Arabisches Mädchen zeigen Körper und finguring auf Webcam

Arabisches Mädchen zeigen Körper und finguring auf Webcam
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This story will be real, but these things happened when i was 17 so i cant really remember every detail so yes, some points will be exaggerated.

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Either way enjoy this story. ~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~ Well it all happened when my mom got remarried.

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My mom had already been divorced at the time, And She Finally thought she got the one. They dated for a couple of months until they finally decided to get married, and of course i was completely against it, not because of my new step dad, he was pretty cool, I was more against his daughter, Breanna Who was a complete bitch to me the entire time my mom was dating her dad. but of course that all didn't matter, no matter how much we told them we didn't think they would be good together, even thought i liked the guy i'd rather have someone else, with preferably no kids.

I Liked being a only child, i was spoiled, mostly because my last dad was completely rich, but during the time they had the divorce my mom got the house, car, and most of what he owned. Anyways The weeding was very short, I had to dress up and wear a pretty sharp suit. while my soon to be sister Breanna was wearing a dress that she looked like she was uncomfortable, i knew how she felt, just looking at her in that dress made me uncomfortable.


After the weeding we had a small feast, consisting of the usual things. Once it was all over, my parents went to a hotel, probably to fuck each other senseless, not like that wasn't the first, they fucked all the time while they were dating, even when i was there.

they dropped us off at the house and left out. i instantly went up stairs to my room only to find all of her stuff in there, I was mad, after wasting the entire day at what it felt like a 2 hour weeding and then finding this.

She walked up the stairs to her new room as if she always lived in there. "What are you doing?" she looked at me and said "What do you think, After going through that torture i'm going to sleep" I pointed at the room she going towards "That's my room not yours!" She then simply push past me into the room, "So that's why there was a whole bunch of shit in here." Now i was getting real mad now, which was very hard for me to do, i'm not the person that would get that mad that easily.

" Your junks by the door" She then laid down and went to sleep, I stood there for a good 10 minutes, angry. All until i look up at her sleeping, she had her red hair pulled behind her, even in the dark you could see her tanned skin.

She would be hot if it wasn't for her bitchy additude towards me, But still. The next day i finally got everything set up in my new room as it was in my older room. I decided to leave home and go out with my friends since my mom left out with my step dad and i did not want to be there with Breanna so i left. Before i could Breanna asked when i was coming back, I Said at 10 A.M and followed it up with, "Whats wrong scared to be alone.'' she told me to fuck off so i left.

Long story short a lot of shit happened when we were out, my friends got into a fight and got kicked out of the bar so we left. i got home at about 8 A.M. i got in and noticed that Breanna was nowhere in sight.

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I Checked everywhere. Until i finally got up to her room, I stopped short when i heard noises coming from there, i peeked through the door and found Breanna masturbating. It was better than any porn i say before. She started groaning more and more. She tossed and turned, she was sweating so i could tell she was doing this for a while. I Watched for a good couple of minutes until i realized i had a boner.

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She was actually turning me on, at that one moment she just seemed so hot. I quickly ran down stairs to my living room to act natural. after a while she came down stairs and was surprised to see me, "Oh when did you get home" I Lied and said "2 Minutes ago" "Oh okay, i'm just going to jump into the shower" I Couldn't hold myself anymore "Why, are you sweaty or something" She stopped dead on the first step.

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then i kept talking "So how long were you at it, at least 10 minutes right, what were you thinking about?" She was completely embarrassed and kept walking. I Have to admit that was kinda harsh even for me. After her shower she went straight to her room, after a while i decided to go up and apologize to her. I Knocked and then went in, she just laid there in silence.

I had to say the first word which was which was hard to do. So I just said, "Look im sorry for saying those things." She just rolled over, im not good at apologizing so i said. "Well if it makes you feel any better i masturbate some times to" It came out worse than it sounded in my head.

i stood there for a couple of awkward minutes until i finally just went over to the side of her bed. "Look im sorry for barging in on you. That was rude of me, And im also sorry for being terrible at apologizing." That got a little Chuckle out of her. she turned over and looked at me, Then she leaned up and started to kiss me. It happened so fast i didn't know what to do. she finally stop to pull me onto her bed "What was that for!?" I Said in shock. "Your so adorable", she said to me.

"Hey how did you feel when you saw me, did you like it?" I was getting an erection, if there was one thing I loved it was when people talked dirty. "Yeah, I Still cant get over it." I was telling a little bit more then i wanted to but in this situation i didn't care.

She then grabbed my hand and put it in her panties, She was very wet before all of this could start I instantly had a question 'Who Were you thinking about anyways" she started to look embarrassed then said "I was thinking about you." she looked away to hide her blushing. But that turned me on so much more.

"I Kinda liked you before and just tried to hide it" Hmm i never really though of her liking me at this point i started to rub her, she start to groan more and more until I stuck my entire finger into her. She gasp loudly. I looked at the clock next to the bed and saw that it was 9 A.M I Whispered in her ear and said "We have an entire hour with each other." I Fingered her faster until she almost was ready to cum i stopped, She looked up at me begging with her eyes.

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I started to lower myself down her body kissing every part of her until i got to her slit. Then i started to lick her up and down her slit, She started to groan until she finally sprayed her juices. Her juices tasted better than anything i had ever tasted.

I finally pulled my self up on top of her. She looked at me and finally said "I want you inside of me!

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Please!" The way she begged me turned me on more. I pulled down my pants and took out my dick. She looked at me looking almost nervous and said "Wait I Have to tell you something" I did my best to stop "What is it?" "Im A Virgin" When i heard her say this i felt re leaved At this "Well thats good, This is my first time to," "Then can you stick it in slowly" And so i did.

i pushed myself in her tight slit until my dick finally tapped her hymen I Stopped one last time to look at her, she nodded at me to keep going into her so i pushed into her breaking her hymen. She Started to moan in pain as I kept going pushing in, then i finally started my motion in and out of her my dick was covered with her blood as i pushed in her, I started going faster and faster until I was about to cum.

Then she rolled both of us over and she started to ride me. It was getting harder and harder to hold back my cum until it was impossible to hold back "Im Going To Cum!!" She started to ride me harder until i came inside of her. We both laid down on the bed, she covered her slit when it started to drip out my semen. There was a silence between us both as there was nothing but the sounds of heavy breathing.


she looked at me and smiled until she slid down and started to suck my dick. It Felt so good especially after already cumming, she slid my dick further down her throat until I came again inside her mouth.

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I had nothing but streams of cum going into her mouth. "Breanna, that was amazing" was all I could mutter before I passed out Thinking about how hot and amazing Breanna looked with my cum all over her mouth and face.

I Woke up to find Breanna already awake and downstairs watching T.V. I Came down to join her when she saw me she got up and kissed me. it was the first time we kissed even though we had had sex last night. I Finally felt comfortable around her now.

i just wanted to stay with her forever but I knew that would most likely not happen since we were step brother and step sister but we still liked each other because She Was The Perfect Girl For Me. ~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~ Hymen-A Cell wall in the woman's vagina that declares virginity