Russische Mama gefickt und anfänglich gefistet

Russische Mama gefickt und anfänglich gefistet
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A random night out. My girls and I were getting ready in my flat.


We arrived at the club and made a grand entrance. You turned around the same moment and our eyes met. The sheer voltage of the spark that erupted between us could power up a small town. I smiled at you, the type of smile that you'd say melts you. You smiled back, checking me out from my head, through my corset enhanced curves and tailored trousers, to the tips of my black stilettoes. You glanced around, the other guys in the bar were gaping.

You felt a rush of alfa male pride that this gorgeous little thing is smiling just at you. How could I not smile, when there you were. looking so hot in jeans and sport buttoned shirt.

I slowly walked towards you swaying my hips. 'Nice surprise; glad you could make it' I said casually, but you could see the devils dancing in my eyes. Everyone exchanged pleasantries and we started the evening proper. Alcohol and dancing, we all tried to make the best of it. You and I however gravitated all night towards one another. Discretely. Like when you stood behind me at the crowded bar, waiting to order your cocktail, with your hand firmly grabbing my ass.

Or when we sat at the table, you felt my hand on you squeezing your penis through your jeans. The tension was getting almost unbearable, we enjoyed every second of it. Late during the night I texted you to call it a night and meet me in my place in 10min. I said my goodbyes and left.

You followed shortly after. I texted you again that the door is open and you should just come in. Well. that wasn't something you'd say no to, was it?


You entered the flat, it was lit only by a single lamp. You couldn't see me anywhere, but you could hear the shower running. You walked towards the bathroom door and opened it slowly. The entire place was full of steam; you could barely see anything. You heard me open the shower door and say almost mockingly 'are you waiting for a special invitation??'. You thought 'oh, you little annoyingly irresistible devil'.

We both waited so long for this. To be alone, the same place, the same time. You stripped and came into the shower. We stood there, under hot waterfall, feasting our eyes on the sight of our naked bodies. Both of us suddenly scared to make a move, to spoil the moment.

I broke the impasse, took your hand and placed it over my chest. I covered it with my one palm and rested the other on your heart. I said 'it's me, my deliciousness, it's just me'.

You let out a deep sigh and put your other hand around my waist pulling me closer. We stood like that for a while, waiting for the reality of the situation to sink in. I raised my hands and crossed them behind your head caressing your neck and shoulders. You looked down on me, your eyes darkened with desire.

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You touched the side of my face with your hand, your thumb sliding over my lower lip. The one you'd love to bite. I pressed my body against yours, feeling your erection. It was so good to be able to feel you, no jackets, shirts or blouses between us. Just skin to skin. Your hands started moving exploring my back, waist and hips. I placed a soft kiss on your chest, just above your heart. You turned me around and pulled tightly against your chest.

Your palms cupped my breasts and my nails dug into your thighs. I heard you growl and you whispered in my ear 'Vous êtes si belle .

Ma chéri'. You lifted me in your arms and carried me over to the bedroom.

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You laid me onto the bed and stood over admiring me. I reached out for your hand and pulled you on top of me. I wanted, needed to feel the weight of your body on mine.

The fact that you were strong enough to crush me with one hand was a turn on. We rolled in the sheets and now I was on top. I straightened my back and looked down on you. 'Do you trust me?' Yes, you said grabbing my hips and trying to push me onto your big, hard dick. I swayed my hips and told you in stern voice to let go. Your hands fell limp. I laughed and said that I liked when you obeyed me so eagerly. And that obedience is always rewarded.

I kissed you, but didn't stop at the lips.

I moved down, slowly, covering your body with sensual kisses, biting all the sensitive spots on the way. I got up and went to my bag. You watched me with slight apprehension. I got back to the bed and asked you again, very seriously 'do you feel safe?'. 'I do. with you' you said.

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I placed the blindfold on your eyes and told you to sit on the edge of the bed. I took your hand and guided you to the exact spot. I told you to place your hands back for support and stay like that no matter what. You felt me standing right in front of you. I caressed your face, my lips chasing my fingers, going down. down. I spread your legs and knelt between them, kissing your stomach while my hands were going up and down your legs. You heard me giggle and say 'see. that's where me being a hobbit and you being so tall comes in handy.

My lips are on perfect height when I'm kneeling in front of you.' you laughed, but it was cut short when you felt my tongue tracing the entire length of your penis. My mouth covered your balls, kissing and sucking. I moved then up to the base and worked all the way up.

Your breathing became erratic. After long minutes of doing just that, caressing your dick with my tongue, lips and hands, but not taking it into my mouth it became nearly a torture for you. 'Please.' 'Please what?' 'Please, you're killing me.' 'Verbalize your needs, baby' 'Take me in your mouth, I need to feel you' And you did.

slowly I circled your tip with my tongue. A shiver run down your entire body. You were so damn hard that for a moment I thought I might have pushed you too far.

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But no, you liked to be denied, so I kept you on the thin line. You felt the warmth and the softness of inside of my mouth when I took you in. With no warning I started sucking hard, flicking my tongue over your sensitive tip over and over again.

My hands were stroking you and squeezing your balls. You were gasping for air. Your hips started to push forward and your muscles started to tense.

Everything stopped. I had other plans for you than to let you finish then and there. You grunted with disappointment over abrupt withdrawal. I laughed. Your hand went to your face to remove the blindfold. I caught your wrist and said 'you were not given permission'.

Your hand returned to the bed. You felt me sitting on your lap. I took your penis in my hand and guided it inside me. You nearly invoked the lord's name in vain.

That's how incredibly tight, hot and wet I was around you. You were filling me up so perfectly. I kissed you deeply and whispered, 'you are permitted to touch'. You oh so eagerly did. Your hands immediately went to my hips, to my back, everywhere you could. You were holding me close, feeling my breasts on your chest. I repositioned myself slightly and said 'now, close your eyes as i remove the blindfold. Keep them closed unless I tell you otherwise'.

You nodded in understanding. I removed your blindfold and kissed your eyelids. I pulled you closer and you rested your chin on my shoulder. My hips started to sway again, a seductive dance, with you buried deep inside my pussy. 'Open your eyes'. You did and the first thing you saw was our reflection in the wardrobe mirror. Me on top of you, your hands on my ass, my hips moving up and down and in circles.

You could see yourself disappearing in me. You saw and felt me increasing the pace.

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'I'm gonna cum' you heard me whisper and you observed in the mirror how my back arches, how my body tenses. you felt my pussy pulsating around you, squeezing your penis even tighter. it went on. and on. and on. 'Gods.' you heard me moan your name. It was too much. a sensory overload. With a deep growl you grabbed my hips and impaled me on you with nearly brutal force. and again. and again., your eyes fixed on the mirror. And then you came, shooting hot cum deep inside me. I felt it so hard and I came again, sort of an aftershock.

You fell back on the bed, I laid on top of you. We were both spent. You kissed the top of my head and caressed my back. I looked up. Your face was so serene in that moment, smile wandering on your lips. You pulled me closer and held me in your arms. Heat from your body was keeping me warm. I sighed with content and relaxed totally. I must have fallen asleep.

I woke up to your fingers massaging my clit. My arms were over my head, tied to the bed with my own scarf. You looked at me with that devilish grin and said 'guess who's the master now sweetness.?'