Shower for gay men first time Public Anal Sex And Naked

Shower for gay men first time Public Anal Sex And Naked
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Chapter 3 As mike raised up on one leg I was able to see my limp dick hanging between my black garters and the creamy black stomach of who I assumed was Mike's wife highlighted by the white leather belt and harness attached to the dick that had been fucking me. "John, I guess its time for you to meat my wife. Don't worry, your secret is safe with us." Startled by him calling me by my real name my eyes turned to the woman fucking me as Mike stepped off the bed.

My heart fell when I saw a woman I knew well. With a hand on each of my ass cheeks she drove the plastic dick deep in my ass "Hey John. I can assure you this is total coincidence but don't worry, I have a lot more to lose than you do so lets just enjoy ourselves." I knew she was right, she had a lot more to lose than I did.

I watched as she stared in my eyes and pushed as deep as she could over and over. The beautiful woman fucking my left no choice but for my limp dick start to grow catching her attention she wrapped her soft hands around it like a saddle horn and fucked away. "I know that's not the first time I've made that dick of yours hard. I've seen the way you look at me, you like my short dresses don't you. I bet you even know I don't wear panties at practice don't you.

It's ok, I like pussy too. Why do you think I coach all those sexy girls, it's definitely not for the pay." She was right I had left her classroom many of times trying to hide my hard on and countless times I have looked up her short shorts and seen her slick pussy shining during my daughter Jessica's volleyball practices.

You see, the woman stretching my ass has been both of my children's teacher and has coached my daughter's high school volleyball team for two years now. "Oh Miss Jackson, you are so right! I promise not to tell as long as you keep fucking me like that." She answered "Gladly" as started jacking my dick as she set a steady pace with her strokes. Next thing I knew Mike and Thomas were on both sides of me feeding me their cocks when I felt my balls start to churn knowing I was about blow my first load, she continued jerking as my well anticipated load shot in to the air and landing on my stomach and chest.

With Miss Jackson relaxed with her toy still deep in me she runs her hands up and down my stockings "By the way, nice outfit. Is it Jessica's I know she has one like it. He's all yours guys." I felt a sudden emptiness in my ass and she was gone. I watched as her long hair swayed over the top of her firm ass cheeks as she walked away.

Her last comment stuck in my head as I switched back and forth between the two hard cocks I had in my face, does Jessica wear stuff like this and how has she seen her in it. I could feel my dick start to grow as I imagined my hot little girl in an outfit like I was wearing. Between cocks I managed to moan a simple "Fuck me" but it must have gotten the point across. "You want some more of this cock in that ass?" asked Mike as he slapped the side of my face with his huge member.

Another simple groan was all it took and he was at the foot of the bed, but this time he stepped up onto the bed with my ass between his feet and told me he wasn't stopping this time, he was going to fill me full of cum this time and bent at his knees as he aimed his cock at my waiting ass not stopping until I felt I balls press against his soft hair.

My ass was being stretched more than ever before "There ya go, take it all slut!" he reached out and grabbed my ankles before pulling completely out and shoving it balls deep again. This time he meant business and started fucking me hard and deep, pain and pleasure overwhelmed my body as I couldn't control my moans any longer turning into almost screams.

"Take that dick bitch! What ya think about black dick now!" Mike yelled as he pounded away at my ass while Thomas watched.

I was amazed as I watched his cock disappear in me with such force my limp dick would bounce. I knew what I was feeling, I was about to cum from his assault on my prostate and I wanted to make it good. "Is that all you got? Fuck me you big pussy! You wife fucks harder than that!" I egged him on wanting all he had and he wanted me to have it. Grabbing my garters he raised my ass in the air and pushed into me as hard as he could driving me tight against my wrist restraints "Take that you whore!" he drove deep again pushing my prostate to the point of no return, with cum shooting from my limp dick I felt him start to grow in me and I knew he was about to explode.

With one last push I felt his hot semen start to fill my bowels squirt after squirt but he wasn't done.

He eased back pulling all but the massive head in me as his body jerked continuing to fill me with his seed until he squeezed the last few drop in me and let out a groan as he pulled the rest of himself out of my cum filled ass letting his seed run down around my balls onto my stomach with my own juices before letting my ass fall back closer to the bed, I could feel my crack being flooded.

I guess Thomas left during my cock hungry rage leaving my hungry mouth vacant "Get up here big boy let taste that cum" He filled my mouth with his slowly limping dick telling me I had better get it clean. Satisfied with my clean up he commented on how good my ass was and he would be back for some more later.

Leaving me bound to the bed covered in cum from asshole to elbows my mind raced with ideas of what was going to happen next and how I hoped it included that hot ass Miss Jackson, I would love a chance to fuck that tight body of hers. Thinking about her I recalled the comments she had made about why she coached those girls and how she knew Jessica had sexy lingerie and I started wondering how much they knew about her, what had my little girl been doing? Knock Knock. I heard a knock on the door.

"Room service" I heard a man say from the other side of the door. My heart raced as I tried to figure out what I should do until I decided I had good luck with the last one, why not? "Come in, door is open!" I yelled as I stared at the closed door waiting on it to open. When it opened there was another young man standing behind his push cart looking right at me. "Just put it over with the other one. I haven't touched it yet, I have been a little tied up." I said pushing at my restraints.

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"Yeah I see that. Now I know why my buddy insisted I take this one but this is not what I was expecting." he stepped from behind the cart rubbing his crotch. Just as he started to speak the phone rang and I asked him to answer it "Hello" "Yes I do" "Oh he does, well I just happen to have one for him" "Oh I will" "No, thank you" He hung up the phone with one hand as he rubbed his dick with the other.

"Well that was an interesting call, it seems that I have something you like." he said as he unbuttoned his shirt revealing his tight stomach and chest. "Oh yeah, what's that?" I asked. He tossed his shirt to the floor and slid his shoes off "I'll just show you" he said as hell let his pants slide to the floor. I was looking at a large uncut specimen of what a cock should look like, I have always had a fascination with uncut men but have only had the privileges of enjoying only one. He stood with his hands on his hips with as of today the best looking dick I had ever seen hanging between this young guys legs, it was literally hanging limp and twice the size of my own.

"Yes you do. Now bring it over here and let me show you what I can do for it." he walked over to the bed rolling his sheath back and forth over the swelling head as he looked me up and down "Looks like you have had fun, now its my turn." he stood by the bed obviously liking what he saw. I could see his thick cock growing in his hand while he slid his foreskin back and forth quickly becoming as long if not longer than Thomas and as big around as Mike's, with one last stroke wrapping his wrapping his swollen cock head with its beautiful sheath his hand fell to his side causing his dick to hang from it's own weight.

My ass still aching from the intense fucking from only minutes ago I knew I wanted him inside me. "You gonna just stand there? Pick a hole, show me what you got." I said staring at his cock. He needed no more guidance as he got on his knees by my head grabbing me and filling my open mouth with his youth wasting no time finding how much I could handle.

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After a few eye watering attempts he was pushing deep into my throat but he wasn't going to be happy until he had it all in. "There ya go you little cock slut. I knew you could do it." he praised as he held my head tight, my lips wrapped around the bottom of his shaft.

To my surprise he quickly pulled from my mouth and stepped off the bed, his dick swollen even more than before. He quickly made his way to the bottom of the bed slapping my cheeks as he positioned himself in front of my cum filled hole.

"So I hear you have a magic ass, lets see what so magic about it." He found little resistance as he pushed himself in me bottoming out with his first push. "Oh wow. I feel your magic ass." he moaned as he pushed against the vibrator. With no warning he started his assault on my ass, like a machine he took quick deep plunges and only got faster. I wasn't aware of my noises until I heard him tell me I was screaming like a little girl, and I was.

I felt the familiar flush feeling take over my body and I knew my prostate couldn't take much more but the feeling got stronger, the room got suddenly quiet before turning black.


My eyes reopened seeing the young man milking drops of cum onto my limp cock, a stream of cum running around my balls telling me I had been out long enough for him to finish and fill me with his seed.

"Man you sure like to get fucked don't ya. I have never seen anybody cum so hard they pass out." he was walking toward his clothes. I managed to tell him he was the best fuck I had ever had while trying to catch my breath, he told me I was all right but he would like to fuck me again. I watched as he got dressed thinking I how I would love for him to fuck me again.

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He went to the food cart and wrote on the ticket "There's my number if you think you can stay awake next time." he made his way to the door and he was gone. By now the vibrator was pushed to an uncomfortable position and I was pretty cramped from being in the same position for so long so I decided to push it out.

I pushed a little and had to laugh as I felt I amount of cum leaking from my ass as the egg slid out with ease. The cuffs were a different story, I couldn't quite reach them so I just relaxed.

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Not having a clue what time it was but I was getting tired, fighting to keep my eyes open. I was awaked by someone undoing my wrist straps, my blurred vision was blessed with a completely naked Miss Jackson by my side. "The guys are asleep but I figured you were ready to get out of these." she made her way around the bed and freed all my limbs.

I told her thank you as I stretched across the bed and looked at my cum covered body. "You have had quite a night. I bet you will remember this as long as you live." she said smiling and sitting on the bed between my legs. I laughed and told her I had but I am glad it happened, I needed a good fucking. She laughed and told me I wasn't the only one, she preceded to tell me how Mike rarely fucks her since he started fucking men and the only way he will is if she brings a young girl home with her.

By now her talking about sex had my wrinkled cock standing at full attention. "There you go again.


That thing just won't stay down will it." She wrapped her soft hand around my cock and crawled over my legs taking me into her mouth. "Ummm, I miss that taste!" I felt her tongue slide down my shaft across my balls not stopping until she reached my oozing hole, moaning as she licked globs of cum from her honey pot.

She licked her way across my balls and cum covered stomach until we were mouth to mouth, I opened my mouth as her mouthful of cum dripped in followed by her soft tongue. I melted as we swapped the cum around, she had me turned on more than a woman has in years. "I know you've been wanting this for a long time, I think you've earned it." She slid her knees up my sides hovering herself over my throbbing cock.

"Tell me you want it." she whispered in my ear. "I want it!" I whispered back. I felt her heat entrap my cock as she lowered herself onto me taking all I could give her. I watched as she raised her creamy body onto her knees rocking back and forth, quickly picking up her pace to where our bodies slapped. Not a word was spoken as I slid my hands up her milky legs until I had a firm grasp on her hips thrusting her body down with every motion, her breathing now up to a soft moan I decided to show her I could fuck like a man too.

With both hands I reached for a handful of hair pulling her neck back as she moaned louder with every jerk. "Now it's my turn to do the fucking!" I whispered before giving her hair one last jerk pulling he down to the bed between my legs.

With my dick still buried in her I crawled to my knees grabbing her ankles and pining them to the bed, I fucked as hard as I could fuck for as long as I could before I knew I was about to cum. "Tell me you want this cum." as I slowed down my strokes. "Oh I want it.

Shoot it in my mouth!" she moaned. I told her she didn't sound convincing. "Please! Please let me have your cum!" she begged.

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"If you want it you have to come get it." I leaned back onto my hands pulling out of her warm pussy. She quickly raised up and took me in her mouth sucking as hard as she could for her load which didn't take long, not stopping she milked all she could into her mouth and proudly showed it to me before swallowing it.

"This has to be our secret, Mike don't allow me to fuck other guys but what he don't know wont hurt him." still looking up at me as she jerked on my dick. I told her that her secret was safe with me and pulled her up to me and ended the night with a kiss before telling her if she was a good girl I would let her have some more.

She squeezed my dick and told me I would see just how good she was, one more kiss and she left the room. I looked around the room taking in the nights events as my sore ass reminded me of it all as I made it across the room and grabbed a water from one of thr food carts when I saw the clock on the microwave 1:43, over five hours since I arrived at the hotel. After finishing the water I turned of f the lights and removed the top covers and put myself to bed.

Sunlight was coming through the windows went Miss Jackson woke me telling me to get cleaned up and laid something on the bed. "The guys want you to wear this to breakfast."