The very sexy neighbor slut gets banged

The very sexy neighbor slut gets banged
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As the days back in Manila turned to weeks, Matthew Ryder's life took a bizarre series of twists and turns, none more so than with Heather's sixteen-year old twin sisters Mia and Tia.

An absolute godsend in the wake of Mae-Lin's departure, the apartment began to take on its former glory. A makeshift interview failing to identify one candidate above the other, benevolently Matthew took on both, a decision facilitated by an advance from Tino out of an insurance policy on his father's life. A godsend yes, but something didn't quite add up. A shrewd young man, Matthew wondered why a sassy girl like Heather would foist a pair of flirtatious young nymphs that oozed sex appeal on her eligible and impressionable boyfriend.

It was asking for trouble and whatever way he looked at it, things just didn't make sense. Matthew decided he needed to get to the bottom of it, and quickly. The intercom buzzed and he allowed the twins up into the apartment for their second clean.

He marvelled at their petite bodies as they passed by. Filipina girls being naturally small, it was a rarity to encounter one that stood above his shoulder, yet this pair were like little china dolls, barely five feet tall in white trainers, faded jeans and sweatshirts, with their jet hair tied back in matching pigtails. Like two giggly schoolgirls around the handsome young man who was romancing their sister, they made in-jokes at one another's expense whilst vying painfully and unsubtly for his attention.

Matthew paid little heed to their flirting, for Heather occupied his thoughts entirely. Besides which, his a bad feeling about the whole scenario still lingered.

As Mia set off to the kitchen and Tia to the bathroom, Matthew headed to the study where a laptop was housed. Primed and ready to go, the young man felt a modicum of guilt at what he was about to do. He was quick to remind himself, however, that they were two strangers in an apartment full of expensive artefacts.

Rare vases were scattered all over the place, galleries of original paintings hung on the walls and jewellery was stashed in unlocked drawers. That was not to mention an extensive range of expensive electronic gadgetry, all within arm's each. As such, keeping a close eye on the pair, at least until he trusted them, was an absolute necessity.

It didn't take much cunning to slip an expensive trinket into a pocket, and he knew that both girls were desperate for money. Plus there was little point spending endless hours with a surveillance expert if he couldn't take advantage of a few tricks of the trade. The time spent with Johnny Frio had certainly not been wasted, making this was just about the most security-conscious pad in the whole of Manila.

The spy cameras revealed the pair in split-screen precision: Mia in the kitchen mopping the floor with Tia stretched up holding a feather duster to rid the bathroom of a cobweb. The pair worked fastidiously, getting into every nook and cranny and scrubbing away as their lovely plump arses teased the camera. It was then that the telephone rang. "Matthew, it's Johnny, I found out what you wanted." Not a moment too soon, the young man thought. The instruction had been simple: locate Heather's last fiance and pose a few timely questions.

"He no want speak at first," Johnny disclosed. "I have to sweeten him up a little, but it money well spent." Matthew nodded.

"So what is it," he mused, fearing the worst, "some kind of blackmail scam?" "No, you way off mark, Matthew," Johnny revealed. "From what I learn I get impression Heather just a very insecure young lady." "Oh, right." "I guess you could say her sisters are like a test for prospective boyfriends." "Ah, like a honey trap." "Exactly my friend.

Though it must mean she likes you." "So what happened to the last one?" Matthew enquired. Johnny chortled. "What you think happened? Temptation too much for him. He slept with both of them of course. Next day he find himself dumped." Matthew rubbed his chin pensively. Unsure quite how this made him feel about Heather, setting a honey trap hardly endeared her to him.

"Cheers Johnny, a job well done." "So if I was you Matthew, I steer well clear of these naughty little sisters." Matthew smiled, regaining his composure. Evidently Johnny didn't know him very well, did he? Ever since his time in England, the young daredevil had come to embrace danger with the same disdain as Evel Knieval. No challenge was too extreme.

If things worked out the way he planned, he'd get what he wanted from the girls on his terms and still keep Heather.

It was just a question of biding his time and staying one step ahead. Settling back into the chair, he watching the pair as they worked up a sweat, brows glazed. In fact, Tia had become so overheated in the bathroom she'd removed her jeans and sweatshirt and was doing the cleaning in underwear alone. And a gorgeous little thing she was too, easy on the eye with tiny breasts and a tight bum.

Fifteen minutes elapsed before she was done in the bathroom. He had to admit it looked pretty darn spotless, the white tiles dazzling once more, silver taps glaring and redwood surround sporting a healthy glow. He heard Tia call from upstairs: "Matthew, you like to come and inspect, yah?" The young man grinned inwardly. Presumably it wasn't the bathroom he was expected to inspect - but a nubile teen in bra and panties. He rose from the laptop and headed up the stairs, passing her sister Mia who was still busy in the spacious kitchen.

"You're doing a great job," Matthew offered in encouragement as he passed the girl on her knees, rewarded with a forced smile. He feigned surprise at witnessing Tia in such a state of undress, in an innocent pose with one leg behind the other, hands by her sides. "It very hot in here," she stated with an explanatory pout, fanning her face vigorously.

"You like what you see, yah Matthew?" she enquired coquettishly. Retaining his cool and a motionless poker face, Matthew replied: "Yes, you've done a very good job, Tia. Though I'm not sure it's entirely appropriate for you to be dressed like that. You might get disinfectant on your skin and burn yourself." Tia looked back inquisitively, surprised at his concern and how seemingly unaffected he was by the overt show of sexuality. "You want me to put clothes back on, yah?" Matthew made no reply, deep in thought.

A vague reminder from his infant years of seeing Mae-Lin in a French Maid's outfit struck him, back in the days when she had the figure for it. "Our former housekeeper might have left something behind you'll be more comfortable in," he disclosed, maintaining a straight face though inwardly thrilled at the prospect of getting the little nymph into a French Maid's outfit.

He summoned Mia too, seemingly surprised that Matthew remained fully clothed and unaffected. Doubtless she expected to see Tia on her knees sucking his cock or bent over the bath being taken from behind.

Was Matthew immune to her sister's undoubted charms? Mia leaned up against him, palm brushing his cock, yet he merely eased her away. "Follow me," he suggested sternly. Sure enough, there were two outfits in the walk-in closet. A little dusty with age, a good shake restored their colour. Matthew held them up to the light. "You want us to wear those outfits?" the twins gasped in unison, wide-eyed.

"I think it's for the best," replied Matthew gravely, giving nothing away. "I'd hate to be responsible for either of you getting hurt. I'll, um, leave you to get changed." Upon departing, Matthew secreted one of Johnny's sequin-sized spy cameras above the closet door and dropped a microphone cleverly disguised as a shirt button on the floor.

The girls seemed totally bamboozled, the script torn up, they regarded one another with surprise.


Matthew, on the other hand, was enjoying the game immensely. From downstairs in the study he watched as Mia stripped down to join her twin in just their underwear. A self-satisfied smile arose on his handsome face as Mia spoke: "Oh gosh Tia, Matthew he make me so damn hot. When you think he try something on with us?" Tia's face screwed up.

"I not sure he will, Mia. I think he truly love Heather." Matthew beamed. Things were working out perfectly. Mia stamped her foot.


"God damn, my pussy so wet as well." "Me too," Tia concurred. The French Maid's outfits remained on the pegs for now as the two girls moved up close to face one another.

From the angle the camera was positioned, Matthew couldn't quite make out what was happening, but he imagined that Tia had put her hand inside Mia's panties for she said with a lustful growl: "Oh you are wet, aren't you?" Mia's moan was muffled as her twin's face moved in stealthily, their lips locking.

Arms extended, soon they were engaged in a passionate tongue-twisting embrace, causing Matthew's eyes to bulge. Something else bulged quickly thereafter. At that moment the phone rang again. He was minded to leave it until he saw from the panel that it was Heather calling from work. This could be interesting, he thought. "So, how my sisters doing?" Heather enquired.

"You pleased with them so far?" Matthew battled to staunch a chuckle. "Mmm, yes they're absolutely perfect.and they're brightening up the place nicely too." "They not, um, bother you at all, Matthew?" "Bother me?" he countered knowingly, sensing her disquiet. "Well you know what young girls are like." "Oh I think I can handle a little flirting." Heather was dumbstruck.

Matthew's eyes returned to the screen where Tia had pushed her sister up against the wall and had ripped off her bra.

Heather's voice rang out in his ear, but he wasn't really listening. He was busy reaching inside the zipfly and fishing out an extremely hard cock. Giving it a gentle stroke, whilst maintaining eye contact with the screen, it felt so good in his palm.

Yet it would feel even better inside Heather's tight pussy, he thought. He had a good mind to get down to the office now and fuck her senseless. He moaned in appreciation as the foreskin stretched back and forth. "Are you all right, Matthew?" she asked. "Yes I am," he hissed. "But I miss you so much, Heather." "I miss you too, Matthew.

Look I, um, must go, see you soon, yah?" "Don't go yet. Talk to me Heather your sexy voice is really turning me on," he added huskily.

"Matthew, I can't, I'm on the front desk." "Is anyone else there with you?" "No, but." "Well talk to me then, no one will hear.

Tell me how much you really miss me." "I miss you loads, Matthew," she replied reticently. On the monitor, Tia was busily sucking the dear life out of Mia's perky nipples, causing the other twin to moan passionately. She moved down, kissing her sister's belly till she was on her knees. Matthew could just about make out an eager tongue pressing at the soft moistness, marked by a series of light groans. Taking a firm grip on the shaft, he began to pump up and down, fighting to stifle the gasps.

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"Does thinking about me make you wet, Heather?" he enquired breathily. "Matthew!" The thought of arousing his demure girlfriend as she sat behind the reception desk in a public building was mightily thrilling for Matthew.

It took a little more prompting, however, to hear what he craved.


"Well, does it, Heather? Does thinking about me get your tight little pussy wet?" "Um, yes Matthew," she responded almost unwillingly, before lowering her voice: "It does make me wet." Matthew grinned, tugging away with purpose. "And what do you intend to do about it?" "Matthew! No! I can't." "That's not what I want to hear, Heather.

Now I want you to do exactly as I say, understand?" A silence was met by the command: "Heather, do exactly as I say." "Y-yes," she answered. "Okay, I want you to put a hand up inside your skirt for me, Heather." "Matthew, no! I put phone down if you keep this craziness up," she countered.

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"Do it," he growled. "Rub yourself for me. Imagine that's my hand touching you in your most intimate place." As Matthew listened intently he heard the girl ever so lightly gasp as she finally relented and did as ordered. It caused him to sigh contentedly and a healthy dollop of precum to ooze from the eye.

As Heather wrestled with her inhibitions, his gaze returned to her younger sisters on the screen who had few inhibitions of their own. What an incredible family he'd stumbled upon! Tia's face was buried between her sister's legs, the microphone picking up the generous sucking and slurping sounds that pervaded. Mia's fingers were raking through the other girl's hair, her head tossed back, eyes clamped tight.

It was the hottest sight he'd witnessed in a long time, and young Matthew had seen some hot things of late!

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"Oh my, Matthew, someone coming into reception," interrupted Heather, breaking the spell. He exhaled hard, the very thought of that almost making him cum. "That's okay, just leave your hand where it is and deal with things as if nothing's happening." "Oh gosh Matthew, I can't." "Do it, Heather!" He listened as the girl spoke to the visitor, her voice slightly guttural.

He wondered with relish if whoever it was could smell her pussy juices lingering on the air. "Find your clit for me, Heather honey, and give it a good hard rub," he continued to order into her earpieces. "Yesssssss," she hissed under her breath and under his spell. "Oh Matthew, you so naughty. That man he give me funniest look. I sure he suspect something. You got me all wet now." "Good, now keep rubbing and imagining I'm under the desk.

Pinch a nipple too through your blouse." "Oh I am," she replied breathily. "I want you so much. I no care if someone catches me." "Good." If Matthew listened closely enough he could hear the squelch of finger in sopping wet pussy that confirmed she was indeed obeying his order. Yet his attention was distracted momentarily back to the monitor as, onscreen, her sisters continued their illicit tryst. Tia was prodding her tongue enthusiastically up around Mia's clit as Mia pinched each of her nipples and bit into her bottom lip.

It was such a heavenly sight, especially when accompanied by Heather's gentle moaning in his ear. All he needed was thirteen-year old Elise sucking his cock and Matthew would have a family to rival his own.

As their games reached a peak, Mia's tiny body went into uncontrollable spasm and she let out a gleeful squeal, bathing her twin's face in cunt honey. Changing position she returned the favour. Lost for a moment in their revelry, Matthew was only brought back to his senses by Heather growling: "Oh gosh Matthew I about to cum." That made four of them. Voice quivering, his girlfriend let out a gleeful squeal akin to her younger sister's pleasured tones.

Matthew was close behind in his climax, standing to direct his gush of seed into a handily positioned swab handkerchief on the desk.

Finally Tia was pushed over the edge by her sister's tongue, screaming so loud it was a wonder Heather didn't hear. "Matthew, I must go clean up," Heather panted. "You invite me round tonight, yes?" "Sure," he replied, already thinking ahead with lustful thoughts. As he put the phone and his limp cock away, Matthew was heartened to see the girls rushing around to make up for lost time. Clad now in the snug-fitting French Maid's outfits, they looked divine.

Moreover, they appeared to like the look, doubtless intent upon teasing their employer until he relented. It was at that moment he was alerted to a new e-mail. He didn't recognise the sender's name at first, Rosemarie Palmer, and it took a few lines to jog his memory.

But eventually it became apparent. Of course, she was Rosie, Amy's teacher in England, a woman with whom Matthew had enjoyed a rather thrilling but ultimately unsuccessful dalliance during the short trip.

One of the few to slip through the net, Matthew still harboured a longing desire. It seemed that she and boyfriend Tom were soon to embark on a three-week trek east, a short stop-off in The Philippines on the agenda. Friends they'd arranged to stay with had let them down at the last minute and Rosie wondered if there was anywhere he could recommend that was reasonably priced.

Matthew smiled wistfully, recalling Rosie's pleasant curvature, womanly hips, large bust and bubbly demeanour. She was the perfect embodiment of the western woman, so different from the waif-like Filipinas he was surrounded by latterly.

There could doubtless be some fun to be had, particularly with all the hidden cameras in the apartment. And as if his love life wasn't complicated enough already!

Within seconds he'd responded by saying that she and Tom didn't need to find a hotel, they were welcome to spend a few days at his place. It had ample space and he'd welcome the company. In fact, any reminder of England would be a blessing, like a living postcard, he explained. Rosie came back immediately with a line to say thanks for the offer but really they couldn't impose on him. Equally insistent, Matthew wouldn't take no for an answer, pinging another e-mail back.

Eventually the teacher relented and arrangements were put in place for the couple's arrival. The rest of the day evaporated as the twins sped around to complete their chores, both bedrooms sparkling once more and a pleasant lemony zest filling the whole apartment. When Tia came to the door to ask if he had any more washing, Matthew handed her the cumstained handkerchief. The hidden camera in the hallway picked up the delightful young girl holding it to her face, inhaling heavily, as she trotted off.

They really were a couple of sluts. It was going to take all of Matthew's resolve to resist their charms. Finishing off, Mia undertook a fortnight's worth of ironing whilst her sister prepared supper.

Matthew handed out the wages and a little more to get the outfits dry-cleaned and spotless for next time. It had been the most enjoyable day in ages. And the best part was that Heather would get a glowing report and, hopefully, Matthew would get the damn good fucking he deserved that evening. And he did. She was barely inside the door before their mouths were fused together passionately.

Tongues lashed wildly as the pair reignited their passion and took it on a step. Easing down off her tiptoes, Heather grinned inanely, hypnotised by her English lover. "Gosh Matthew, you make me so hot earlier on telephone.

I been thinking about you all day," she disclosed between gasps of pleasure as her lover reached over to cup her bum cheeks and lift her back to him. At the same time he unzipped hastily, jeans and boxers pooling at his feet as a huge erection sprung up to trap itself in the crack of Heather's butt. Arms wrapped tight around his neck, knees up by his armpits, Heather tossed back her head and allowed her neck to be nuzzled as they stumbled together to the wall. With purpose Matthew wrenched aside the crotch of her panties and angled his manhood, the head meeting the soft juicy crack in one easy motion.

Heather gasped as she was impaled by the impressively proportioned cock for the first time. So much more fulsome and fulfilling than his fingers, it spread the moist passage wide.

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Anchored by the lounge wall, the shaft opened her up fully and stretched the boundaries of another tight little vagina. His hands moving inside to support her thighs, Matthew drove in with purpose till he was fully up to the balls. Her heels gripped his buttocks, their bellies and lips touching, her small breasts crushed to his defined chest. A young woman with whom he was fast falling in love, there was little of the rough brute in evidence as with love rival Connie, as Matthew took things measured and steadily.

Ensuring to kiss all over her lips, neck and shoulders, he administered long leisurely strokes that pulsed through her pussy like electric current. Heather closed her eyes and clung on for dear life, senses awash with sexual joy as Matthew invaded her body. The self-conscious and awkward young man of just a month before and who, up to then, had bedded one woman only, was barely recognisable. Transformed under the expert tuition of his four lovely sisters, his lustful mother, the other girls in England, and not forgetting Connie, he had become a gigolo.

An impressive collection of women, Matthew had a great deal to thank them all for, as did Heather who was reaping the benefit in precision lovemaking. Their lips brushed once more and she poked out her tongue for him to suck on as he maintained a pulsing, mesmerising rhythm, pushing her body against the wall with each thrust. Heather mewled as her body was taken over completely, tiny hands tracing a line down his muscular shoulders and arms. Stopping momentarily, Matthew moved to the couch with his lover in his arms.

He laid her down, taking a short while to admire her nakedness as she wrapped a hand around his thick shaft, stroking gently to maintain its strength. Climbing on top, Matthew pressed the concrete stiff cock deep back inside her willing cunt, pumping repeatedly until both were breathless. An hour of intense love-making culminated in two explosive orgasms that left them breathless. The lovemaking session was followed by a nice hot soak in the tub of the freshly spruced bathroom.

Heather climbed in between her lover's legs, bum in between, knees raised and feet on the outside. Matthew soaped up generously and, as she lay back and melted into his strong chest, he palmed her tiny breasts. Feeling his cock rise once more to press her lower spine, Heather rotated to face him. Straddling her lover's manhood, the entry was accommodated by the soothing water that lapped around his thighs. They made generous love for what seemed an eternity until the water had turned lukewarm and their bodies were pocked with goose bumps.

Having dried off, they headed to Matthew's bed where Heather spent the night in his arms, only disappearing at dawn to get to work.

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Matthew lay in, giving Johnny and the office a miss and reflecting upon the past few days, wondering what lie ahead. The future was in his owns hands, wasn't it? Well no, in actual fact it wasn't. As he gazed wistfully at the ceiling, little did Matthew Ryder realise what drama was waiting around the corner, how little influence he would have upon matters and how cruel fate would conspire to mould his future.

Final part to follow.