Teen amateurs wrestle in gay fraternity group

Teen amateurs wrestle in gay fraternity group
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Two weeks has flown by and I haven't been able to see him I keep driving past his house and see that no lights are on but I can't help myself but yearn for him. I just want his cock choking the inside of my throat. I want to feel his cum cover my tits.I race down to his work to see if he is there and god damn he is.

I hide my vechicle a half a mile down the street just so his boss don't know why I'm here. My palms are sweaty as I walk in through the woods where I see him by himself cutting down some trees for lucas. Thank god he is alone I can't do this anymore.

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I wait patiently behind a tree behind him hoping he will take a break so I can come up from behind.finally after ten minutes of waiting I don't even care.my pussy is drenched at all the dirty thoughts running through my head.I step up behind him smelling his scent with the wind.

The chainsaw shuts off and I grab him his ass with one hand while I wrap my other hand around him to reach for his cock.startled he turns around and when he realizes its me his body loosens up "I see my slut couldn't stay away huh?" He smiles.

" no master.not at all. Please let me feel you deep in my throat. Please please please I need to taste you." Desperation rattles through me.

" get on your knees bitch" he pushes me against a tree my bare skin scrapping agaianst the bark. It stung so badly it turned me on. I drop to my knees and undo his pants. Before I could do anything else he whipps out his dick and thrusts it hard in my mouth. God did I love when he was so forceful. I trail my tongue all around like eating a ice cream.

I then trail kisses down his shaft and start sucking on his balls while strocking his 10 inch cock. He moans loudly as he pulls my hair.

"That's right bitch you know I love when you play with my balls" After a little bit he yanks hard on my hair pulling me back to sucking him off. I trace my tongue ring all over his shaft as he forcefully thrusts in deeper and deeper in my throat.

I can't help but gag but my pussy is drenched by how turned on I am I start playing with my pussy.

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I moan on his dick as he holds his cock further down my throat longer wanting me to gag on it. After a few minutes I cum.

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" you cam didn't u bitch. You should have waited! Now you will be punished.show me your tits you filthy whore" Shivers went down my spine as I pull my shirt down.before he cums he jacks off on my tits.

And suddenly he cums all over me letting out loud groans. "Go home you filthy skank wash up" He goes back to work.and I'm left alone. I hope he realizes I'm coming back for more.

Around 8pm I decided I can't take it anymore. I'm going to turn him on like I've never done before. I will be the dominate one or at least I hope.


I drive down to his second job. Wearing nothing on underneith my trench coat. I am wearing white lacy heels to set the mood. I walk into his work and show him a sneak peak after the customers have left.

" you think I want to see your nasty ass I don't think so" he mutters. I know he is turned on bc he turns red. Noticing there is a customer on there way in I run behind the counter. " I want your cock now! Shut up and let me taste you." Without having much of a choice he let's me procede to pleasuring him.

I instantly grab his legs and thrust his hard penis in my mouth already tasting the precum I speed up the rythm. Having him instantly burst into my mouth. After the customer leaves. He mutters "Ur such a good slut.don't expect that to happen again I'm not interested.

Leave" I leave with a grin knowing that when he arrives home.that dick is going deep in my ass. He walks into the dark house later on that evening and I run up to him banging him hard agaianst the counter top. Our lips meeting for the first time in a long time.he then kisses down my neck and turns me around bending me over the kitchen counter. "Your being very naughty today. Let's see if you will disobey me again." Fast and suddenly he plays with my ass hole with his fingers.

He then slowly kisses down my back and starts licking my ass getting it all wet.my body shivers wondering when the fuxk he will thrust it into me.and suddenly he does. "Don't make a fucking sound you stupid slut or you will be spanked hard!" I try everything not to moan due to the pleasure and pain.his cock starts sliding in and out of my ass hole faster and faster.making my body tremble with pleasure. "I'm gunna fucking cum" I scream.he instantly stops and slaps me hard.

" you will cum when I tell u to cum.got it?" He grabs my hair dragging me to the bedroom and puts me in doggy style postion.

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"Play with your pussy but don't cum till I say so got you slut?" I nodd my head.and he instantly shoves his dick deep inside my ass.pounding away hard and fast. After several minutes he tells me I can cum.


I instantly do bc I had been holding it back. He takes his dick out and flips me over. Jerking himself off inbetween my legs. He cums all over my body. "Pick it up with ur fingers and lick it up like a good whore u r." I agree taking every drop of his sweet cum and swallowing it with all I could grab with my fingers. I then lean over licking his dick to clean him off.

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He instantly gets hard once again. And in no time I'm being face fucked hard and fast. "Take it all in baby.take it like the bitch you are." My fingers find his balls then go down further and I start fucking his ass hole with my fingers.

And within seconds he bursts into my mouth. " go home slut.tomorrow the real adventure begins"