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Pretty Brazilian swinger girl getting fucked in the shower
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DREAM A LITTLE DREAM OF ME Suggestive questions create a seductive quandary for mom by Oediplex 8==3~ αυστηρή γραμματικοί δεν υποχρεούνται να εφαρμόζουν * {be sure to look for the 'bonus boner' at the end!} THE QUESTIONS I'm Susan.

My parents were hippies who lost their virginities to each other at a rock concert in college. I gave up my maidenhead to the guy who took me to my Senior Prom.

(Grandma said it was tradition, for that's when she had sex first too.) My kid is now out of High School, got a job and a jalopy. The '67 Malibu is cherry, a gift from Gramp's will. But Danny hasn't gotten his busted yet, cherry that is; still the Big V hanging over his head. I don't go prying into my boy's business, but like any concerned mother I want to be aware of what's going on with his life. If he has issues, I always hope that he will trust me enough to share, and ask for my feedback.

So far he has, especially as his dad died several years ago in an auto accident. Single parent is a tough role, but my Danny has been an enormous help. I owe him much for that, of course I love him all the more for it too.

However, it became obvious to me that this subject was an important concern to the youth.

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In fact I couldn't very well avoid it when he asked me directly, "Mom, if I were going to die a virgin, would you have sex with me?" Wise woman that I am, I turned to him with words of comfort and understanding, laughing off any embarrassment and diffusing the sexual tension with a witty (but insightful) remark that both lets him down gently, yet allows him to save face - right?

Nope! - "Huh?" I respond. We are sitting in the living room. He's on the couch, I occupy the easy chair and I had a busy workday. Brain frazzled, I was blindsided and didn't have the energy to protest such a wild and outrageous question. He caught that I was befuddled, so pressed on with the topic to clarify his inquiry. "I mean - what if I had a deadly illness and the doctor only gave me a week to live - but I'm strong enough to have sex - would you let me die a virgin?.

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. . Or would you instead take pity on me and fuuh. . uh . make love to me, your dying son? I was struggling with both the mental image of my son in a hospital bed, and me astride him; a vision filled with grieving, and yes - pity, and. . was that a little bit of lust? He evidently had been putting some considerable thought to the subject, since he was prepared with another scenario. "Or what if," he continued, "I had to go to war, and it was very uncertain if I was coming back.

Would you let your son die a virgin? NO! Better yet, let's say a huge asteroid is about to crash into the Earth and the world is going to end - end in sixty minutes - I'm a virgin; if we do it, who's going to know? What does it matter, the end is near, let's screw while we have once last chance! Let me have my first and only time with a woman. Best yet, with the woman I most want to make love to.

You, mom, I want you to be my first, my last my only one." Sounded like an old Righteous Brother's lyric, but this one I could field. "Listen Dan - I haven't had sex in nearly four years. If that's the last and only time we have left to. . fuck, good old fashion Anglo-Saxon word, sure, if you haven't lost your cherry, Momma will show you the ropes for the last hour of our lives, and make you wish we could screw forever.

. Know why?" "Uh. . because your horny, too?" "Yeah. . more importantly, because I love you and of course would want to have you happy in the last minutes of your life, just as I have wanted you to be happy from the very first moments of your life, and all the time between. Why are you afraid of dying a virgin? Where did that come from?" "Can I confess something to you?" "You're a virgin?" My raised eyebrow and tone of voice indicated my guess was sardonic.

"No. . I mean, yes - I'm a v-i-g-i-n. What I want to confess is that I want to lose my virginity to you." Fortunately I stifled my urge to bark out a laugh. Poor guy was serious. "But what's with the death business? Why do you have to be dying for me to make love to you?" Immediately I saw the gaping opening I had left. He jumped right in."Does that mean that I don't have to die for you to.

. fuck me?" However, the adrenalin was now flowing, and I was seeping other secretions at the juncture of my thighs as well. These had a temporary reviving effect on my repartee and I drew inspiration from an old George C.

Scott film. "Suppose," I suggested, "that we were stranded on a desert island for a long time, and now you're a man and still a virgin; furthermore, we have no idea when we are going to be rescued, so I decide to teach you the facts of life. I'd be both your sex-education professor and your lab partner, for. . experiments." "If that would be the sort of conditions where we might get-it-on, then what about. . He took a minute to think. Let's say you are are at a masked-ball orgy, like." "Like 'Eyes Wide Shut' with Tom Cruise." I filled in.

"Yeah. . but now when we find ourselves in a room alone together, and we have gotten naked except for our masks. ." I caught his train of thought. Only his most closest family members knew that Danny had a 'rare-y on his dairy', a raspberry colored small irregular patch, not unlike the fruit itself, on his derriere.

"And I see your birthmark!" "Then, would you still go ahead and let me jump your bones? Remember you went to the orgy independently and intended to get laid, I'm of age, nobody will ever know.

. " "We'll know." "And we'll never tell." "But we'll know, and remember, remember how good it was, and want to again. ." "and again!" Suddenly Danny had moved from the couch to where I was sitting. He knelt before me, he put his hand on my knees. My crotch was definitely damp. I wondered if the pungent perfume of my pussy wafted up to his nose. Were there pheromones flying around?

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'Cause I saw there was beefcake budging in his jeans and my nipples were puckered. I could envision the danger. Danny drops his drawers. He knicks my knickers, the panties flung over his shoulder as he spreads my legs. Then his lance advances, and as it plows through the thicket of pubic thatch and sniffs the center for the entrance to my carnal cavity, I realize that he is about to accomplish his lustful goal of offering his innocence to be poured into my vessel.

Of course this daydream - in which I am not an unwilling participant - can't happen. I'm beat anyway, as a new wave of fatigue washes over and through me. I bend over and kiss the top of his head. "Okay, kiddo, let mom get up so I can crash for the night." He stood and stepped back but drew me up and into his arms for a hug. Nothing wrong with a son giving his mom a nice squeeze - unless he has got a long boner pressed up against her Mons and making her drip sex-sauce down her legs.

He did that to me, of course. I can't say I wasn't tempted. All the erotic talk and lack of male member to couple with [Mr. Fleshy with vibrato doesn't count] had me in the mood, but I was NOT going to ball my kid - less the world was ending - which I might sleep through - I pronounced dramatically, "Wake me in the morning, or if we've only got 60 minutes to live.

Otherwise - do not disturb!!" I kissed him. Even let him slip me a little tongue! Then I went off to bed. THE DREAM Some dreams are so vivid and powerful you remember them all your life.

Then again, I was helped in remembering the details of the imagery because it was stimulated by our conversation, which I did remember, even as sleepy as I might have been the evening before. If it's not exactly accurate in all details - you'll still get the idea of the crazy things that my subconscious swirled in my brain.


~ ~ ~ wavy lines ~ ~ ~ eerie music transition / dissolve those film and TV effects to indicate a dream-state. Nope - I didn't boff my boy before sending him off to war. No, he wasn't killed. I figured, that if he lived, he would have plenty of girls happy to service a man in the military.

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Why he was handsome, athletic, in uniform; it wouldn't have surprised me if he got laid before seeing action! But THIS! this sad and tragic wound - yes, he lived, but to suffer such a devastating injury breaks a mother's heart. All his limbs were intact, all five; four were fine, they functioned like before. But when the right hand took hold of the fifth, the little man in the middle, there was nothing.

The attack to his backside had left him impotent. He nearly got his ass shot off, but though nothing was missing, he could not raise his penis. A peril I had not anticipated. He had not had a woman before his tour of combat, and now he has come home with a Purple Heart, and pair of blue balls. Some welcome for the hero. [And SHIT! I realizes, no grandchildren!] Public parades through town are nice, but private pubic places are even better. But no nookie for 'numb-nuts', or was it 'numb-putz'?

My poor baby! Too bad we didn't have sex when we could have. 'After all, would it have been so bad?' I thought to myself. We loved one another, it would have been safe sex, that one time - just in case he didn't make it; after all - who would know? But now as I open the door and hug him, my welcome gets no lovely length nudging my split. He asks me, after he gets settled, if I want to see the wound that sent him home? Though my heart aches for his tragedy, of course I will allow him to display those scars.

He takes off his shirt to show a few minor ones which have interesting adventures attached to their history. Life in the service has put on muscles and beefed up his physique.


Then his trousers and his jockeys drop to the floor. The buns I diapered are presented for viewing, the ugly jagged stitching of the surgeon was still red and angry.

I turned away, who likes to see their child injured? But he gathered me in his arms and kissed me on the lips. Then his tongue slid into my mouth. It was nice.

I liked it. But how naughty could we be? After all he couldn't get it uh. . "Mom it's a miracle!" Up! It was indeed coming, up, and could be if it was able to be up, that it was capable of cumming? His hands were pulling at my clothes, which were tearing and falling apart, paper-thin fabric that was the only garment I had on. My dress disintegrating, so that quickly I was as naked as Danny.

We fall upon the bed, I only realize we were in his bedroom just right then, and I am spreading my legs, as my son dives for my junction with his face. Now that young tongue is going lickity-split, getting me to peak, my hips thrust up to meet his lips. I look down the canopy bed to see a man kneeling between my thighs and he has a mask on as well as a great big hard-on. I mean that sucker is BIG.

I think he looks familiar but who would I know at this orgy? I loose myself while the magic digit wriggling in my garden of temptation brings me to orgasm once more. When I collect my womanly wits again, I muse on the monsieur still munching on my muff.

I DO know this guy!! But I just can't place where I know him from - I'm sure I never fucked him before; God he's young enough to be. . wait a minute!. . I look up at the mirrored ceiling (canopy gone, it's a dream-remember?) I see reflected his tush, and it has a distinctive ruddy mark in the exact place that. . OH MY GOD! It's Danny and that monstrous tool is poised to invade his mother's sacred grotto. YES!! Why not! Give in to sin! Incest is best! I eager awaited my lover.

Any moment now he will enter my cunny. 'In-cumming!' like bombs dropping, falling missiles, a meat-missile, BANG! He was going to bang his mom alright!

Any minute.

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What was taking him so long? I have been waiting for him to come home: and now, where was he, why so late? I lay on the straw mat in the bamboo hut we had fashioned. Ever since we had been marooned on the island, Danny's welfare had been my sole priority. A mother always worried when her son is overdue. I hoped he would get back safe.

He was fully a man now after these long lonely years, just the two of us. Like we were in the Garden of Eden, this jungle paradise where we were forced to go back to nature.

No civilization, no society to tell us what we ought not to do. He had never had even a girlfriend, now he was going to learn what it was to have a woman!

I was willing to do the work of teaching him the ropes of sex; indeed after the years of frustration it would be wonderful to have a male between my thighs, even if it is my own son!! I could imagine what it would be like.

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I'd undress him, then show him my body, the sari falling to the dirt floor of the ramshackle shack; explaining the feminine mysteries, letting him exam his mommy everywhere, up close and very personal.

Thank goodness the examination table was padded. He was dressed in a hospital gown; with latex gloves, doctor's mask and surgeon's cap completing his outfit.

He called for consultants on the case. Another doctor who was a twin for my son entered, then another Dr. Danny (the III), both were identically dressed like the original as they walk into the examining room and over to me.

I noticed that they had nothing on under their gowns, which tied in the back, and that each sported a woodie of goodly size over heavy hanging nuts. I could just tell that all my sons carried a large load of jism for their mother. The Doctors Danny One and Danny Three each did a breast check while Two helped me spread my thighs by putting my heals in the gynecological sirups.

I was of course already naked for my examination as yet two more Doctor Dannys, numbers four and five joined our group. I reached under the high hemmed gowns and felt a hard cock, one to the left and one to the right.

We all laughed and the boys took off their masks and caps, yes, they were all my sons, Danny times five. Did they clone him in the war, or when he came back from destroying the asteroid as a hero. Of course heroes get special treatment. They get extra special care from their momma. They were giving their mother a treat right now.

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Clothing had somehow evaporated, I had a Dan in each hand, one between my thighs, I turned to see a beautiful dick aimed at my mouth. This I knew how to field. Holding on to both handles, with support at my thighs and shoulders from Danny Two and Five respectively, [though not respectable at all!] I was suspended between the quad of lads, like a floating lady in a magic show, the table having been whisked away while I was otherwise occupied.

I tilted so that I was sliding down on to Danny Two's dong, as I fisted One and Three, deep-throating Dr.

Five all the while. As this was orchestrated, I felt number Four at the backdoor! Double penetration, duel dicks in my grip, lips wrapped around my boy's toy too. Three and One bent to suck my nips, and Four reaches around to diddle my clit. I'm going to cum!

I'm going to cum, we are all going to cum, we are all going to cum together, six orgasms simultaneously, climaximum stupendimus, fountains of semen, the Bellagio of sperm spouting!

I came, we came, I screamed in pleasure. "Mom. mom!" I heard. Then. . "MOM! MOM!! WHAT'S WRONG?" Danny burst into my room. THE QUANDARY He was naked - no dream. I was too, we both sleep 'in the raw'. Well, don't you? Now here I was all in a lather, so to speak, from a sex dream. I'm not sure that Danny arrived with a raging hard-on, but it took next to nothing, looking at his naked mother in rumpled bedsheets to get the rise of his manhood.

My nipples pointed like double little rose buds they were so crinkled from my erotic dream. My sheet was soaked from my climax. My libido was still in high gear, though I was fully awake now, looking at the the very item of my lusty fantasies.

But I had to calm Danny down first of all, before any other rational thought entered my consciousness, I reassured him, "I'm alright, I'm fine. I just had a dream - that's all." "A nightmare?" "Uh. . actually it was. . a rather nice dream. . " "Then why did you scream?" Of course I answered with the wise womanly wisdom I have displayed through out this narrative - namely none. Instead, words came out of my mouth, like someone else was saying them, but all true nonetheless; "I always shout when I have a super big cum." - wait my idiocy isn't finished yet!

I say further, "and you gave me a REALY BIG CUM!!" "I. .

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I gave you a really big cum? mm.

. ah, was I there?" I knew I was in deep, was it too deep? "Yes and no." You can see the quandary I was in. If I told him my dream he would know of my lust for him which his questions evoked. On the other hand, I had already spilled a lot of the beans and he might guess anyway.

If I lied I was protected and left horny. If I explained, it likely could lead to the very thing that Danny wanted and I had dreamed of; his losing his virginity with me his mother.

I wanted him, but I knew it was wrong, so wrong, and so really tempting! Sure enough, Dan spoke, "You. . were. . dreaming. . of ME!! (& 2+2=4) Suddenly he rushed the bed and was next to me before I could protest, but I just as well might have issued an invitation if it had been left to my choice! I was of two polarities, my hard head and my soft spot - between my thighs - one warned and the other warred against my maternal side with a feral lust you could literally smell - or pheromones - whatever.

. I had pampered his tush with powder and diapers, now I wanted to luxuriate on his pole, with no diaphragm or other birth control!

He leaned over and kissed me, I opened my mouth to welcome his tongue even as I put up an arm to keep a few inches distance, but then his fingers guided my wrist and my hand discovered his solid citizen: long, thick, strong and hunky. WAY better than Mr.

Fleshy! While that took my attention, a light touch skimmed its way down to my silky down and along the groove. I gasp with the sensation, now quite the most prominent of my erogenous zones. The jointed digit delved into the honeypot of love and spread Eros' oil along the slit.


My voice seemed not to work. I mouthed 'No, No, No!', or was it OH! OH! OH! My head was moving from side to side indicating no - my hips were humping, indicating go! Then Danny's finger dipped deeper, deeper, alllthewwayy! Motion~in~and~out~, smooth shafted; he's rubbing my clit too, no novice - go Danny go!

My legs opened like the big storybooks in the film animations, a furry tail awaited the oral attentions of my son. The rank reek of crotches quickly evaporated to leave the musky aroma of my steamy pussy. Danny's tongue was nice but I was ready for the main course. I made clawing motions on his back with my fingertips, like a de-clawed cat trying to rake in its catch, dragging him up into mommy's arms, between my thighs.

With his tool bumping my Mons, but not quite centered (all dicks have a slight angle or bend or twist or asymmetrical dimension - hence the terms: get bent / cock-eyed / etc.) I had to take hold and aim the lance of love at my womanhood, showing him 'the way home'. He slid home - grand slam!! as his balls bounced off my buns. And he kept slamming and slammin'! Momma liked that action.

No experiment, this was rocket science, missile launch, blasting off into inner space. 'Cum in mommy, Danny', I silently cheered.

Then it was happening, my son the v i r g i n transformed into my LOVERMAN! I gloried to feel the sweet warm flow of male-cream gushing into my pussy, the event is a sure trigger for my own cum. I'm was going to cum too! I'm was going to cum, we were both going to cum together, two orgasms simultaneously, climaximum stupendimus! It was a dream cum true for both of us. BONUS BONER: Excerpt from my alternative 'nom de naughty' TrojanSnake's new story "At Sunset Point With Mom" "Mom," said my son the woodsman, "We ought to check for ticks." He took off his shirt, "Look for small black spots that don't brush off." I did.

I could help noticing his muscles in his arms and his nice abs too. "Now my legs, and he kicked off his boots, he was wearing shorts, same as me. I took off his socks, as well. He had nice calves. "Now you." So I popped off my sneakers, and let him examine my lower limbs, first one then the other.

"Mother, may I check your arms and back too?" I nodded okay and unbuttoned my blouse. I still had a bra on. He got behind me and ran his hands up and down my back. It felt nice. "Mother let me give you a back rub." "Mmm, that would be lovely, Honey" I turned to look out over the valley laying down on my tummy, the blanket was soft beneath. "Mom I'm going to undo your bra-strap to do this right, okay?" and went ahead assuming a positive answer.

"Sure, Darlin', give momma a nice massage." I confirmed I relaxed as he straddle my bottom and proceeded to use his fingers and heals of his hands to work on the knots and ease the tension so that I was fully mellow in a while.

I had expected him to try to run his palms along the sides of my breasts, but he didn't. In fact, I was getting turned on, but he was being a complete gentleman. "It's almost sunset," I remarked seeing the western sky from this vantage point. "What was that tale you were going to tell me?" "Okay, but you want to sit up and face the cliff." I did. "Now the legend is told of an Indian Princess, who wished to please the Great Spirit.

She was the most beautiful of all the maidens, a virgin. She wished that the great Spirit would be her first. She was told by the medicine man in order for that to happen, she needed to hike up to this lookout-point on a clear spring day, right at sunset." "Well, I'm no maiden, but I'm here on a beautiful clear spring day, at sunset." "The shaman told the squaw she needed to be naked when the sun set between the two peaks in the west." I could see the lowering sun was indeed going to set, right between the tops of two distant mountains westward.

But I didn't disrobe any further holding my unhooked bra to my front. "Then what?" "She was to spread her legs, like the two peaks, and close her eyes just before the sun disappeared.

Then the Great Spirit would come on the wind, blow on her center, and enter her. She would feel him enter her and he would plant his seed, she would bear his fruit. A son that would become a great warrior. He would lead his people to victory over any enemies they had, and their harvest would be bountiful as long as he reigned as chief." "Trust me, mom. Get naked, can I help you get out of your shorts?" It was weird, but for some reason the story resonated in me.

Not that I have any native American blood, but still I felt some kind of kinship with that ancient squaw. I nodded yes, and started unhooking my pants. He helped me shed them as I lifted up my hips.

TRANSLATION * strict grammarians need not apply