BabySitting Teeny Gets Appealing Creampie

BabySitting Teeny Gets Appealing Creampie
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Before I met my wife Kate when I had just finished my degree my parents invited my girlfriend at the time Maria (16 years old) and I on a summer holiday to a villa they had rented in a remote area of Palma. The villa was in an ideal location situated around 10 minutes walk from the sea. The villa also had it's own swimming pool and terrace.

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This meant that Maria and I spent long lazy days either sunbathing and swimming in the pool or at the beach after a leisurely walk. It was on one such walk to the beach that we bumped into two older British men who were staying at a neighbouring villa. Joe and Ron were widowers both in their late fifties or early sixties and had come to Palma to have a relaxing holiday.

The four of us walked happily to the beach chatting as we did so.

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When we arrived we split up and set out beach towels a little distance away from one another. Maria was a beautiful young girl with long blonde hair reaching half way down her back, a cheeky little smile, freckles, tall at nearly six feetl in fact, fairly plump with a large round arse, gorgeous 36D breasts and flawless light skin.

Maria was wearing a flower print dress which she lifted up and over her head revealing a red and light blue swim suit which was cut high over her hips and had a low cut neck which accentuated her large breasts.

As the morning progressed the temperature rose to the high 30s and Maria and I spent a lot of time in the sea cooling down and talking with Joe and Ron.

I noticed that Joe in particular could hardly keep his eyes off of Maria's figure and more than once I caught him checking out her large breasts, staring down into her cleavage. Soon Maria settled down with a book and, partly shaded by an umbrella, she chose to sunbathe topless.

She rolled her swimsuit so low down on her waist that the top of her pubic hair was clearly visible above the swimsuit. She was so relaxed that she fell sound asleep. Just before lunch Joe came over to ask if we would like to join them for some lunch at their villa. As he stood besides us, even through his sunglasses I could make out Joe's eyes wandering all over Maria's body, lingering on her breasts and nipples which were hard as a result of the breeze which had picked up as the tide changed direction.

I woke Maria and we decided to join the men for lunch. We went for one last dip in the sea to cool down before drawing our belongings together.

Maria put back on her flowery sun dress and slipped off her wet swimsuit from underneath. This left her totally naked underneath the dress and her large nipples were clearly visible through the material. She looked so sexy and inviting. When we arrived at the villa Ron set about making up a salad and lit a barbeque. Joe brought out a selection of cold wines and beers and poured us all drinks. Joe lingered around Maria making lots of complimentary comments about how lovely it was to have such a beautiful lady as company, how lucky I was to have such a gorgeous girlfriend, etc.

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We enjoyed a long leisurely lunch with plenty of alcohol. Maria has never been a particularly heavy drinker and the alcohol quickly had an effect upon her. She was lapping up the attention and compliments of these two older men whilst giggling in an exaggerated fashion at every joke and tale they told.


After the food Maria decided she would like to relax upon a sun lounger beside the table. As she tried to get on the sunbed, in her tipsy state she lost her balance falling upon the lounger and her dress rode up revealing the mound of her tight young pussy lips lightly covered with whispy light coloured pubes. Maria giggled and pulled her dress back down to cover her modesty.


Joe commented that she didn't need to cover up on his and Ron's behalf! Cheeky old man. Soon the afternoon temperature rose and Joe and Ron dove into the pool for a swim. Maria staggered off to the bathroom. When she came back seeing the men in the pool she decided that she would also like to cool down. Being fairly drunk Maria announced that she would join them but that she couldn't bother putting back on her swimsuit in her state.

Ron jokingly suggested that she didn't need a swimsuit, why not skinny dip? Maria started giggling and to my suprise lifted her dress up over her head and dropped it to the ground. Maria stood completely naked in front of the three of us her large breasts prominently on display. Maria made absolutely no attempt to cover herself. Joe and Ron looked briefly at one another and then their eyes roamed over her naked flesh.

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After the alcohol she had clearly lost all inhibitions. Maria walked over to our bags where she leant over and began rummaging through clearly looking for something. From where we were positioned Joe, Ron and I could see her pussy lips clearly framed between her smooth tight buttocks and her breasts wobbling as they hung down between her legs. Joe and Ron just could not keep their eyes off of her.

At last Maria stood up again holding the suncream and tried to squirt it in her hands. She tried twice each time missing and sending splatters all over the patio. Eventually Joe offered to help. Climbing from the pool he tried to turn away from us other men in a vain attempt to hide his growing erection from our sights.

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Joe took the suncream from Maria and standing behind her applied some to her neck and shoulders gently massaging it into her pale skin. Maria closed her eyes clearly enjoying his light massaging touch on her body. Then she look at him and with a cheeky little grin asked "Can you rub some into my tits?

I don't want them to get sunburnt do I". Joe smiled. He didn't need asking twice and pouring a huge amount of cream into the palms of his hands he stood in front of Maria and gently applied the lotion. He started at her neck above her cleavage and slowly rand his hands down until they reached the sides of her breasts.

He slid his hands across and gently over her nipples so that they were barely touching her nipples. He then ran his fingers round her hard nipples before running his palms over them again.

Maria gasped and seemed to push forward against his hands. Joe tweaked her nipples between his thumbs and fingers at which point she began to moan "Oh Joe, Joe, Joe. that feels so good". After a couple of minutes she took pulled back from him and took the bottle from him. Looking him in the eye she knealt in front of him and ran her hands over his hips and arse before leaning forward and taking the waistband of his trunks in her teeth she slowly drew them down with her teeth and hands.

Joe's large erect penis sprang free. It was a good 8 to 9 inches long and looked thick, a lot larger than she was used to with my penis. She poured some cream in her palm and giving Joe another cheeky little smile she gently grasped his cock, drawing her hand up and down from the shaft to the tip.

Joe closed his eyes and as Maria's hand worked faster and faster up and down his rock hard cock he began to thrust his hips forward matching her efforts. Maria lent forward and drew her tongue over the tip of his penis, then around his helmet. Maria drew her tongue back in tasting his juices. She then opened her mouth and slid her mouth slowly down his cock as far as she could.

Maria could only accomodate about half of his length in her mouth given the size of his massive penis. Maria then began working his cock in and out of her mouth. Joe held a handful of her long blonde hair and thrust his cock into her mouth. Before long Maria took Joe's cock from her mouth and called Ron over. Maria released his flacid cock from his swimming shorts and then kissed the tip of his penis before slowly taking the whole of his penis deep in her mouth until her lips reached the base and his pubic hair.

"Oh it's been such a long time" Ron said. Maria began to work her mouth up and down his cock, all the time still wanking Joe's cock with her other hand. Before long Ron was fully erect. He asked Maria if she would let him fuck her. "I thought you men would never ask" she announced with a provocative little giggle.


With that Maria lent forward over the dinner table and parted her legs wide leaving her wet pussy completely exposed to Ron's attention. Ron stood behind Maria and rubbed his cock slowly up and down her tight pussy lips before slowly easing his cock deep into her vagina.

"Oh God.

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Fuck me hard Ron" Maria moaned. Ron began to slide his solid penis in and out of her tight young pussy whilst grasping her hips. Meanwhile Joe moved around to the side of the table so that Maria could continue to wank his and lick his cock as Ron ploughed her pussy. Before long Ron's thrusts became increasingly urgent and deep, his balls slapping against Maria's thighs as he did so.

Maria began to thrust back against Ron and encouraged him. "Come inside me. Fill my cunt with your hot spunk" she cried. Then he thrust forward one last time and stopped, leaning on Maria's soft white back clearly ejaculating deep inside her, filling her womb with his hot sperm. As soon as Ron had withdrawn Maria turned around and sat on the edge of the table.

Turning to Joe, smiled and announced "Now it's your turn Joe. I want to feel that huge cock deep inside my body. Fill my vagina with your cock right now".

As she perched her legs wide open we could all see her dark red pussy lips, Ron's cum dribble out of her pussy and dripped on the patio. Joe positioned himself between her thighs and slowly eased the tip of his cock into her opening, just an inch of so deep.

She smiled and kissed him, before passionately slipping her tongue into his mouth to French kiss him. As she did so she grasped his buttocks and drew him towards her thereby pushing the remainder of his cock deep into vagina. Joe was more energetic than Ron and began thrusting in and out at a frantic pace.

As he did so Maria began to moan and grunt and grind her hips against his thrusts clearly becoming worked up. "Oh Joe, fuck me hard, I want to feel fill me with your hot baby juices. Oh Joe fuck me faster, faster". Joe did exactly as Maria asked and increased the speeds of his thrusts until she went bright red in the face, drew her legs around him and dug her nails into his arse cheeks as she shuddered to orgasm on his penis.

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Just then Joe slowed, shuddered and held Maria tight against his chest as he came deep inside my girlfriends pussy. As Joe withdrew, Maria looked at me and with a wink said "You don't mind sloppy thirds do you?". I was hugely aroused having watched her slut like performance and slid my erect cock into her sopping wet vagina without a second thought.

The sensation was terrific and very unlike our usual sex. Her pussy was awash with fluid and everytime I thrust my cock into her spunk leaked out over my balls and down the inside of my thighs. Thinking about Maria awash with other men's spunk excited me even more and very soon I came shooting bolt after bolt of my sperm deep inside her, adding my liquids to the others inside of her.

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We spent the remainder of the afternoon sunbathing nude with Joe and Ron whilst drinking.