Young nudist boy movietures gay full length The last one to get off

Young nudist boy movietures gay full length The last one to get off
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No one under the age of fourteen has sex in this story. BEDROOM NUMBER FIVE: I, Carl Immanuel Fredericks, am walking down the sidewalk from my comfy condo apartment at the Mt.

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Beaver Condo Community. I do this to relieve the boredom sometimes felt in my life and as a backhand attention to the health of my forty-five year old body. Oh, no red flags yet, but at my age, I don't want to needlessly tempt fate, either. I am doing adequately in my life at the present, which should be of considerable comfort to my ex-wife, because the continuation of her half of my early retirement pension depends on my continued life.

I don't get any congratulations from her for my continued life, though. If she could get the pension anyway, I think that my continued breathing would be a moot point to her.

Though in my heart, I would never want anything adverse to happen to her. Anyway, I am sprightly making my way down the newly poured sidewalk addition, that needlessly in my opinion, not only replaced the hard packed soil previous path, but eliminated seven very needed parking spaces on our street.

Ah, the costs of progress. I proceeded down the walkway for three blocks, when I noticed that the previous pet clinic, had a new aspect to it. It was painted on the outside with a generic beige color with muted brown trimming. Just enough to look very presentable, but mostly not enough to be noticed by passers-bys. It had been about six weeks from the changeover, and the small parking lot was filled along with every available space within two blocks of its entrance.

Business must be good, I surmised, though at the time I only had a bare inkling of what 'business' this involved. On the sign out front by the street, it said, BEDROOMS FOR RENT, instead of the previous, MT. BEAVER PET CLINIC, giving a strong hint as to its new services. This time as I approached its entrance on my way by, there was a young woman of about sixteen, I guessed, sitting in a chair by the entrance and she engaged my eyes as I was about to pass by.

"Hey, Mr. Fredericks, would you like to come up here and talk for a bit?" After the jolt of her knowing my name, I decided that I had nothing better to do than to engage in conversation with a devastatingly sexy young woman.

So, I walked the short distance to her seated position and took the other chair by her to await her discussion interests. "You are probably wondering how I know your name, Carl, but I am a sister to Opal of the condo community and have heard all about the many facets of living there and the people who do. Don't worry, she was very discreet about what she shared, but I was able to fill in the blanks, and you are one that shone brightly in her estimations." I pondered over that for a few minutes and could think of nothing to add to that summation on her part.

An artificial mode of modesty displayed at this time. "Would you like to come in and see if there is anything here that might interest you?" Again, I thought, "Why not!" And did so. She led me by the arm, with her young body plastered up to my side, and upon entrance she turned me over to the unknown aged oriental lady (still sexy like Bloody Mary, OF SOUTH PACIFIC, though) at the counter spread across much of the room just beyond the entrance door. With me in, B.M as I dubbed her, sent the younger lady back to her roost outside the front door.

With B.M's sufferance, I proceeded to examine this ante room of whatever this facility was dedicated to. It had several sofas, with gentlemen lounging for something to soon come to them.

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It had soft drink and snack vending machines, and a large screen T.V. playing the kinkiest porn imaginable. Probably fluffing up the guys to save time for the girls within, I finally figured out. As I moved my eyes back to the apparent Mamma-San, she motioned for me to come to the counter.

So, satisfied with what I had deduced so far, I did. She then in her broken English, pretty-upped by me here to enable you to get the gist of the conversation, "My good sir, would you like to share in a diversion today here?" Well, I hadn't spent my monthly poon budget yet, and the curiosity was building in me, so I said, "Yes, I would." She then replied, "Two hundred dollah's (her pronunciation) upfront, please." So, I forked over the ten twenties and braced myself for what was to happen then.

She then leaned down and brought a dice and placed it on the counter. I stood there watching for it to dance, to sing or to pole dance by my manner then. But, B.M. saved me the embarrassment and inquired if I would like to drop the dice back onto the counter and see what number came up.

So, being careful as to not causing it to ricochet onto the floor, I dropped it and the number five came up. I then picked it up belatedly and found it to have five sets of numerals and one star.

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I surmised that these were the numbers of the bedrooms for rent. And by her comments afterward, this was confirmed. As to the star, it was explained to me that it was for an extremely generous session of longer time, available at the 'throw of the dice' to the customers by lot.

I having not been born yesterday, dropped the dice back on to the counter enough times to have gotten each number and the star never came up. So, I looked B.M. in the eye and asked for the other dice that she surely had under the counter and shortly after her retrieving it, I dropped it too and the star came up in an approximation of the due number of times.

I smiled at the nerve of this and then figured that the honest die was for her better customers. Since, I already had the number five, I decided to play along with it, and a skimpy dressed and pretty teenaged Asian girl (her mid-teen daughter??) led me to the number five bedroom and sent me in. It took a few minutes to process what I was seeing. The room appeared to be that of a mid teen girl, with evidently one laying on the surface of the coverlet with ponies, elephants and zebras on it.

The pillow under her head was similar and the panties and bra that she wore worked into the scenario before me in the same manner. "Oh, Daddy (in a simulated small teen's voice,) please come and tuck your beloved little daughter into bed for the night." This cued me into what this was about. As I pulled the coverlet back, she shimmied over to take her place in the opened portion of them.

Then she looked up to me with her late teen eyes hidden in little gteen clothing and asked if I would help her remove her training bra.

I did so, but marveled at her B+ boobs, in the very small bra that she was wearing. She then, as I watched, moved so as to put these pretty titties in a beguiling motion before my eyes. "Daddy, can you check on them for me?

I want to make sure that they are okay. Don't you?" So, I moved up to touch, cradle, massage, kiss and suckle on them. "Daddy, that feels so fine, could you continue that for a few minutes, please?" And so, I gladly did. To her and my enjoyment.

When I pulled up for a moving on to other activities, she asked, "Daddy, were they okay?" "Oh, yes, my darling they are fine, better than fine actually!" "I am so glad to hear that from my loving Daddy. I was so worried that they were not okay, because they are getting rather large for a young teen like me." "Not to worry, my dear.

They will be appropriate for you when you get your full growth." With teary eyes, "But, Daddy. What if they get bigger, what will I do then?" "Don't worry your pretty little head over that, my little teen, some person will help you bear that well, in that case." After a few seconds smiling up to me, she shrugged and directed my eyes to the vicinity of her panties.

"Daddy, my panties seem to be wet, am I a bad girl over that?" "No, my dear, it is just a normal female reaction to having fun with her daddy." "Okay, Daddy. Would you help me take them off, since they are not very comfortable for me being that they are wet?" "Sure enough, pumpkin." So, as she moved the covers over, she lifted her legs so that I could get to the back of her panties and guide them off of her pussy and legs.

She smiled brightly through this whole procedure up into my eyes. Then she looked up into my eyes and begged me, "Daddy, could you rub my pussy for me. I do it regularly, but would like to feel your loving hands on me this time." So, I sat down on the side of the bed and began to caress and pet her pussy, like a dear pussy should be done.

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She was already wet from our play so far, and so very quickly she added, "Daddy, I need you to help me now. Would you please undress and join me in my bed?" After I quickly answered her call for me, she cuddled up to me against my chest and looking up into my eyes, "Oh Daddy, it feels so fine to be in your strong arms and with your manly cock up against my tummy. May I play with it for a bit, My Daddy Lover?" "Yes, my darling daughter, you may." So, she reversed her body to have her pussy up to my face and her mouth to my dick.

With that she began a pronounced program of attentions to it, resulting soon in it being fully risen. She then tittered over her success and after enjoying my lips and tongue onto and into her pussy, she again reversed to be oriented with her mouth actively kissing mine and her belly rubbing on to my dick. She backed up for a second then and asked me, "Daddy, isn't there some place that you would like to park that lovely cock of yours?" "I surely do, my little lover and daughter." So, she moved to her back and opened up her slim legs, to show off her pussy and the entrance to her inner self.

With her proactive encouragement I moved up to bring my cock up to her lover's vault entrance and then moved the head of it up into the innards of my dearest little woman lover. She accepted it, so either wasn't a virgin or took the conversion very well. I moved quickly to ratcheting in her vagina, and with the cum that we both produced, it went along slickly. Her little eyes with a bit of tears in the corners looked up to me worshipfully and soon I emptied up into her deepest self.

With that she pulled me down to lay on top of her and pulled tightly against her little frame. As I laid there upon her, she moved slightly around to let my cock still know where it was at, while she shared the most dearest of expressions into my waiting ear. As I laid on her enjoying the ambiance of the situation, I could see a large digital clock above the headboard of her bed telling me that I had ten minutes left.

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It was located so that she couldn't see it and become obsessed by its timing. But, I am sure if a client should dally too long, that Momma-San would enter the bedroom and deal with that. Not wanting to get off to a bad foot here, I got out of bed and finished the final minutes with her bare body on my lap and kissing everything that I could reach. I left with a minute to spare and her widest grin.

On the way out, B.M. asked me to divert to her office for a few minutes and wait there on a chair for her to return. She then apparently asked her daughter to man the counter and B.M. came into the office and closed the door. She then peered at me through her spectacles in a speculative manner.

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Then she began, "Carl, you were wonderful to my young lady, and she sends along her thanks for that. Perhaps, you noticed that she is a midget, and that that works really well in her Role Play as a mid-teen daughter.

She says that she would like to see you often and I have a proposal for that. You see, the ladies are not allowed to live here. This is only their place of meeting and sharing adult fantasies with their darling men visitors. So, Trixie needs a place to stay, permanently or temporarily till she can find a permanent place. And I was wondering if you would be interested in that, since you two hit it off so well. She is a college student and twenty years of age and could be presented by you as a distant cousin who is attending school in the city.

If you agree to this, she will not give you any money, since that would entangle you in her profession which could have risky results for you. But, she will grace your bed every night of her staying with you and play with you as much as you can stand.

She will also augment the various supplies in the house and maybe grab a bill once in a while and pay it for you.

You will not have to pay her a cent for all of this, and she will be only a few blocks from her place of business and close to the bus line for her schooling, too. I know that you are aware of Candy, the manager of Mt. Beaver Detective Agency and her reputation for honorable service to her clients. I will be paying for a consultation from her about Trixie. You see, Candy was one of my girls in times past. I am so proud of how she had moved up in the world since, and I hope for the same for all of my girls as they mature.

There is always a ready supply for new ones to take their places." "Well, this is all a very new idea to me.

I obviously enjoyed my time with her, and with her on the bed didn't notice anything unusual about her. I don't see where that would be a problem if we were together, either. Let's see…………………………………………………………&hellip.

could she and I have a social date to see if we are compatible outside of a sexy bed?" "Yes, I think that could be arranged tonight after her evening classes, if you like. And she would be available to stay with you over night, if you want with her to, to show how she would treat you if she gets to stay with you.

And from what I know, most every older male in the condo village has a young distant female niece staying with them and gracing their beds." "Yes, I noticed that!


Here is my card with my security number, have her call me well in advance of the date, if she wants it. And, thank you for being so courteous to me. I really do very much like the girls and love the play with them." "Yes, that is very obvious or I wouldn't even think of making this offer to you. Talk to you later, sir." And with that I left and continued my walk around my designed circuit and back to my condo to await a cell phone call, I hoped for." About seven thirty that evening, I got a call from a very precious sounding voice asking me to pick her up at her place of work to go out to dinner with me.

I told her that I would be there within thirty minutes and made it right on time. Since my vehicle is huge and high, I was privileged to help this small bodied person up onto the seat and buckle her in. She seemed to have no problem with accepting help, but did make the effort to do as much as she could on her own. A very nice balance in that.

I asked where she would like to eat, and she asked to go to a favorite Italian restaurant in the city, since it is famous for doing the cooking right out in the open to the customer's nasal pleasures. The whole inside of the building is filled with the most wonderful odors of Italian food in preparation. And she told me to not worry, when we got there, because of her size, she causes a sense of wonderment wherever she goes in public. And she knows that most all of them mean no harm.


And that she especially loves the wonderment that she gets from children when it happens. When we got downtown, we got a parking place close to the Restaurant and I helped her down and she walked with her hand in mine to the place.

When we got there, most everyone turned to look at the medium tall middle-aged man with a very short young woman of in determinant age, walking hand in hand to the table saved for us in our reservations.

Evidently she had been here at least a couple of times, because the staff was very attentive to her and me, and understood very well what she would want. Which included a very low rising booster chair for her.

Trixie wasn't oblivious to the attentions that she was getting, but she did rise above it and put it in its place so that she and I could enjoy our meal, while everyone else was trying to figure out if she was my daughter or something else. The staff were so attentive to her.

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They brought to her the ordered salad and tea in a dish and cup (with silverware) appropriate to her size and my meal of lasagna in one appropriate to mine. We both settled in to enjoy our meals and a very lively discussion.

She might be small in body, but there is no size limit on her interests or intelligence. She let me know that she was in her sophomore year of college working on a sociology degree. That when she graduated she wanted to work with 'small people' like her and other disadvantaged persons, regardless of their ages. She felt that she was uniquely qualified in these subjects with her life experiences. I could easily see the wisdom in that assessment. And I was totally intrigued by the spirit found in this young woman.

I shared a bit about myself, that I had worked in the grocery business for almost thirty years, but had to take an early retirement due to a damaged back. I noted that it was stable now, but I was not able to return to work, because it could go critical again at any time.

And did on occasion, even now. So, I was living on SSI, a regular pension and some investments that my parents, who were deceased, had left to me as an only child. As she perceived the loneliness that I was alluding to, she was the one comforting me with a great deal of tenderness highlighted by her free hand on mine in sympathy.

I knew right then and there that I wanted her in my life. And so, with the report that I had gotten from Candy of the Mt. Beaver Detectives, I asked her if she would like to live with me, provisionally at first, but with the option if we both agreed for it to be permanent. She readily agreed to that, and the surrounding folks who seemed to feel what was going on between Trixie and me, rose and cheered when she with a few tears agreed to be with me.

We left to get into the Sub and I drove to my place for her to spend the night with me. When we got there it was quite late, so I showed her around the place and she asked for one of the bedrooms for a retreat to study and have some solo time.

But, she emphasized that she would sleep with me every night that I wanted her with me, and that she would be very generous with her physical love, too. She also mentioned that she could assume some of the chores around the apartment and that she already had booster steps to help her use the usual sized appliances.

So, we got into bed, with her in her little teen clothes, that she said she adored anyway. She begged off on more full-fledged intimacies for that night, but crawled up onto my body while I was on my back, pulled up a pillow to hang over my shoulder and widened her legs to allow my member to sneak around her teen's panties to be inside of her and then settled down with her head on the pillow to enjoy being with me for the night.

In the morning, she woke up before me and took a bath. She came in and kissed me and then reminded me that she had to go to work. She said that she would be home at about five that evening, since she only works a half shift on that day and has classes in the afternoon.

She also with another kiss informed me that she would be a lot more affectionate this evening, since she would have a low work load for the shift of this day.

I kissed her back to her delight and told her that I would be understanding of that as long as I didn't have to go too long between fluffings. She said that there would be no problem with that, since she only works four days a week and two of them are half shifts. I busied myself getting the condo ready for another inhabitant, making room in the closets and Chester Drawers for instance.

And then I started the daily walk about the neighborhood.


As I passed the BEDS FOR RENT place, I waved at the young girl on the chair outside and caught Trixie as she had just finished her shift. I gave her a big hug and helped across the street to catch her bus to college. She waved out the window as the bus left the curb. She texted me her desires for dinner that night, and I had it ready when she walked in. She was pulling three of the airline roller suitcases as she entered in, all but a little of what she owned, she mentioned.

And we parked them in the second bedroom for her to sort through and put away later. She took her place at the table, with a couple of telephone books to boost her up, and awaited for me to seat myself before when would begin her dinner. She was especially happy over the tea that I had made. I had seen an Asian girl some years ago and learned my way around a teapot with her. Since, I had much more to eat than her, when she finished she got down and disappeared under the table.

All of a sudden I felt a cold draft over my equipment and then the warm moist feeling of her mouth. It was small, but lively. I was concentrating on my meal, so as not to climax too soon. But after several minutes she begged, "Please Daddy, give me my dessert to complete such a wonderful dinner with you." And so, I then let it fly right up into her moth and heard her noisily swallow it whole.

Then she came up to sit on my lap and play with my Van Dyke beard and mustache. While I straightened things out in the kitchen and loaded up the dishwasher, she found a show on T.V.

that we would both enjoy and then settled down on my lap, with her bottom over and on to my cock up her ass. She settled back and reached over her shoulder to kiss me every once in a while.

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When the show was over, she took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. She disappeared out of the bathroom and then came out in little teen's clothing again and laid up to beside me in bed. She idly played with my cock and when it got totally enlarged, she moved over to the middle of the bed, propped up her bottom on two pillows and directed me to enter her waiting love zone.

It didn't take long, and we both climaxed this time and she then again, found her way up onto my chest and with her pillow cushioned head laid up on me with my hand on her breast for the night.