Nina Elle saugt schwarze Schwänze durch Gloryhole

Nina Elle saugt schwarze Schwänze durch Gloryhole
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When Alex's mother moved into town she quickly became well-liked. It was because of her spirit and everywhere she went people adored her. At that time Alex wasn't registered in high school. It was his first time being in another state so he didn't know anything or anyone.

Most of the time he stayed to himself and didn't really get involved with people he wasn't familiar with. It was different being back home in New Jersey but now that he lives in California he doesn't know anyone here. His mother wanted him to go out and make some friends because she wanted him to get to know people here since he will be living here from now on.

Surprisingly it didn't take his mother long before she got a job working as a computer technician. Alex's Mother was always good at technology and she has a degree in mechanics. Because of her college degree, it only took care of about three weeks before she got a job. Which was pretty quick compared to how it was in New Jersey.

Because Alex is a teenager all he did was either sit in his room and read comic books or masturbate to sluts on the internet. He hasn't lost his virginity yet so you can imagine how much sexual frustration is building up within him.

He hated going to school because of one reason and that's being bullied. Every day he went to school was a nightmare for him because the jocks were picking on him like a Hunter who found his pray. Alex was tired of the jocks picking on him and wanted the torment to end. He would give anything just to make it all go away. The stress and dealing with these immature muscular alpha males. He hasn't told his mother about his issues with the bullies because he didn't want her to worry.

She always told him that fighting isn't the answer and that there's always a way. Alex was starting to lose faith about that and thinking that his mother was just some idiot. He felt kind of bad for thinking of his mother in that manner. He just thought that she was talking nonsense. Nothing she said ever made sense to him it's probably because he's young and still growing up. In life, they always tell you that you have to learn to deal with people.

Sadly sometimes our problems just don't fade away. You have to make things happen. Alex is now 17 years old and it's his last year of high school. He only had to deal with the jocks for at least a couple more months. One time he came home in bruises because he was beaten up by the jocks and he lied and told his mother that he ran into a pole. Wasn't a smart response but somehow he managed to get away with it. Some nights he would just sit in his room writing down some of his fantasies.

One of his fantasies was fucking his big titty principal. Out of all the teachers in the school, the principal was by far the hottest. Alex spent a lot of his nice masturbating to his principal. Fantasizing about her fucking him or putting his cock between her huge tits.

Her tits were so big they were the size of watermelons. It was 6 at night and Alex was sitting in his room doing homework.

His room was so dirty it was almost like an addict. He was a little bit lazy and didn't feel like cleaning up after himself. He could have cleaned up but he felt like there was just too much to do. Under his bed was boxes of comic books and condoms that were never used. He was at his desk doing homework and also thinking about sex. His TV was pretty close to his desk so he was able to watch TV and do both at the same time.

He looks out of his dick noticing he was aroused. "shit! I got another hard-on. Fuck the principal is so damn sexy! I want to fuck her so badly! Sadly that's never going to happen. I guess my fantasies will always be fantasies." he said sad and frustrated as he continues working when his mother knocks on the door.

"honey. Are you ready to eat? Yes Mother what are we having? Spaghettis tonight sweetie. Okay, mother well I'm ready to eat. Okay, I'll be back shortly." she walks away from the door going downstairs to fix his food. Alex's Mother divorced his father when she found out he was cheating on her and a couple of months later he drunk himself to death. When my mother found out she was crying a little depressed about it but eventually she moved on.

Even though he cheated on her that was still her best friend. I didn't have anything against my father but I was angry with him for messing around and hurting my mother. He had no business being out there fucking some bitch who didn't give a shit about him. Come to find out he was fucking some prostitute. I found that out one day when I went to go search for him and I looked into the window and I saw him fucking some slut.

I told my mother that he died because he got drunk but that wasn't completely true. He did die from alcohol but I think he must have caught something from fucking that prostitute as well. From what my mother told me my father was always a sexual Beast. So she knew he was going to cheat on her eventually. Sad to say him. I'm probably was for the best.

God can punish him for what he did to my mother. Five minutes later my mother came into the room placing my food on my table as she smiles and walks away. I started eating when for some strange reason or another I decided to look at my window. Our house is right in the woods so I can see some of the things that were outside sometimes even animals. After I got done eating I got up from my chair going over to the window. I kept staring noticing how beautiful it was outside even in the Darkness.

I looked up in the clouds as I noticed a red flare coming down at a fast rate. It went into the forest and all we heard was a huge boom. My mother ran into my room frightened. "honey what was that! I don't know the mother. I think it came from outside. It was a loud explosion mother. Oh okay, I'm probably just getting paranoid maybe a truck nearby blew up or something.

Yeah, that's probably it." I lied and told my mother that maybe it was a truck but I knew what it was and it wasn't any truck. It was something from space and it definitely wasn't a flare either like I thought it was at first. It was a white light with blue Aura around it. I don't know why but I want to go and check the area out. Okay, My Mind Is Made Up. When my mother goes to sleep I'm going to go out and check to see what it was.

What it could have been. Maybe it's a meteor or a big ass Rock from space. The strangest thing is it made a boom sound so maybe it's metal or something. Yep, I'm going to get to the bottom of this and find out what's in the forest. A lot of people tell me I favor my mother because my mother has blonde hair and my hair was blonde until I dyed it black. Hours went by and my mother was laying in her bed sleeping and when it goes was clear I started putting my clothes on.

When I had everything together I quietly exited my house going into the woods. I wasn't supposed to be out late but it's for a good cause. If my mother catches me I'm going to be in trouble.

Like I said I'm not supposed to be out around midnight. I kept walking through the woods and I couldn't find anything yet. I was about to turn back when I discovered the huge crater in the center of the forest. I jumped into the Creator going down as I saw a small meteor in the center of the creator. It was black with red holes in it as I picked it up.

"a meteor! But it feels a little different. Someone has found a meteor." Alex looks over as a shadowy figure appears in front of him. The voice was slightly distorted but Crystal Clear. "who are you? I have many names mortal.

You can just call me shadow. Okay so why are you here? You found our Supernatural meteor. Supernatural? As in the type of meteor that can give a person powers? Affirmative. On our planet, we have millions of these powerful meteors. Sometimes plain meteors hit our planet causing it to shatter slightly into pieces. These pieces are sent to different planets all over the galaxies. In order to crack our planet, it has to be really big rocks if you know what I mean.

Yeah, I think I do. So why hasn't it destroyed your planet yet? Meteors are not big enough to destroy our planet but enough to cause damage. Anyway, I came here looking for it now I finally found it. What do you need with a rock? A rock that's from my planet is very valuable. I was going to collect it and go back to my planet and sell it to make a shit ton of money.

Based off of your planet it would be worth millions here or less. Hey Mr. shadow guy can I have it? If it truly gives the user Powers I'd like to give it a shot. Well, I don't see why you can't have it. I was going to sell it but I guess you can have it. Just do something for me will ya? Yes, what is it? I will let you drain this rock of its energy just know one thing. What's that? You won't be yourself anymore." what the hell was he talking about?

I won't be myself anymore. Am I going to change into something? Now I was unsure about absorbing The Rock's energy. At the same time if it really gives the user Powers than it's worth it. "I won't be myself? How different will I become? It's not about becoming different it's about losing yourself.

I am not sure if you can handle this Supernatural energy. This is nothing like energy that you have on this planet. Okay well tell me what do you mean by losing yourself? For starters you might be corrupted by the energy eventually. You might turn into a different entity if that makes sense. You're thinking might be different and you might even turn evil. It's not worth consuming its energy. What kind of powers will I gain?" I was curious about the type of powers that I would receive.

If it's amazing then hell yeah I'm absorbing the energy regardless of what happens to me. You'll never know until you try right. The shadowy figure approaches me. "hard to say. Supernatural abilities are different for different people.

Some of the default abilities are mind control super strength hearing and speed. And many more. Okay, hearing that I definitely got it drain it now!" I was looking at the meteor and it felt like I could feel vibrations in my hands. "you feel it doesn't you? The vibrations? Those are the energy that's flowing through the meteor. To consume its energy one must bite into it. Really? That's it? Yes assuming if you don't break your teeth.

Don't worry because once you bite into it, it will heal up any damages done to you. By the way, don't tell people you seen me out here. I don't need you, humans, trying to imprison me like you do with the aliens in the movies. Well, Shadow those are movies completely fictional.

Yeah but still. So will biting into it be painful? Hell yeah.

You're biting into a pure Rock. If it hurts it will only be for a few seconds or so. Now go ahead and bite into it and let's see what happens." I quickly bit into it as hard as I could and immediately the energy was entering my body. I could feel you the shit ton of vibrations going through my body and it felt incredible.

Once I was done I had the knowledge and I knew exactly how to use all of my abilities. "congrats you got the powers. Now it's only a matter of time before you are consumed. If you don't gain control soon you will lose yourself. I don't give a shit about losing myself shadow.

This is pretty damn cool! Now I'm going to use these abilities however I wish. Yes, you can do a lot of things with your new gifts. Oh well, now I'm going to go to different galaxies and see if I can find more Supernatural meteors. However, you use these Powers is your choice. I can't help whatever happens to you." the shadowy figure disappears.

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"hmmm I should be able to teleport. If I concentrate my mind on my room I should be able to teleport there." Alex closes his eyes and seconds later he teleports and ends up in his bedroom. "yes I did it! Learning my Powers isn't half-bad. It doesn't take long to master these abilities but maybe some abilities might take a little longer. I'm only 17 years old I have plenty of time to master these gifts." Because of his Advanced hearing, he heard his mother open her door as he quickly got on his bed turning over and she came into the room.

He was pretending to be sleep and when she came in the room she thought he was sleep. She only stared at him for a minute or so and then went back to her bedroom.

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When she left he quietly stood up thinking about using his powers tomorrow. He thought about it. If he really has mind control Powers he can use them to control the principal and fuck her and maybe other people too. He laid down actually going to sleep this time and hours flew by. Alex woke up he went downstairs and ate some breakfast and then went to school. He was so excited.

Years of him being bullied were finally at an end. When he got inside of the school a bully came up to him. "you know the rules now Cough up the money before I hurt you." it was Buzz one of the most ignorant of the jocks. "and just what are you going to do if I say no." he grabs me by my shirt pulling me to him. "listen here, you little wimp! You're not coming into the school until you pay up. There is nothing you can do about it so either give me my money or be prepared to fall into the trash can." I laughed slightly because he doesn't know what he's getting into.

I'm not the same as I was a few days ago. "you know you're more brain dead than I thought. What did you say to me! Face it buzz. You're only picking on me because you feel powerful don't you? You receive great joy from picking on the weak. It's really a shame. Always trying to prove yourself to the next person. You're even threatening me because I refuse to give you my heart earned money.

Now let go of me before something bad happens to you. Once I'm in that mood I can't guarantee what might happen to you." He just stares at me not comprehending at all. He doesn't know who he's fucking with. I could make him kill himself if I really wanted to with the power of Mind Control.


I'm not going to do that though because I'm not a murderer. If push comes to shove and I need to protect myself then I will.

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"Okay, Alex prepare for pain! I'm going to make sure you learn your lesson the hard way." he was about to hit me as he noticed my eyes started glowing blue. "you know fucking with me isn't a good idea. Now, why don't you make like a tree and get out of here." I snapped my fingers as he dropped me and ran off.

All the students assume that I turned him into a chicken and they were cheering for me. Unfortunately, the commotion made the principal get on the intercom and it was the perfect timing. "Alex Ryan please report to my office." I smiled excitedly walking into her office. Lucky she called me in there now I have a reason and I'm going to fuck her.

One of my fantasies was about to come into play. If I got too excited I would have a boner while walking through the hallways. How about 5 or 10 minutes later I went into her office and I sat down. The principal looks a little angry and relieved that I was okay.

"were you starting crap with those boys again? What! Principal ma'am you know those boys are always picking on me. Yes, but you didn't have to solve the problem with violence. You said something to that boy that caused him to let go and run off fearfully. I don't know but I hope you didn't threaten him because that would be a serious problem.

Principal, do I look like the type of person who would threaten anyone? No, you don't Alex but you never know.

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Look how about you keep your distance from those jocks yes. If I find out you're messing with them again then I'll have no choice but to expel you. What that's complete bullshit! These boys have been fucking with me since I got out the school! So basically you're telling me you're defending them. You're defending the ones who are doing wrong!

if that's the case you're no better than them. I guess those big tits of yours got your brains fucked. What did you say to me! Such a shame. You have these beautiful tits and you don't do anything about it. You probably haven't been fucked in years haven't you principal?

It's none of your business!" the principal is starting to make me. She's protecting the jocks but why? She needs to be protecting me hell she needs to be worried about me. If anything she needs to be worried about those jocks because they know not who they are fucking with anymore. I'm not the same pathetic loser That I Used to Be now I'm something greater.

Beyond any new normal human's comprehension. I smirked naughtily like while staring at the principal. "tell me principal have you been sucking Jock's dicks?

You're defending their bad behavior and you must be fucking them behind closed doors. I've had enough! I'm not about to listen to this bullshit any longer! You have expelled Alex! You would never return to my school ever again. Such a shame. How is really starting to enjoy it here?

Yeah well, I'm not leaving until I claim my prize. What do you mean you're a prize? Hehe well, it's you of course." Alex's eyes begin glowing blue when the principal stares at him.

"so principal makes yourself useful and show me those beautiful bare tits of yours! As you wish." she pulls up her shirt and bra revealing her beautiful tits and her nipples.

"hehe now those are some beautiful tits. So big and round the size of watermelons. You should have shown me a lot sooner. I know Alex but I was nervous. You're so sexy. I've been thinking about you forever. Hehe so tell me to have you really been sucking the jocks' dicks? Well, only one jock. Yeah well, guess what.

Now you belong to me so what you're doing with your life is it necessary anymore. Your purpose is serving me from now on. Yes, master Alex!" Alex went up to her grabbing her tits as he started sucking on them which caused her to moan slightly.

I pulled away after a few minutes smirking at her. "your clothes remove them at once. I want to see your beautiful naked body and then I'm going to plunge you. Yes, master Alex!" she begins taking off the remainder of her clothing. After she took off her clothes and looks at her as he sits on her desk. "now come your dirty ass here! You're going to suck my dick and you're going to do a better job than what you did with the jocks. Yes, Sir! She gets on her knees as she puts my huge fat cock into her mouth and begins sucking.

"If you fail me, bitch, you will pay dearly." She nodded and sucks my huge fat cock. The principal with swirling her tongue around my cock and boy did it feel great. Ten minutes later he got up and the pushed her on her desk. He starts spreading her legs getting ready to Ram into her. "are you ready to seal your fate with your master?

yes master I'm ready." He slams his cock into her pussy Making her scream out in pleasure. Alex starts pumping her insides and he felt incredible. He was no longer carrying his v card. Of course I Alex had to get used to the feeling so he quickly pulled out shooting semen on her. He tastes a napkin and cleans it then rims back in. The pleasure was intensifying as he was moving in and out of her hole of pleasure. The desk was starting rock because of how hard he was going.

Seconds later the principal started squirting all over the place and on Alex. The power is Alex had attained slowly started making him become muscular. It was really taking effect. "holy shit I'm turning into a jock! But that doesn't mean I'm going to become like them." Alex said that he fucked away. "master you're cock is so good! Yeah, slave I know it is." she releases her second orgasm and Alex pulls out shooting semen all over her body.

He looks at her laying there exhausted as he smirks. "You are a really good slave. You'll be under my control forever. Don't think that you will be my only slave know I have more slaves to conquer. Now you can either later or you can clean yourself up. Either way that choice is up to you I have more bitches to fuck. See ya bitch!


Okay, master!" He left her office going into the hallway to find more minions. As he walked through the hallway he heard buzz trying to explain his self to one of the jocks. "I don't know what happened Billy I just ran away. So you mean to tell me you just ran away? Bulshit you were Punked by some nerd!" They were in one of the empty classrooms talking. "Who me never! Then why did you run away? As I stated before Billy I don't know. Something just came into my mind I have no idea. I don't know why I ran away I just did okay!" Billy signs as he looks at buzz and then into the hallway.

"sometimes I forget who I'm talking to. Hey man that's uncalled for! You care to take me on in a fight? No way man. Then shut the fuck up. You can't do anything right. Honestly we should have you kicked off the football team. It's embarrassing to know that a nerd had you running away like some coward." I was listening to the conversation and man this Billy guy was pissed.

Even so I got the power to conquer all who stands in my way. I'm going to knock this school down Notch by a notch. I've already mind-controlled the principle that's step one.

Hmm, now I have to figure out what another bitch I want to fuck. Chloe Jasmine is pretty hot but I don't know if she's fuckable. I guess I really want to fuck Elisa silver. She's one of the school's most popular of gals. Speaking of the devil where is that bitch? Normally she would be protesting in the halls or trying to become the student body president. I was lost in thoughts when I Heard a Voice. "there he is billy! Thanks maybe you're not so useless after all. I'll take it from here now go get ready we have a game tonight." Billy approaches me looking slightly angry.

He was right next to me and he was much taller and athletic but it doesn't matter because I was Superior. "one of my fellow Jocks said you made him run away like the coward that he is. Well, I guess he shouldn't have fucked with me. Listen if you're coming to start trouble I suggest you turn around and walk away now. If you know what's good for you." Bully laughs thanking this nerd was full of himself.

"what's good for me? Do you honestly think I'm scared of some weakling like you? You should be. You should all be afraid of me. You cannot even comprehend my power. Your power?

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Preposterous and I'm Superman. Hehe, you have no idea what you're getting into. I can walk over your dumb ass with one foot. Really prove it! Okay but don't say I didn't warn you." I placed my arm out shooting an energy blast at him causing him to go flying through the hallways. He was going so fast he hit the lockers so hard causing him to get a concussion. He immediately had to go to the hospital. People were amazed at what I just did. Some wishes thinking that it was some kind of trick other was thinking that I'm crazy.

"how did you do that! I can do many things. Let this be a lesson to anyone who opposes me. I am not a danger to anyone but don't fuck with me either." I vanished out of the hallways and students were still amazed at what they witnessed. Maybe the shadowy figure was right maybe I am being corrupted by the wicked energy. Even so, I can do anything I want when I want. I can have any girl I want when I want.

What more can a guy ask for? A couple of minutes later I was on top of the roof and a couple of police came up to the roof. "hey are you Alex Cole?

Yeah, what's it to you? We have a warrant for your arrest. You put a student in concussion today could have killed him. We're taking you in for attempted murder. Well I didn't do anything yet and it's probably for the better if you leave now." my eyes turn blue and the police looks at me for a few seconds or so.

"sorry sir there's been a mix-up I guess we got you confused with someone else. Sorry, it won't happen again. Let's go, Donnie, what are we even doing here? We should be going after the criminal who hurt that student." Now I have to continue my mission and that is fucking Elisa silver.

I went downstairs looking around wondering where she couldn't be. I went to the library and I saw her reading a book. I went over to her as I smirked. "so tell me why aren't you my girlfriend? Buzz off I don't have time to entertain nerds right now. You wouldn't be addressing me in this manner if you knew what I was capable of. I don't care! You're giving me a headache now buzz off!

That tone of yours is really starting to bug me. Look I'm trying to be nice here and I don't have time to entertain nerds. Yes, I'm aware of that you already made your point.

Then why the fuck are you still bothering me! Did the phrase fuck off not clicking in your brain?! Ugh! You are one stupid bitch you know that!" this base was really getting on my nerves.

I don't like the way she's talking to me. Someone needs to teach this bitch some manners. "listen here Missy I just came here to talk I didn't need your disrespect. I don't care! You still continue to talk to me even when I've told you I'm annoyed! I just came here to talk and still, you're fucking with me!

Let me show you just how powerful I am. Powerful! I don't believe in that fairy tale bullshit. Well, sweetie you should!" suddenly I mind-controlled her and she was looking at me as she stood up smiling.

"now what do you have to say for yourself? I'm sorry for disrespecting you, master. I was just under a lot of stress and I took it out on you. please forgive me. I will only forgive you if you do something for me. Name it! You can be a good girl get on your knees and suck my cock like the naughty bitch that you are. Okay, master." Elisa silver was wearing cheerleader clothing. She also has nice size breast and beautiful brown hair.

As I stated she is one of the hottest girls at this High School. So just imagine a girl with long brown hair beautiful tits and gorgeous legs. Not to mention her ass is lovely. She comes over to me bending over as she pulls out my huge cock and starts licking it.

"ahh that's a good girl! Please your master. I'll make you never disrespect me again. Yes, sir, I'm sorry for my rude responses earlier." I grabbed your head as I made her suck me. I was moving her head back and forth. Ohh that's so good. Her mouth is so warm and everything. I started shooting my semen down her throat as I pulled away. "now it's time to get down to work. Now be a good girl and pillows pants down spread your legs for me. I want to see that beautiful pussy of yours. Yes master" She pulls down her dress and pulls down her pants he's showing me her beautiful pussy as she spreads her legs.

I snapped my fingers as she started floating in the air. I made her come to me as she turns over slightly. Soon enough I pulled her to me and she Rams at me and the force caused my dick to go into her pussy. When it went inside she started moaning with pleasure. I was using my powers to move her body back and forth as the force was making her body move back and forth. I was just standing there while her body was moving up and down.

I was fucking her body that was in the air. "Omg master this is so kinky! You are amazing! Hehe, you haven't seen anything yet." He grabs her legs weights and moves up and down. She got too excited and started releasing her sweet juices. I laid her on the floor and kept fucking her pussy. "oh master you're so rough! Fuck this shit out of the naughty pussy!" I just continued pumping away listening to her make her sounds of pure ecstasy. I acquired myself a new minion. Before the end of the year is over I would have most likely had 20 slaves or more.

I started picking up the pace going a bit faster than before while listening to her moan. It feels so good to be fucking one of the hottest girls at this school! I was getting ready to fill her up with my love juices and I didn't care if I would impregnate her or not. I wanted her to never disrespect me again but it doesn't matter because she will be under my spell mind control forever.

Just like the principal, these two are my mindless minions and they live to serve me. Seconds later I started exploding a huge amount of DNA inside of her pussy. Hopefully, it wasn't enough to impregnate her.

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I don't know if she took a pill or not. Not like I really care but if she does become pregnant I will have to take care of our child. Thinking about it now it's not such a bad thing impregnating one of the hottest students at High School. I own this school and no one is going to stop me. After I got done with my business with her couple of weeks flew by and I was elected as student body president or whatever.

By that time everybody was under my mind control. I was fucking bitches day in and day out and everybody was my minions. Things were changing for me for the better. I went home after school and I was sitting down eating lunch while my mother looked at me. "so Alex how is high school coming along? Always coming along really well. School is changing for the better at least for me. I am very adored there Mother. Well you do have mine spirit so it makes sense people would eventually love you." My eye started turning blue as I looked at my mother and I smirked sexually "so mother when are we going to play?

I've seen how you've been walking around with that sexy body of yours. Show your boy your goods." she begins taking off her clothes and I was established by her beauty. She walks up to me and places her hands on my crotch and begins taking out my huge erection.

Once he was out she started sucking me and licking. Swirling her tongue around my cock and you feel great. "I've always wanted to fuck you mother. This was one of my fantasies. Well, water will take good care of you.

Does it feel good baby? Yes, Mother, it feels so good." She continues sucking my cock and I grabbed her tits slightly playing with them and she sucked me off. Soon enough she starts going deeper and it felt incredible. I looked at my mother noticing her crotch was starting to leak. She was actually turned on. After a few seconds, she pulls away spreads her legs giving her son the most perverted look. "would you like to fuck Mommy? Yes, I would. Then let's go to the bedroom and take care of Mommy.

Fulfill her desires." we went into the bedroom and my mother laid down spreading her beautiful pussy and staring at me lustfully. "show me that you can find better than your daddy!

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Yes, mother!" he gets on top of the bed getting close to her and once he was he was the closing love he started pushing his dick into her pussy. When he enters her pleasure feels his head as he starts fucking away. His mother started moaning passionately when she was being fucked by her son. He was fucking her like a drill and seconds later she started squirting while looking at him naughty like.

"fuck yes baby! Make your mommy come!" His mother said excitedly as she was being pummeled by her son. I knew it was wrong for me to be fucking my mother but she's so sexy. My mother has always been a desirable woman and she was desired by many men. After my father cheat on her she gave up on dating didn't realize how attractive she truly is. She could have any man she wanted so there was no reason for her to feel like she was ugly or wasn't attractive at all.

I wanted to make her feel so good even though she's under my control. At that moment I thought about it. It wasn't much fun fucking my mind control mother so I snapped my fingers and she snaps back into reality. When she realizes she tries to fight to get me off. "son what are you doing! You shouldn't be doing this! Ohh oh fuck son!! How did you even do this to me? Don't worry about it just take my poundings.

"oh fuck!!!! You are amazing! You are so much better than your father!!! This is wrong but I'm becoming addicted to you! son!!!" I got really excited when I took my mother off of my control.

Now that she was in her mental state again she was actually enjoying it so that made sex so much better. When you mind control someone it takes away the full effect of fucking them and they can't release their true feelings. My mother started squirting as she was screaming loudly. "thank you, son! I've been sexually frustrated for a long time. I forgot how good it feels to have a cock in my pussy! Even if it's my son's." I was listening to her speak as I was fucking away.

Just laying on top of her moving in and out of her warm pussy. I started shooting some of my semen inside of her pussy. I may have accidentally impregnated my mother. If it happens that's fine if not that's fine as well. We were fucking for about two hours doing different positions and I was listening to my mother make her sounds of pure ecstasy.

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"oh fuck son! This feels incredible!" A few minutes later she was riding my cock and I was looking at her smoking a cigarette.

I couldn't be happier with my gifts. I owe it all to that strange meteor that crashed landed a couple months ago. What else can I do with these new abilities I will find out.