping and her body seems to be vibrating. It is turning me on; my cock is standing up straight into the air again filled to the brim with blood, and it is hard, my balls pulling up though heavy with cum I feel almost ready to spurt, and I knew I had to go on soon.

I pushed my fingers all the way into her pussy again as I pulled the other ones out of her ass and instead pushed in my tongue. Shelly whined as she feels my wet muscle move inside of her, rubbing around and licking her.

Her eyes rolled back and she bit her lower lip as sweat slipped down her skin and made her feel dirty. She is wet all over and she is sure she'd marked the bed with a big, damp spot. It would only get worse when I start fucking her again. She isn't sure what hole I will pick this time, but as I pulled my head back and positioned myself behind her ass, she didn't need to ask me.

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My eyes are shining in need - I'm going to take her ass. I grab my throbbing cock as I give it a few strokes. I didn't need lube this time; my length is smeared with cum that coated it from her pussy, and her ass is wet with licking.

Some lube from earlier is still sticking to the side of her pucker as I gently press my cock around to get it all onto myself before pushing her ass up into the air for penetration.

I pushed her in a way so that her upper-body is smashed to the bed while her ass is wriggling in front of my cock. Then I spread her cheeks, pushing my cock head to her entrance and start sinking inside. Shelly is tight. She feels it gasping at the feeling. It is very different from having her pussy fucked, it feels way more intrusive and yet so good. She feels dirty. She feels like the whore I said she is. Still she is tight like a virgin; my fat cock is squeezed by her inner muscles and I feel she is milking me as I push myself in.

It roughly slips deep into her inch by inch, all the liquids helping it along, but she feels a lot of pressure and force it took, and her body shivering at the entry. " Oh god, oh god," she whimpers and I glance at the ceiling as I took in a deep breath. The pulse in my neck is going crazy. " Oh fuck yes!" I growled and wrinkled my brow. I'm holding tightly onto her ass to keep her buttocks spread and my fingers are making red, deep marks in her skin, but all I can focus on is the tightness of her around me.

As soon as I'm all the way in, my cock head bumping to the soft inner of her, I pull out slowly just to slam back in, in a violent move. It shook her body; the bed creaked, but it only added to my excitement.

I grabbed her as I start fucking her faster, my pace speeding up with every second, Shelly is gasping and whining as she is roughly pushed forward and back by my sheer force. My balls are slapping her pussy making noise, I'm grunting and my hands are leaving marks.

It hurt, but in a good way-she feels her pussy dripping of pleasure and her nipples are hardening. She feels as if she is pushed to the edge with every thrust and then brought back again as I pull out a little. All the senses are making her crazy. Most of all I start going more rough.

I can't get enough - I'd just fucked her thirty minutes earlier but I wanted more and I wanted it now. I leaned in over her back, mounting her abused body as I start ramming into her with my weight put into every thrust, Shelly had to grab onto the headboard with flailing hands as she is pushed across the bed, her smaller body forced up against the head of the bed.

It is whining beneath them and we didn't care. Her ass is wobbling between my hands, her hole is stretched to a limit and her clit is so sensitive a single stroke makes her orgasm. She wants badly to come, but she can't reach down and do it herself without falling over or smacking the headboard by my rough treatment.

Instead she tries to collect enough air to speak: " Plea.seeh, ahh, I need. I need to come!" she whines as I laugh behind her in a deep voice. " Do you?" I asked as she buried her face into the pillow as I fucked her harder. " Please, JJJoohhnn," She begged and finally I reached a sweaty hand beneath her to circle her clitoris. That is all it took - Shelly came in a massive violent orgasm, her body shaking and her mouth falling open as she moaned.

She cried out and then gritted her teeth together to stay silent, as she pushed her ass back with her orgasm still rolling down her body. I heard each and every one of them as I grinned, sweating and panting.

Then I finally came too. My balls pulling up and I spurted four thick loads of cum deep inside of her as I couldn't hold back anymore. I slammed into her one last time and stayed in laying over her body with my gaze fixated on a spot on the wall, my brow wrinkled and my lips stretched before I gasped. We both collapsed onto the bed, I laid on top of her without pulling out of her.

She growls as my weight pressed her into the bed, but then she silently accepted my arms wrapping around her and the kiss I pressed to her hair. " You were a great fuck," I said and she smiled sarcastically. " Was I now?" " A good whore." " Hm. Thanks. You were okay." "Okay?" I slapped her lightly and Shelly laughed. She reached over, turned her head and kissed me.

Shelly laid under me with a glow of satisfaction and feeling she is a complete woman for the first time in her life.