Gay dripping cocks Luke Shaw is back for his very first duo sequence

Gay dripping cocks Luke Shaw is back for his very first duo sequence
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Part 2: I woke up still spooning with Bella and with a smile on my face. I still couldn't believe what happened last night. I finally professed my love to the girl of my dreams and made love to her too.

I wanted this to last as long as possible so we had to start being careful.

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I got up and locked the door to my room. I went back to my bed to wake up Bella. "Wake up sleepyhead!" I said as I lightly pushed her to wake up. She turned toward me slowly and as soon as she saw me, her face lit up with happiness. "Good morning Lilypad." "That was a pretty fun night huh?" "Yeah. I forgot to give you your birthday present." "I already got all I wanted. Waking up next to the girl I love was more than I could have ever asked for." "The sleepover was the present." "That was from my mom.

What sleepover are you talking about?" "The sleepover we are going to have next weekend! I might have a special surprise for us." She said with a smile. It's like she was reading my mind. Ever since last night, we were so curious about everything that happened. We would surf the Internet and read books about everything relating to the subject and just explore each other's bodies with each other.

One day, Bella couldn't join me, but that didn't stop me and I'm glad she couldn't because that's the day I learned something new I could surprise her with that I was both eager and nervous to try.

If she was going to surprise me, I would surprise her back! Bella had something special planned for next weekend and I was excited to see what it was. That made the week go by so slow. She didn't even let me fool around or anything after school with her or by myself because she wanted me to wait for next weekend.

"What could she have in store for me?" I thought as the week progressed. It was hard not to do anything but she said waiting will make it so much better because it would just build and build and then it would just explode and make it feel so much better. She wanted me to wait until I couldn't take it anymore and I should be "craving" her by Friday.

I was craving her by Wednesday and I wanted to play with myself but I made a commitment to Bella so I did nothing. Finally, the bell rang at 3:00 on Friday and Bella and I raced home. "So, what's the surprise? I waited all week for this night and I've been craving you since Wednesday." I asked. "You'll have to wait and see. Let me go and grab it and I'll be at your house in a minute." I had a strong feeling it had something to do with our secret activity so I went upstairs and changed into my sexiest outfit.

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I worse red lace panties, a short blue mini-skirt, and a lime green tank top with no bra. I also checked to see if my parents were home and thankfully they weren't. Shortly after, there was a knock at the door. I raced downstairs and there was Bella who had the same idea as me.

Wearing a yellow tank top with no bra, and a purple miniskirt.

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"Come on in baby. We have the whole house to ourselves." I said as sexy as possible. "Lily wait. I'm sorry but I couldn't get the surprise. My parents were home so it will have to wait." She said in a sad voice. "Aww its ok baby. I have a surprise that we can try tonight. We will still have fun I promise." We went straight to my room with no time to waste as the sexual tension in me had been building all week and it needed to be released.

I was so exited for my surprise for Bella that I just wanted to jump straight in. We went into my room and locked the door. I started to take off my clothes but she stopped me. "Wait…Let's take it nice and slow this time to really build it up. Try putting on a little sexy strip show for me." She said.

"Ok. I'm not too happy about the idea but let's do it. Take a seat on my bed and enjoy the show." She sat on my bed and I started. I slowly lifted up my tank top revealing my A cup breasts.

I threw it next to me on the floor. Then I slowly turned around and slowly dropped my miniskirt showing off my butt and my red lace panties. When I turned around, she was touching herself under her miniskirt and I realized she wasn't wearing any panties. I turned back around and slowly dropped my panties and kicked them to the side. When I turned back to look at her, she was just sitting there staring at me.

"See anything you like?" I asked her in a playful voice. "Yes. I see my true love standing completely naked in front of me and I love every inch of her." She said with a smile on her face. "My turn. Take a seat Lilypad." She got up and did as I did. Lifted her tank top revealing her B cups, turned around and dropped the skirt slowly showing off her nice bubble butt, then came and sat next to me.

We started to slowly kiss and feel each other's bodies and just enjoyed the embrace we were having.

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I broke the kiss and was ready to give her my surprise. "So baby are you ready for your surprise?" "Yes let's do it!" "Ok. Lay down and you'll get your surprise.

Also, close you eyes." I instructed. She laid down, closed her eyes, and spread her legs. "You ready for it?" I asked her. "I'm ready baby!" I got down between her legs and began to lick her pussy.

She squirmed when I did that and tried to back away back I grabbed her legs and pulled her back. "Lily…oh wow. That feels…ohhhhhhhhhh… oh my god that feels amazing baby!!!" I continued to lick her as I started to touch myself too. "Baby that is amazing! That feels so good please don't stop doing that!!!" I did the opposite of stop.

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I started to lick her faster right on her clit. "OHHHH fuck yessss just like that!!!!! Baby oh my gosh I think you're going to make me cum! Yes baby lick me faster! YES YES YES!!! DON'T STOP I'M GOING TO CUM!!!! I LOVE YOU BABY!!! MAKE ME CUM!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!! IM CUMMING!!!!!!!!! As that happened, the most fierce orgasm tore through her body and she clenched my head between her legs and I kept licking until the feelings became too much and she pushed my head away.

She was squirming and shaking all over the place and I held her tight to me and kissed her to calm her down and she did.

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When she opened her eyes and saw me, her face lit up again. "Wow Lilypad, that was an amazing surprise and totally worth the wait. Thank you baby. I love you so much!" "I love you too!" "Can I try it now?" she said, eager to try what just happened to her.


"Of course you can!" "Ok then lay on your bed and close your eyes!" she instructed me like I did. I did as I was told and laid on my bed and closed my eyes. It felt like an eternity waiting for her tongue to come and the suspense was killing me. I haven't done ANYTHING all week and everything has been building up to this moment. I never understood why she asked me to wait until it touched me!

A jolt of a hundred lightning bolts shot up my spine as she did her first long lick up my pussy. I thought I was going to cum from her first lick. "Oh my gosh Bella that's amazing! Just keep doing that." I said as she went to work on my clit. She kept licking up and down and doing circles and it was the best thing I have ever felt. I opened my eyes and saw her beautiful green eyes looking up at me. "Does looking at me help?" she asked.

"Are you kidding? You're just so beautiful." I kept my eyes open. She pressed harder on my clit and I could feel my orgasm coming on. "Yessss Bella just like that keep going! OHHHHHHHHH YESSSS!!!!!! HARDER HARDER PLEASE!!!!!!" She licked harder as I felt like I was going to explode! "YES BELLA I'M GOING TO CUM FOR YOU BABY!!!!

YESSSSSSSSS I'M CUMMING!!!!!!!!!! And with that, I closed my eyes and exploded and I felt like I was going to faint. The strongest orgasm of my life came ripping through my entire body and I never felt anything like it before!

I was screaming and squirming in every direction. She stopped licking and came up to kiss me to calm me down like I did for her. Her soft tender kiss brought me back down to earth. When I was finally able to open my eyes, there she was, lying next to me with a huge smile on her face. "So, how was it?" she asked with a giggle.

"Did I pass out?" I said as I laughed. "No you didn't but I was afraid you were going to." "That was amazing baby thank you so much. I love you more than anything." I said while staring into her beautiful green eyes. "I love you too and more than that, I think I'm in love with you." She replied and she kissed me.

"Forget that, I KNOW I'm in love with you!" "Me too. I've never felt this way about anyone before." I said. "Me neither but I'm glad I felt it with you. I am yours all yours, and you are mine all mine.

Nothing can come between us and I love you more than anything in the world." I was about to cry I was so happy.

She saw that and hugged me. "What's wrong baby?" she said as she embraced me. "When I moved here, I had no one. No one to turn to, no one to trust, and no one to love. On top of all of that, I was lesbian too. When I walked outside and met you, my heart melted inside of me. I instantly fell in love. I never knew I could be so happy until I met you and all my dreams are coming true.

I love you so much Bella, I am also in love with you, and I never ever want this to end." "I was scared too because I am bisexual so I thought I would be an outcast." With those words we both started to cry tears of pure joy for our intense love for each other and we hugged for what seemed like forever. I loved Bella so much and my heart was filled with love for her. I wanted nothing to get in the way of our love for each other.

We finally broke our embrace. "My Lilypad, look at me. We love each other right?" I nodded. "We do and tell each other everything right?" I nodded again. "Then all my dreams are coming true as well. Now I'm pretty gross we need to shower." We both headed into the bathroom.

"Where do you think you're going?" She asked me looking confused. "Why don't we shower together?" I thought this would be a good chance to show her how this all started. "I don't know. I don't think I'm ready to be naked in front of you." She said and we both laughed as we headed into the bathroom. We headed out of my room and surprisingly my mom was there. "Hey girls. What are you up to? Between you and me, it'd be better to stay in your room. I don't know how your father would react to two naked girls running around." "Don't worry mom.

We are just going to shower and then go back to my room." "Ok just hurry because your dad will be home any minute now and we are going out to dinner again.

Also, I'll bring snacks and drinks to your room." I almost screamed and jumped for joy when she said that. We would have the whole house to ourselves for the rest of the night because my parents always come home late. We both headed into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I put it up on the hook and we hopped in. We both started to wash each other and we got to admire each other's bodies again. I went first and started to wash her hair. Running my hands through her beautiful long blonde hair.

Then, I washed her back and got to run my hands down her back over her smooth skin and got to feel it on my fingertips. Then, she turned around and I got to wash her breasts and her stomach and her legs.

I didn't touch her pussy because that would be for later. "I love every inch of you baby." I said with love in my voice. "Thank you baby. My time to admire you!" She slowly started to wash me doing exactly as I did. When she got to my legs I could feel the tingle and she saw that and decided to kiss my pussy and said, "Later baby I promise.

We aren't even close to being done for the day." After we were all washed up, she was about to turn off the shower but I stopped her.


"Hey, do you ever wonder how I found out about this?" I asked. "Not really but now that you mention it how did you?" I took the shower off the hook and put it on her pussy for a second. "WOAH! Oh my gosh. That was so strong but it felt good.

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That's what happened?" "Yeah, I was getting ready for school and it fell off the hook and sprayed me there and then I explored it a little more and now here we are." "Haha.

Here we are. Ok." She said as she laughed. "Let's go back to my room and just have girl time. We can do whatever we want. My parents will be gone." I said with a wink and a smirk. "Ok sounds like fun!" she said as she giggled and shut off the water. We got out of the shower, wrapped ourselves in our towels, and ran to my room. We closed the door and locked it and there were snacks and lemonade on my desk with a note.

"Your father and I took off while you guys were in the shower. We will be back late but make sure you don't go to bed too late. Love you Lilypad! - Mom" "That's not fair!" Bella said. "What's not fair?" "You're my Lilypad not your moms!" She said jokingly. I laughed and started to get dressed.

"Why get dressed? Let's just lie in your bed and relax for a bit. I've read that naked cuddling is a lot of fun." She said. "Ok why not!" I exclaimed. We both got in my bed and started to naked spoon. It felt amazing. I felt more connected to Bella than ever before. I have never been so happy in my life until now. Cuddling naked with my one true love that also loves me. What else could I ask for?

When I moved here, I never imagined this. I was made fun of mercilessly for being lesbian at my old school but now I don't need to think about that or anyone else at my school. I only need Bella and I have her now and hopefully will have her forever. After a while, we decided to get up and eat our snacks and our lemonade. So we just sat there naked and had girl talk.

We talked about all our crazy thoughts and stuff. We just shared funny stories and I don't think I could have been happier. We were laughing and hugging and everything. Then it started to escalate more to kissing and before you know it, we were naked making out in my bed.

It wasn't hard intense making out. It was passionate and tender making out. I think this was her way of telling me that she was horny and wanted to go again. "Is this your way of telling me you want round 2?" I asked. "Why do you think I didn't want you to get dressed?" she said with a smirk on her face. "You tricky bitch" I said as we both laughed and giggled. That's when the making out became more intense. I started to reach down and rub her beautiful breasts and she started to touch mine too.

I decided to try something so I broke our kiss and moved down and started to lick her tits. Running my tongue over her erect nipples made her quiver. I kept doing that to try and warm her up. When I was about to move down she stopped me. "Wait… I want to try something I learned about online called 69. It's supposed to be super fun and nice." "Ok. How does it work?" I inquired. "Lay down on your bed and you'll see." She said. I did as I was told and that's when she got on top of me and put her pussy right on my face.

"Now we can both lick each other at the same time and ohhhhhhhhhhh…" I didn't wait for her to finish her sentence as I began to lick her pussy and she did the same to me. She tasted amazing and was super wet from me licking her tits.

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We kept licking and sucking on each other's pussies. The pussies in our mouths muffled our moans and we had to stop if we needed to talk. I was starting to get close. "Baby I'm getting really close so please don't stop!!!" I said. "I'm really close too so don't talk and just keep going.

Let's cum together!" She didn't even need to tell me that. I started to lick harder and she did too. I was about to explode and I could tell she was too. "LILY I'M CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!! OH FUCK YES IM CUMMING DON'T STOP!!!!!!" "BELLA IM CUMMING TOO!!!!!! LET'S CUM TOGETHER!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS I'M CUMMING!!!!!!!!" "ME TOO!!!!! FUCK IM CUMMING!!!!!!!!!" Bella screamed as she came and so did I as we both rode out of waves of pleasure. Thank god we were home alone or else my parents would have heard us.

After the feelings subsided, Bella rolled off me and laid by my side. I stared into her beautiful green eyes. "I love you so much Bella. That was really great!" "I'm glad you liked it. I'm tired now. Let's get some sleep." "Naked right?" I asked her. "Why even ask that? You know naked sleeping is better and it's more fun." She did have a point.

I got up, make sure the door was locked, got back into bed and spooned with Bella. Having the love of my life in my arms, I felt safe and slowly drifted off to sleep. Let me know if you liked it by leaving a review and also criticism is welcome to make my writing better. If you want a part 3 let me know!