Junges molliges jugendlich vor cam

Junges molliges jugendlich vor cam
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I did not hear the click of the lock; nor did I hear his silent entrance into my bedroom. All I heard was a short cough. I sprang up in my bed, letting my eyes adjust to the hypothesizing darkness. I sat there for a few minutes, sharply turning my head at every creak in the room only to find out it was the house creaking; my house was old. I swore I saw an almost invisible figure in the dark and I got up to investigate.

Thank god that when I turned on the light I found it only to be a coat hung on one of the posts of my bed. Wait a second, that wasn't my coat. That was a man's coat! "Keep quiet my love and I will not harm you," the deep voice cooed into my ear as his hand had come around and pressed firmly over my mouth. He gently bit my earlobe and said, "Understand?" I nodded my head in response.

What was going on? Who was this man? And how on earth did he get into my house without my puppy barking? She barked if a grasshopper stared too long at her. I didn't have time to answer these questions before he spoke again. "I'm going to let you go and you're going to walk over to the bed like a good little girl and tie these over your mouth and eyes, okay?" I nodded in compliance.

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He let me go and handed me two scarves; my own, I recognized them as. How long had he been in my house? I tried to turn and face my visitor, but was only turned away with a harsh slap on my cheek.

His strong force had flung me to the floor, face down, and I tried to blink out the tears burning in my eyes as the fire in my cheek only got worse. He got on one knee beside me and pulled my head up by my hair. "Don't make me do that again. I do hate hurting you." He trailed off as he let go of my hair. This guy had me very confused.

What the fuck was he here for if not to hurt me? Or fuck me I suppose. "Get up," he instructed, and I followed his directions; too afraid not to. My bottom lip trembled as I slowly got up - I had never been slapped before and never thought I would be, especially by a man.

I tied one of the scarves over my eyes and tied the other one around my head so it was rolled up and put into my mouth. "No, tighter.

I don't want them coming loose." He walked behind me and tightened the one that I was tying (the one in my mouth) and pulled it as tight as he could. My mouth was jerked wide open to accept the force pulling my jaws apart. I whimpered and I felt a sharp pain on my ass.

"Stop being such a bad girl or your ordeal will get worse," he said firmly. His voice was no longer gentle and his touches were rushed and mostly painful; I had upset him. I heard him walk around me and I felt his eyes burning into my flesh: I was only clothed in a spaghetti strap top and some very short shorts that went up well past my inner thigh.

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In fact, when I bent over, I felt a cool breeze on my ass. He apparently approved. "Dress just for me, darling?" I lowered my head in shame as I was given another command. "Put your hands together behind your back and lock your elbows.


I want those tits pushed forward towards me." When I couldn't bring myself to do the asked task, he pushed me backwards with enough force to knock me over; I didn't realize how uncoordinated I was blindfolded. Thankfully, I was still standing in front of my bed and I just fell onto the soft cushion of my bedspread.

He leaned over to me and took the scarf out of my mouth and the other one from over my eyes. Apparently he had changed his mind about how to restrain me. He stood up again and looked down at me, looking up at him with fear showing in my eyes. "No, no, that won't do. I want you up and leaning over the bed - pleasure will come later, but pain first. You've been a very bad girl. Bad girls deserve to be punished, do they not?" he asked me, I didn't respond, still so scared of him and his obvious control and power over me.

"I asked you a question!" he spat at me. "Y-y-yes," I mustered up in reply. "Yes what?" he asked. "Yes, bad girls deserve to be punished," I said; my embarrassment showing in my flustered cheeks. "And have you been a bad girl?" "Yes." "Yes what? Who am I?" "Yes, Sir?" I half asked, half stated.

"That's right, you will call me Sir from now on. Every time I ask you a question, you are to answer in complete sentences, always with the word "Sir" at the end. Understand, love?" "Yes, I understand, Sir." "Good. Now get up and undress. Lean over the bed and spread your legs wide and hold your head up in the air; you can rest on your elbows on top of the bed." His instructions were a bit hard to comprehend - how he wanted me positioned - but he showed me how he wanted me and made sure my legs were spread wide for him.

"Make sure you keep your head up, do NOT let it drop down." "Yes, Sir." "That's it; that's a good little girl," he said as I heard him unbuckle his belt.

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Oh god, here it comes, I thought to myself. He's going to fuck me now. But when I didn't hear a zipper or a button, I realized I was wrong. Before I could move I heard him raise his arm up and plunge it back down; the belt landing on my left inner thigh. I screamed at the abuse and tried to scramble out of the way of his next blow, but he held me down and whispered into my ear, "There you go, being bad again. I can see you want me to force you to stay and accept your punishment.

Is that it, precious? You want me to tie you up so I can spank you so hard, yet you cannot move?" "No!


No! Please, I'll do anything for you! Just please, don't hit me again, Sir!" I couldn't believe I had just called him 'Sir', but somehow it just slipped off my tongue. "Oh no, I'm going to hit you many more times tonight, and until you get used to being abused like the bad little girl you are, I think I should tie you up so you will submit to me." I tried to wriggle free from his firm grasp, but couldn't manage to get free. As a last attempt to get me to obey him, he quickly looped the belt around my neck and fed the end through the fastener, tightening it around my neck and stopping my air supply.

"Do NOT move from now on until you are instructed to, do you understand?!" I nodded my head and he let the belt fall. I stood gasping and coughing for breath - it had been taken away from me so fast that it took me a long while to get used to breathing again. When I had calmed down he leaned down onto the ground at the foot of one of my posts. He grabbed my ankle and I almost lost my balance as he pulled it towards him, spreading my legs even wider.

He tied it roughly to the post and moved over to the other one. I felt him grab my other ankle with the same harsh grip and pull it relentlessly towards him. I let out a loud whimper as my legs were spread too wide.

I had a king sized bed and my ankles were even with the posts on either side, just inside them. The muscles in my face contorted in pain as I was stretched out wide for him. I bent over the bed as I felt his hand move towards my ass. He gently caressed my firm ass as he lowered one hand to my asshole. A finger entered easily without lubrication. "Mmm, this is nice.

You're spread so wide for me I could just fuck you right here in your ass without any lubrication." There was a short pause, then, "Tell me what you want me to do to you. Tell me how you want me to fuck you tonight." I began hesitantly; I was a very shy and introverted person, and to be fully spread for this man that was fingering my ass and asking me to tell him what I wanted him to do to me was almost too much.

A firm slap on my ass reminded me that I had better comply; apparently he had forgotten my punishment from before. "I want you to lick my pussy, Sir. I want to taste your cock and feel it in my throat, Sir. I wish for you to take my pussy and my ass, Sir, in any way you like. Please, use me for your pleasure, Sir." Maybe if I said what he wanted to hear, he would just fuck me and get it over with.

My cheek still hurt and the welt on my thigh was burning more than ever now - I just wanted him to leave me be. "Well you are in no position to suck on my cock, nor are you in a very good position to be eaten out.

But god, you should see your ass. It is basically inviting my cock. Yes, that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to take your ass first.

Dry." The last word stung me inside my ass - there was no way a cock could go up my ass dry.

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There just wasn't. I heard him scramble to remove his clothing and walk to turn the light out. I had candles on my bedside table - I sometimes like to read by candlelight. He walked over to my bedside table and lit a candle; it was one of the few I had in glass, bowl-like candle holders. He brought it over to me, set it down on the floor, and rubbed his cock against my ass behind me. "Bring your hands around and spread your ass cheeks for me. Make it easier for me, love," he said to me - his voice once again gentle.

When I would not obey him, he spanked me hard on my ass. "Do as I say!" Still I couldn't comply; I couldn't spread myself for him - I just couldn't. "My god why are you being such a fucking bitch? You fucking whore!" he said as I felt another very, very sharp sting on my ass. He had picked the belt back up and was hitting me with it again. I tried to move out of his way, but he kept relentlessly hitting me as hard as he could. Tears were falling down onto my bedspread after just the second blow.

"Please stop! Stop!" I cried in between blows, but he did not listen; he didn't even answer me or tell me to be quiet. As he hit the same place time after time, my ass went numb underneath him. I looked up at a mirror that was on the other side of the room and I saw his face red in a passion as he hit me over and over. When I saw him pull his arm all the way back and whip the belt through the air, I cried out in more agony.

I had been spanked before and it wasn't all that terrible, but this, this was just ruthless and it hurt so much that every beat of my heart stung my whole body. I had lost count of the blows after twenty six, but there was a good deal more after that. I could hardly breathe when he finally stopped; but I realized he had only stopped because he was getting tired of hitting me at full blast. I looked into the mirror again and saw that he was just as hard as ever; his cock was still full of life in behind me.

He threw the belt down and said in an aggravated tone, "Now, we shouldn't have any more problems, should we?" I shook my head. "No, Sir." "Good." He seemed to think about what he had said for a minute and then said, "No, I'm still not pleased." He went around to the side of the bed that I don't sleep at and retrieved a bag.

From it he pulled some rope. My eyes went wide - surely he wasn't going to spank me with that rope too? He saw my expression and laughed. "No, pet, I'm not going to hit you with this. Give me your wrists." I did as I was told and he tied one end around my right wrist. He fed the rope behind the two front posts and brought it around to tie my left wrist with the other end. My arms were pulled forward, almost too much.

With my wrists and ankles tied tightly, I was completely immobile. He moved around the bed to settle behind me and began to rub his cock on my burning ass. I took in a sharp breath between my teeth when he softly touched my ass with his cock.


He placed his hands down onto my ass cheeks and began to massage them. It stung furiously, but his gentleness calmed me. He began to rub his cock up and down my ass crack, letting it dip down to my pussy just twice. I felt the head of his cock find my entrance and he began to push against my ass.

His cock had enormous girth - I could guarantee I wouldn't have been able to wrap my hand around it if I had tried. It was easily as big as a soda can and I could almost sense how long it must have been. As his head began to spread my asshole wide, I clenched my ass, forcing his cock to exit.

"Now you mustn't do that love," he said, almost in a mocking tone. He pressed his cock against my asshole again and continued, "Or this is what happens." And he bent down to retrieve the candle.

He poured a few drops of hot wax onto my asshole right above his cock.

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Instinctively, my ass pushed outwards and his head gained entrance into my ass. I tried to push his cock head out of my now resisting ass, to no avail. He wasn't going to let me escape again. Tears began to gather in my eyes as I felt him scrape the now cool wax away and set the candle on a chair beside him. "Can I trust you enough not to resist me again?" I nodded - my ass still burned from that hot wax. "Good. Now push your ass out again love, like you did before," I did as I was told and I felt his cock go another two inches into my stretched asshole.

My eyes clenched themselves shut as I shuddered in pain - I didn't even want to speak anymore; I was too afraid of being hit again. He pushed a little further as I pushed out again, involuntarily. "Ah, that's a good girl. Almost half way in now." Half way in?! I swore he was already more than 5" inside my ass and there was still more?! I pushed outwards two more times before he said to me, "Oh you're being such a good girl, taking my cock into your ass like this. Has anyone ever invaded here besides me?" "Yes Sir." "How many times?" "Only twice, Sir." "Ah, that explains the resisting.

All right little girl, one more big push and I'll be all the way in." I pushed outwards one last time as he shoved the rest of his cock into me; a good three inches more at least. I lunged forward with the force and the scarves cut into my ankles as I tugged against them, trying to escape this invasion. My breathing was very erratic and short.

I knew that was blood dripping down my thigh. "Oh my god," I mumbled under my breath. The pain was simply unbearable. I felt like I couldn't breathe; even breathing hurt. He didn't even give me time to adjust to it before he began to pull his cock out of my torn asshole. It seemed to take several minutes before his cock was completely out of my ass except for his massive head.

He slowly pushed back in, then slowly pulled back out again. He began a steady rhythm and didn't show any sign of speeding up when I heard him say, "Get ready," in such a soft manner that I knew I wasn't supposed to have heard it. Just as I was trying to figure out what he was going to do, he pulled his cock out of my ass all the way and plunged into me all in one thrust. The breath was knocked out of me and I was forced to tug on my ankle bonds.

I couldn't hold back the scream when I felt his hips slam against my ass.

"Shh," he said, surprisingly gentle yet again. "Get ready, I'm doing it again." He wasn't lying; I felt him pull out all the way and slam back into me again. My screams began to get softer as he repeated this new painful rhythm over and over again.

He began to speed up even more, but only taking out half of his cock this time, so he could go faster and faster with each plunge into my asshole. Almost involuntarily, I began to push my hips back against his thrusts; as far back as I could with my restraints that is.

The pleasure began to increase even more as I began to let myself go and enjoy the experience. He started to push more and more of his cock into me as he felt me push back against him.

He plunged into me once more and leaned over to me to whisper, "Am I mistaken or is my little girl enjoying this now?" I blushed in response and he chuckled evilly to himself. "Just a little longer, love, and you'll get to suck my cock. Would you like to suck my cock, little one?" I nodded. "Yes, Sir, I would love to pleasure you in any way you could imagine." "Very good." I smiled to myself as I felt the satisfaction of pleasing him.

He slowly pulled out and plunged back in. To my surprise, the amazing force felt good. I gradually felt a fire build within me, a fire that I knew was going to be fierce once fueled. A few more thrusts he came deep into my ass. I moaned when I felt his hot cum shoot up my ass.

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He threw himself over me and after he caught his breath he came around to untie me. He left to go into my bathroom to wash his cock off as I felt the blood go back into my hands and feet. He walked back inside my bedroom and barked another order at me.

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"Get onto the bed with your head hanging off the side. Time to shove my cock down your throat." To be continued.