Horny hunk Dustin Cooper getting fucked hard anally

Horny hunk Dustin Cooper getting fucked hard anally
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so often i remember the day you took me by the hand and pulled me over to the kitchen wall and how i should have taken you then and there. .

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.it was late in the afternoon, we were cuddling on the couch as streams of twilight spilled through the shades of the big glass sliding door, some anime quietly playing on the tv, my hands would roam up an down you body, letting our conversation fall off into kisses, slipping our tongues against each other.

it was here with a sly smile, where i asked you in what way you enjoyed being firmly penetrated the most : D.

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Not really expecting an answer, i felt my chest become light as air an full of butterflies as you got up an pulled me off into the kitchen, bending forward against the wall, your fingers spreading out as if it were made of velvet.

your round gorgeous ass pressing firmly into the rigidness of my hips, and you turn your head, shyly but so cute, to look at me with your deep warm brown eyes, with a lustful light hinting in them, caught in the slight pout of your lips.

Your jeans spread so tightly and thinly across the globes of your ass cheeks. Like many times before, you bounce into my lap, making me thrust forward, my hands sliding around your hips, gripping you tightly as my hardness rubs through the thin layer of our clothes.

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My breath is hot on your neck, as you give a small push from the wall, grinding my shaft deeper into your pants, my body bending over yours, my lips brushing your neck, moving up to nibble on your ear and in that moment i bend my legs a little, catching the pure cure of your ass on the v of muscles above my groin, letting my member move up to rest against the heat emanating from your wet pussy, slowly seeping through your jeans to mingle with the precum leaking into the front of my own pants.

My muscles tightening, shuddering against your back as the wet material pulls across the swelling head of my penis.

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I dig my fingertips underyour pants, dragging them around to the front, letting them lightly dig into the soft creamy skin just above your crotch, and the lightly running them up your stomach, enjoying the silkiness of your skin.

My tongue begins to flick in an out between my lips as they nuzzle deep into your neck, hands sliding up underneath your bra, cupping your soft pillowy breasts, gently squeezing until I can feel your nipples growing taught and hot to touch, but I don't touch them. Instead I begin to maul your breasts, fingers gripping squeezing, mashing them together, digging in to the point of almost being painful, but just barley, your hips bucking convulsively into my waiting hardness, you can feel your soaked panties beginning to rub and catch on your clit an wedge into your wet lips, I pull my hands from under your shirt and reach in through the neck, to finally, gently, pinch your nipples, and pull your breasts out of the top of your shirt, the weight of them hanging from my fingertips.

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I tug, letting them bounce suspended in the cold air, resting your head on the wall I feel your hands begin to explore my under my shirt, your fingers running across my tightly clenched stomach, feeling the muscle on my hips, playing with the buttons of my pants.

Dropping your lovely tits to rest out of your shirt against the cold surface of the wall, you pleasurably shiver catching and gyrating my cock as its trapped between your thighs.


as your fingertips begin to enter the wiry patch of hair above my member, I pull and tug your panty line back and forth across the hood of your swollen little clitty, before pulling it and your pants down to mid thigh, trapping you between myself an the wall, your clever hands letting my own pants fall down to my ankles an my hot aching rod jerks up, smoothly sliding into the crescent of your luscious cheeks, we stay there for a few minutes as my cock slides up and down through your creamy globes of skin, the raw heat of my dick emanating into your skin, as my rough balls catch against the bottom of your cheeks, and meshing with your hot wet lips, gripping your ass with delight, and spreading it I let my cock dip down to slide across your hot wet lips, the very red an swollen head of my circumcised penis slightly spreading your lips and pushing out in front of your thighs, the swollen head catching your clit just behind it, gently letting it stay there as we enjoy our skin melding with eat others, suddenly pulling my hips back, letting ur clit flick out and driving my dick up into the hot wet folds of your cunny, my hands grasp the base of your hips gripping you, your hard nipples dragging on the wall, getting caught is small dib lets, until slowly pull out, almost entirely until were my cock is barely touching an then driving it roughly back in, my balls swinging forward to lightly slap you and your nipples still rubbing into the wall, pulling your hair aside I begin to kiss an gently suck your neck, while slowly withdrawing again until ramming back up inside you, moving quicker and quicker, your breasts slapping the wall now my fingers digging into your hips as we both feel our orgasms coming to, until finally little explosions begin to rip through your body and you can feel a large hot spurt inside you, an then again an again all over your slightly pink bottomI slip a finger up into your cum filled pussy an slide it around for the pure eroticness of it, while my other hand reaches up to gently fondle a breast spreading more of my sperm around your nipples, and we sink to the floor an enjoy the feeling of our naked sticky body's pooled together, relaxing in our sexual after glow, until the cold begins to creep upon us We move into the shower, letting the hot water fall on us, I lay down in the bottom of the tub to enjoy the exceptional view, watching the water streak down your curves an soak the erotic little rose bud between your thighs, you turn to look at me, sticking your ass out as you do, and watch my chest rise and fall, my stomach muscles still clenched tight, an my cock, laid out flat against my stomach.

As your watching me you notice its fattening up again stretching out, and a perverse thrill tingles in-between your legs as you focus in on all the details of my piece of meat, the fat mushroom shaped head, a vein pulsing down the side, and slowly you pull it up, playing with it, until be fore you even realize it your squatting down to straddle me, teasing me as I so justly deserve by brushing it against the lips of your vagina, juggling my balls around feeling there weight, pinching an squeezing, watching my face as I moan an squirm in the bottom of the tub, until ultimately getting me back by surprisingly impaling yourself upon me, grinding your clit through my rough pubic hairs, and slowly rocking back and forth into another round of orgasms, feeling my hip bones grinding back up into you and my muscles contracting against your soft skin, after which we stumble into your bed an fall asleep curled up in each others body's.

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