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Chubby big boobed homemade mature housewife big boobs big tits
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I took a shower to rinse off all the sweat and everything else still sticking to my body. It had the added effect of settling my mind down a bit. Things came a little into perspective. I wasn't sure if I should be panicked. What do I know? 1) My mom is not my mom. 2) Her name is Laura.

3) I don't know where I come from. 4) Most importantly - the woman I believed to be my mother has become overwhelmingly in need of my cum. 5) I fucked her. 6) I loved it. My mom was waiting for me back in the living room. We had just finished having sex there, and though I knew it was a mind-blowing experience, it was also bordering on traumatizing. I wished I could get back into the mindset I was in when I was on top of her, making love to her.

I wished I could just be into it. I was fucking a gorgeous woman whom I loved to no end. But I also had been tricked, and, by some people's definition, abused. I didn't feel that way, but this was so much information all at once.

Processing it all on top of losing my virginity in such an intense way was jacking my heart-rate. I didn't want to go back into the living room.

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I didn't want to talk to Laura. If I had to, I wished we could do it somewhere else. I got out of the shower, but kept the water flowing. I found the cigarettes that I kept underneath the sink, taped to the top of the cabinet because I'm incredibly paranoid of my mom finding out I smoke.

I got back into the shower. I smoked the cigarette while the water hit my back and I blew the smoke right up into the vent. It made it easier to think. I also smiled at the cliche of smoking right after having sex. Okay. I need to not only think about myself here. Jack, don't be selfish. It's not like you're the only one who's shocked right now. Laura just fucked her son.

She just told him he's adopted. Calm down and be there for her. If you can't clear your head for yourself, clear it for her. There was no better way for me to do it. I loved my mom. I could do it for her sake. The living room was still an uncomfortable space for me, and when I walked in I got a little on edge. My mom sat on the couch in a white robe with a photo-album in her hand. "Laura, could we do this somewhere else?" She took a moment, wondering if this meant I considered our sex a bad memory.

"Of course, honey." She took me to our study. Four walls made of bookshelves. Mostly we had fiction of all different styles. My mom was a big reader, and people were often surprised by the range of her taste.

They were especially shocked by how many old books she liked. She didn't just like to read Shakespeare. Sometimes I would find her actually crying over a copy of Medea. She had a copy of fucking Gilgamesh, but she could tell you the story herself better than the version found in our study. Anyway. We sat down on the couch. "I know we have a lot to talk about. About just now, and all the things I promised to tell you earlier. But I think the easiest way for me to explain things would be to show you this." She held the photo-album in her hands.

She opened it to the first picture.

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It was a black and white picture of what looked like Ellis Island. I saw a group of immigrants standing in line to see a man at a desk. They all held briefcases and some of the women were covered in that kind of shawl I can't help but associate with some Russian babushka. My mom asked, "Do you see it?" "Is one of our ancestors in this picture?" She smiled. "Kind of." She pointed out one of the women in line.

I took a closer look. She looked like a carbon-copy of my sister. "She looks just like Maddie!" I took the book into my own hands and held it closer. "Is that my great-grandmother… uh… is that Maddie's great-grandmother?" I couldn't hold it in my head that I was adopted. My mom said, "That's my grandmother, actually… but it's Maddie." My brow furrowed.

I thought it was just a joke that didn't land. "Right, Maddie's your grandma." She nodded her head. "Maddie's my grandmother." She flipped the page and I saw a picture of the same woman, apparently my sister Maddie, in New York.

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She was still the same age as the last photo, the same age as I now knew her - 24. But suddenly now she had a child of about 10-11.

Pointing to the child, I said, "you're saying that's Ellie?" My grandmother Ellie being in her 60s now, I couldn't really see too much similarity between her and this child. "See for yourself." She kept turning the pages into the future and with each turn I saw the girl get older and older.

She aged at an incredibly slow pace through the decades. Maddie didn't seem to age at all. After what must have been 60 years, from 1880 to around World War 2, this girl had turned into a woman not much older than 30. And she definitely looked like she could be my grandmother. "Mom, what the fuck is going on?" My mom didn't really answer my question.

Instead she said, "Here's the big shocker." She flipped one more page. Now in Ellie's hands was another child. A girl. "That's you?" My mom nodded her head. "This picture must have been taken in the 40s. That would make you over 70 years old!

I know you guys have 'good genes,' but what you're saying is impossible." "Well, technically you could attribute it to genes. Your sisters, your aunts, and your grandmother are all…" she had to think about how to phrase what she was about to say. "We're a part of a special line. It goes back so much farther than we know. Our exact origins are simply unknown. Maddie has been around for at least half a millennia." She paused to let me take that in. But I didn't take it in. My mind was closed to this information for now.

There must be some explanation other than my mother being a part of a line of immortals. For now I was just listening, trying to get her to fully explain the con before I fought it. "I was born in 1940.


Jean and Kristen, the two girls you thought were your sisters, were born in the 1600s. Maddie is the oldest. All three girls are themselves sisters, sharing the same mother. God knows where she is." "So you're saying that the youngest women in our family are actually the oldest?" "Yes." "So if that's the case, then why is Ellie not the youngest?

She appears to be the oldest. If the youngest have in fact been alive the longest, then why is Ellie not really the baby of the family?" "Well, that's where you come in. The women in our family only give birth to daughters. Our entire genetic line is really just female, but with an outside male entering in every century or so.

The male is not immortal. And the male is very special." She looked at me with her big eyes and I saw them dart from my eyes to my mouth to my eyes again.

Jesus, is she thinking about kissing me again? We just had like 5 orgasms! "Mom, focus." "Sorry." She snapped back. "Maddie can tell you everything in much more detail. But occasionally a male is born into this world that has very special seed. Your cum, Jack, it makes us younger." With that, she really leaned into me.

It was clear her body wanted so badly to get me inside of her. It was almost like she wanted to be inside of me. Nothing could stop this woman. I had to put my hands on her and actually push her away. "Mom, keep talking. There's plenty you haven't told me." I wasn't going to dispute this until I got the full story.

"You say my cum keeps you young. But you already age slowly. And Maddie doesn't seem to age at all, and I don't see a man in these photos." "Ellie's father, he traveled with Maddie and her sisters to the United States in the 1800s. She became pregnant. She was already almost 300, remember.

She had done this before. Seed had kept her young, and even when she didn't get it and would age up to what looked like 40, the instant she found a new mate he could get her to age back down. I think she's been doing it for so long that she has stopped growing beyond that, even without a male. Lucky bitch." My mom looked at herself with disdain.

As if being the sexiest 45 year old (looking) woman I've ever seen was a pain in the ass for her. I took a moment to step away from the story. "Mom," I put my finger beneath her chin to raise her head a little, "you're the most beautiful woman on earth. You're way hotter than Maddie." That wasn't necessarily true, just given how sexy I thought my not-sister was.

Her eyes looked like they might get wet. She kissed me. I didn't stop her. It would have been so easy to start fucking her again. She makes me so fucking hard. Whatever magic it is that keeps her into me, I think it's affecting me too.

I get drunk on it. I grabbed at her waist. My hands underneath her robe, her skin felt so warm and smooth. She came up to straddle me and I had to stop her. "Wait! Wait!" I didn't want to stop her but I couldn't just keep letting this happen. "Laura, get off me." She sat back over on her side sadly. "Finish." "After Maddie's husband died, it was time for Ellie to find one. Throughout the 20th century, the right male just never seemed to come along. Maddie and my mother, Ellie, never sensed any man that had the right seed.

It isn't hard to tell. You can feel it instantly by being close to the male. With you, we could tell as soon as you were born.

Ellie and Maddie still slept around a lot, trying to find one, and it only happened once. His name was Phillip.

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They met in California in 1940. He was immediately enchanted by Ellie and she got him to sleep with her the first time they met. And then that was it." I expected her to be sort of crestfallen when she told me this. Instead, she looked like she was trying not to laugh. "What's so funny?" I asked infected by her joy. I was trying not to laugh myself. "He got shipped off," she had to laugh. "Come on. I mean, you spend like 100 years trying to get laid by the perfect guy and then you find him and he gets 'shipped off in the morning.' He's buried somewhere in France.

Maddie kept saying she thought one of the gods must either hate Ellie to give her such rotten luck, or one must be so in love with her that he doesn't want anyone else to have her.

It's so cliche." She stared at the ground for a second and said, "I'm glad to laugh about it now. Obviously it was sad.

It was enough to get Ellie pregnant with me, but since then she's been worried about getting so old that she wouldn't find anyone to renew her back to youth. And I was worried I would meet the same kind of fate. When we found you, we were so happy.

You were up for adoption and we could all tell from a mile away that you had what it took." She put her hand on my leg and let it travel to the my crotch. She grabbed it. "This, baby, this is youth. This is a goldmine." The skeptic in me wanted to disprove her. I wanted to poke holes in her story. But then I realized that if I just accepted the whole thing, if I just didn't put up a fight, then I would get to spend my life fucking a family of the hottest women on earth.

So I shut the fuck up. I unzipped my pants and let my hard on out into the air. "If you need it, mom, here it is." She looked at it like Ahab seeing the White Whale surfacing out of the ocean. She got down on her knees and came between my legs. She wrapped her hands around my dick and looked me in the eyes.

"I'm serious, Jack. Do not call me Mom anymore." "Why? I think it's kind of hot." She smiled a little. "So do I." She stroked my cock and felt it jump a little.

"But I want this to be… I want this to be moral!" That baffled me. "Excuse me?

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You didn't have to adopt me! You didn't have to raise me before you fucked me for the rest of my life!" Her hands stopped. "We had to adopt you so that we could keep you with us until you were finished with puberty.

Everyone wanted to start taking your seed right when you were able to produce it, but I was very strict about us waiting until you were 18.

I wasn't going to rape you, Jack. This had to be your choice and you had to be old enough to do it. And I don't want you to feel like you're fucking your mother. I want you to feel like you're fucking a woman you love. Laura. Just call me Laura and make love to me." Her hands had begun to slowly stroke upwards on my cock. She was light. I couldn't get over this kind of subtle touch when she was saying things like "fucking your mother," and "make love to me." It just felt too intimate.

Part of my heart was afraid of it, but my cock couldn't get enough. "Laura, don't stop that motion." My mom kept lightly stroking upwards to the head of my cock, and then returning the hand to my base and stroking up again. "I'm gonna cum pretty soon if you just keep doing that." It was dawning on me how easily I got turned on by something psychological over something physical.

The touch was incredibly, but when she put ideas in my head like the question of incest, I immediately wanted to cum. It made it dirtier that it looked like I was going to cum on her face. Of course, my mother wouldn't allow that. She'd need to eat it all up.

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"Keep talking to me, Laura." My eyes had closed and I just wanted to hear her voice as her hands worked me to an early orgasm. "You're my project, Jack. I raised you, so you're mine.

I fuck you as much as you can manage. And it will make me younger and younger. My body will get hotter and hotter for you." I started to imagine my mother's body becoming even more perfect. My dick got harder in her hands.

"But you can't only fuck me. You'll have to fuck your aunts. You'll make them younger. You'll definitely have to fuck Ellie. She looks a little old, but you can be sure that over time we've all become pretty extraordinary at making love." With that, she brought her lips about half an inch from the head of my cock and breathed on it. The sensation was so exciting, and then she brought out her tongue and licked the underside of the head. That was almost too much.

"But then you'll have to fuck Maddie. She already looks like she's in her early 20s. Remember, she's much, much older than that.

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But if you keep giving her cum, eventually she'll look younger." The image of me fucking an even younger Maddie came into my mind. This is my 18th birthday. If she were looking younger than I was… wouldn't that be immoral? Even if she were actually 500?


The first thing my heart told me was that I couldn't do it. But the question alone, being as taboo as it could be, made my dick suddenly harden even more. I could feel myself at the end of my rope. "I'm cumming, Laura." I knew my mom needed me in her mouth. But then she surprised me. She quickly mounted me. She wasn't wearing any underwear beneath her white robe and she worked fast to position me at the entrance to her pussy.

"I told you I'd let you cum inside me." She sank down onto my cock. "Fuck me, baby. Cum inside me. Give me a baby, honey. Make me young." For a second, I think I felt what God must have when he created the universe.

I went from something to nothing. I didn't exist, but I was still inside of her, wrapped inside of her. And then I was something, a pulsing cock inside my mother's hungry vagina.

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She was squeezing life out of me. Her breasts were pressed up against me and her mouth was on mine. I had phased out of existence and popped back in but the orgasm was still going.

And the new world I was in, it felt different. It felt more beautiful. My senses more powerful. My will was stronger. I had the woman I loved in my hands, and she needed me. She needed me to make love to her. "I love you, mom." I heard her make a little noise.

She didn't want it to make her feel good to hear that word. But it did. "I love you too, son."