PERFECT BODY LATIN TEEN Big Cameltoe Big Ass Big Tits

PERFECT BODY LATIN TEEN Big Cameltoe Big Ass Big Tits
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Chapter 1 A few days after Mike & Sara's night of overwhelmingly-intense, mind-blowingly nasty, straight-up hardcore fucking, Mike had to leave town and head a few hours north to take care of some personal things.

Just as he was about to climb into his truck and head out, Sara backed him up against the vehicle, sank down straight to her knees, & proceeded to give Mike one of her epic, sloppy, deepthroat blowjobs "for the road" in the parking lot of our apartment building - at 2:30 in the afternoon, no less!

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One of our many "male drug buddies", Glenn, had come by around 20 minutes earlier; he and I watched all of it unfolding from our dining room window, which oveerlooked the lot from the second floor & provided us with a perfect view of his cock as it disappeared into her throat.

Each of us sported considerable hardons from the sight. It was around 2:45 when Mike finally succumbed to Sara's amazing skill with her mouth. As soon as she felt the first cock spasm, she immediately engulfed his cock, swallowing literally every inch as he started shooting his thick, sticky cum down her throat and into her stomach.

As he climbed into the driver's seat a minute later, Mike said that whenever he got back into town, the very first thing he'd do would be to come by and fuck her pussy where she stood, on the spot; then he drove away, and she turned toward the stairs leading up to our apartment.

Since she'd chosen the middle of the afternoon to make that little display, it had been witnessed by several individuals.

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3 or 4 of the guys who we're able to watch her little show from a short distance away had now gathered into a small group, and as she neared the stairs they began whooping, catcalling, and heckling her. One called out, "Hey baby, I just want you to know that as long as you're just giving out free blowjobs, I could REALLY use one!" Another chimed in, "And I seriously need some pussy, just sayin'!" And a third, "You think you could handle a lil gangbang action, take care of all of us at once?" By this time she was halfway up the stairs, & the guys were some 25 feet behind.

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She suddenly stopped, turned around on the step to face the obnoxious boys, cracked one of her signature erotic grin, grabbed the hem of the skirt she had on that ended mid-thigh, & lifted it up to reveal her panty-less shaved pussy, which was already fairly wet from her little exhibitionist blowjob. She paused for a moment, letting reality hit the quartet of overly-excited youngish men, and then said, "it's not a question of whether *I* can handle all of *you*, boys; trust me, it would be y'all that wouldn't be able to handle me.

I'd have all of you spewing your cum within 10 minutes. But if you really wanna take that bet, you can always come by Saturday night and try to prove me wrong." She gave them a wink, and then hustled back up the stairs & into our apartment.

Before I even got the chance to tell my wife how fucking hot all of that down in the parking lot was, Glenn announced that he was about to leave to go on a run, & asked if either of us wanted to come with.

While I declined, Sara decided she kinda wanted to go since she hadn't really been getting out of the house for a little while now, and five minutes later I found myself standing in an empty apartment, with a raging hardon & a handful of homemade videos I'd taken of Sara during some of her recent escapades; so I grabbed the laptop, got nice and comfy in the bed, & let the home movies roll for me to please myself to.

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After a while, I'd lost total track of time, not entirely certain how long Glenn & Sara had been gone. I texted her, just checking to be sure they were okay. Her reply came a minute later: "Ya we're fine, just ran into a hiccup. Not much longer tho," which was enough to alleviate any fear of getting arrested, or worse, and returned my attention to the video of Mike & Sara from just the other day.

The thought had already occurred to me that maybe the pickup had gone smoothly for once and they were already done - and if that was the case, that would make it something like 80% morelikely that they planned on doing some & getting fucked up before they planned on heading back. Suddenly I remembered something Sara had said, like a day or maybe two before getting screwed half to death by J-Rock. "I'd probably do anythingif I was high enough." Suddenly, all I could think about was those two, in a hotel, spun out from the shit they just picked up.

Could just be my imagination. Probably was in fact. I coated the floor in cum. Chapter 2 They returned a couple hours later, as promised, and they weren't acting out of the ordinary - so I let it go, and we all got fucked up to the floor. Glenn left some time afterward. Errands to run or something. The moment the front door closed, Sara was freeing my cock from my shorts, & shortly after I was overcome with pleasure as she fucked me with her lips.

"Y'know" I finally said in between gasps of ecstasy, "for a bit there, I was nearly certain you were off screwing Glenn." She stopped & looked up, withdrawing my rod from her mouth.

"Well.actually." My eyes shot wife open, partly in surprise, partly excitement, "what!" I called giddily. Still on her knees, she explained that the pickup went uber quick, and afterwards, the dealer they met just left from his hotel room saying he'd be back in a minute. Glenn & Sara did a little dope, supposedly to check the quality; then they did some more, until they'd just smoked, snorted and swallowed 30 cents altogether.


First, they just sat talking. Innocent banter. Until the topic "blowjob" was brought up.

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Glenn complained at how long it'd been since he'd gotten head. At this point she produced her little camera that had a video function, pressed some buttons, and handed it to me; and from then on, everything she described happening was really just narration for what I was now watching -- she'd set up her camera in the hotel, slyly!

It took just a few minutes before Sara had crawled up between his legs while he laid back on the bed, pulled his cock out, & was working it between her lips. It didn't take much time before his body started showing signs of orgasm. At the very moment his muscles contracted and his load spurt forth, he grabbed her hair, pulled himself completely free from her mouth, and blasted her in the face, hair and tits with a super thick load.

She immediately returned to sucking, continuing for several minutes, til it drove him mad. She then climbed Up and straddled him, sliding down onto his rod, which he suddenly started frantically pumping hard into her, without relenting at all, until he exploded again, inside her this time.

Them video stopped, and I realized she had returned to blowing me. She stopped periodically to narrate. "I hadn't planned it.


It just happened. And I filmed it so you could still watch him explode in my face. Really, it wouldn't have happened if I wasn't high." I then noticed the spots of dry cum, in her hair still, on parts of her face, chin, where she hadn't had time to remove it ALL, and my dick reacted, by spurting my load down her throat.

Recovering, I said, "you'll do ANYTHING if you're high enough, huh?" She grinned. "Yeah.higher I am, the more willing I am to do whatever the other person wants." And that fact turned me on so much.