Lala ebony teen rides cock

Lala  ebony teen rides cock
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There was this cute girl, Sandra, working at my work. I guessed that she was about my age. At the time I was just 20. When she first started work she would smile at me, whenever we met, and say "hello". As time went by we started to chat, and later we would flirt outrageously. I'm pretty sure that she initiated the flirting.

Then my steady girlfriend of two years dumped me because she had met someone new. She left me depressed and lacking self confidence. Somehow flirting with Sandra cheered me up a bit. Eventually I summoned up the courage to invite her for a date.

She looked pleased. "Ron. I thought that you would never ask. I'd love to go on a date with you. Where are we going?" We agreed that we would go on Friday night to my favourite restaurant, which has a view over Sydney harbour. It's a bit expensive, but I was keen to impress her. When I told my mum, she looked pleased.

"Hey. That's great, Ron. If she's here next morning I'll be happy to serve her breakfast." "Hell! Mum! It's only a first date. However, if I don't come home, don't worry about me." Mum and I lived alone, except that one or other of her two boyfriends sometimes stayed overnight, and before my girlfriend dumped me she was often there for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

The meal went very well, I thought. She seemed to appreciate the meal, the wine, the view across the harbour, and the general ambiance. We chatted and flirted with each other comfortably. My depression had vanished. In the taxi, on the way to her place, she sat close to me and held my hand. I was pretty sure that I could count on a good-night kiss when I dropped her off. "Thank you, driver. Would you mind waiting while I say good night to my friend?" "Don't be silly, Ron.

Pay the driver off and come inside with me. The night's still young." "Are you sure?" "Yes. It's been a wonderful evening so far, but I don't want it to end yet." As soon as her front door was shut she kicked off her shoes, then tugged at something on the back of her neck and her dress slid down her body and pooled around her feet.

She stepped out of it completely naked and just left it there. I knew that she was not wearing a bra because her dress exposed her naked back almost down to her bum crack, and now I knew that she had not been wearing panties either. Wow! "I hope that you don't mind, Ron? I really like to be naked whenever possible. I think that my young body is too beautiful to hide under clothes." "Well.

As long as you don't mind me staring at all your beautiful bits, I don't mind at all. How come no panties?" "I thought that you might try to grope me, either under the table at the restaurant or in the taxi. I thought that my bare pussy would be a nice surprise for you." "Shit, Sandra.

I would have been satisfied with a good-night kiss outside your front door. I guess I should be more ambitious around you." Then she stepped up to me, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me and, of course, I responded. What red-blooded young male would not?


"Would you like another drink, first, or shall we just go to bed now?" How would you answer that question when a stunning, naked blond (Her pubic hair, what's left of it, matches the hair on her head.) was pressing her huge breasts into your chest? Minutes later we were in her bedroom and she was helping me undress. Sandra pushed me backwards against the bed, so that I ended up sitting with my feet on the floor and my bum on the bed.

Sandra urged my knees apart and knelt on the floor between them.


To say that my cock felt wonderful in her mouth is an understatement it was a magnificent feeling. "I'm … about … to … cum." I managed to warn her. She sped up, not taking me as deep in her mouth, but she was jacking the base of my cock with her hand.

I shot half a dozen ropes of cum in her mouth. She held still with the head of my cock just inside her lips. When I had finished she showed me her mouth full of my white cum before she swallowed and showed me that her mouth was now empty. Then she licked me clean with her tongue. "How come your cock is still so hard?" "Well. There's this stunningly beautiful, naked blond just inches away and I'm thinking that she probably wants me to fuck her. Thoughts like that do that to me." "Flatterer!" Then she somehow managed to impale herself on my cock by straddling my thighs as I sat there on the bed.

She pressed her hard nipples against my chest and lifted up and down, fucking herself on my erect prick. I lasted longer this second time and watched Sandra cum 3 times before I was finally pumping my seed deep inside her cunt. I fell asleep after that, and I assume that she did too. The next thing that I knew was that something warm and moist was around my once-again-stiff prick and something that smelt of sex was pressed against my face and there was a pair of legs either side of my head. The morning light bathed the little of the room that I could see.

I moaned and started to lick and suck on her labia and clit while her mouth slid up and down on my stiff shaft. I was rewarded first by a stream of strange-tasting ejaculate from her cunt, then by that wonderful feeling of release that comes with pumping a load of cum into a tight moist hole.

After that she dragged me into her shower, which was another beautiful experience as I pressed my wet skin against her wet skin. I borrowed a razor and shaved then went to put my clothes on, thinking that my welcome was probably over.

"Please, Ron, don't put anything on yet. I don't like anyone to wear anything in this place." I didn't pick up on the fact that 'anyone' implied more than just the two of us.

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However she steered me to the kitchen, where another naked couple was seated at the table eating breakfast. "Ron. I want you to meet my husband, Reg, and his lover, Maria.

Reg, Maria, this is my new lover, Ron." "What! Your husband? His lover? What the fuck am I doing here then?" "Oh! Ron! Don't be cross. I wanted you to fuck me before I tried to explain. Please don't think that I tricked you." "So what's to explain? I don't get it." "Sit here and eat your breakfast and we'll explain everything." "OK" "When Reg and I were both 18 I got pregnant.

As soon as I realised that I was pregnant, I told Reg and he proposed to me. Our families weren't very happy, but we were married by the time that I was 2 months gone.


Then a month later I lost the baby. "By the time that the doctors had finished with me, I was OK to fuck again, and I had a small implant under my skin which would protect me from getting pregnant for 3 years. I felt a complete fraud because Reg had married me because of a baby that no longer existed. Reg assured me that he really liked being married to me, but I could tell that there was something else.

"I kept pestering him to tell me what it was until he confessed that he had only ever fucked me, and he wished that he had had a little more experience. My sister, Maria, had just broken up with her latest boyfriend, and she and I had been lesbian lovers since I was 12 and she was 14, so it was easy for me to suggest to her that she and Reg fuck each other, and she agreed.

"The first time was very exciting. We were all naked, but I just watched. I had a small orgasm as I watched first Maria, then Reg cum as they fucked. That night I made the rule that, whenever possible, everyone must be naked in our home.

Since then we've found ways to fuck that involve all three of us." "I don't get it. Reg and Maria weren't here last night when you brought me here. Where were they?" "Maria lives in the unit next door on the same level, at least that is what we tell our parents and that is where she collects her mail, but most nights she sleeps in our bed with Reg and me.

Did you notice how big our bed is? Anyway, last night Reg and Maria slept together in Maria's bed so that I could bring you home with me without trying to explain our unusual sleeping arrangements" "So.

I was just a one-night fling, was I?" Reg answered me. "We all hope not. Sandra chose you because she likes you and she hoped that we could all get along together. We hope that we'll see a lot of you from now on and that you'll like us and we'll like you. Eventually it might make sense for you to move in permanently with us." Maria added, "Please stay for the weekend, at least. We'll all do what we can to make you feel welcome." By now Sandra was standing beside me holding her body against mine.

She looked into my eyes. "Please, Ron." "I don't get it. If I stay, how does it all work?" "Well. We don't want to do anything that will freak you out.

But I certainly want you to fuck me again. If you don't find it too weird I'd like Reg and Maria to watch next time.

And, but only if it's what you want, you can fuck Maria while Reg and I watch. What do you say?" "My head is spinning. It's you, Sandra, that I took on a date last night, and it's you who brought me into your home and your bed, which now turn out to be a communal home and a communal bed. Yet now you're telling me that you all want a sort of foursome, in which I get to fuck both you and your sister.

Have I got that straight?" "Yes." "That's it." "Exactly." "Well. If that's what the three of you really want, I'm willing to stay for this weekend and see how it works out." Sandra leant over me and kissed me on the lips with a bit of tongue. Maria came around the table and kissed me on the lips with a bit of tongue. Reg stood up and reached across the table and shook my hand. "By the way, I have no problem watching lesbian sex, but I'm definitely not into sex with another bloke." "That's OK." Reg replied, "Neither am I, although I really like watching Maria and Sandra together, especially when I'm fucking one of them.

Maybe, soon, you can fuck one and I'll fuck the other, while they are in a 69, eating each other's pussies." "Reg!

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I'm not sure that Ron's ready for something that extreme. It must seem pretty weird to him." "It's OK, Sandra. You're right that I'm not ready for that yet, but that's partly because I've only just met Maria and Reg, and I've never heard of such a preposterous proposition before.

Let's just see how this weekend goes." I phoned my mum and told her that I had fallen into bed with my date and that I was going to stay with her until Sunday evening. I didn't mention anything about her husband or her sister. I thought that that could wait until I knew how I felt about this strange menage a trois or maybe menage a quatre.

"Have fun, Ron. I hope that you'll tell me all the juicy details when you get home." "OK, mum. Seeya." "It's such a beautiful day. Let's go for a sail. What do you say, Ron?" "You've got a yacht?" "No. We're pretty broke, but my dad does and I can borrow it whenever I want, provided I help him maintain it. It's only 30ft long but it's great inside the harbour." "I'll have to borrow something suitable to wear, if that's alright?" "Sure. I'll lend you a pair of board shorts. That's all you'll need." Sandra and Maria put on miniature bikinis.

Reg and I wore board shorts. We drove to Reg's parents' place and Reg disappeared inside and came out again carrying an enormous sail bag, which he placed on the back seat where Sandra had been sitting, forcing Sandra to sit on my lap.

Neither of us minded that I was soon running my hands all over her beautiful young barely-covered body. When I pushed my hand under her bikini top and squeezes her nipple, I half expected her to push my hand away and tell me to behave myself.

Instead she pushed her hand down inside my board shorts and started to stroke my cock. From the front passenger seat Maria turned around and saw what we were doing. "Reg. Your wife and her new lover are trying to get each other off. They look so hot." "That's good.

We want Ron to feel comfortable with us. I hope that you'll swap with Sandra on the way home, and show him as much love as Sandra is." Apparently they really meant what they had told me about losing my inhibitions when I was with them! As soon as we were on the yacht Reg and the girls got busy hoisting the sails and dropping the mooring.

Once we were under way the two girls took off their bikini tops. It's then that it struck me that they had no tan lines. The light tan of their young bodies extended unbroken over their firm young breasts. I guessed that earlier I had been too bemused by their strange revelations to notice their beautiful, all-over tans. After a short sail down the harbour we pulled into a small cove, surround by sandstone cliffs and wild bush, which must look the same as it looked when the first fleet sailed into Sydney harbour on the 26th January 1788 and established the first British colony in Australia.

Looking back across the harbour, the modern buildings of Sydney were everywhere, but this little cove was still in its wild state.

There was a small strip of beach, covered with naked people. A few were playing volley ball, a few were swimming or paddling in the harbour water, but the vast majority were lying on beach towels, reading, or sleeping or just soaking up the sun.

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We all stripped off the few clothes that we were wearing. Then Sandra and Maria produced lunch, sandwiches and a bottle of wine. It was truly magical there with the blue sky and the sparkling blue harbour, a light breeze to keep us from getting too hot. As I sipped my cold Riesling and remembered last night with Sandra, I felt relaxed. Suddenly Maria was sitting behind me on the gunwale as I sat on the bench seat which ran around the cockpit.

She was holding me against her naked body, and had her legs wrapped around me, making me her willing prisoner. Reg and Sandra took some of the cushions from the bench seat and laid them on the cockpit floor.

When Sandra lay on her back on the cushions and Reg moved between her spread legs, I realised with a shock that they were about to fuck in front of me, us. Despite what they had told me at breakfast, I was still shocked. Part of me still thought of Sandra as my new girlfriend, even though I knew that Reg was her husband. But then again an equally beautiful young woman had my back pressed against her pussy, and her hard nipples were pushed against my shoulders.

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And apparently I was expected to fuck Maria at some stage. Also I realised that, apart from the porn that I had watched on the web, I had never watched two people fuck before. Reg had his face pressed into her crotch. I could not see what he was doing, but Sandra really appreciated it.

When Reg sat up again his face was soaking wet and Sandra had a very satisfied look on her face. Then Reg moved over her body and I had a clear view of his cock pistoning in and out of her cunt. Sandra came first and Reg very shortly after.

Reg helped Sandra up and she turned to me and took hold of my dick. Until then, I had been unaware of how hard it was. "Well! I looks like you enjoyed watching Reg fuck me. That's good, you're ready to fuck Maria next. OK?" Somehow I was swept along with their sexuality which was entirely new to me.

Maria released me and pushed me to stand up. I helped her down from the gunwale and lead her to the cushions. She lay on her back and spread her legs for me. I went to follow Reg's lead and go down on her. "Next time you can eat me first. Right now I want your cock inside me, please, Ron." So I obliged. I realised how exciting watching Reg and Sandra had been for me when after only about 1 minute of stroking in and out of Maria I was pumping her full of my cum.

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"I'm sorry Maria. I was more aroused than I realised. Would you let me eat your pussy now?" "Oh! Would you? Yes please. I was nearly there." I had never tasted my own cum before, but that was just one of many new experiences for me on this surreal weekend.


I worked up and down Maria's slit, tongue fucking her, sucking on her lips then squeezing her clit between my lips and stroking it with my tongue.

It only took a few minutes of this treatment before Maria was moaning through a satisfying orgasm. After that we sailed back to Reg's father's mooring and headed for their home.

I realised that I was in for an extraordinary night. Please vote and comment. To be continued.