Giant wild gay sex party

Giant wild gay sex party
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Nasir shoved his 9 in. dick up my ass. I tried to break free but Tony had me in a good grip. "Why you didn't listen" Tony whispered in my ear. "Please stop" I pleaded.

Tony chuckled. Nasir rammed my ass about 10 more times before Tony said stop. By now tears were streaming down my face. Tony propped his self up at the end of the bed. "Now you gone suck daddy dick" Tony said. I shook my head yes. And bent over to kiss his head. I was very inexperienced so I didn't know how to start. I wrapped my hands around the shaft and wrapped my lips around the head.

I started to jack him off while I sucked his head. I thought I was doing something right cause he groaned. "Damn" Tony said. I started getting used to his size. I fitted half if him in my mouth and let out a low moan.

I felt a tongue sliding up my slit. It must have been Nasir eating my cunt from the back. He flipped his tongue back and fourth on my clit. My knees started to shake. I tried to deep throat Tonybut I gagged. I started rubbing his balls. I think I got the hang of it so I started going faster. I bit the head of his dick on accident.

"Aww,you-" (smack) He smacked me across the face. "Sorry" was the only thing that could escape my mouth. I was disturbed by the balcony door opening.

"Damn daddy" Kayla said.

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I turned around to see Kayla sloppy drunk. She was hugged up against a light skinned African American. He was a lil' chubby but a good body frame. He had deep smooth waves in his hairand a tattoo on his chest kind of like Tony's.

Without further words Kayla got on her knees and gave him head. I heard the slurping sounds from the bomb head she was giving. All I could see was head going moving up and down. The "man" started to let out low moans. "What you lookin' at," *smack* Tony smacked my ass. "She should be taking notes" *smack* Nasir smacked my ass. They took turns alternating cheeks. Tears started streaming down my face at this time. "look at that ass jiggle" the "man" said. Tony grabbed my hair laid me on my back.

He lifted my legs up and opened them. He lifted his bare dick to my pussy hole. "No, No, No" I yelled hitting his chest. "Shut the fuck up" Nasir yelled smacking one of breasts.

Tony just chuckled. He try to enter patiently but he got frustrated. "Fuck this shit" he said grabbing my ankles and just shoving it in.

I screamed and moaned from the pain. When I looked over at Kayla she was having a fuck session of her own. The "man" was hitting it doggy style. Tony had broke my hymen. I was still screaming and hitting his chest but it wasn't working. His muscular chest couldn't feel my strikes. The pain finally subdued and pleasure kicked in.

I finally got used to it. With every one of his strokes I met with a thrust of my hips. Now I was moaning from pleasure.

"Want a hit" Tony asked Nasir. Tony let me ride while Nasir positioned his dick at my ass. He shoved his dick in I let out a loud scream. Tony's dick was already hitting my cervix. I was feeling the pain from both Tony and Nasir.

Tony had broken my hymen and Nasir was giving me my first anal. "Damn she tight and wet" Nasir said smacking my ass and pulling my hair. The pain was starting to subdue and pleasure started to kick in.

I was now moaning from pleasure. "AHHHHHHHHHH" I yelled. "you like that" the "man" said. Now he was fucking Kayla missionary style her legs on his shoulders. Kayla and I moaned in unison. *Smack* "shut up all that damn noise" Nasir said smacking my ass. I kept moaning. He chuckled. He started ramming my ass faster, harder, and deeper. I moaned even louder.

I was on the verge of Cumming. "Ah, Ah, IM CUMMING!" I yelled. Now Tony was gong the same pace as Nasir. The orgasm was going from my toes to my over-fucked vagina.

I squirted a little on Tony. "Damn, daddy" was all I could muster. The orgasm was incredible. Even though I had came. Nasir and Tony was trying to get theres. Nasir had came in my ass while Tony was going to cum in my unprotected womb. "No, Tony I'm not on birth control!" "Fuck it" he replied. He came hard. Cum was dripping from my ass and pussy. I climbed off of Tony and ran to the balcony and locked the outside door. I didn't know what to think of what just happened.

What if I'm pregnant. I heard Kayla's love making from the balcony. He must have some super dick I preached. I waited an hour getting my thoughts together. When I had re-entered the room everyone was gone and Kayla was sleep on her bed. I showered and headed off to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night to pleasure. I dreamed about Tony fucking my brains out. I went to bed horny as hell.

I woke up to breakfast in bed. "Room Service" the Asian girl above me said holding a tray. "Thank you" I replied. She sat the tray on the bed and left the room. Kayla was knocked out. I predicted she'll sleep most of the morning.

I looked at the tray in front of me and saw pancakes, eggs, and sausage. But it was also a little note: Hope you like breakfast. I've gave you a list of things to do before our date tonight. And I would like to apologize about last night, but I will make up for that tonight. -Tony What the hell a date?! I'm ENGAGED! I really wanted to go on the date.

What did Tony have in store for me.

Hey, what the hell. I went to my suitcase and out on the cutest outfit I could find. Some brown leggings with a tan tank top and a creme cardigan. I slipped on some tan wedges and headed for the bedroom. I applied some make-up and lipgloss and fixed my hair.

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I pinned it to one side with huge curls. After I had freshened up I grabbed my gold clutch and the list and ran to the lobby. "Mrs. Riley" the driver said at the exit door. I strutted toward him and said rite here. He lead the way to the limo and I was stunned, he just had to go all out. I entered the limo and saw a rose and a note. The note read: I hope you like the limo and there's a special gift at your next stop. -Tony All I could do was smile. I finally read the list and the first thing I had to do was go to a small boutique.

"Mam' we're five minutes from your destination. " the driver said looking back. "Ok, thank you" I responded smelling my rose. When I arrived at the boutique the clerk greeted me. "You must be Denise" she said shaking my hand. "Yes" "Well, Tony has picked out something it's in the back." I walked with her to the back. I saw a lovely red dress. It was a halter dress that had a piece material in the front that showed most of my cleavage the same swoosh of hanging material was in the back.

It wrapped around my legs just enough to show off my curves. "Would you like to try it on" the clerk said pointing to a dressing room.


"Of course" I responded and walked out. When I trowel the dress it fit perfect.

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I can't believe he picked this out. I stepped out the dressing room to show it off to the clerk. "Your mans gon' drool for you over this dress." "Ya' think" I responded. "I know" I looked at the time and knew I had to leave for the next thing on the list. "Girl by and thank you, do I owe you anything" I said grabbing my clutch for my money. "No, he paid for everything" she said waving as I left.

Wow, he paid for everything. I hopped in the Limo and we sped off to the next stop. The next stop was a shoe store. "Next stop, mam" he said while opening the door. "Thanks" I walked to the entrance and a handsome Caucasian male introduced me, "You must Ms.Riley" "Yes" I said with confidence. "Well I have a pair of shoes for you right here" "Lovely, can I see them" "Of Course" I walked to the stool taking the box with me.

I was stunned to see a pair gucci shoes with glitter and red jewels in the side. The complemented the dress perfect. They must gave venn six in. at the least. I also found a matching clutch. I liked what I saw when I looked in the mirror.

"You look gorgeous if I might say" the clerk said. "Thank You" I said heading for the door. "Come back" he said as I left. The limo driver stared as I hopped in the car. He quickly drove to the next stop. "Last stop" the Limo driver said. "Thanks" he helped me out the car.

A hair salon. I walked to the smell of burnt hair. "you must be Ms. Riley" the front desk clerk asked.


"Yes, nice to meet you" I said shaking HIS hand. He was fairly attractive. Stood about 6'2, deep waves, great smile, light-Skinned. "My pleasure" he said giving me a once over. He walked me over to a empty chair.

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I felt everyone looking at me as I walked. I waited about 3 min. before my stylist came.

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I was in total disbelief. When I saw Nasir's reflection in the mirror behind me. "Hello Miss" he said grinning. Want More? Comment…Rate