Ninfona besando pechos chicona guapa

Ninfona besando pechos chicona guapa
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At the time of my first experience I was 15 years old. Like most kids I would spend countless hours surfing the web and chatting to people online. One day I got a message from this nice man, he said he was 48 years old which I thought was kind of weird but I figured what the heck, there is no harm in just chatting with this guy.


After about 8 months or so of chatting online we had really gotten to know eachother. Before talking to him I had never even thought of being with another guy but the more and more we talked I became drawn to him, he was so caring and easy to talk to! When we finally decided to swap pics I knew right then that I wanted to try being with this guy I didn't care how old he was.

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One morning after everyone had gone off to work I went online and there he was, we talked for a bit, eventually I got up the courage to ask him if he wanted to meet. We agreed to meet at the videostore around the corner from my house so that there would be people there.

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I waited in the parking lot for him to arrive. As soon as he pulled in I jumped in his truck and told him we should just drive around and chat for a bit instead of going in the store. We were hardly out of the parking lot and he reach his hand of and started rubbing my leg. It was like a giant wave of electricity went through my body.

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my cock instantly started to rise. At that point I slid right next to him so that he could get a better reach at my leg, as soon as we were next to eachother he started moving his hand up my leg until he found my 7inch cock waiting for him, precum oozing from the tip.

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He continued to jerk me off, I eventually got up the courage to place my hand on his already hard cock. He immediately found a place for us to park!


Once we were stopped he leaded over and kissed me, I had never kissed a guy before but this was unbelieveable It made me want to almost cum right on the spot. I broke the kiss and lay down on the bench seat, he leaded over and removed my shorts and started sucking my cock, he started by licking the tip, gently swirling his tongue around the shaft all the way down until a good part of my cock was in his mouth, he reached under and started rubbing my anus, which sent me to a completely different level and seconds later i was cumming!

I had never came so hard in my life, he had trouble keeping it all in his mouth. Once he swallowed my cum and put my shorts back on and sat up, and we talked for a minute and decided to drive back to his place. We got back on the road and started to drive, it was about a 30 minute drive to his place.

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About 10 minutes out from his place he reached down and slid of his shorts exposing his 5inch cock. I just stared at it in amazement not knowing what to do. All of a sudden he gently guided my head down shoving his cock deep into my mouth, he held my head down there as we continued to drive. The longer I sucked on his cock the more I began to enjoy the taste, smell, feel of playing with another mans cock. We pulled into his driveway and he reclined his seat lifting his legs onto the dashboard.

He told me to start licking his nuts, I obeyed and not realizing how hard i did it shoved his balls into my mouth, he winced in pain and pulled my head up and told me we were going inside.

Once inside he told me to go to the backdeck and have a seat around the pool so I went outside and sat dipping my legs in the pool after about 2 minutes he came outside completely naked holding 2 towels, he asked me to come help him with the door so that he could grab the snack he had prepared for us, as i grabbed the towels from him he picked me up and through me into the pool when i surfaced i didn't no what was going on, suddenly i felt my shorts/boxers disappear from my body I looked down to see him swimming away with my stuff, I chased after him and caught up to him, he pulled me close and kissed me, he explored eachothers bodies with our hands, eventually he found his way to my ass, and parted my cheeks, he gently used his index finger and put it in, going in and out slowly working my hole.

He turned me around and pulled my ass up against him, I could feel his cock pressing against my hole. I immediately told him to stop saying i wasn't ready for this, Not today I wanted to take things slow.

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but no luck he continued to press his cock into my ass, I let out a loud scream as he shoved his cock deep into my ass, he was pumping hard and fast, tears streaming down my face from the pain. After about 5 minutes the pain slowly disappeared and it actually started to feel good.

By now we had moved half way across the pool to the stairs. He leaned me over on the stairs giving him a better shot at my ass.IT FELT AMAZING.i was moaning hard as he pumped away at my ass. within minutes I was cumming again. When he saw my cum filling the pool, he screamed "OH FUCK TIM, LET DADDY CUM IN YOU!" his body spasmed for a moment or so then he collapsed ontop of me, slowly pulling his now soft cock out of my hole.After a minute or 2 we decided to go upstairs for a nap and a little more fun

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