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ME, MY GIRLFRIEND, AND HER BEST FRIEND: PART ONE Prologue: I was 19 years old in the summer of 1999. It was a Saturday night when my girlfriend Belinda and I went to a party at my friend Chuck's house.

It was like any of the dozens of parties at his place during that summer. At least, it started out that way. It was an unusually cold night for summer in west Texas. I remember Belinda was wearing jeans and a black sweater that clung tightly around her slim waist and b-cup breasts. Her long light brown hair hung in loose spirals down to the center of her back. We'd been together since I was 15 and had been sexually active since about 8 months after we got together.

She had taken my virginity the same winter night that I had taken hers. Her sharp latina features were accentuated by her dark skin and that night, like any other, she looked wonderful. At the party, we found the usual crew. There were Chuck and Scotty in the kitchen playing dominos with Joe and Dan, a group of interchangeable girls that worked with Scotty at the steakhouse. Hillary was there and already as drunk as everyone expected her to be, and lastly, there was Marcela.

She was Belinda's best friend and had been since they were in the 6th grade. I met her just after I met Belinda and had always had a mild crush on her. She was also latina, but had darker skin and even sharper features than Belinda did. Her straight black hair was pulled back in a pony-tail that hung just past her shoulders. Much to Belinda's dismay, she was also wearing a tight black sweater and jeans. They were the same height but Marcela was a little slimmer and had slightly larger breasts.

Other than their differences in hair texture and skin tone, they could have easily been sisters. As we entered the kitchen, Belinda and Marcela looked at each other with wide gazes and embarrassment which quickly gave way to light hearted laughter. Marcela then poured us some tequila shots and we headed to the table to play dominos. The night chugged along like any other night. The drinks flowed and everyone's inhibitions flew out the window. Hillary suggested we play strip poker and then proceeded to take her top off before a deck of cards was even located.

Three minutes later, she put it back on. Five minutes after that, she passed out on the floor. It wasn't until around 3AM that the night took an interesting turn. I was sitting at the kitchen table with Belinda, Marcela, Chuck, Scotty, and a couple of giggling girls from the steakhouse.

The bottle of Cuervo was being passed around and everyone was good and drunk. Out of nowhere, one of the giggling steakhouse girls suggested we all play truth or dare. After a moment of everyone blankly looking around the table, we all agreed that it was a great idea, and so the game began. It mostly started with everyone choosing "Truth." The game began to get boring.

Then, something happened that changed my life forever. It was Marcela's turn. She turned to me and said "John. Truth or dare?" In an attempt to shake things up, I chose dare.

I had no idea what Marcela had in store for me. Apparently, Belinda told Marcela everything, including the slightly embarrassing fact that she liked to have me suck her toes.

I have never had a foot fetish, but have always been a sucker for just about anything considered taboo, so I was almost always happy to oblige. I suppose this knowledge is why Marcela then said "I dare you to suck Belinda's toes." Everyone started to chuckle at the idea. I did too at first, but I had been drinking beer and tequila for about four hours, and the idea of doing something that intimate in front of a room full of people kind of turned me on, so I said "Oh, what the hell." I bent down and grabbed Belinda's left leg at the ankle and raised it up to my chest and began to unlace her boot.

As I did, Marcela hooted and hummed mock burlesque music. I slid her boot off and dropped it to the floor. I then slid my hands up either side of her leg until I reached the top of her sock. She was looking at me with that wonderful expression of wicked excitement you only really get when you are doing something that you know is wrong. I pulled off her sock and took her foot in my hand.

Everyone at the table had their eyes fixed on us as I gently eased her toes into my mouth. As I engulfed them with my lips I saw a fire flash across Belinda's face that spoke of a wild animal lust I had only caught glimpses of before. The table hooted and hollered their reactions at the sight. Marcela in particular seemed particularly transfixed on us.

She had a look of excited curiosity on her face. After about 15 seconds, I pulled away and Belinda collapsed into her chair. It was clear that we were both really turned on by what had gone on. Because Belinda and I both lived with our parents at the time, it wasn't terribly uncommon for us to sneak off to the bathroom at these parties and fuck each other's brains out.

Based on the look she had given me, I figured that was exactly what she had in mind as she rose from her seat and excused herself. I did the customary "wait 2 minutes" before excusing myself and heading for the hallway bathroom. I arrived at the bathroom door and did our secret knock. I then heard the lock click and I hurriedly let myself in.

She was leaning against the sink when I rushed in and grabbed her around the waist. She pulled me close and shoved her tongue into my mouth. I grabbed a handful of her spiraling hair as our tongues battled it out. Without breaking contact, I reached down and grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it up to her neck in one motion.

I could tell that this was one of those nights that I was not expected to put on any kind of front. This was basic animal sex drive and that's exactly what she wanted that night. My hand glided down and squeezed at her left breast. She was wearing a lovely gold bra that on most nights I would have appreciated, but tonight it was only a distracting nuisance. I grabbed the edge of the cup and jerked it down to expose her nipple.

Belinda had large pale puffy nipples until they got hard. Then they darkened and the areola around her nipple became course and rigid. I pulled my lips away from hers and moved instantly down to her nipple, taking the whole thing into my mouth and biting at it. As I did, she yanked my belt loose and unbuttoned my pants.

I was arching my back like a contortionist to keep sucking her tit and make sure she could get to my rapidly hardening cock with her hands. She unzipped my fly and pulled my dick out and started rapidly jerking it. I reached up with my left hand and jerked the other cup of her bra down.

When I let go, her bra pushed both of her tits up and her nipples aimed almost straight up. I leaned back and squeezed her tits as she jerked my cock.

I wanted to force her down to her knees and shove my dick into her mouth. I wanted to turn her around and jerk her pants down and ram my cock into her pussy. I wanted to put my finger in her asshole. As I was considering what my next move would be, we heard a knock at the door. Belinda kept jerking my cock (although softer at that point) when I tried my best to sound normal. "Just a minute." From the other side of the door we heard Marcela's voice. "John? Is Belinda in there with you?" I looked at Belinda with questioning eyes.

"What should I do?" Belinda whispered. I could only shrug. I didn't want Belinda to stop, but she was so frenzied that I began to wonder what might happen if she started talking to Marcela while she jerked me off. Finally she answered Marcela. "Yeah. What's up?" Amazingly, she continued to softly stroke my dick.

"You guys need to come back out." "What for?" Belinda asked. "It's John's turn." To this, Belinda let go of my dick and reached up to straighten her bra. She pulled her sweater down and reached for the door as I zipped up my pants. She looked back at me and whispered "We'll finish this up later?" She opened the door. I was bummed. Actually, I was kind of pissed.

Not at her though. Just at the fact that I was going to have some ferocious blue balls. Marcela was standing in the hallway smiling at us.

I hadn't gotten my belt fastened all the way and I guess she noticed. "Did I interrupt something?" She was being coy. Suddenly I remembered how she had been watching the whole toe sucking fiasco and I had my brilliant little idea. "It's my turn?" I asked. "Yeah." Marcela replied. "I dared you to suck Belinda's toes and then you two disappeared." She paused and bit her lower lip.

"I kinda figured you guys wanted to be alone, but I didn't want to keep playing without you guys." "Okay."I smiled. "Then I have a dare for you Marcela." The look on Belinda's face was just as curious as Marcela's. They were both very interested in where I was going with this. "Actually, it's a dare for you too honey." I was taking a big gamble.

As far as I knew, neither Belinda nor Marcela had ever kissed another girl before. God bless Truth or Dare. I took a deep breath and went for it. "I dare you two to kiss." They both stood still and quiet just looking back and forth from me to each other. Finally, Belinda broke the silence. "I'm not putting on a lezzie show in front of all our friends." "Yeah.

Me neither." Marcela chimed in. "Okay." I calmly answered. "Then do it in here, just in front of me." Marcela started laughing. The alcohol was taking the edge off the situation. Her ease caused Belinda to smile and lean against the sink again. "Okay, okay. So do you mean like a little kiss, or a big kiss?" Belinda asked. To this Marcela laughed even more. "If you're going to do it in here, it has to be a big one." I said. "At least thirty seconds." "What?!" Belinda exclaimed.

"That's, like, a super kiss." she laughed as she looked at Marcela to gauge her reaction. Marcela was still smiling, her eyes glazed. "Well, that's the dare." I said. "Thirty seconds is a long time." Belinda said. "Who's going to count?" "I will." I said.

"No way!" Belinda laughed. "I know what you're up to! You're going to count really, reeaaallllyyy ssslllooowwww." As she trailed into more laughter, Marcela stepped into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. "Let's just do it." she smiled. I leaned against the towel rack as Marcela squared her shoulders with my girlfriend. They both laughed and giggled in a dazed way as they inched closer to each other.

Then their lips finally touched. They both broke into hysterical laughter and immediately broke away. I threw my hands in the air as if to call bullshit. "Wait, wait." Marcela said through gasps of breath. "Come on Belinda, we can do this." They both straightened their backs and tried their hardest not to smile or laugh.

Their faces drew closer and they simultaneously closed their eyes. The space between them quickly vanished and their lips were suddenly pressed together. At first their smiles made them look awkward. Then Marcela cocked her head a little and both their expressions changed. Their jaws began to slowly move and they started to really kiss. Belinda opened her mouth a little and I caught a glimpse of her tongue brushing across Marcela's lips. Marcela fell into it and opened her mouth a little bit too.

Pretty soon their tongues were flickering across one another. It was incredible. It was so incredible that I forgot to start counting.

Belinda's arms wrapped around Marcela's back and Marcela put her arms around Belinda's neck. Belinda started massaging Marcela's back as she explored her best friend's mouth with her tongue and the bulge in the front of my pants began to rise again.

I thought that they were about to start taking each other's clothes off when Belinda opened her eyes and looked over at me. "That's at least 30 seconds." With that, they stumbled apart and giggled. I was standing trying to pick my chin up off the floor when Marcela said "Wow! Somebody enjoyed our little show." I followed her gaze down to the front of my jeans. My penis was sticking straight out making a denim shelf you could've put a dinner tray on.

She and Belinda both laughed and I couldn't help but join in. Belinda put her hand on my chest. "Oh, pobrecito." She reached out with her right hand and wrapped her fingers around the denim wrapped pole.

With that, Marcela reached for the door. "I'm gonna leave you two alone now." She smiled as she closed the door. I reached over and locked it as I jerked Belinda toward me and shoved my tongue into her mouth. I swore I could almost taste Marcela's lips and it made me so hard I was ready to explode.

Belinda quickly freed up my cock again and went back to jerking me off as I pulled her sweater back up and jerked her bra down. I sucked on her tits for a few minutes while she jerked me off. When I couldn't take it anymore, I bent her over the countertop and jerked her pants and panties down in one motion.

I found her wet pussy lips with the head of my dick and worked my shaft in until I was completely inside her. I fucked her hard and fast until she pulsed with orgasm. Moments later I felt my load coming and I pulled out and squirted it all over her ass.

ME, MY GIRLFRIEND, AND HER BEST FRIEND Two weeks later my parents went out of town. During those two weeks, Belinda and I probably fucked every day and usually several times. Our sex was different now. It was hotter. More animalistic. We fucked hard and dirty and we said things to each other during it all.

Before that night at Chuck's party, she didn't really give me head all that often, but now she was doing it all the time.

She was even letting me cum in her mouth. I could not have been happier. Because my folks were gone for the weekend, I decided to throw a party. Opportunities like this one were rare and had to be jumped at. My parents own a large four bedroom house with two living rooms separated by a glass walled atrium.

I invited the usual crew and called up my alcohol hook-up. I went all out. Beer, tequila, wine coolers for the ladies… The works. At about 9PM Chuck called to tell me that he couldn't make it. Neither could Scotty or Dan or anyone else that worked at the steakhouse. It just so happened that night that they were having an employee party after the place closed.

I was pretty bummed, but I would get over it. I knew Belinda was on her way and I had plenty of booze and the whole house to myself. When she got there I told her that the party was cancelled because of the work party. She didn't seem to mind. I asked her if she wanted a drink, but she didn't. She said she wanted to watch a movie.

We decided on "Just Cause" because of her undying love for Sean Connery. I was seated sideways on the couch with my back against the armrest and Belinda was lying with her back against my stomach. That night she had worn a Denim miniskirt and a brown spaghetti strap top with sandals. Depending on the outfit she was wearing, she didn't always need to wear a bra.

She wasn't wearing one tonight and I was quite glad. I was wearing khaki cargo shorts and a t-shirt. Maybe 20 minutes into the movie, I started getting that old feeling and decided to see if she was up for fooling around. I put my hand on her chest just below her neck and began lightly rubbing. She was silent at first and I didn't know quite what to think.

She then moaned softly. Green light! I slid my thumbs under the straps of her top and pulled them to the side. I then slid her top down. The cloth tightened around her breasts and I saw her nipples poking up and holding on to the top of her shirt.

I tugged a little harder and her nipples pulled free and her breasts lightly bounced in the pale blue light emanating from the TV. She reached up above her head with her left arm to rest it on the back of my neck and I slid my hands over her breasts. She moaned as I found her nipples with my finger tips and began to gently tug them coaxing them into being fully erect.

She arched her back and put her right arm in between our bodies. She found the bulge in my shorts already growing and began rubbing on me. I drew my left hand up to her face and offered her my finger which she gladly took into her mouth and began to suck on. I squeezed her right tit hard with my right hand as she sucked my finger and rubbed my crotch.

She threw the blanket off of us and onto the floor as she rose up off of me. She got to her knees and turned around to face me.

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As she looked down at me, she pushed the straps of her top further down and pulled her arms through. She then pushed the shirt into a bunch around her waist. I could only stare up at her amazing body in admiration for a brief moment before she reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts. As she did, my erect penis popped straight out. She grabbed the sides of my shorts and pulled them down to my mid thigh as she bent down and took the head of my cock into her mouth. The muscles in my hips tightened as she aggressively sucked me in.

She wrapped the fingers of her right hand around the base and started stroking as she sucked me off. Then she brought in her left hand to play with my balls. I was in heaven. Her tongue glided along the underside of my dick as her lips and hand moved up and down. Then she lifted her head and pushed her tits toward my dick. She cupped her right breast and rubbed her nipple on the underside of my shaft as she looked me in the eye.

She wanted to fuck and so did I. She sat up and started unbuttoning her skirt when the doorbell rang. "Fuck!" I exclaimed. She looked down at me startled as I pulled up my shorts. "I thought you said nobody was coming." "That's what I thought." I answered as I got up. Belinda put her shirt back on as I headed to the front door. As I got to it, I could make out the silhouette of a girl through the decorative etched glass. I flipped on the porch light and immediately recognized Marcela standing on my porch.

I opened the door and welcomed her inside. She had a look of confusion on her face. Finally she said "Hey! I thought you were throwing a party tonight." She looked into the living room and saw Belinda sitting on the couch alone. "Yeah-" I stammered. "The steakhouse threw an employee party tonight, so it's just us." "Am I interrupting?" she asked as she looked at the TV.

Belinda answered for me. "Not really. We have a ton of drinks though if you want one." "Sure." Marcela said. We turned off the movie and I went to the kitchen to get us all some drinks. We sat in the living room drinking and idly talking for about an hour. It was becoming clear that we were all getting a little bored.

In all honesty, I wanted Marcela to leave so Belinda could finish that blowjob she'd started. After we'd all gotten a few drinks in us I started to think about that night in the bathroom at Chuck's place and how insanely hot it was to watch the two of them kissing. That's when I suggested that we play truth or dare again. Much to my surprise, they both agreed. At first, it went how you might expect.

Everyone was afraid of getting a dare so we were all going with "truth". As we kept playing, I kept fetching more wine coolers for the girls and more beer for myself. Finally, I decided that the only way this was going to get interesting was to start taking dares, so that became my game plan.

It was my turn again and Belinda asked me "Truth or dare?" "Dare." I said defiantly. "Ooh." Marcela smiled. "I was wondering when somebody would finally take the big leap." She said as she took another swig from her wine cooler. Belinda put a fist on her chin and mimicked deep thought. "Hmmm. What stupid things can I force you to do?" Marcela and I stared at her waiting somewhat impatiently.

Finally she said "I dare you to do twenty pushups." "Come on. You can do better than that." I said. "What do you mean?" she laughed as she took another drink.

"The whole point of the game is to make people do things that are crazy and make them uncomfortable." I explained. "We have the whole house to ourselves and "pushups" is the best you could come up with?" "Fine." Belinda said as she sat back and started brainstorming.

I was expecting something a little more juicy than pushups, but I wasn't prepared for what happened next. "I dare you…" she paused, smiling in deep thought. "… to run to the mailbox and back, completely naked." "What?!" I exclaimed.

"What about Marcela?" I protested. "She'll see my… you know." "Then you can put a sock over it." She laughed. Marcela was laughing too and it was obvious we were all getting a little more than tipsy. I must've been drunk because I stood up and headed to my bedroom to retrieve a sock.

I came back out and both girls were standing up waiting for me. I crossed the living room and headed toward the front door. The girls followed me to the entry way and stood watching me as I pulled my shirt up over my head and dropped it on the floor.

I turned around and unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts when it dawned on me that Belinda didn't seem to mind if Marcela saw my rear end. I wasn't wearing any underwear, so when I reluctantly pulled down my shorts, I revealed my bare ass to them. Belinda whistled and Marcela laughed.

As my shorts slid off my legs, I felt a surge of blood rush into my cock. Here I was standing between my girlfriend and her best friend, getting completely naked. It was exciting and the night felt alive with possibilities. I pulled the sock open and slid it over my dick and balls. "Can't believe I'm doing this." I said as I reached for the doorknob.

I opened the door a crack and peered outside. I looked in both directions and didn't see any headlights, so I swung the door open and barreled off the porch. I could hear the girls laughing behind me as I sprinted down the sidewalk leading to the mailbox. As soon as I was within reach, I smacked the top of it and darted back for the porch. As I neared it, Belinda pulled the door open wide and I ran in between them.

The door closed behind me and Belinda and Marcela were both laughing hysterically. I was pulling my shorts back up when I looked at Marcela. "My turn." I said. "Okay, Marcela. Since you thought it was so hilarious, now you get to go." She looked at me sort of puzzled. I knew Belinda wouldn't want me to see her best friend naked and Marcela probably didn't want me to see her naked either, so I made an amendment.

"Okay. Since I'm not allowed to see you naked, you can keep your underwear on, but once you get to the mailbox, you have to do ten jumping jacks." Belinda immediately started laughing. "What?" Marcela whined. "That's not fair!" "Sure it is." I said. "You don't have to expose anything illegal, so you have to do something extra to make it even." "Fine." She said as she unbuttoned her skirt.

It hung open as she reached up and pulled her top up over her head. She was wearing a white bra and it heavily contrasted against her dark tan skin. Her breasts were larger than Belinda's and I found myself immediately imagining what they might look like uncovered. She then slid her skirt over her hips and down to the floor. She cautiously crept out onto the porch as Belinda and I watched.

I was staring at her ass. It was wrapped in white panties and looked amazing in the moonlight. I had seen her in her underwear before that night. Sometimes she would come over with Belinda to tan when my parents were at work because my back yard had privacy fences.

Whenever she didn't have a swimsuit handy, she would tan in her underwear, so it wasn't too shocking but I still enjoyed the view. She hopped off the porch and ran down the sidewalk on the balls of her feet. Once she reached the mailbox, she did her ten jumping jacks and Belinda and I were laughing our asses off. She dashed back up to the front porch. As she got back inside, she picked up her wine cooler, took a swig and looked maliciously at Belinda. "Belinda. Truth or Dare?" "I guess I have to pick dare." She smiled.

"Go ahead. Give me your best shot." "I dare you to run to the mailbox and back." Marcela said. "Okay." Belinda smiled. "Naked." Marcela finished. Belinda looked at her sideways. "What?

Neither of you had to get naked!" she shouted. Marcela laughed and said "Yeah, but I'm your best friend and I've seen you naked before, and he's your boyfriend and he's seen you naked before too." Belinda laughed pitifully.

"This is bullshit. So I'm stuck getting naked all night because of this?" I have to admit that I was loving where this was going. I stood on one side of her and Marcela stood on the other. She began to push her skirt down. "You guys suck." She continued as her skirt hit the floor. She looked over at Marcela and grimaced. "I'm soooo gonna get you for this." She threatened just before she grabbed the bottom of her top and pulled it over her head.

She dropped the top on top of her skirt and then slid her thumbs under the elastic band of her panties. I watched closely as she pulled them down and the little piece of cloth covering her small tuft of dark brown pubic hair peeled away.

Suddenly she was standing there completely naked in between us.

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Her body looked better than I ever remembered. She broke the moment by reaching for the door. She was getting the short end of the stick and she knew it. I guess that's why she decided to stick it to us and make a big production of it.

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She stepped onto the porch and left the door wide open. Marcela and I stood in the doorway as Belinda treated the sidewalk like a runway. She walked slowly. Almost seductively.

Her tight tan body looked spectacular in the moonlight. She finally reached the mailbox and turned to lean against it. The cool night air had made her nipples stand erect and she lifted both hands in defiance to flip us the bird. Marcela and I laughed in amazement as Belinda sauntered back to the porch just as slowly and then into the house.

She took her time putting her clothes back on and my imagination was running wild. The dares went on in that same manner for a good hour.

We would each dare someone to do something completely ridiculous wearing as little as possible. I was dared to recite "The Road Less Traveled" by Robert Frost (I had to memorize it for school in the sixth grade and for some reason still remember it) in the nude but holding a bottle of wine in front of my unmentionables.

Marcela had to strip down to just her panties and pour us drinks while covering her breasts with the bottles she was pouring from. Every dare Belinda got, she was forced to get completely naked. I didn't mind in the least. After a while, I got tired of dressing and undressing, so I came up with a plan. "Okay. Clearly, we're all going to keep daring each other to get naked or almost naked, so why don't I just grab some towels for us to wrap up with? That way, we won't have to keep getting in and out of our clothes." I wasn't sure if my little plan to see some more skin was going to work, but to my surprise the girls both replied "Sure." I went to the bathroom and grabbed three towels.

I handed them one each and then headed to my bedroom to change. I quickly stripped out of my clothes and wrapped the towel around my waist and headed back toward the living room. I stopped at the door and asked them if they were ready.

"Yeah." I heard them say in unison. I opened the door to a truly wonderful sight.

My girlfriend and her best friend were both sitting on the couch with towels wrapped around their bodies covering them from their breasts to their upper thigh. Their clothes were in neat little piles on the floor next to their feet. I must've been taken by the moment because I playfully started humming cabaret music and threatening to open my towel. The girls were both laughing as I pulled one side of it completely open.

I had my hand on the opposite corner still wrapped around my waist and my little tune was reaching a crescendo. Marcela hid her eyes just before I hit the grand finale and pulled the other side open to expose myself, flashing Belinda. Belinda began hooting as I showed her my manhood. Nothing could've prepared me for what happened next. Out of the blue (and before I had covered up) Belinda said "It's safe Marcela." Marcela uncovered her eyes and looked up just before I could snap the towel closed.

I was completely shocked. Apparently, Belinda didn't mind if her best friend saw my dick. This thought galloped through my head and immediately started shining a light on all the other possibilities that may lie ahead.

"Oh my god, Belinda!" Marcela yelled. "I can't believe you just did that!" Belinda was just laughing about it. Clearly it was not a big deal to her. I fastened the towel back around my waist and asked the girls if they wanted another drink. They both did, so I headed to the fridge and grabbed us another round.

When I got back, Belinda was talking about how good it felt to be naked outside. I have to admit the weather was perfect that night, so I suggested we move the game to the backyard. The girls agreed that it was a good idea and we headed out back. Once you went out the backdoor, there was a paved path that led to a wooden deck with patio furniture on it.

Off to the side of the house was a fenced yard with high privacy fences. We all settled in on the deck and I was informed that it was my turn.

I remembered that the reason we came outside in the first place was because of Belinda saying how good it felt to be naked in the night air. My dare for her seemed completely logical. I said "Belinda, I dare you to play the rest of the game with no towel." "I knew you were gonna say that!" she smiled. She then set her drink down and stood up in front of me and Marcela. "You just wanna look at my tits!" she heckled.

With a flick of her wrist, the towel swung open and fell to the ground. Her legs stretched up from the deck and met in a small strip of dark pubic hair that caught a bluish glow from the moonlight. Her flat stomach was firm and led up to her small, perky breasts. Her nipples were taught and appeared as dark circles in contrast to the pale flesh of her breasts. The tips of them stretched out into the cool night air and her brown hair melted over her shoulders in large spirals.

The sight of her naked body bathing in the moonlight was breath taking. I noticed Marcela's eyes studying Belinda's body too. She seemed almost as entranced as I was. Now my girlfriend was completely naked and her best friend sat beside me in only her panties and a towel.

This night was turning out much better than I could've imagined. It was Marcela's turn to dare someone. She took a big gulp of her wine cooler and set it on the table. Then she looked at me and said "I have a dare for you Chico." I smiled back at her and said "What you got?" She looked over at Belinda who was now sitting down again and said "I dare you to take off your towel and rub your penis on Belinda's boobs." Just hearing her say that was almost enough to get me hard.

I felt my dick throb at the thought of it. "Wow." Was all I could think to say. I had already grabbed my sock in anticipation of the next ridiculous stunt I would have to perform.

Turns out, I wouldn't need it for this one. Belinda turned her chair so that she was facing Marcela straight on. I stood up and walked over to stand in front of her. As I approached, she scooted forward to the edge of her chair, arched her back and spread her legs. I stood between her knees and opened my towel. By the time it had opened up, my cock was half way stiff.

Belinda looked up at me and smiled. Her eyes skimmed down my chest and belly and fixated on my throbbing dick. I let my towel fall to the ground exposing my rear end to Marcela. I looked over my shoulder at her and saw that she was smiling a mischievous grin.

I turned to face Belinda and took my cock by the base and began to rub it across Belinda's chest. I couldn't believe what was happening and how lucky I was to be in that situation. The tender area just below the tip of my shaft brushed across Belinda's erect nipple and sent an exquisite jolt of raw nerve data up my spine.

After about fifteen seconds, my cock was as hard as a rock. I finally pulled away and bent down to grab my towel. I needed to find a way to get rid of the boner I'd gotten, so I asked if I could get anyone a refill. They were both still good, so I ran inside and got myself another beer. By the time I got back to the backdoor, my cock had softened and I could walk normally again. I sat back down in my chair and Belinda alerted us that it was her turn.

She turned to Marcela and said "Marcela, now I have a dare for you." Marcela was still smiling.


"I dare you to pull up your towel and put your hand down the front of your panties for thirty seconds." "What, and like touch myself?" she asked.

"No way!" "Hey, you just dared Johnny to rub his dick on my boobs!" Belinda laughed in defense of her latest dare. With that, Marcela lifted a few inches off of her seat and pulled her towel up around her waist. "I can't believe we're doing this." She whispered almost to herself as she spread her thighs and found her way under the elastic waist band with her fingertips. Her hand became a bulge under the white fabric of her panties and it slowly started to move and pulsate.

She was too embarrassed to get really into it. She just kept smiling and laughing. There was only ever a brief high pitched moan between giggles. We counted the thirty seconds until she was done and she slid her hand out of her panties. It didn't really occur to me until she was finished that I had just watched my girlfriend's best friend masturbating in my backyard. It was my turn again and I felt like Marcela had certainly been pushed far enough for the time being, so I turned my attention to Belinda.

"I have a great dare for you." I smiled. "Oh god, what is it?" she asked. I stood up and walked across the deck to where the small bench seat was and turned around. I pulled off my towel and held it out in front of me.

Then I sat down and draped it across my lap and leaned back. "I dare you to make a tent." I smiled. "What?" she asked. I guess I hadn't been clear enough.

"I dare you to give me a boner." I said. "Only, you aren't allowed to touch me." Marcela was laughing again. "This is getting pretty raunchy." She said. We were all pretty drunk by then. Belinda didn't seem phased in the least. She stood up from her seat, picked up her drink, and slowly walked toward me. Her breasts gave a little bounce with each step as she approached. When she reached me, she dropped to her knees and looked up at me.

She set her drink to the side and placed her hands on her stomach. She then glided them up her body and cupped her breasts, squeezing her nipples between her thumbs and fingertips. She moaned deeply and urgently and I felt the first rush of blood heading down to my dick. I glanced over at Marcela and saw that she was watching Belinda's show intently.

Then Belinda rose up to her feet and bent forward. Her breasts were hanging just in front of my mouth. She then arched her back and pushed her hips forward. Her titties were pointing straight up and her legs were shoulder width apart. Her hand slid across her waistline and found its way between her thighs. I could feel my dick beginning to rise as she fingered her pussy in long strokes right in front of my face. I couldn't believe how uninhibited she was being in front of Marcela.

She had only been working on me for a minute or less before the front of my towel rose up like a flag of surrender. From behind her I heard Marcela say "Wow." Belinda leaned forward and kissed me hard on the mouth and secretly reached down and gave my cock a little squeeze through the towel. I was as hard as a rock.

It was Marcela's turn again and she had a doozie in store. I couldn't believe how far we were taking this game. We were pushing a lot of limits.

"I have a dare for both of you." She started. "I dare you to both get totally naked and make out for one minute." I looked over to Belinda for her approval and was met with her slow smile. The outline of my cock was clearly visible under the towel and I thought about earlier in the evening when Belinda all but tricked Marcela into seeing me naked. Maybe it was the logic, or maybe it was the alcohol, but I suddenly felt that it was safe. Without bothering to pull the towel closed around me, I stood up.

The towel fell to the deck and I stood in front of them both completely naked. My cock was sticking straight out now and I felt wonderful. I felt free and could feel the cool night air all around me. I walked across the deck to where Belinda and Marcela were and Belinda stood to meet me.

I took her in my arms and pulled her close. I pushed my mouth into hers with passion and force. My dick was sticking into her stomach. To my surprise, she moved to the far side of it instead of blocking it from Marcela's view.

It almost felt like she was showing it off to her. My hands followed the gentle curve of her back and rested on her ass cheeks. I pulled hard on her ass and she moaned as we kissed harder.

Her leg came up and I held it in place on my side as she started to grind her crotch against the bone of my pelvis. I could feel the heat and wetness from between her legs as she pushed into me.

Then I was shocked to feel her delicate fingers wrap around the base of my cock and begin to loosely stroke me. I looked over at Marcela to see her reaction. I couldn't believe what was happening. Marcela was staring at us with her mouth wide open.

We finally broke away and returned to our seats. I draped my towel over my lap again and took a deep pull from my beer. We were all smiling and feeling the awkward silence building when Marcela finally broke it.

"That was so hot!" She said. "I thought you guys were about to start going at it or something." "Who's turn is it now?" Belinda asked. "Yours." I said between sips of beer. "Oh, shit." She said wide eyed. "I gotta think of something good. Who am I gonna get?" she asked the night air. I was leaning back and enjoying the view. Belinda looked incredible in the glow of the moonlight. There was a twinge of humidity in the air and it gave her dark skin a beautiful sheen.

Marcela was watching her every move wondering who she would dare and what that dare would be. Finally, Belinda exclaimed "I got it!" Then she stood up and ran to the back door and then disappeared inside. Marcela and I looked at each other completely puzzled. Belinda returned a minute later and she was carrying something. She hopped up the short steps of the deck and set the items on the table. She had brought my sunglasses and a spray bottle filled with water.

She then pulled me up from my chair and led me back to the bench seat. She sat me down and put the sunglasses on me. It was already dark outside, but now with the sunglasses, I couldn't see much of anything. Just vague shapes and outlines. Then she picked up the spray bottle and sprayed it at my face. Now the lenses were beaded with water and all I could see were dark blurry spots. "Okay. What is all this for?" I asked as she draped my towel across my lap again. "Well," she started "my dare is for Marcela, but for it to work, I had to make it to where you couldn't see anything." She explained.

"Can you see anything?" "Not really." I answered. "Good." She said. "Okay, Marcela, I dare you to take your towel off and give Johnny a lap dance." I was in complete shock. Marcela was insanely gorgeous and I had seen more of her body that night than I ever thought I would, and there I was, about to feel her skin on mine. It was truly unbelievable.

I couldn't really see much more than moving shadows, but I heard Marcela ask her "Are you serious?" "Yeah." Belinda replied.

"How am I supposed to do a lap dance? Don't I even get some music?" she asked. Then I heard footsteps trailing off and the back door opening.

Moments later I heard a light thud and a small alarm clock radio hum to life. I heard skimming through stations until she found something she liked. It was the song "Creep" by TLC. (that's right. 1999) "Oh god Belinda!" Marcela said. Then I felt a brush of wind at my foot accompanied by the sound of cloth hitting the deck. "I can't believe I'm doing this." Marcela had dropped her towel!

She was standing right in front of me wearing only her panties and I couldn't see anything but a muddy silhouette. I wanted to tear the sunglasses off and take in her stunning body so badly that I almost had to sit on my hands. The music was smooth and all of my senses seemed strangely sharp. Suddenly, I felt Marcela's hands on my shoulders.

She pushed me back in my seat. I then felt her legs between mine. I felt pressure as she pushed my legs apart, so I spread them out for her. Then I felt her breath on my face as she put her arms around my neck.

She slid away from me and I felt her legs on either side of my right knee. I could feel her weight shift back and forth as she moved to the music. Then she turned around and I felt her hands on my knees as she lowered herself down onto my lap. I felt her ass rest on my lap and move from side to side. My dick immediately responded and began to rise again. Then her bare back was suddenly resting against my chest and she ground her ass into my crotch as she arched her back.

Her head was now right next to mine and I could smell the faint feminine smells of her body. My dick was rising fast now and I wasn't sure if Belinda could see it or not. I wondered momentarily if she would be upset or jealous, but it soon passed. Marcela had been grinding on me for a little over a minute now and my cock was at full attention.

It was pressing upward through the towel against Marcela's ass. When she finally rose, it shot straight up. Marcela turned to face me again and climbed onto the bench. She'd put a knee on either side of me and pushed my cock toward my body. She put her arms around my neck again and I could feel my cock pushing against the soft spot between her legs. Her breasts hung and bounced against my chest.

The song was coming to an end, and not a moment too soon. If she'd ground on me like that much longer, I might've shot a load under my towel, and that would've been a little embarrassing. I was completely amazed at how much she had gotten into it and how aroused I could get just by her touch.

The song finally ended and Marcela climbed off of me, panting. She had put a lot of effort into it. I waited a bit until I got the okay to take off my sun glasses.

The world returned to me in an instant. Belinda was smiling at me, standing naked in front of me. Marcela had wrapped her towel around herself again and they were both looking at the tent that was now bulging in my lap. "Little excited Johnny?" Belinda asked. "Holy shit." I said. Belinda and Marcela laughed. It was my turn now. Marcela had just been pushed pretty far and she seemed to be pretty comfortable with everything that was going on.

I had been thinking about that night in the bathroom at the party and how I had wanted to see them kiss again all night. I had run out of ideas for stupid or embarrassing dares, so I decided it was time to up the stakes and go for it.

I looked back and forth at the two of them and finally said "I have a dare for both of you." "Oh, boy." Marcela said. "What is it?" Belinda asked. "I dare you two to kiss again." I said. "I had a feeling that was coming." Belinda said. "For how long?" "One minute." I said. Belinda laughed at me.

"You're such a boy!" "I know. There's more though. I didn't get to finish." I said. "Okay, what?" Belinda asked. Marcela just looked on smiling as I continued. "Okay, I'm gonna turn around. When I'm facing the house, Marcela gets naked too. Then you two press your bodies together so I can't see anything I'm not supposed to see. Then I turn around and you guys kiss. That's it." I spat out. The silence felt like it lasted an eternity. I thought I'd blown it. Game over. The end. I watched their faces.

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I could see that they were both thinking about it. They looked at each other for a minute and started smiling. "Should we do it?" Belinda asked. "I'm in if you are." Marcela replied. Belinda broke her gaze from Marcela and looked over at me. "Okay. Turn around." I stood up and pulled my towel around my waist again.

I turned toward the house and waited patiently. I could hear the sounds of cloth moving. I heard giggling and whispers. Then, finally "Okay. Ready." I turned around to what was the greatest sight of my entire life up to that moment.

They were both standing completely nude and leaning into each other. Their breasts were pushed together and the light of the moon caught the edges of their bodies.

They were both smiling and staring into each other's eyes. I was lost for a moment. I could've died. Their two young beautiful bodies intertwined in the moonlight. Their nerves and anticipation floating through the air.

It was beautiful. "Are you ready?" Belinda smiled at Marcela. "Okay." Marcela whispered. The distance between their mouths slowly disappeared and their lips touched. The first kiss was sweet. It was instantly clear to me that it was a real love they felt for one another. It was the kind of love born of a lifelong friendship. I watched in awe as they shared this incredibly powerful moment. They pulled back and shared a genuine smile. Then Marcela moved in again.

Now each kiss grew shorter and wetter. Soon their mouths began to open a little. Then their tongues touched. It wasn't long until they were kissing hard and deep like they had that night in the bathroom at Chuck's party.

Soon, they lost themselves. Their heads swiveled and their lips and tongues moved with passion and purpose. Belinda's hands ran the length of Marcela's back and rested on her beautiful ass.

I saw her squeeze it and Marcela let a small whimper escape her lips. As they moved and shifted for position, their bodies would briefly come apart, and I caught a brief glimpse of Marcela's bare breasts.

Her nipples were darker and smaller than Belinda's were. They were beautiful. I immediately wanted to touch her. I wanted to taste her. Things were heating up rapidly. Now Marcela was groping Belinda's ass. Belinda had forced her arm in between their bodies and had found Marcela's breast with an eager hand.

I watched her gently squeezing Marcela's breast. Marcela was now leaning back from her, making no notable effort to conceal her breasts from my sight anymore. She dug her fingertips into Belinda's ass as Belinda squeezed her soft breasts.

Belinda bent into her and began to lick and suckle at her neck. Marcela bent back further and stood up on her tippy toes.


There was a moment of hesitation, but only a moment, just before Belinda bent her head down lower and used her hand to push Marcela's breast into her mouth. All at once, she was licking and sucking at Marcela's nipple and Marcela was moaning softly into the night air. My cock was fully engorged.

There was no hiding it. It stood straight out and I might as well have hung my towel on it. I couldn't take my eyes off of the scene that was unfolding in front of me. It was incredible.

Marcela had lifted her leg up and wrapped it around Belinda's hip. She was slowly rocking her hips against Belinda and arching her back. Belinda was lapping furiously at her breasts and whenever she took her mouth away, they would glisten in the moonlight from Belinda's spit. Then it was Belinda's turn. Marcela pulled her head up and began furiously kissing her.

She pushed into her causing Belinda to lean back now and Marcela started to kiss her neck and found a tit with her hand. Belinda started moaning as Marcela massaged her tit and sucked her neck, before dragging her tongue down Belinda's chest and making circles around her nipple. She flicked at it with her tongue and then took the whole areola into her mouth and sucked on it hard. Belinda Moaned and then something happened that surpassed anything I could've imagined.

Belinda stuck her hand between Marcela's legs! Marcela's entire body quivered as Belinda slowly slid her finger across her clit. Her pace began to quicken and Marcela was moaning dangerously loud as her body shuddered. I could see mild panic on her face. I could tell she hadn't intended for things to go this far and she wasn't sure how she felt about it yet.

The internal conflict was short lived as she gave way to the pleasure she was experiencing at the hand of her best friend. So short lived, in fact, that she began to slide her fingertips toward the warm place between Belinda's legs. They stood in the moonlight kissing, fondling and fingering each other for almost ten minutes before they finally pulled away.

The mood of the night was somehow different after that. There didn't seem to be anymore barriers. We were all just going on impulse. I couldn't make a sound. They were standing close to one another, smiling and pecking at each other. I could hear them whispering. I couldn't make out any words, but the tone was playful and excited.

Then I heard Marcela quietly giggle "Will he do it?" "Let's see." Belinda quietly answered. Then, they both walked past me. Marcela didn't reach for her towel or her panties. We had all gotten pretty comfortable. Belinda took my hand and pulled me along. They sat down side by side on the bench and Belinda pulled me in front of them. "We have a dare for you now." Belinda said. I couldn't wait to hear what it was. "Okay." Marcela was biting her lip. Belinda spoke for them.

"We dare you to jack off." "Oh my god." I said. "How long?" Marcela smiled at her. Belinda looked back up at me and Marcela bit her lip again. "Until you cum." She smiled. She reached up and pulled my towel undone. It fell down to the deck at my feet.

My cock was less than a foot away from either of their faces. Belinda grabbed it by the base and pulled it closer to her face. She opened her mouth and pulled me in, coating me with her spit. I almost shot my load right then. Then she pulled her head back and spit on the head of my cock. She then reached for my hand and guided it to my cock. "We want you to jerk your fat dick right in front of us. Then we wanna watch you cum." Marcela licked her lips as I started stroking the length of my shaft right in her face.

Belinda was staring at my cock. "That's it." She said. "Jerk that fat cock for us Johnny." She reached over and started massaging Marcela's tits and rolling her nipples between her fingers. Marcela moaned and quietly slid a finger between her own legs. Belinda saw her do it and copied her movements, which made Marcela's inhibitions flitter away. They both sat with their legs spread wide and rubbed their pussies as I jacked off for them.

Belinda reached over and slid her hand under Marcela's and began fingering her. Marcela leaned back and moaned as she watched my hand go up and down my cock. Belinda grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her in for a kiss.

They were now kissing deeply and I couldn't resist my impulse in the moment, so I leaned forward a little further and rubbed my cock on the side of Belinda's face as she made out with Marcela. Like an animal, she broke out of the kiss and wrapped her lips around my cock and sucked me in and out vigorously. I pulled back and she spat on my cock again before going back to kissing Marcela.

My mind raced and I wondered if Marcela could taste my cock. I wondered if Belinda wanted her to. I kept jerking my cock and watching my girlfriend finger-fuck her best friend. I could feel that I was going to cum soon and Belinda could see it on my face. She slid off of the bench and pulled Marcela down with her. They were both down on their knees in front of me and Belinda took me into her mouth again. She kept sucking me as she ground her fingers into Marcela's cunt.

She pulled me out and asked "Are you gonna cum for us baby?" She was jerking my cock hard and her hand was dripping with spit. Marcela was moaning louder and I could tell she was going to cum too. As she moaned, Belinda said "I want you to cum for us baby! I want you to cum all over us! I want you to cum all over my titties and Marcela's titties too!" I felt the pressure building at the base of my cock under my asshole. "Would you like that? Do you wanna cum on my little titties?

Do you wanna cum on Marcela?" she asked. My legs started to shake. "You want me to lick your cum off Marcela's titties Johnny?" Marcela moaned as an orgasm crashed through her like a wrecking ball.

"You wanna cum on my face?" A jet of white hot cum pulsed from my cock and sprayed across Belinda's chin and neck.

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"Fuck yeah Johnny! Shoot that cum all over us!" she jerked harder. The second blast shot across Marcela's tits.

My body tensed and a third burst splashed onto Belinda's right breast. "Yeah, baby! Cum on my tits!" Then a fourth blast sprayed across Marcela's chest. "Give us that cum Johnny!" I milked the last of my jizz out of my cock and Belinda sucked the tip until it was empty. Then she leaned over to Marcela and started rubbing my cum into her chest like baby oil. Marcela watched Belinda lick the remaining pearls of cum off her beautiful tits. "Holy shit." she sighed.

We were all spent and had gone so far beyond any experiences we had ever known before. We went inside and Marcela took a shower. She said she was going to head home and she gave Belinda a final kiss goodnight and told her she'd see her soon.

After she was gone, Belinda and I took a shower together and made love. Then we fucked again in my bed before falling into a deep sleep.