Incredible hot brunette gives amazing blowjob

Incredible hot brunette gives amazing blowjob
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There was this really gorgeous girl on our road where we grew up and I mean she was perfect. Sinead was a year older than me, she was 16, and she was sallow skinned with huge breasts and had long black hair, brown eyes and a beautiful smile. For me, an average looking guy, her beauty was very intimidating. She was the unattainable girl. She was my masturbating fodder.

My mates and I, plus the girls our age from our neighbourhood used to cycle to school every day. We lived about 3 miles from the schools in town. We would all meet in the mornings and cycle together. It was a nice thing to do. We'd chat on the way to school and have a laugh. Schools in Ireland require the students to wear uniforms and us boys used to try and cycle behind the girls on the way to school in the morning.

The sight of their asses rocking side to side on their saddles and, in the summer, their bare legs pumping those pedals was a nice way to begin the day.

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We were fortunate in that there were a few hotties living on the road. Sinead never loined us on the morning cycle but one day she appeared on a shiny new bike. No more lifts to school for her.

Needless to say, she was very welcome. All of us guys were vying for her attention for the first few weeks. My friend Matt seemed to get on very well with her as they were a year above everyone else. In the evening, after school, the guys used to cycle home together. One day after arriving home I saw Sinead cycle up past my house on her way home.

She was roughly 15 minutes after me on the cycle home. I began to create the makings of a dastardly plan. Our bungalow was parallel with the road and from my bedroom you had a direct view of the driveway entrance and anyone passing had a good downward view of my bedroom window.

Also, for my plan to work I would need to have advance knowledge of someone walking or cycling up the road, passing my driveway entrance. We had a high hedge running the lenght of the wall surrounding the house. There was a gap further down that let me see whomever was coming up the road. It would give me about 15 seconds to get into position. The position of which I speak was this: I would be completely balls naked at the window, to be seen by girls as they passed by. I would pretend to be closing the top of the window.

This would expose my nice, thick erection, pressing against the window, smearing it with my precum. The distance would be about 25 ft from the road to my bedroom, affording a good view.

I had a very good body, as I was quite athletic and muscular, thanks to my fathers genes. It was risky, as I would need to take off the net curtains on my window and if my mother was around, she would get suspicious.

I had to be careful. Sinead was the target of my experiment. She would pass up at about 5 pm. It would be dark enough at this time in autumn and winter months and the light in my room, I hoped, would get her attention and make her glance down. There were other girls who often passed my window but she was the initial guinea pig, so to speak. So, it happened that every day after arriving home from school, I would say a brief hello to my mother and then go to my room and close the door.

I would turn on the light to illuminate my window. I would tuck the net curtains up high on the curtain rail, take off my trousers and underwear but leave on my school shirt and sit myself in a position to spy Sinead cycling my way through the gap in the hedge.

The first day I waited and waited and she didn't come. I was there for about 45 minutes and gave up, my balls blue with the need to cum.

The next day I did the same thing. I waited for about an hour and no sign. Another girl cycled up but I wasn't ready to do it for someone else yet. I wanted it to be Sinead to see my swollen cock and my tight abs and my loins ached for her to catch me.

On the following day I set myself up again on my perch and she appeared on her bike and in her uniform.

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I was panicked, my heart was beating so fast in my throat, my mouth was so dry and my cock in hand was only half hard. I stood up on a small pile of books to get more height and to expose all of myself.

My body, from just above my knees to my eyes, was exposed.

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I would need to slyly look out below the top of the window to see where she was looking. I was in position, fiddling with the top of the window, she passed, FUCK!

She didn't look down. All my fretting and excitement, for fucking nothing! It was 5.15 pm and dark enoughoutside. I had to keep trying. Next day, I waited and she arrived at 5.15pm again. I set myself in position, my cock standing bolt uprightslightly smearing on the window.

The room was well lit up. She came upon the entrance and Sinead glanced down just before she cycled out of view. She had to have seen it. The most beautiful girl I ever knew had just seen my erect cock. This was unreal. My heart was pounding. I did the same thing the next day. And this time, as she passed, she was not cycling as fast. She was looking at me for about two seconds as she went by the entrance.

Only two seconds but a it was glorious. I had a furious wank after and it was beautiful to think that she was thinking about my naked body and my cock. I hoped she was fantasising about me in her bedroom, touching her virgin pussy, wet with the thought of my cock sliding up and down inside her. The next week I continued my stunt. It was 5.20pm and I saw her walking with her bike. I think she was looking through the gap in the hedge at my window.

She had copped on to my methods, I thought to myself.

It didn't deter me however. It was a compunction, I had to feel the thrill. I knew that it was so risky and that she could be telling other people about my weirdness, even her parents.

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I didn't care. This time I just stood in my room, complete nude with my hard on and my hard body and pretended to be looking in my school bag, which I placed on my bed. She could see everything. I caught a glimpse of her bike wheel and I turned away and rummaged in my bag. It was dark outside, but a street light, helped me to see if she was looking. I stole a sly glance towards the gate and she was walking super slow with her bike and staring in at me, no doubt!

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I continued my pretence and after about 5 seconds I looked out the window to see she was peering around the side of the hedge. She quickly ducked from view. I presumed she would go home so I turned off the light in case any unwanted neighbour saw me. I remained in my room, in the darkness, stroking my throbbing cock. I turned my gaze towards the hedge that she was peering around about ten seconds before.

Suddenly, Sinead just walked past again with her bike, nice and slow and lingering. She was staring at the window and going the wrong direction. She would need to turn around again and go past to get home. I turned the light back on and I stood right in the middle of the room facing the window, fondling my aching cock and waited. She walked slowly into view again and I looked directly at her, intensifying the rhythm of my strokes. She stopped walking. She stood there, her eyes fixed on me.

Our eyes fixed on each other. I was never so turned on. There was trepidation but mainly arousal and the need to be be seen cumming. She watched as I stroked faster and harder and she didn't move a muscle. She was silhouetted slightly so I could not really make out her expression but I could see the whites of her eyes. My body was well lit by the lamp near the window. I knew she could see my hard abs, and slim hips and my cock being manipulated furiously. I was cumming and it was beautiful.

As I pulsed out the ropey streams of cum, I gave her a side profile of my ejaculation. It was unbelievable. I could not believe how fast my heart was racing. I massaged out the last drops of juice from my now slowly deflating cock and then stood straight and looked at her.

We eyeballed each other for about thirty seconds and then she looked to her right. There was a car coming, the headlights shone on her face. I could see her expression and it was one of fright and anxiety. With this interruption, she hopped on her bike, looking at me all the time as she cycled unsteadily away from the view of me naked and vulnerable and dripping cum from my cock. The next morning, we waited at our cycle meeting point, for everyone to arrive.

One by one, the gang arrived. I was only waiting for Sinead to come. Sinead appeared around the corner and she cruised up slowly beside us.

"Hi," she said to everyone.


She was the last to arrive. She did not look at me once as she greeted everyone. I was shy and uncertain, after what happened. I just wanted to catch her eye for a moment to gauge her. I needed to see if she was going to announce what happened to her friends at some stage. We cycled to school as normal and as we all parted ways at a set of traffic lights, she stole a glance and I caught her eye.

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I know this sounds strange, but it was a kind of naughty smirk she gave me. This set my mind in a tumble! Had a imagined the look?!! Needless to say, my thoughts were preoccupied the whole day with what I should do that evening.

I came to the conclusion that if she was walking up the road past my window, this indicated she wanted to see me flash her again and if she was cycling, she was not interested. It seemed fairly logical. And so it came to pass, that at a quarter after five on a late autumn evening Sinead walked past my house. I stood under the ceiling light, which accentuated my six pack and positioned a lamp to make me look as potent as possible. She rolled up to the entrance and stood there as still as the street light behind her as I started to fondle my pulsating cock and let her see my hard body.

I stroked and squeezed my thick, almost six inch cock and iIts purple head oozing generous precum. I also turned around and gave her a nice shot of my ass. Sinead was a pane of glass and 25 ft from me. She loosened the school tie she was wearing. She put her hand underneath her wax jacket and it looked to me as if she was touching her breast. I was super charged and ready to explode again. I came after about 4 minutes of her watching me and touching her breast over her school sweater.

Then she stopped and got on her bike and cycled away home. I turned off the light and cleaned up the pool on the carpet at my feet. We continued 'meeting' each other like this nearly every evening. Sinead would mostly stand and watch but she eventually had a few ideas of her own. She would raise up her school skirt and let me see her panties. I could see how nervous she was doing this, her head looking all around her.

She lifted up her school sweater sometimes letting me see her bountiful breastfilled bra.


I really wanted more from her. We still only exchanged greetings and a few coy glances when we met. Some evenings she was late and I would just wait until she came. I could be looking for Sinead to arrive for up to an hour or more.

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I was getting really obsessed with her and was so disappointed some evenings if it was raining, as it would mean she would be getting a lift home from her mother. As their car passed, I could just make out in that split second that her face was looking in the windows direction. This happened in the days before mobile phones and I know that if we had mobiles, we would be sexting each other after these episodes. Our relationship was to evolve however……