Hot threesome in a hotel room

Hot threesome in a hotel room
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"Oh Jesus Christ. ." I mumble through the fog of a hangover. "What happened last night?" Oh no. The memories start to drift back into my head as the dizziness of sitting up subsides. I didn't. I didn't do what I think I did. I couldn't have. Could I? It's hazy but I think I remember having sex last night. I'm almost sure of it.

I can't believe I lost my virginity to my Dad.

But with who? I remember coming home early last night. How is that possible? I remember seeing the clock on the microwave as I walked by the kitchen. It was 10:36 PM. Not late at all. I'm pretty sure I had sex after that but that only leaves one possibility. Dad was in the living room when I came home. He was waiting up for me fuming mad. The memories are start to slide into place but it doesn't make sense.

. "Are you drunk? Oh my god Ashley. .I can't believe this," Dad roars as I stumble into the living room. "I let you out of my sight for two hours and you come home plastered!?!" I don't really know how to respond. I'm not even sure how this happened. I only had two drinks before I started feeling really silly. Then Sarah, my best friend, gave me a ride home.

Sarah's almost 17 and we were hanging out with some of her high school friends. Sarah was worried that something had happened, that I drank too much or that something was slipped in my drink. It was pretty odd that I felt so out of it after only two drinks, after all.

I just couldn't think of a way to explain to Dad though. How could I explain that I'd been drinking? He knew that I was hanging out with a lot of boys and he was already worried that I was out having sex.

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There's no way I could explain it. "You were with those boys again weren't you?" He bellowed, hardly trying to mask how angry he was. "Yes Dad. I'm sorry," I mumbled finding it impossible not to slur my words.

"So you were drinking with high school boys? You were fooling around with them weren't you? Did you have sex? You're too young to be having sex, you little slut!" He hissed.

"No Dad! I didn't! I don't feel good, okay. I just want to go to bed," I said fighting back tears from the sting of his insult. "Oh you're going to bed alright," he said with a mix of anger and cunning as he grabbed my arm hard and pulled me to my room. "Get undressed," he ordered throwing me onto my bed. "What?" I practically, squeaked. I couldn't understand why he would say something like that.

I watched helplessly from my bed as he started to undo his belt. I had started thinking that maybe I was getting a spanking when he threw his belt to the floor.

I sighed with relief that I wasn't getting a spanking and relaxed a little. Then I grew more confused as he undid his pants and let them fall to the ground. I noticed something hard in his underwear. "What are you staring at?" I kinow you've seen one before. Now get you're fucking clothes off before I do it for you." I didn't want him to see me naked but I definitely didn't want him to undress me.

So I tentatively started to undress. I tried to hide my body from him as long as I could and as soon as I was in my underwear I laid down and pulled the blanket over me.


I thought that maybe if I went to sleep as fast as I could, he'd be satisfied and leave. "Uh uh, the underwear too," he said coldly. I choked out a little sob at those words but I realized he was very serious and I didn't want to upset him more.

I slid my underwear off under the covers and dropped them on the floor next to the bed. Dad had finished getting undressed and was standing next to me completely naked. His cock stood hard above my face, mockingly. He walked around the other side of the bed and started to get under the covers with me.

He pushed himself against me and I closed my eyes tightly. "Oh don't act like such a prude. I know what you've been doing with those boys." He slid his hand in between my thighs which were pressed firmly together and slid up toward my slit. I felt the roughness of his fingers as he started to force one of them inside of me. It hurt and I gasped, eliciting a soft chuckle from him. "It would hurt less, Ashley, if you loosened up and opened your legs a little like you do for your friends," he whispered harshly into my ear.

I ignored him and squeezed my legs together even tighter.

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"Fine," he responded, "if you won't give your Daddy the same treatment as your little boyfriends then I'll just treat you like the little slut you are." He started to push two fingers in and out of me as hard as he could until it felt like he was trying to get his whole hand inside me.

It hurt and I tried hard not to cry. I knew it wouldn't help if I did. He would probably just "give me something to cry about" like he does when he spanks me. I was so worried about being spanked ten minutes before. I wished for spanking now instead of this horrible punishment.

Even a spanking was less painful and humiliating then this. I was deep inside my own mind trying to wait for this punishment to end and for him to take his fingers out of me when he started to climb onto my body. He straddled my chest laying the tip of his hard cock against my mouth with a sickening smile on his face. His weight was putting so much pressure on my chest it made it hard to breathe.


"Open your mouth and blow your Daddy now sweetie. I know you know what to do." I wanted to explain that I didn't know what to do at all. I'd never gone further than kissing with the boys I knew. They never even tried to do more. Maybe they knew I was too young for anything else. I knew it wouldn't help though, he didn't care what I had to say now. I considered trying to explain anyway but I was too scared and I didn't want to open my mouth because I knew if I did he'd put that huge gross thing inside of it.

"Fine then, I guess we'll have to do everything the hard way," he mumbled quietly more to himself than me. Then he pinched my nose shut tight. It didn't take very long before I couldn't hold my breath anymore.

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My lungs burned and screamed for air and I couldn't help it any longer. I gasped for air, opening my mouth wide. Dad didn't waste any time and as soon as the first taste of oxygen hit my lungs relieving the pain of suffocation, it was replaced by another pain. I was gagging on my Dad's cock.

I knew it was disgusting and wrong and I wanted it to stop so badly. I tried to pull away but with him on top of me I had nowhere to go. Dad stopped pinching my nose as soon as his cock was in my mouth but it was still hard to breathe because my throat kept filling up as he pushed himself in as far as he could. I was gagging so much that drool started dripping down my chin.

I looked up at my Dad above me, my eyes begging him to stop and received only that sickening smile in return. "Oh god sweetie, don't make that face. You're going to make me explode early and neither of us wants that right baby? There's still so much more fun we can have," he said cruelly as if I'd given him a look of desire.

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I knew that he could see the fear in my eyes at the idea of "more fun" and I could tell that he was enjoying it.

Dad leaned his hands against the wall behind me for balance as he slid his cock further and further down my throat with each thrust. I was gagging so hard I thought I'd throw u. My throat felt raw and my jaw was aching. Dad looked down at me annoyed as he pulled his cock out of my mouthing leaving a string of saliva dangling from my mouth to the head of his dick.

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He lowered his wet dick down between my legs and I knew it was about to get worse. "Are you ready to admit that you're not a virgin? That was pretty good head for someone who claims to be so inexperienced.

If you really are telling the truth then maybe you're just a natural born slut. Either way, we're about to find out." I could feel him lining his head up with my tiny virgin hole and terror filled me. I stiffened like a corpse while he held cruel eye contact with me. I winced as he found the right spot to slide in. "If you don't relax, this is going to hurt a hell of a lot more than my little fingers did sweetheart," he said with mocking affection.

I knew he was right and even though I didn't want to have sex with my Dad I knew I couldn't stop him. I tried hard to relax so that it would hurt less. I closed my eyes tight and tried to pretend I was somewhere else but Dad wasn't having any of it.

Slap. My face stung with the sudden impact and my head buzzed for a second. "Don't you dare close your eyes, you little whore!" he screamed at me from inches away from my face. I opened them wide in fear and tried my hardest to focus only on keeping them open. "There's Daddy's good girl." The words sickened my and I felt nauseous that he could stomach saying that sentence while preparing to hurt me like this.

I didn't have long to think about it before I felt him starting to slide into me and the searing pain hit. I couldn't help but groan from the pain and that made Dad moan right back in response.

"Oh god, you weren't lying. You're so tight," he moaned closing his eyes slightly with pleasure. "Oh and look at that. You're bleeding a little. He said lifting my pelvis off the bed slightly so that I could see the full horror of his huge cock inside me. Sure enough there was a little smear of blood across him from my hymen breaking. The pain was unbearable and seemed to get worse with every thrust. Finally I felt his cock pulse and throb inside me as he finished and laid down on top of me for a moment while he caught his breath.

Then with a soft moan he rolled off of me and laid next to me. "Oh baby, I know it hurt this time but next time it'll feel so much better for you. That is until we open up that last hole and make you completely Daddy's slut," he said kissing me on the cheek before getting up and heading out of my bedroom without bothering to get dressed.

That's the last thing I remember before I feel into a deep sleep.


I reached down to my little cunt and pushed my finger in. I was very sore and I could feel his fluids dripping out of me. I definitely lost my virginity to my father last night.