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Yo amateur teen dances for a young guy striptease lapdance
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I like a lot of guys, I have been wanting to watch my wife Jen with another guy. I always got aroused when I saw other guys check her out or flirt with her. She is 47, 5'10" and in incredible shape. She is a lifelong fitness gal and currently an aerobics instructor.

Our sex life is wonderful and adventurous but noticed she was always a little bit reserved when the topic of sex or intimacy came up around friends or other people. I mentioned my fantasy to her one night on the couch and she got surprisingly pissed. She was both mad and upset. I let it go but she approached me about it a few days later. We both watch porn together so I compared it to that. I said she was very attractive and it would be hot to see her from a third person perspective.

Again, I let it go after that. On several other occasions she brought it up. I could tell she had done some online research regarding the topic. She is very open minded but this topic was troubling her. She was accusing that it was cheating and she could never be in a situation where I was watching. A few more months past and this topic came up from time to time.

I finally suggested that we go to couples club. There was one about an hour away and we could just check out the atmosphere and people watch. It was a regular, mild, off premise club that had a reputation for swingers frequenting the place. It was pretty much like any other loud nightclub. Over the next six months, we went about four times. Nothing happened but we met some nice people. A couple our ages, Brian and Sara befriended us.

We stayed in touch with them and hung out. Nothing ever happened they were just bona fide friends. Sara is very bisexual and my wife is straight who never had an interest in Brian.

In fact, she was still against the whole idea of me watching her anyway. I gave up. I knew my wife would never let me watch her with another guy. It just wasn't her personality.


I was happy that we met some cool people nonetheless. was always this older gentleman who sat at the end of the bar. I thought it was odd because this club had a strict no single males policy.

He was very distinguished looking and everyone seemed to know him. On one occasion, Brian and Sara introduced us to him. His name was Gavin. He was a 64 year old film director. He had this side gig where he shot amateur films for couples own personal use. The club owners allowed him into the club.

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He had a very seasoned resume doing freelance work for some pretty reputable company's. He was very calm and came off as very intelligent. He was smooth. He chatted with my wife for a bit.

Within a few minutes he was feeling her out on her thoughts of doing a private video. Of course she said no way but it was interesting watching him try. He was suave and persuasive. He mentioned that he had about a half dozen guys all who were drug and disease free and HIV negative. I tried working myself in the conversation but my wife was getting embarrassed.

I could definitely tell she was intrigued by Gavin. If not by his proposal but him himself. We went to the club several more times and he was always there. He would always try to convince her do a film.

The last time we went he swapped phone numbers with me. My wife told him she would consider! This was a major step! After a few days, she backed out like I knew she would. On a few occasions over the next several months Gavin would call and let us know he had an opening or had time available. Each time she backed out but againhe was persuasive.

One time he called and she answered. He chatted her up pretty well. He made it seem so carefree and not a big deal. When she hung up she once again reconsidered. I think there was some intrigue on her behalf as in this would be like some live on the edge moment.

Doing something she never thought possible. A personal challenge. He called a few more times over the next several weeks and then finally!

We had a date set! It was about a month away. As nervous and terrified as she was, she was going to take this plunge. Of course over the next few weeks she flirted with the idea of bowing out. I always encouraged her. I told her how excited I was. I even got involved with helping her decide what to wear. We were going for something sexy yet not too slutty. We decided on a tight black teddy. The day came and we were heading to Gavin's studio. My wife had on jeans and a t-shirt and her lingerie on underneath.

She was nervous. We didn't speak much on the ride. When we got there Gavin showed us around. There was a backroom that reminded me of a college dorm. The filming area reminded me of a hotel room. There were two chairs, a sectional couch, and a queen size bed off to the side. My heart was racing and I could tell she was nervous again. He met with her and went over a few things. He kept telling her not to pay attention to the camera or look at me or him.

Finally, she sat on the couch. With the film rolling, he began interviewing her.

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I was way in back standing next to his wife who was controlling a soundboard. She seemed very quiet and rigid. The situation was tense! He asked her questions for a half hour. It was generic question such as; "what's your name"?, "You have never done anything like this have you"?, "Are you nervous"? Finally, he asked if it was ok to bring in who would be in the film with her.

She looked down and mumbled a quiet "ok". There was so much apprehension. In walks not one but two very young guys.kids!


I get handed their paperwork by his wife stating their both drug and and disease free. I noticed one kid was 19 years old and the other 21! The 21 year old, Robbie, was short and stocky (putting it nicely). He was wearing jean shorts and a tight as hell wife beater.

He was loaded with ugly tattoos and was quiet and creepy. The 19 year old, Gary, was boisterous and very obnoxious. He was very scrawny and short. He entered the room shirtless with saggy pants and underwear showing. He wore dark sunglasses and a hat sideways. He was foul mouthed and the typical ghetto acting white boy. He was unattractive with bad acne. This was like the twilight zone! As much as I always fantasized about watching my wife, I never put much thought into the individual doing the deed.

I pretty much looked at it as just a rented penis. Now I was faced with this! And what the hell was Gavin thinking bringing in two guys? The two kids walked in a stood along the side of the room. My wife was still sitting on the couch. The moment she saw them she had this look of shear horror. Her face expression and body language screamed pure dread. Gavin asked her to stand up and told the kids to introduce themselves.

She had on heels and stood over 6'2". Both of these kids looked no taller than 5'2". Robbie shook her hand and introduced himself. "I'm Robbie" he said so dull and lifeless.

He was so dazed I wondered if he was stoned. Gary approached her and introduced himself as 'slim G.L.D.' (yes, I'm being serious). He didn't even make eye contact just checked her out giving her the up and down. Not only was he creepy, he was down right juvenile. I could instantly tell my wife could not stand him or his whole ghetto act and slang. That's when it hit me. What the hell was happening?

I became an emotional wreck. Every emotion rung through me. As repulsed as I was seeing these two kids even near my wife, I could not keep myself from watching with total fascination.

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It was bizarre. My wife sat back down at one end of the couch. The two kids were on the other end. The atmosphere was filled with tension and strain.

With the camera rolling the environment was excessively intimidating. My wife looked mortified. She was visually distressed. Gavin continued with the interview and now was incorporating the kids in the conversation and it was beyond awkward.

The kids were mumbling and making comments as Gavin talked with my wife. At one point, he asked her what she thought of the boys which was so uncomfortable to witness. Then he asked her to stand so they can get a better look at her. She stood and was focused on the camera with her back towards them. Like they weren't there. Gary, or slim G.L.D. made perverted comments about her loud enough for all to hear.

Then Gavin suggest she take her shirt off. My heart was racing! I felt sick yet stimulated. She acted like her shirt was snagged and caught on her jeans.

She was buying time. She was going to stop all this. I know my wife all too well and could tell she was not going forward. Out of nowhere, Gary swoops in and starts helping lifting her shirt off!

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She was stunned and didn't have time to even react! He was so much shorter standing next to her it was very odd to witness. It happened so fast she was freaking the hell out! He noticed her lingerie and instantly made remarks. "Dayum, girly girl! You got muthafuckin ready for us!" He said using an obvious artificial ghetto voice. He then attempted to start undoing her jeans! This was crazy. I wanted to jump in and punch his lights out.

However, I was oddly intrigued. She pushed his hands away in an effort to slow him down. He continued completely disregarding and not taking the hint.

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"You lookin so muthafuckin fine homegirl. You dressed like you lookin for some LD". He continued. Robbie entered and quickly went to remove her shoes so Gary could proceed getting her jeans down. Now that I saw him in the camera light, I was even more distraught. He was a lot heavier than he looked standing in the corner. Watching two juveniles remove my wife's pants was mind boggling.

I was a ball of emotions. Now in just her tight lingerie, she quickly sat back down and crossed her legs. She was overwhelmed. Robbie was told to move out of the way because he was blocking the camera.

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He seemed so dumb. Gary sat next to her and continued his crude behavior. She looked faint with nervousness.


Gavin continued with the small talk. I noticed Gary put a hand on her leg! He was totally gawking at her and paying no attention to Gavin.

It was creepy and at this point I could tell my wife could not stand this kid. It was so obvious. His hand started moving up her leg. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Again, it looked like she was gonna put a stop to all this but Gary was forward. He was casually trying to separate her legs. "What do you think of her?" Gavin asked out loud.

"She so fuckin fine." Gary quickly responded with a hand wedged between her legs as he stares at her crotch. I look over to Robbie and notice he is undressing himself! Wtf! Now things are just moving rapidly. He stripped down to his dorky underwear and was playing with himself off to the side. Gary was getting frustrated that my wife didn't uncross her legs or give him an ounce of attention.

Still, he didn't take the hints. Then Gavin looked in my direction. "How things looking so far?" He asked me. I was so shocked I didn't know how to respond! I was like uh uh uh um.

Then I looked at my wife. It was the first time we made eye contact. Her eyes widened. She knew I was not cool nor could stand these kids either. She was looking for a rescue. I didn't even have the time to process and Gary interrupts. "Mmmmm, she's a little hot down here." He said in pervy voice. He started sliding down to his knees and kissing around her thighs and lap. His saggy pants were half off and I noticed he was HUGE! It looked like a can of Pringles in his boxer briefs!

This was so much to process. A million questions ran through my mind. Was this why Gavin chose him? Was this why this jackass kid was so cocky? Then he looked up from her lap. "I want the pussy bro, I'm gunna get some OK?" He asked me! ME! "I think shes getting horny bro shes starting to smell a little muthafuckin turned on down here." He continued. I was immediately overcome by anger, anxiety, jealousy, and stimulation. It seemed impossible to deal with seeing a 19 year old, monster cock, obnoxious kid on his knees trying to get between her legs.

"Do you mind if I fool around with the pussy? He kept pestering! Gavin was looking over at me. So was my wife. With total numbness I mumbled. "Uh yeah its cool man." What was I doing! At that moment I wanted to puke. Robbie was entering the picture his underwear. My wife looked like she was going to cry or pass out. Gary continued his attempt to get to her goodies despite her being reluctant and resisting.

Gavin suggest that everyone get comfortable signaling that the couch folds open to a daybed. Gary went off to the side to undress. Again, he seemed frustrated. Robbie tried to unfold the couch and was getting upset because my wife was still sitting.

This was another moment where I thought she would run out. Gavin mumbled something I couldn't understand but it must have been telling her to stand up. Gavin asked my wife to help unfold the couch. Now reality was really sinking in! She was actually assisting and looked mortified! She looked over at Gary and noticed his cock as he undressed, she was expressionless she glanced at it.

It was enormous and not even fully erect. Robbie removed his underwear and laid on the bed first. He was bigger than average but nowhere near the size of Gary. My wife was like a fish out of water. Gary walked toward the bed and now seemed angry. He had spent the past hour trying to get to her pussy. He approached her from behind grabbing her ass. He was pushing her on the bed so she would be on all fours.

Gary started eating her from behind through her lingerie, He couldn't wait any longer. Robbie started positioning himself sliding over to get his cock in her face. "Suck it baby, suck my cock." He said in a creepy voice. Everything seemed to be happening so fast. It was like I was being hit by daggers it was so hard to comprehend watching this. She was hesitant and started breathing heavy from Gary. Robbie was grabbing at her tits as he still awaited getting his cock sucked.

So hard yet arousing to see. "Lets get her on her back." Gary said getting more involved. These two kids didn't work well together. Everything they did was not in sync and clumsy. Gary was definitely the more aggressive one. As they managed to get her on her back much to her disliking, they quickly stripped her of her lingerie. Gary resumed eating her.

Within minutes she was moaning, bucking, and on her way to screaming! She started to suck on Robbie which was another dagger. It seemed it was attempt for her to stop screaming.

It seemed she was ashamed showing Gary her reaction to him. "Yeah, you should see how pretty this cunt is." Gary said to Robbie.

WTF! Now he used the C word! My wife screaming leading up to her cumming!

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I was a wreck! Then he goes to mount her! Doesn't even ease it in just starts pumping. Within seconds she is SCREAMING! This kid was a marathon man and continued to screw her for what seemed like two hours in every position. She came at least four times. Oddly, the hardest thing to witness was the two of them looking at each other while doing missionary, Their eyes were locked on each other and it was one of the hardest things to see. She went from not standing him to fucking him and not seem to mind it in the end!

She screamed the whole time. I wondered if it was on purpose so she wouldn't have to talk with him. Finally, Gary came on her stomach. Robbie had jerked himself off throughout the course of this and was no longer involved. Almost for the better because he was so weird in my opinion. My Wife gathered her things and ran off to the change room. She didn't return until it was time to leave.

We both avoided the two guys and told Gavin we would be in touch. As one can imagine, we had some fallout over all this. Its only three weeks so we are still talking and processing it all. As stated earlier, I know this is a rather unusual story and welcome any feedback and will provide any additional details.