Novinho comendo cuzinho de quatro

Novinho comendo cuzinho de quatro
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My first true pantyhose/tights experience with someone else happened at the young age of 14. I had been jerking off in my mom and sister's pantyhose, panties, tights, and slips, since I was young. I had accidentally read porn magazines, and even watched some of my dad's porn tapes he had collected over the years, so I already had a working knowledge of how things worked regarding sex, and I had developed my own fetish by the age of 12.

One day I had decided to wear some shiny pantyhose to school, so I put on a pair of my moms shiny black exercise tights.

In the 80's, shiny, black or tan exercise tights were very popular for exercise and work out programs, and a lot of women wore them. As I looked at myself in the mirror admiring the shine on the tights, I decided to wear some of my sister's black satin panties over top of the tights but under my jeans. Off to school I went all dressed up under my clothes and horny as hell. Occasionally I went to the bathroom and played with my little cock, sliding the panties around on my tights covered dick, and even had fun feeling my legs up and down on the silky material.

As the day crept by, I got ready for my detention that I had later that afternoon after school. When I went to the detention room, I noticed the only person in there was Mr Sullivan, my gym teacher.

He was a huge man standing about 6ft 4in tall and at least 275-300lbs.

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He was your typical ex-football player, imposing, and quite rough looking. A friend of mine had told me once that Mr Sullivan had tried to put the moves on him in the locker room once but at the time of my detention, I forgot about that and was only interested in getting home so I could play before my parents came home from work.


Anyway, I went in, said hello to Mr Sullivan, and took a seat in the middle of the room. "OK," he said, just make yourself comfortable and relax.

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I'm going to be reading so you do whatever you want within reason." I nodded in agreement and began writing in a notebook I had. I was very into writing erotic fiction then so I began working on a story about me wearing shiny tights. I was so into writing my fantasies down that I noticed a small bulge in my pants beginning to form.

The tights were lightly moving against the satin panties and I was in heaven.

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I would occasionally squirm in my seat and move around a little to enhance this feeling, but I also tried not to let Mr Sullivan notice anything. He looked up occasionally at me but would put his head right back down into his magazine that he kept well hidden.

He had a thing for hiding porn magazines in his notebooks and reading them in the middle of Gym and the Wood-shop class he taught and we all knew it but it was no big deal back then to us anyway.

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After a while I kept close watch on him and decided to take my socks and shoes off so I could stretch my shiny tights covered feet and legs.

I began to slide my feet together on top and underneath each other. I love the feel of shiny tights on my feet, sliding around together. The satin like fabric and the noises they make swishing together are like a aphrodisiac to me. I continued to write as I did this, and got harder in my panties as well.

As I squirmed and wiggled my toes around I caught Mr Sullivan looking directly at my feet. He quickly looked away when our eyes met. I was blushing and embarrassed but he didn't say anything so I went back to it. A few minutes passed and I was so wrapped up in my writing that I missed it again! When I looked up this time, Mr Sullivan was watching me closely and got up from the desk and headed my way.

I quickly tried to put my shoes back on but it was too late. He stood in front of me for a minute and then pulled up a chair over and sat down. "I think we need to talk. I couldn't help but notice you being very fidgety. And I don't want you to be nervous or anything but I kind of noticed that you were wearing pantyhose under you clothes. Do your parents know about this?" he asked. "No they don't" I replied. "Well, I just want you know that your secret is safe with me and you have nothing to be embarrassed about either.

A lot of men wear pantyhose, but they usually keep it a secret.


I think you are pretty bold for wearing them here to school" he said. "Am I in trouble?" I asked.

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"No not at all. I fact, I think it's great that you wear hose" he said. " They're actually tights. My mom wears them to exercise in and I just like the way they feel on my legs and feet, and they way the look on me" I replied. I was red with embarrassment and shame but I must confess that I was getting a little aroused by the conversation.

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" Well I was wondering if I could see your feet for a minute? They look really cute in those shiny tights, and black is my favorite color. Do you mind?" he asked.

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With that being said, I reached over and pulled another chair over beside us and slowly put my legs in the seat part of it for him to look at. "Hmmm, nice. Mind if I feel those tights?" he asked. Before I could respond though, he put his rough skinned hand on my right foot.

I could feel the callouses on his palms sliding across my tights covered feet. This was the first time I was ever touched while wearing tights and I loved it. I was bothered but at the same time turned on.

He slowly and lightly massaged my feet making small talk as he did so. Eventually I felt his hands begin to move under my pants legs and he rubbed on my shins."Mmmm, that feels really nice. Hey, if you want I can go lock the door if it would make you more comfortable?" he asked.

I nodded in agreement. He came back and sat down scooting closer to me now. " If you want to, you can take your jeans off. I don't mean get naked, or anything, but you could leave your tights on if you wanted to?" he said.

So after mustering up the courage, I stood up and took my jeans off. His eyes bulged out of his head when he saw me standing there in my shiny black tights and black satin panties over top of them.

His hand was instantly on my thigh, running up and down the shiny material. " Wow that feels good. I like those silky panties too!" he said as his fingers moved the panties around on my nylon ass cheeks.

He groped me for a minute or two and then I sat down. He took his pants off too so i put my legs in his lap. Icould feel his cock against my legs and feet, sliding on the hose up and down. his hands were all over my legs and thighs for at least 10 minutes straight. eventually he leaned over and lightly touched my satin covered cock. suddenly he stood up and walked me over to his desk where he said he wanted to cum on my panties. i leaned over and he started grinding his cock on the crack of my pantied ass.

i could feel the warmth of his big rod through my black panties and i could feel it twitch on them as he groped on my shiny hose covered thighs. suddenly he jerked my panties down and grinded his cock hard on my pantyhose and shot a huge load all over them!

he grinded his cum in for about a minute or two and then we wrapped things up. I had 2 more adventures with him and pantyhose that i will share later.

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