Hindi old gay sex video Then it is time for Cameron and Eric to have

Hindi old gay sex video Then it is time for Cameron and Eric to have
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Twin Japanese Nieces Pt16 It's a good thing that birthdays come only once a year. After the workout I had this morning I wasn't sure if I was going to make it through the rest of the day. I had just got done with screwing the life out of my wife, my daughter, and Shiori. Now my pet was grinding on me with no apparent conclusion in sight.

But when you put things into perspective, it could have been worse. Shiori could have thrown up on me again, or I could have seriously hurt my wife and Saki. Or I might have split Shiori wide open by forcing myself into her. In any case, everything had worked out fine. Kayko got up from the bed and headed in to the bathroom to wash out her pussy. "Mike," she said as she stopped at the bathroom door, "Your breakfast is ready downstairs.

Why don't you take your pet with you and go and eat?" I looked at Saki just as her face lit up. "Would you like that sweetie?" I said as I resumed my sitting position. "Oh yes!" she exclaimed just before she wrapped her legs around me and gasp my neck tightly.

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As I stood up Kayko stepped over to me carrying a robe. Once I had donned it, Saki virtually disappeared. It was like I was wearing her like a pair of underwear under the robe. "I'll be down in a minute," Kayko said just before she turned and walked into the bathroom.

"You might want to save a little something for later. You still have a lot of birthday yet." And she disappeared into the bathroom.


"So," I said to Saki as I started across the room. "What do you want to do today?" Saki looked at me and smiled really big as she squeezed my dick inside her. "I want to make you cum in me over and over." "That sounds good," I said as I drew her hips toward me while I walked. "Any particular reason why?" I asked just to be nosey. "I like the way it makes me feel warm and squish inside," she replied. "I also like how full I feel when you are inside me. I don't ever want you to leave me.

I want to keep you inside me all the time." With that said she hugged herself against me really hard, pulling herself close to me with her arms and legs at the same time. It felt really good being inside her, but nowhere near as nice as the love I could feel coming from every inch of her. Saki really does love me, and not just as her Uncle. I think, if she had the choice, she would be my life long lover. But her enthusiasm is what is really striking.

She takes these episodes with a degree of determination that just baffles me. She is so driven to please me in every way you can think of that I really don't have an explanation for it. She literally uses her body as a receptacle for my pleasure, and she loves it!

Her training with the horses reflects it. I think that after today, Saki will complete the large horse and start with the dumbbells.

For an 11 year old girl, she has set her focus on me and the goal of pleasing me just like Kayko. How about THAT for a gift! As I walked down the hallway I looked into her shining eyes.

She is going to be an absolute knockout when she is older. The kitchen was in full swing as Saki and I came down the stairs. Jennie was helping Erin put the last of the frosting on my cake when I walked into the room. "Stop Mike!" she said as she stood in front of Erin to shield my view. "It's not ready yet so don't look. Turn around." I stopped in my tracks and spun around. I didn't want to ruin the surprise, but I was definitely curious as to what these rascals had dreamed up.

I could hear some shuffling and a few whispers before Jennie spoke again. "Ok Mike, you can turn around." Erin had picked up the cake and quietly exited the kitchen. When I turned back around the counter was clear and Jennie was standing there looking like she had just finger banged Hillary Clinton in a broom closet before a press conference. The shit eating grin on her face spoke volumes. "So what have we here?" Jennie said as she stepped up to me and pulled open one of the lapels of my robe.

Saki turned her head and looked up at her. "Having a little extra fun?" she said to Saki before giving her a nice pat on the ass. "Uncle Mike was just going to have his breakfast," she replied while repositioning her grip on me. "I am just keeping him company." "I see," she said to Saki. She looked at me with a naughty smile before continuing. "I don't see how she can do that. My pussy is still sore from yesterday." "It's because of our training," Saki replied before I could say anything.

Jennie looked at her with a bit of a puzzled look. "Your training?" As the two girls spoke I took up a seat in one of the kitchen bar stools where my plate was sitting. Saki had to open her legs to allow me to lean back, after which she just let them dangle down to the sides.

I almost couldn't see past her to find my plate, but that was just a small inconvenience compared to sitting alone. "Yea," said Saki as she repositioned herself while I sat down. I had my back to Jennie while I was sitting in the bar stool so Saki was able to speak directly to her. "Aunt Kayko has been teaching us the ancient ways of pleasuring a man.

We have a gym and everything. That is why I can do this." And she spread her legs straight out to the sides like she was doing a split on the floor. All of her weight came down on her crotch, pushing me deep inside her again. "See," she said as she rocked back and forth a little. "Uncle Mike is all the way inside me." I could not see the look on Jennies face but I can definitely imagine her standing there with her mouth hanging open. Saki had all of me, no doubt.

And she was more than glad to show everyone. "Wow," I heard Jennie respond. "That's impressive. So what kind of training do you do?" It was right then that Kayko walked into the kitchen and she heard the last question from Jennie. "Would you like to see?" Kayko said as she stepped up beside me and gave me a kiss on the head.

"Yea, sure." replied Jennie. "Erin! Shiori!" Kayko hollered out. The two girls came running from their perspective places. "Come with me and you Aunt Jennie to the gym." Saki made no attempt at moving. "What about Saki?" Jennie asked as the four of them started toward the patio door. "She's fine where she is," Kayko responded with a smile in our direction.

"Mike is still enjoying one of his birthday presents from me." As the four of them left I looked down at Saki. "Hang on pet, I need to do something." Saki nodded her head and tightened her grip as I stood us up from the bar stool. I went into my office and turned on my computer and sat down in my chair.

Saki made the necessary adjustments to allow me to sit and still be inside her as my desk top screen appeared. When the camera icon started flashing I called it up. The four girls were just walking in to the gym when I hit the record button. As Kayko showed Jennie around the room I picked Saki up and headed back into the kitchen. I had no idea what I was going to capture, but I am sure it was going to be interesting. As I walked back into the kitchen Saki looked up at me.

"Uncle Mike?" she said with a bit of question in her voice. "What is it pet?" I responded. "Can I stay on you all day?" she asked with gentleness to her voice. "I really like having you inside me." "Don't you want me to share with the other girls?" I asked as I resumed my seat on the bar stool. "Well…yea." She responded while thinking about how selfish her request was.

She thought for a moment before she continued. "But when you are not sharing with them, can I have you?" And she squeezed me with her pussy. "I don't see why not." I answered her. "But I am going to need a little bit of a rest in a little while." Saki lit up like the fourth of July.

"Thank you Uncle Mike, thank you!" she exclaimed as she hugged herself to me with all of her might. I ate my breakfast, which was really good. Scrambled eggs with fried oysters sound really nasty, but with the way Kayko flavored it, it was fabulous! Saki slowly fucked me while I ate, stopping only occasionally to lean back against the counter and watch me eat. She had this strange smile on her face.

I don't know what was racing through her head and I really didn't care. Her soft pussy had a firm grip on me and she was not going to let go. When I finished the last bite of my food and drank the last sip of my coffee, Saki sat up.

"Uncle Mike," she said as she ground her crotch against me. "I want to try something different, is that ok?" It's amazing how genuine her request was. How could I say no? "Sure thing pet," I answered as I stood up from the bar stool with her still wrapped around my waist. "What do you have in mind?" "Take us into the living room." She answered back. She was smiling like a possum eating a sweet potato as I walked us in to the living room and stopped.

"Set me down for a minute." She said as she loosened her grip on me and swung her legs down to my sides. With the ease of picking up the morning paper I lifted her off my dick and set her down on her feet. It felt strange not being inside someone. Especially after all of the pussy I already had this morning. Saki led me by the hand out into the middle of the floor. "Lay down here," she said as she stepped to the side to give me room.

"And take your robe off." "Yes mam." I responded as I pulled my arms out of the sleeves and rolled it up. As I got down on the floor Saki did a few deep knee bends, making sure her knees were wide open each time. Once I was on my back, with my dick pointing straight up, Saki stepped over me at the waist and began spreading her feet farther and farther apart.

I watched closely as Saki slowly lowered herself down while doing a split. Her legs were going straight out to the sides and her slick pussy was wide open. When she got close to me she put her hands on my stomach to balance herself. "Uncle Mike," she said when she was about 8 or 9 inches above me. "I need a little help. Would you please stick your dick in me?" Of all the requests she could have made, she asked the one singular question that there was no way I would answer no to.

"Sure thing sweetie." I said as I aligned my dick with her gaping hole. As soon as she felt the head start to enter her, she dropped all of her weight down onto me, slamming her crotch against my groin incredibly quickly.

My dick pierced through her all the way to the very top of her pussy, fully embedded inside my tiny niece. Saki let out a loud moan and grasp at her belly when she was fully seated. The sight was really something. Her small legs were sticking straight out to the sides while her body sat completely upright, almost as if my dick was keeping her straight. "Oh yes!" she moaned as she looked down at me with a lustful smile. "That's what I like." She ran her hands up and down her torso before stopping at her crotch, holding her pussy at either side of my dick.

"I can feel you all the way up to here," she said. Then she used her right index finger to point at a spot on her belly right at her belly button. "So you like me deep inside you?" I said as I reached for her shoulders.

"Mmmm yes." She replied while trying to grind herself farther down onto me. "Well then," I said as I grasp on to the tops of her shoulders. "How about this?" I pulled down hard on Sakis' shoulders as I arched my back upward. Another inch of my dick was forced up into her as my ass came up off the floor. Sakis' eyes popped wide open and she let out a sudden gasp as I stretched her pussy.

"Oh my!" she said with a bit of a tremor to her voice. Her breath was coming in short gasps as she froze in place, holding me deep inside her. "You're so deep!" she exclaimed as she began shaking. I could tell my cock was pressing against the top of her pussy really hard.

For an 11 year old to take all of a fully grown man was quite a feat. Saki looked down at her stomach as she ran her hands down to her crotch before cradling the bottom of her belly.

"I wish I could keep you inside me all the time." She said as she looked at me with an air of accomplishment. "Well," I said as I coaxed her to move up and down. "If you want a reward for making me feel good, then you are going to have to do more than just sit there." To see the look of determination come across her face was almost scary. Saki brought her feet in close to my sides just before she started pounding herself up and down my shaft. She was very wet and her pussy spoke to us with squishing and slurping sounds as she rode up and down.

She felt great, even though I was used to my wife and her fabulously trained cunt. "Oh…yes…oh…yes…" she repeated on every stroke before switching to, "Cum…in…me…cum…in…me," How about that for a cheering section!

Saki was hell bent for leather to make me cum in her. As she pounded her tight little pussy up and down, I just leaned back and enjoyed the show.

The tiny mosquito bite titties of hers stood up hard as she drove home the bacon and sent herself through many orgasms. I don't know how long I lay there before I started feeling those familiar tingling's in my groin, but I do know that it was a long time.

Saki had really worked up a sweat by the time my dick started to swell. As she felt my girth increase, she looked down at me and started pounding me very hard. She hammered herself up and down at a pace that would have killed me in just a matter of seconds. When she had her next orgasm and her pussy clamped tighter onto me, I lost it. I grabbed her hips and thrust up into her as hard as I could and fired. "Oh yes Uncle Mike," she hissed as the first blast painted her insides with my creamy white sperm.

"That's it, cum in me. Cum in my tiny pussy!" I didn't realize I had so much cum in me. As I held my pet down on my erupting dick, cum began running out of her pussy from all sides.

What was wild was that her mouth would give just the slightest indication of a smile every time another shot entered her. She was loving it! It felt like my orgasm lasted for five minutes as I shot repeatedly inside her. Her tiny body could not withstand the volume and it poured out all over my groin and nuts. When it finally did subside I was wasted. Saki looked down at me and smiled really big as she held my deflating cock inside her.

"Thank you Uncle Mike," she said with a certain degree of satisfaction on her face.

"That's one." She said as she dismounted and lay down beside me. I must be getting old. It was number 46 for me, but this little girl had just got the best of me and it didn't sit well. I looked over at her as she gazed toward the ceiling in the afterglow. She is pretty, and I could see her features turning into that of a woman right before my eyes. I know, in my heart, that if time had been different, she would have been my Kayko.

I gave her no warning at all before I rolled over and kissed her like she was my wife. I thoroughly appreciated her effort, and her desire to make me feel good.

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She is one of a kind right behind my Kayko. And I am proud to have known her. Saki looked up at me with wide eyes when I pulled my lips away from hers.

"Wow Uncle Mike," she said as she gazed into my eyes. "That was a special kiss." "Yes it was my little pet." I answered to her. "You deserved it. And do me a favor." I said as I propped myself up on one elbow so I could look her straight in the eye. "When we are alone, please…just call me Mike." Saki paused for a moment as my words sunk in.

I could see the tears welling up in her eyes as what I said struck home. A gigantic smile spread across her face as the first tears rolled down out of the sides of her eyes to fall haphazardly onto the floor. "Ok," she said with a noted amount of unsteadiness to her voice. "Thank you…Mike." She then threw her arms around my neck and pulled me down into a very deep and meaningful kiss.

I could feel her emotional state through her lips as she tried to pour all of her love for me through that one kiss. I think my request touched her heart. My birthday was going along better than I had ever expected. I had already cum in three of the five women in the house today and it was not even 10 o'clock in the morning! How could it get any better! I rolled back over onto the floor and looked at the ceiling with Saki. I might have just got out of bed an hour or so ago, but I needed a nap.

Saki looked like she was ready for a break too. As we climbed to our feet Mark came in from the back yard. "Mom," he said as he closed the patio door behind him.

"Your mom is in the gym," I responded as Saki made a break for the upstairs to put her shirt back on. "What do you need?" Mark looked at me as I closed my robe. "Mom told me to get the back yard set up for the games," he said as he gestured over his shoulder with his thumb sticking up. "Good job son," I said as I sat down on the couch.

"Have you got to spend any time with Shiori today?" I asked as I relaxed into our couch. "No," he said while looking down at his shoes. "Mom said she has other duties today." I thought about what he just said. Kayko did have full control over the girls; I had made sure of that. But Mark was definitely down over the fact that his father had already fucked his "girlfriend" this morning.

That put me in a bad light and it was not acceptable. I guess I should have thought things through before I acted this morning. But I didn't. And that was a bad oversight on my part. Talk about being selfish. I had just given the whole class on it and I didn't even realize it until it was too late. I hurt my son.

But there is one thing that fathers can do that is far and above anything anyone else can do; they can make things right. I pondered the situation before I spoke to Mark.

"Mark," I said in my fatherly voice. He raised his head and looked up at me. "I have done you wrong today and I am sorry." The expression on his face changed from a bit of sorrow to one of bewilderment. Let me tell you guys about my son.

Mark was diagnosed with a form of Autism when he was 3. It almost killed me because I knew of some of the ramifications that a diagnosis like this brought along. But as a parent, you learn to accept and to deal with things of this nature.

(At least Kayko and I did.) As it turns out, Mark has only a few minor social hang ups, but he is definitely on the side of higher functionality with just a little bit of obsessive compulsive disorder mixed in for good measure.

A strange combination, to say the least, but as a ten year old he is more like a young man of 16 or 17. So gauging his reactions is a bit tricky. But in this case I can tell that I clearly hurt him. I am not the kind of guy to say, 'Hey, sorry about your bad luck' and just move on. I will do whatever I can to rectify the situation. And the last time I checked, I was the king of my own little domain. If anyone had the authority to fix this, it was me. "You really like Shiori, don't you?" I asked while doing my best to maintain eye contact with him.

"No dad," he said as he stood up straight. "I think I love her." That took balls. For a ten year old? That took stones that I never had. I paused again as I contemplated my position. This was going to be a risky decision, and one that I might regret. But Mark is my only son, and I want him to have the opportunities that I never had as a boy his age.

When Saki returned to my side I looked down at her bright shining face. She is the exact image of her sister.


I still can't tell them apart on the outside except for their behavior. Other aspects give them away but I'm not going into that right now. I looked down at the necklace around her neck. 'PET' in bright and shiny white gold. I had enough. Most guys might not think that, but I did have enough. Trying to share with three girls was almost more than I could handle, and with the way Saki wanted me to cum in her all the time, my balls were going to stay drained.

"Mark," I said as I looked back over to him. He picked his head up and looked at me. "I am not going to do anything else with Shiori. I can see that you really care about her and I am not going to hurt you again." His face brightened up before he said, "Really?!" "Yes, really." I replied as I put my arm around my pet.

"But listen up," I said as I got extremely serious with him. "You will do whatever it is that your mother says is right. Do you understand me?" For a brief instant it looked like he was going to jump out of his skin. "Thanks dad!" he exclaimed. He then ran across the living room and threw himself onto me in a big bear hug. It felt good to hug my son. He's a great kid and I love him a lot. He stood up after I hugged him back and looked around the room. "They will be back in a little while," I said to him.

Why don't you go and fix her a place in your closet. She will need somewhere to put her clothes." Mark didn't say a word. He disappeared in the blink of an eye. "That was nice of you," Saki said from my side as she hugged herself into me.

I looked down at her smiling face. "You would want the same thing if you were in his place wouldn't you?" Saki thought for just a second before she answered.

"I guess so. I just want you." "Alright then." I stood up and offered her a hand. "I'm going to go into my office. Care to join me?" Saki pulled herself up and plastered herself against my side. I will take that as a yes. I was going to go and see what was happening in the gym. Once in my office I took a seat in my chair with Saki standing right beside me. I moved the mouse to activate my screen and waited. When the camera shots came up I was just a little bit surprised at what I saw.

Erin was sitting on the last peg of the large horse. It looked like her pussy was resting completely down on the horses back and she was just sitting there with her arms crossed while watching Jennie.

Even though I had just cum in Saki a few minutes before, the beast started to rise. When Saki saw him pop his head through the flaps of my robe, she quickly reached down with her hand and grasped me. Her soft little hand gently closed around the base of my hardening member before she started stroking me up and down with light strokes.

I looked up at her and she had this naughty little grin on her face. Without saying a word she released her grip and walked around to the front of my desk. She stood there for just a second with her index finger stuck between her teeth before she dropped down out of sight. I knew what was coming and I quickly spread my legs. Within moments she appeared between my legs under the desk, smiling. I looked back up at my monitor and watched Jennie lower herself down onto the middle peg of the middle sized horse as I felt Sakis' soft mouth engulf half of my shaft.

Wow. She is good at blow jobs. By the time Kayko is done with her, she is going to be phenomenal! It was difficult to watch the girls in the gym with Saki bobbing her head up and down my shaft.

I looked down at her occasionally to see her looking back up at me with a bit of a smile showing in her cheeks.

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Service with a smile, this brought about a whole new meaning to that phrase. I looked back up at my computer screen to see Kayko standing in front of Jennie with the largest dumbbell hanging from her pussy. She was explaining something while Jennie just stood there staring at her crotch with her mouth hanging open. Erin, who was still firmly seated on the tallest peg of the large horse, seemed to be just relaxing. Her arms were still crossed at her waist, and it appeared that all of her weight was on the horses back and not on her feet.

She just sat and watched her mother talk to Jennie. Ten minutes went by before she moved at all, and then it was only to scratch her nose. She was at full size on the inside. I would never have to worry about hurting her with my dick again.

By this time Saki had me fully hard again. I looked down at her just as she pulled my cock from her mouth and licked her lips. "You're pretty good at that," I said as I grasp my dick at the base. Giving it a bit of a squeeze in my hand I gave her a smile and a little nod, "Mmmm, Nice and hard, ready for riding." Saki didn't need to hear anything else.

I slid my chair back to give her some room, allowing her to come up between my legs and straddle me in the chair. As Saki lowered herself down my shaft again I looked at the computer screen. Jennie was attempting to pick up the smallest dumbbell with her pussy.

She was squatting down on it and attempting to squeeze her legs together while trying to stand. She had no success. The peg on the top of the dumbbell easily slid out of her, leaving the dumbbell unmoved.

I had to give her an A for effort. She had no training at all, but she was at least willing to try. But my attention to the computer screen was broken by Saki who was grinding her clit against my groin.

When I looked back at her she was looking straight into my eyes. I smiled at her. She gave me a very warm smile before leaning forward and snuggling in to my chest. If I didn't know any better, I would swear she was purring. She got herself in a comfortable position before she relaxed. I reached over and clicked the camera icon off before I leaned back in my chair and put my arms around her.

I felt good. Saki gave me one last squeeze before we drifted off into a cozy nap. It's nice to sleep inside your birthday present. ……………………………&hellip. I was dreaming about a beautiful white sand beach. The waves were gently lapping at the shore line while I lounged lazily in a hammock strung between two coconut palms. The sun was out nice and warm and the gentle breeze slowly rocked me back and forth during my midday slumber.

The crystal clear blue sky topped off the vision of paradise as I watched my beautiful Kayko come walking up the beach completely nude. She appeared to not have a care in the world as the wind blew her long black hair to the side, revealing her rock hard nipples which stood up in horny anticipation.

I gazed at her beauty as she approached; relishing the flawless perfection of her dark tanned skin and gentle curves of her body. She was looking hungrily at my erection as she stepped up beside me. "Hello," she said in her soft and gentle voice as she joined me in the shade of the trees.

"Hello beautiful," I replied as I watched her eyes shift from my engorged member up to my eyes. "I have a gift for you," she said as she stepped over the hammock with one leg to straddle my waist.

"It's all for you," she said as she slowly lowered herself down onto me, engulfing all of my hardness inside her. It felt like I was sliding into heaven. Her soft pink interior cradled every last inch of me with a soft lovingness that made me feel like I was melting. Her smile and loving look made me feel like I was home. I mean really home. The warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know you are someplace safe and secure.

She looked down at me as she gently massaged my dick inside her, sucking my shaft from bottom to top with her exquisite pussy. The sensations were incredible. In my dream I could see us from the side as my wife made love to me. Her legs were spread out wide with her knees hooked on the sides of the hammock while her toes just barely touched the sand beneath us. The contrast between the bright white hammock and her tanned legs only accentuated the contrast between her tanned breasts and her coal black hair.

She is absolutely beautiful. She was happy with where she was, and she was enjoying every last sensation she was feeling inside her from having her husband filling her. It was the most beautiful and tranquil dream I have ever had. I reached up and gently caressed her breasts, feeling the soft and warm flesh yield to my strong hands. She moaned ever so softly as I gave a gentle squeeze, producing and equally soft squeeze from her pussy.

I was in heaven. We stayed there for hours, enjoying the closeness and loving tenderness of the moment as the wind gently rocked us. Kayko looked down at me and said, "I love you" just as my orgasm began.

It was not a vigorous passion filled scream at the top of your lungs kind of orgasm. It was effortless. The strong surges of my seed pulsed steadily from me into her as we looked softly at one another. I woke up to find Kayko leaning over me and speaking softly to me. Saki was still asleep on my chest with my dick still fully embedded in her and I was cumming.

"Mike," Kayko said softly as she roused me from my dream. "Wake up honey." I tensed up my body and stuck my dick up farther into Saki as I finished my orgasm. Talk about a mind fuck! I thought I was inside Kayko. Kayko looked at the expression on my face before she looked down at Saki. Saki had not moved an inch and she was still soundly asleep as I flooded her insides with cum.

"What were you dreaming?" she asked as she looked back at me with a warm smile. "We were on a beach making love in a hammock," I said as I reached up and caressed her cheek. "You and Saki?" she asked with a bit of an inquisitive look on her face. "No," I said as I lowered my hand and placed it on the small of Sakis' back. "It was me and you. You were making love to me under the palm trees and the day was perfect. You were so beautiful," I said as I again raised my hand and gently held her cheek.

"Thank you." Kayko smiled at me before she leaned in and gave me a tender kiss. "I am glad you liked it," she said as she pulled away from me. "Why don't you put her down on the couch so I can give you a bath," she said as she stood up and took a step back. "She's pretty full," I said as I gently rolled my chair away from my desk. "I've cum in her twice in just the last hour or so." "That's ok," Kayko responded as she reached into the pocket of the robe she was now wearing.

"I have her egg right here. Lay her down and plug her with this. I know she wants to keep all of your cum." Ok, here's an opinion poll. (At least that is what I am going to call it.) How many of you would argue with your wife when she lets you fuck your niece repeatedly, cum inside her multiple times, and then offer you the means to plug her pussy and keep all of the cum inside her? Let me take a guess…ZERO!

Besides that, why argue?! She was already full. We were just keeping the mess down to a minimum. (I know, lame.) Kayko followed me over to the couch at the side of my office while I gently carried Saki.

She only stirred when I pulled her sleeping body off my cum saturated dick and laid her down. Kayko didn't waist a moment and quickly reached in with the egg as soon as my dick had exited her. Cum was already starting to flow from inside her as Kayko quickly pushed the egg in, sealing her pussy to prevent any further loss.

Saki seemed to relax again once she had something inside her, and she rolled onto her side and curled up into a little ball. "You've worn her out," Kayko said as she stood up straight and placed her closed fists on her hips. "Yea," I said as I pulled my robe closed and straightened up.

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"Well she almost killed me in the process." I replied as I glanced down at Saki before returning my gaze to Kayko. "Well why don't you come with me," she said as she took my hand, "and I'll give you a nice hot bath." My birthday was still going just as strong as when I woke up.

Kayko gave me the bath of all baths. She repeatedly washed me from head to toe with hot soapy water before rinsing me thoroughly. Once in the hot pool she brought the stool right up next to me and sat with her open legs facing in my direction as she bathed herself. I was only a foot or so away from her delicate pussy and could readily smell her femininity. I couldn't help myself when I reached out and slid two fingers into her.

Kayko did not mind at all and continued bathing as if nothing were different. She squeezed my fingers as I slid them in and out, churning her cum and the soap into a nice foamy froth. "If you can wait for just a minute," she said with a naughty smile as she lifted the bucket to rinse herself, "you can stick more than just your fingers in me." Hell yea! That's what I'm talking about! Kayko rinsed herself before she waded into the pool and approached me.

"Now let's see," she said in a playful tone. "I think that this," she said as she reached under the water and grabbed my straining cock in her hand, "belongs right in here," and she straddled my waist and sat down on my cock.

"Now," she said once her ass had come to rest on my lap and my dick was fully inserted inside her. "Why don't you cum in there?" Kayko was looking at me with a playful but horny expression on her face. She wanted some of her husband, and she wanted it sprayed inside her. I looked into her brown eyes as I placed my hands on her hips. "Why don't you make me cum in there?" I replied in just as playful a tone as she had given me.

Instantly her pussy started milking me, just like she had done in the dream. Her eyes never once strayed from mine as she pleased me with her body, slowly working me inside her with her well trained pussy. (Guys, if you can get your wife to practice just a few of the exercises that Kayko does daily, then you will understand what this feels like.) I could feel Kaykos' pussy pulling and squeezing my dick as we sat there in the hot pool.

She is absolutely magnificent! (And for my women readers, take the time to learn some of these techniques. There are a lot of health advantages aside from the sexual plusses. These practices virtually eliminate incontinence, while bringing about more intense and longer lasting orgasms in a sexual situation. But if you practice and get good at them, you can have your men doing back flips in a hot bed of coals. The power if gives you over your man will blow you away!) Kayko slowly milked me for a long time, keeping my state of arousal at a steady by heightened point.

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She might have said she wanted me to cum inside her, but I don't think she really meant it. She seemed to be happy as hell just pleasuring me slowly.

Boy was I wrong! I don't know what happened to her, maybe someone flipped a switch somewhere, but in the blink of an eye she went from slowly massaging me to switching her pussy into hyper-drive. She began sucking on me with her pussy like time was running out. The only thing I saw that might have made this happen was just a tiny little wince in her face and she bent slightly to her right.

Whatever it was, she was now determined to make me cum. Kayko slammed her body against mine, sending a huge splash of water out of the pool and onto the floor. It didn't matter because that is what the room was designed for, everything drains toward the center of the room. Kayko clutched and clawed at me while she kissed me with a ferocity that was almost painful.

I hung on to her and gave her as much of my dick as I could from my seated position as she almost went wild. "Hurry honey," she gasped between kisses, "Cum in me!" Sometimes you have to take things into your own hands. I had already cum four times this morning, so number five was going to take a little work.

And trying to achieve it in the hot pool was not going to work. I grabbed Kayko by the ass and stood up. Automatically her arms and legs wrapped around me but her pussy never slowed down. She kept on milking me as I climbed out of the pool and headed for our bed. I did not give a shit that we were both soaking wet, I was going to fuck my wife in half. From the bathroom door I took two steps and leaped onto the bed.

Kayko landed on her back with her legs wide open and me in between. This allowed me to drive in deep inside her, slamming every last inch I had inside. Kayko clawed at my back and pulled at my hair as she tried to get more of me while kissing me anywhere she could.

I was through playing. I hooked her knees over my elbows and grabbed two handfuls of the mattress, spreading her legs wide open and rocking her ass upward. You cannot have a woman in a more submissive position than this unless you tie them down. I began pounding my cock into her, hard! Kayko was almost to the point of hysterics as her first orgasm hammered her like she had just been hit by a bus on the freeway. She screamed and clawed at me as I tried to break her legs off with my hips. Her arms were a whirlwind as she tried her best to pull me in to her farther.

It was very intense. I pounded into her for almost 20 minutes. (I know this because I could see the clock on the night stand) Tears were pouring from her eyes, and she kept repeating 'yes…yes&hellip.yes' as I used her like a toy. She had so many orgasms that a small stream of her cum was flowing down her belly and pooling in her navel. We were both breathing really hard and sweat was dripping from my forehead as I continued my brutal pace.

"Cum.in&hellip.me…cum…in…me…" was her chant as my cock began to swell. When my movements started to get a little erratic her eyes opened wide and she shifted her position very quickly, rocking her hips up and down a few times before stopping at a slightly different angle.

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It felt a little different but I really didn't care, the explosion was coming. On my next in stroke I drove in hard, feeling resistance almost instantly.

Kayko let out a loud yelp and sunk her fingernails into my ass, pulling me down into her with every last bit of strength she had. It felt like the head of my dick had just entered a red hot furnace as I sunk in to her depths. Kayko let out a very loud scream as the last inch of my cock sealed her hole before my dick exploded. With the death grip from hell on my ass she tilted her head up so we were face to face.

"Don't you fucking move!" she screamed through clenched teeth as tears poured out of her eyes. Her nose was almost touching mine and her pupils were dilated wide open as I shot cum up into her. Every pulse made her mouth open a bit more and her expression change from one of pain to one of pleasure as we remained locked in place. For me it felt like the last two inches of my dick was stuck in a pan of hot embers. Whatever she did, it made me cum a lot. My dick surged ten or fifteen times before it finally subsided.

"What did you do?" I gasped between breaths for air. Kayko looked up at me with her teeth still clenched shut, "You are so deep inside me," she managed to say in between gasps for air. "I squeezed shut as hard as I could before you pushed in the last time.

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You're mine now!" We kissed and hugged for several minutes before I pulled out of her. I think the head of my dick was all the way up by her heart. At least that's what it felt like.

I seemed to pull back forever before I finally came free. Kayko dropped her legs to the bed in an obvious state of exhaustion as I rolled over and lay down beside her. "My god," I said as the room spun around. "You guys are going to kill me!" Kayko let out a small laugh. "Yea?! Well you should try it from our end." End Pt16