Ultimate fetish high heels fetish under my boots tube porn

Ultimate fetish high heels fetish under my boots tube porn
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Going parking at the local Park Mild bondage and submission My husband likes to plan things out, and when those plans happen he really loves it, when a plan comes together. He has asked me on a number of occasions what do I want?, and where do I want him to take me?. I always say, go make your plans and then come and get me, Surprise me.

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I do not want to know what you are going to do or where you are going to take me. This in itself always allows my imagination, coupled with my fantasy's to start going crazy with anticipation.

It is kind of like the pages of a book that has all my fantasy's, being flipped through at rather fast pace. He asked me not long ago several questions, (1) How many times over the course of our marriage (40) yrs have I been taken out into the woods tied and blind folded and been stripped naked and had my brains fucked out, I said oh, at least several hundred times.

(2) How many times have I been taken to a motel or adult motel and had this done to you, I said about the same. And (3) How many times have you been taken to a place totally nude where you have no idea where you are at or where your clothes are and had my brains really fucked out!, I told him, after little though about the same!!.

I would not want you to think that this, is the only kind of sex we have, as this would be far from the truth. My man is a huger and a toucher, he loves to feel me against him, of course this always leads to straight sexhe will go from my lips to my neck and from their to my breasts, but it does not take long until he is performing oral on me.

After which he gets me up and turns me around on my knees and really bonks me from behind. We tried to count up just how many times we have done it.

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Let me see? two times a day three or four times a week fifty two weeks in a year and over forty years of marriage. He has never forgotten my birthday or our anniversary and has always taken me out for them as well as New Years dressed to the 9s and has shown me off, most all have been very pleasurable.

When we first started dating and after we were married we had little money, so parking at the local park, in the woods and river bottom as well as numerous small hills around where we lived where sand buggies and motorcycles played during the day were ideal, and afforded numerous places where he would take me parking and off into the woods. At first he was unaware of my fantasy's But during the first year of our marriage, he caught me masturbating late one night after some rather heated love making, I also like to twist and pull on one of my nipples when doing so.

I confessed almost in tears that not only did i do this, i had these awful perverted thoughts that I fantasized about, while doing so, and that sometimes he, was just not enough. I am so naively honest and just, could not lie to him. I was terrified when he caught me doing this most intimate sinful thing, my mother had also caught me doing it as a very young girl, and had said that nice girls don't do that, and I thought, how could an innocent young girl like me have these thoughts.

You would be surprised what a seemingly innocent young girl likes, and thinks about. Some of the most quiet and demur women can be the wildest, if placed in the right circumstances.

He assured me that fantasy was a normal thing for most people including himself and insisted that I tell him what I fantasized about. After listening to several he told me that my fantasy's were not at all that brutal, abusive, perverted or depraved. When we first started parking he did not blindfold me, he new I liked being naked and tied up.

This discovery quickly escalated into a regular thing. Sex is like a drug the better it gets the more you want. This revelation was from what had happened to me with my first real boy friend. I was 15 and he was 19 we had been petting quite heavily and this, had created an opportunity in that he said, if you keep doing that, I am going to tie you!. to the bed, and of course I keep doing it, and this was followed by him tying my wrists to the bed.

After which my blouse and bra were pushed up leaving my breasts bare. He enjoyed himself with them at my expense. It was next my skirt that was moved up and out of the way followed by my panties being removed. My ankles were then tied very wide to the bed.

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He played with me for a bit which in itself was quite exciting, and then went down on me I had been masturbating since I was a young girl and really enjoyed it. However I was totally unprepared for this new and very wonderful sensation it really freaked me out and scared the crap out of me, but it also keenly perked my interest in this sort of thing.

The only thing that kept me from getting my brains really banged out that night, was the fact that I was so young and seemingly innocent, and that he really liked me. Otherwise I am sure that I would not have left there a virgin, plus I knew even before this, that he, was never going to be the love of my life. I had told my husband all about it, even before we were married and that it scared me, but that I really enjoyed it, and that my interest in being naked, tied, played with, and sucked on!.

increased substantially after this episode.

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When we went parking, I had always wanted to go to places where someone might see us or where we might get caught!. For me this possibility was always one of my biggest thrills. But then I was naively stupid. He on the other hand was much more cautious. One place he had no trouble taking me, was to the local park and in the old days early 60s was a fairly safe place.

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It had two small lakes and many couples would go their together, or would meet there. In the park were a number of big old trees with quite a number of secluded places. He would park in one of the many lots and we would walk out among the trees, it would not be long before he would have me up against one of them, with my dress unbuttoned and my panties around my ankles.


During the summer their would always be at least another couple and sometimes several, they would be doing the same thing we were doing. To hear another woman's low moans even at a distance is quite exciting and only added to the mood, it finally dawned on me that we too were being watched!.

I have told my man on several occasions that I, probably am a closet exhibitionist.

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It never occurred to me that anything bad could happen and nothing did. Once in his zeal to get me naked and really stick it to me he had unzipped my dress and had pulled it, along with my panties all the way down so that I could step out of them, he told me to turn around and put my hands up on the tree as I really liked being fucked from behind. Neither of us, in this dark secluded place, at first had noticed another couple that were almost right next to us, and the man was black!, I freaked out at first, but quickly realized that they were no threat to us!

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This was the first time anyone had ever watched me having sex up close, this experience ended with one of the best and most forceful orgasms I could ever remember having. It was here, I had my first realization that many of the couples in the park were black men and older white women, apparently this was a place where they could meet, as in the early 60s this black and white conduct was not the norm or even exceptable.


Up until this time I viewed men, black or white as just men. I grew up in southern California and in my high school the few blacks who attended never seemed to be treated any different that anyone else, Of course I was very naive. After this several of my fantasy's started to include black men and white women as the stories about them and the size of their cocks made my fantasy's much more enjoyable.

Many of the places where we parked, started with my clothes on, but after a short time my man asked me to wear less, and skimpier outfits until finally I wore nothing but a thin coat, this made it much easier, as he could take me almost anywhere and in a matter of minutes I could be totally nude and would be tied to a tree or any other handy thing that was convenient. I was fucked so many times in all these places I could never count them all.

It was great fun and I really enjoyed each time, we never did get caught, but came close on so many occasions, their were times he would just barely get me untied and my coat on, and "with my heart still pounding" we would hastily make our way back to the car, and usually just before someone would drive up or walk by.

This after all was the whole idea.and if either of us had not gotten to enjoy ourselves we would just go someplace else and start all over again. Great fun and great sex!!!.