Dressed SEX in the CLUB

Dressed SEX in the CLUB
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Harry woke at his usual time for his morning jog. He slipped into his running clothes. It had only been three days since Aunt Patty had left for her vacation, and Harry could stand jerk off just wasn't enough he wanted pussy.

As he passed Samantha's room, he suddenly had the urge to look in on her. He was so happy he did. Samantha had slept the night in the nude. She kept the curtains drawn, so her naked body laying on herbed was bathed in a hazy light. Tip toeing over to her bed, he saw that she was laying still on her back, with her hair over her face.

As Harry looked down at her, again noting how hot and sexy his sister was. Those tits of hers capped with beautiful pink hard nipples. Harry wondered if it was the cool air of the room or a dream that was making her nipples so hard. The thought of her dreaming about being humped by a boyfriend fired his mind up as his cock grew hard in his shorts.

He had to see it. He had to see her pussy. Harry stroked the smooth thighs of his sleeping sister, very gently. Bending he to catch a glimpse of her pussy between her legs. Ever so gently, he eased her legs apart.

He watched her face carefully for any sign that she was waking up. Mission accomplished, he stared at her pretty soft pussy lips, covered small curls of dark hair. Licking his lips, Harry leaned down and sniffed, he could make out the sexy aroma of hot pussy and stroked his cock lustfully. She stirred and turns over onto her side, her back to Harry as he felt his cock harden in his shorts.

Harry could now see the cute tight ass of his sister. His breath caught as he saw her prefect round, ass cheeks. This was to much for him. As hard as he was, he knew he cum quickly. "a quick jerk" he thought to herself as he released he aching hard cock. Harry frozen cock in hand as Samantha shifted again on to her back and this time opened her eyes. Seeing Harry, now standing, staring down at her. She stretched and yawned, she smiled at him, she had been dreaming about him.

Samantha saw his impressive cock in his hand and saw him stroking on it; reaching out she took hold of it, gently stroked the shaft with her fingers.

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Harry stared at her and then pushed his shorts down to his knees. Samantha sat up and knelt on the bed, and leaned forwards to take the tip of Harry's cock in her mouth, her tongue darting out to lick the drop of pre-cum from the tip. Harry watched open mouthed as Samantha took the hard throbbing shaft and sank her mouth down on it, his cock bathed in the hot wetness of his sister's mouth.

Taking her head in his hands, Harry began to move his cock in and out of Samantha's mouth. He watched the black haired head of his sister bob up and down on his cock. Her fingers now playing with his balls dangling beneath his cock. He came much too quickly, his spunk hitting the back of Samantha's throat as she swallowed it all.

After he had finished cumming, he released her head and saw her face smile at him and says "Good morning Big Brother. Thanks for the hot drink" Harry, kicked his shoes off, pulled his t-shirtshorts off. he pushed Samantha back down on to her bed and moved his naked body between her legs, his stomach pressed against her pussy as he took both her full round breast in his hands and squeezed them. His mouth sucking and licking at each pink hard, erect nipple in turn.

Moving up her body, he fixed his mouth to hers and for the first time in his life tasted his cum mixed with her saliva. Samantha pushed him away "let me brush first." Harry released her and watched as she walked to the bathroom, her full round butt shaking as she moved. Harry flung himself back on the bed and waited, his mind already planning what he and Samantha would do next. Samantha returned from the bathroom. Harry looked at the perfect figure of his sister and licked his lips. This was a dream come true.

Surely this girl has been fucked before. Images of some guy humping and grunting on top of Samantha's panting body, flashed in his mind and vanished as he looked at her full breasts, firm and high and the soft curly black hair between her legs. As Samantha lay down beside him, he got up, over and between her legs, pressing the red hot poker of his prick against the hairy V of her pussy.

"I've dreamed about this." Samantha said. "Fuck me! Big brother, fuck my pussy! Put your dick deep in my cunt." Harry went to work again on her boobs, pressing and squeezing them as he suckled at her nipples. "You want your brother's cock?" He asked hotly noting how dirty his little sister was talking.

"Should I fuck your ass too? You want me to fill your cunt with my cum?" "YES YES! Anything, just do me!" Samantha gasped, her legs wrapping around his slim waist and her feet beating his buttocks as she moaned "Do me hard! Take me fast and fill me up with your cum." They rolled and seethed in lustful passion, Samantha's fingers scratching his back as she moved her pussy against the hot shaft of his cock.

"Put it in!" she pleaded. Harry was in no hurry trailing kisses down her body, he finally pushed his face between her open legs and licked the hairs on her pussy. his hands pushed her legs up and open as he pushed his face against her wet cunt and took in her beautiful sexy smell. Pushing her legs further back, he saw the slit of her pussy point provocatively at the now visible asshole. His tongue traced a hot wet path along her slit, over her fuck hole, along her butt crack to tease the tight brown bud of her anus.

Harry had seen Aunt Patty's well used ass. She loved anal. When he shoved his cock up her ass she would scream as she came. But before him was a fresh perhaps untouched rectum.

Here was a virgin butt for his cock to fuck. He teased the wet lips of Samantha's pussy with his tongue before getting above her on all fours in a 69, his balls and cock dangling above her head, his face staring down between her legs at her pussy. Samantha took hold of his cock and pulled at it, raising her head with the help of a pillow, she began to lick and suck on Harry's balls, her hands playing over his hips, stomach and between his thighs and on his ass as Harry rubbed her slit and clit with his long fingers, using his index and ring finger to part the succulent lips of her pussy hole so his another finger to probe it teasingly.

His actions brought a moan of pleasure from Samantha, her manipulation of his heavy balls stopping as she shuddered. This was so much better then fingering herself.

Harry went down on his sister, his chest pressing against her soft tummy as he bent his head down between her legs and licked her. his fingers holding her hole open so he could toy with it and tease it with his tongue.

She tasted so hot and salty-sweet. He had never tasted Aunt Patty. Aunt Patty like to be fucked and used. He moved Samantha's legs back against her body, her hips lifting to give him a clearer view of her cunt and anus.

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As he licked and sucked on her wet cunt, his nose pressed against the soft wet skin of her ass. Moving his hands he pulled her ass cheeks apart and looked at her butt hole. He teased it with his index finger. The small hairs fringing it, wet with his saliva and her pussy juice.


As his finger tip push against the muscle of her asshole, she gasped. Squeezing her ass shut harder as her brother's finger pressed and poked at it, finally sinking into it, his finger easing in and out an inch or so. His sister's ass had never had a cock in it.

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he was sure. He sucked again at her cunt, his tongue fucking in and out of it as Samantha moaned and scratched his ass with her long nails, her fingers digging into the hard muscle of his tight butt. Samantha felt her tummy flutter and churn and felt the sudden tension build-up explode, in a shattering orgasm, her legs went limp as her body shook, and her pussy flooded her brother's mouth with her cum; As she came, Harry pressed his index finger savagely into her throbbing anus, sinking it to his knuckle as Samantha moaned in pleasure.

As Samantha breathlessly let the orgasm wash over her, Harry moved into position. He pulled her ass to the edge of the bed and lifted her legs up and back, he pulled on his cock, He spat on his hand and greased his cock with it. He pointed the tip of his cock at Samantha's pussy and pushed slightly. It would not go in. Harry teased the pussy hole with his finger, getting it wet and collecting her cum on his finger, which he then applied to the tip of his cock, mixing it with his pre-cum to make it nice and slick.

He put his cock back at her hole and pushed gently again. Samantha still weak from her orgasm reached between her legs and helpfully pulled her cunt lips open.

Harry pushed harder once then again, finally, he felt her tight hole give way and his prick entered her virgin pussy a little. "Ooooohhh!" Samantha moaned "Brother it's soooo big!" Harry press forward again, before pulling his cock back out. He had only managed to sink his cock by about an inch. Moving Samantha back up on the bed, he climbed between her legs and put her ankles on his shoulders. Samantha reached under her buttocks and pulled her cunt lips open again smiling up at Harry she said "Yes, Big Brother fuck my virgin cunt.

Take my virginity. I have always hoped you would be the first man to take me Harry." Harry placed his cock back at his target, eased it in as Samantha tensed in anticipation. This would be his first cherry! He was about to pop his sister's cherry! What a turn on!


What a dream come true! He pushed his cock forward, watching it slide into Samantha's pussy as beads of sweat trickled down his back. He felt the tip of his cock, up against a soft elastic membrane, Samantha's cherry. Adjusting position, he moved his butt backwards and then thrust forwards, sending his cock against the seal of her hymen.

It gave way as Samantha yelped in pain, tears bursting from her eyes as Harry pulled back and rammed at her cunt again. He saw blood on his cock as he pulled back, his nostrils flaring in animal lust as he repeatedly rammed his prick into her.

Finally, as his cock sheathed itself fully in her tight pussy he pressed his body down on hers and held his cock deep inside her a few minutes. Waiting with utmost difficulty for her to adjust to his throbbing rod in her ruptured hole. As he had assaulted her virgin hole, Samantha's courage had rapidly deserted her. The pain of his massive cock ramming into her had been unbelievable. She had known that loosing your cherry would hurt but, hurt this much?

As he sank himself fully into her and fell on her, she had felt the relief of knowing there were no more inches for him to stuff in her.

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As she lay beneath him, tears streaming from her eyes, her hands on his back, her fingers digging deep into his muscular back, she felt the pain ebb away and slowly she felt a new feeling a feeling of joy. Her brother had taken her cherry. His cock was throbbing in her pussy waiting to spill his cum into her.

It was what she had always wanted. "Ohhhh Sam, little sister" Harry panted hotly "Are you. are you ok? Fuck you are so hot and tight" Samantha ran her hands over Harry's back and whispered hoarsely "Come on Brother. fuck me." Harry kissed her hard on the mouth as his hands took hold of her waist and his hips slowly began to move his cock in and out of her pussy.

Samantha lifted her legs, wrapping them around his waist as he slowly fucked her. They both shook with strain. Harry trying to control his urge to ram her; Samantha trying to stop herself screaming out in pleasure and pain.

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The pace picked up and soon a panting moaning Harry was slamming his cock in and out of his little sister's heaving body. "Ohhhh! Aaahhhh!" Samantha moaned feeling her pussy being stretched with every hard shove of Harry's ass.

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"OH SIS "Harry panted "I am gonna cum . He moved to pull out not wanting to spill his cum in his sister's cunt. but Samantha's legs held him in place, as she whispered "In Me, Big Brother!

Inside me! NOW!". Harry let out a groan of pure pleasure as his balls shot his cum up his shaft and into his sister's cunt. Wave after hot wave splashed into her, soothing her painful cunt with it's heat. It as amazing! How could it be so absolutely wonderful yet painful at the same time? After Harry stopped cumming. He gently pulled out of Samantha and collapsed on the bed beside her. Samantha lay still and reaching between her legs, collected a bit of the overflow from her pussy and rubbed it between her fingers, smiling.

"I hope I/she get pregnant," Samantha and Harry thought too themselves. When Harry woke up, an hour so later, Samantha was nestled up close beside him, fast asleep. He yawned and scratched his pubic hair feeling the hair all stuck together with cum, sweat and blood. He smiled as he remembered taking Samantha's cherry. His cock hard with both lust and a need to piss. He untangled himself from Samantha and walked slowly to the bathroom, naked. Samantha woke as her brother got up, her sleepy eyes watched as he walked to the bathroom, her gaze fixed on his slim hard buttock.

Her pussy hurt from the pounding Harry had given it. His cock had stretched and pierced her virgin cunt in ways she had never imagined possible. She quickly got out of bed and went to the bathroom too. Harry turned and looked at Samantha as she entered the bathroom, Samantha came up to him staring at his cock. Samantha knelt down beside the bowl, aware that Harry was looking at her puzzled by her actions. Samantha reached out and took hold of his cock.

Harry looked at Samantha wondering what she was doing, she had taken his prick in her hand before he had had a chance to shake it and wash it. Samantha opened her mouth and took his cock into her mouthtasting the sweet acidic flavor of his cock and sucking her brother's cock. Harry gasped, his man meat suddenly hardened as he watched Samantha suck and lick his cock clean.

Harry saw her hand move between her legs and rub her pussy, and pulled Samantha roughly to her feet. He embraced her in a hot embrace and pressed his lips to her mouth. They sucked hungrily on each other as Harry moved Samantha back against the wall and kneeling down, licked her cunt clean. He found he loved the taste of a freshly fucked pussy. They showered together. Each one soaping and washing the other clean. Harry paid special attention to her ass. His soapy hands moving between the crack of her butt to wash and probe her anus.

Then his hand moved between her legs, kissing her back as his hands softly soaped and washed her hairy cunt. Samantha felt the pain disappear. Her pussy now seemed at ease and her smile told Harry that she was not unhappy that he had fucked her.

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Harry had knelt behind Samantha and lovingly, licked her butt hole. His tongue teasing it as she had pressed her face against the shower wall and felt the warm water splash on her. "Oh Big Brother" she had sighed "That feels so good." After that Harry had kissed Samantha on the mouth, his saliva filling her mouth as he held her. Then he had gently eased her down to her knees and there, with the shower raining down on them, he had pushed his cock back into her pussy from behind and fucked her until he came, his cum filling her as she moaned in pleasure.