Fucking and sucking with an old friend

Fucking and sucking with an old friend
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Chris and I have been friends nearly our whole lives. Together, we have seen many tragic events. When Chris was young, his father had left. Leaving: Nick, his older brother, him and his mother.


His mother had turned to prostitution for money, home late, leaving early, never in a good mood. Nick, was only 10 when his dad left, he became a trouble maker.and a bully, he later became addicted to drugs and alcohol.at the age of 15. My mom.died two years later."apparent suicide" said the detectives. Which.i know it was.i was in the room next to her when the gun went off. My dad, was an abusive alcoholic.and the shock of loosing my mom only made him worse.i was 9 when it happened.

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Chris was two years older then me, but we always helped eachother out. Everyday after school before my dad came home, we'd do homework together and play games.sometimes watch a movie and have dinner together.

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Later on down the road.were still best friends. Now.he is sixteen and i fourteen. We were sitting in my room one day.when my dad came home early.and called me downstairs.he had an "anger attack" which is what we called it.and.hit me a few times.i came back upstairs and locked my door when he was done.Chris.so upset.I smiled though.threw the pain and whispered * Come on kidd.cheer up.* he smiled soon after and we went back to playing our game of chess.

We were laying on my bed together.in silence when we turned to me and said.* Why do you just let him do this to you?* i turned to face him.* I.dont know.* we both shurgged. Later that night.i put my head on his chest and fell asleep.He too soon fell asleep.

I woke to bright sun light.and his arms still around me.i looked up at him and he smiled * Morning kiddo* he said softly.i sat up and smiled.* Roxanne i need to talk to you about something.very important.* he said. i looked at him worried pulling my hair back * Yes Chris?* * Lets run away together.* my eyes widened * But.your mom.and.my dad.they wouldnt let us* i said not in diiisagreance but not approval.* I know.we can do it at night, they wont know.* I smiled.but it faded shortly.i looked down and thought for a moment.

he took my hands and looked into my eyes and said * Roxy.i promise you.i wont let anything bad happen.* i smiled and nodded.he kissed my cheek and huged me.

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Later that night.before my father ccame home.we began to pack some bags.he pulled out a thong and smiled.* ROXY!! I DIDNT KNWO YOU WORE THESE* I blushed and grabbed it from him quickly.* Well.now you do* i smiled and laughed* I bet it looks damn good on you too* he smiled.It was then.i noticed he had a slight buldge in his pants, i swallowed hard and smiled * Thanks* He moved close to me.and took me in his arms.lifting me.holding me close but as in a fairy tale (One leg under my knees the other on my back) he moved us over to my bed laying me down.and leaned down and kissed my lips.for the first time.ever.I kissed back nervously.he pulled away and smiled down at me.* Roxy.you know.i have always wanted that.* I smiled * Me too.* * I Love you.* He said.my face went blank.* Chris.you.i.I love you too.heh.* i smiled and he kissed me again He climbed on top of me.laying himself between my legs as he kissed me.parting his lips and sliding his tounge across my lips.i parted my lips and met his tounge with mine.

This went on for quite sometime.soon after.i could feel his erection growing against me.

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He blushed as he realized i felt it.* Im.im sorry Roxanne its just.your so.beautiful.* i smiled and blushed.* Its okay.i dont mind*.He smiled and laughed as he leaned down kissing my neck. This sent shivers throughout my body i let out a soft moan and he smiled.* Feel good?* he said i smiled * Y.yeah.* he laughed and went back to kissing and sucking my neck.i squirmed feeling myself get wet.

He.begn to run his hands over my shoulders. He leaned up and asked if he could touch my breasts.i nodded and smiled.never having it done.i was curious too. he slowly slid his hands down over my breasts, he smiled as he looked into my eyes and saw i was in such pleasure.His erection grew.

He pressed himself against me.our hips pressed together, he moaned softly.i smiled, He slowly began to unbotton my shirt, i watched and smiled.he slid it off of me slowly.and looked down at my white lacey bra and smiled * You.are.amazing* He said softly He leaned down and kissed my collar bone.and then lower and lower untill he reached my left breast.he kissed around it slowly.I moaned softly. he slowly reached around and unhooked my bra then tossed it to the floor next to my top.* Wow.* he smiled and stared I blushed.* What?*.he responded by immeadiatly taking my semi-hard nipple into his mouth.sucking it softly.

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i moaned and squirmed my hands sliding to his back. He smiled and rubbed my other breast and nipple. * Chris.please.OO.You have done so much for me already.you dont have to do this.* He smiled and looked at me.* Roxanne.i want to do this.please.just enjoy it.* i smiled and nodded as he kissed lower onto my tummy.i smiled as he neared my skirt i got a little nervous.he slowly lowered my skirt and found i had on a while lacey thong.he threw my skirt by my clothes and smiled he rubbed my clit threw my thong i moaned loud and squirmed.* Chris!!* he smiled as he rubbed lower.moving the thong aside.he slowly slide one finger.into my tight.wet.pussy.

I moaned my hips thrust forward slowly.he smiled.* Roxy.your so.tight.* He bagan fingering me fast and hard i moaned as he added a second finger.he fingered my fast and hard as he licked my clit.I began to squirm.and moan, he knew i was about cum.

He went faster and smiled as i tilted my head back and my shoulders arched.i had my first orgasm.cum all over his hands and lips.he smiled and sucked his fingers clean and licked his lips. My body felt like i was shaking.i was breathing hard.i opened my eyes and looked at him.he smiled.* How was that.?* * Ama amazing.* i said softly He stood up and started to undress.i watched and smiled.he winked at me and whisperd * Are you sure your okay with this?* i nodded and smiled, He lowered his boxers and i smiled as i saw his big.hard fully erect cock.he smiled * Like it?* I smiled and simply said * YES!* He laughed and started to rub it.i watched and smiled as i moved closer to the end of the bed where he stood.He smiled and grabbed my hand.placing it softly on his cock.

i smiled as i started to rub his cock he smiled nd moaned.


Before i knew it.i was jerking him off.hard too. He was moaning.his hips thrusting twards me.i licked the head of his cock.he moaned and begged for more.i sucked the tip of his cock softly as he unleashed his big load of hot thick cum into my mouth. i smiled and kept sucking untill he stopped thrusting his hips.i smiled and swallowd every last bit of his cum.he layed down on the bed and smiled at me.running his hand threw my hair.* was that your first time.* i smiled.and nodded.* How about you.?

* I asked him softly * Yeah.are you a virgin.* He asked.and i noddded he smiled and said him too.he sat up and softly pushed me back onto the bed.he parted my legs and smiled as he kneeled between them * Are you ready.* he asked I smiled and nodded nervosly.he slowly pushed his cock into me He grabbed my hands.knowing it hurt a little.just by the expression on my face. I bit my lip my eyes closed.and he went softly.until he waas all the way in, then, he stopped and waited for the pain to subside.

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When it did.ilookedat him and smiled.* Thank you.* i whispered and he smiled and winked.he slowly slide him self back and forth.deeper and deeper.we both moaned and moaned.my hips rocked to meet his.

He started thrusting.harder and harder. * Roxanne.your so amazing* He moaned as we slowed his thrusts. He ran his fingers threw my hair and kissed me.

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He started thrusting hard, moaning loud.faster and faster. * Ohhh CHRIS!!!* i moaned loud * MMMMM YES ROXANNE.YES!* My back began to arch, we both knew what was soon to come, he went faster and faster * Mmmm come on baby* he groaned as i moan.louder and louder.my fingernails gripping the sheet as i cummed hard all over his cock.that instant he began to cum hard into my pussy.he layed down next to me.and smiled.then it hit him.i could get pregnant