Gay russian twinks group Fearful of dying with regrets and missed

Gay russian twinks group Fearful of dying with regrets and missed
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CHAPTER 1 A little more than a week had passed since I'd watched my wife Sara getting fucked to death by JRock, one of our tweaker friends; it was her first time fucking a black man, & my first time wife sharing - and we both loved it.

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J-Rock brought Mike to the apartment to introduce us; Mike was an MMA fighter, occasional enforcer/protection for higher ranking local Blood members, and, perhaps most importantly, he had been released from county 3 hours ago, after doing a 4-month stint & needed a place to crash. We offered up our couch. All of us went in on two eight balls, which J went to pickup and bring back. Meanwhile, Sara & I had a gram of our own set aside that we decided to share with Mike.


Sitting on our bed passing the pipe around, naturally the conversation turned sexual, & it became evident that Mike knew some things about Sara and I before he'd even met us. We quickly realized that J Rock had told Mike about his romp with my wife 5 days ago; and after 4 months of lockup, he was wound up tight enough already, & Sara's short shorts weren't helping matters any. Just looking at him, you could see the conflict in his head - tapping his foot, his whole leg really, maniacally, clenching & in clenching his fists, & breathing heavily.

But his eyes never strayed from where they'd locked on - the space between Sara's slightly-open thighs. He asked if he could get some water from the kitchen, to which I said absolutely, & he excused himself while Sara & I kept smoking.

It was pretty blatant that he'd already done a fair dose before coming to our place - dude was SPUN already. Sara was amused by just how easily she got him hot & ready to go.

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"Don't start something if you're not gonna finish it," I said playfully. She chuckled, "Oh, I'll finish it! If he ever gets back in here, I was already planning on relieving some of that frustration from being in jail." That caught me off guard.

"For real?" "Well yeah.

Poor guy hasn't had any pussy in 4 months, almost 5. It's my duty as a woman to help the guy out.besides, his first lay after so long? He'll be like a fuckin' machine!" It hit me then that he'd been in the kitchen for at least 10 minutes, so I went to investigate; & when I turned the corner into the kitchen, I walked right in on Mike leaning against the counter, his pants around his ankles, stroking away furiously at his cock. When he realized I was there, he freaked, apologizing profusely.

Finally I shut him up, "Mike, calm down; just come back into our room, Sara has something she wants you to see." He followed me into our room. Sara had taken advantage of the time spent calming Mike down to change into a black thing with lace, matching bra, and nothing else; she leaned on one arm, legs outstretched, fire in her eyes.

Mike looked excited, but confused, like he was afraid this was a test of some kind. Sara repeated what she'd just told me about "performing a public service" and all that, which was good 'muffs for Mike, who shed his clothes in under a second & stood at the edge of the bed. My wife crawled to him on all fours, sliding his fully hard cock into her mouth as she reached him, and began using her oral skills to finish subduing Mike's anxiety and inhibitions. I grabbed the pipe and continued getting MORE gacked while I watched the 3D-interactive porn flick before me unfold from my recliner in the corner.

I wound up getting TOO high, because my memory is hazy; but eventually the brain fog cleared, and when I can focus again, Mike has Sara on her back in the bed, her legs wrapped tightly around his back, as he's hammering his cock deep inside her - I mean, when I "snap out of it", the first thing I see is Mike fucking my wife as hard, as deep, and as fast as he possibly can.

Sara's hanging halfway off the side of the bed, her head's touching the floor, and she's SCREAMING - top of her lungs, incoherent shrieks of the most intense ecstasy she'd ever felt.

She's so overwhelmed she can't even get actual words out, only primal, sex-driven screams urging Mike not to stop. He doesn't stop, he doesn't slow down, and he doesn't tire out; he just keeps pounding her guts out without letting up; her body starts convulsing from the intensity of her near constant orgasms, until she finally passes out from being so overwhelmed.

Mike just keeps plowing away, and a few minutes after she comes to, screaming again. Finally, Mike starts talking nasty to her.

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"Is that good? Huh? You fuckin' like that dick?!" A weak "mmhmm" is all she can manage. "You fuckin' like havin that filthy little pussy pounded bare by total strangers?! Hmm?!" She screams, "YES!

Ohhhh fuck YES!" "Yeah? You like getting fucked like a nasty little slut, you dirty little bitch?!" "YesyesyesyesyesyesyesFUCKMEEEEEEE! Ohhhh God, I'm a dirty bitch!


Fuck me like a slut baby!" "Fuck yes, you like being fucked like a whore don't you?" "FUCKKKK YESSS.I fucking LOVE how you're fucking me! Fuck! Unhh!


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I'm a dirty whore! I'm a fucking slut for your cock!


Uhhhh!" "You fuckin cockwhore! Gimme that slut pussy!" "Take that pussy baby! It's your pussy now baby." After several minutes of this unbelievably hot dirty talk between them, Mike sent us both over the edge, "You like my cock huh? Bet your husband doesn't fuck you this way." "NO HE DOESN'T!

ARRGGH GOD MIKE, YOU FUCK ME SO MUCH BETTER!" Sara was immediately slammed with a squirting, 60-second orgasm; while she was still cunning and spasming on Mike's cock, he buried it inside her as he pumped an absolutely massive load of cum in her pussy until it was flowing out of her; followed immediately by my own twitching cock.

I quickly got up and moved toward the bed, standing over Sara's head, pumping like mad. Then it finally hit, & I shot my cum all over her face, in her hair and down her neck.

She was absolutely covered in cum. After several minutes of silence, Sara turned to Mike, "Oh my god, thank you for that. Will you fuck me like that again tomorrow, please??" Mike turned and said, "tomorrow?!

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Fuck no! Tonight! Gimme like 4 hours." .to be continued.?