Twink video Soon Jayson is balls deep in that moist ass plumbing the

Twink video Soon Jayson is balls deep in that moist ass  plumbing the
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As he entered the room he found it lit by the soft glow of candles and heard mood music playing in the background. He turned towards the music and saw her standing there. She asked, "Would he like to take a shower to help he relax a little?" He watched her turn and walk into the bathroom and he followed, watching the sway of her ass as she went.

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Smiling he watched as she leaned into the shower to turn it on. He noticed her ass peeking out from underneath the frilly little night shirt.

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He was not exactly sure what she had planned as she walked up to him and begin undressing him. As he reached for her she stepped away, shaking her head and saying, "not yet." Then he watched her turn and walk out of the bathroom. As he finish stripping off his uniform he wonder what will happen next. He walked into the shower and begin washing the dirt and sweat from his body.

When he came out of the bathroom he found that she'd changed into something a little more provocative. The black corset and garters gives him a very nice view of things awaiting him.

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As he move toward the bed, enjoying the view the closer he got, he watched her shift her body to give he an even better view. His eyes followed her hand as it traced its way across her breast, down over her stomach, and eventually disappeared into the front of her black nearly shear panties. He hesitate a moment as he watched her hand slowly stroking gently over her partially hidden pussy. When he reached the bed he sat down next to her and reached for her body, only to have her move roll the bed and turn, very seductively, towards a small table.

He watched as she bent over slightly, before turning towards him holding a tray. He watched as she bent over again to place the tray in front of he, and he can't help but watch as her breasts start to spill out over the top of the corset.

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He followed their movement as he watched her straighten to feed him a chocolate covered strawberry. He except the treat and he again follow her breasts as he watch her repeat the process, but this time he tasted something different. He was so engrossed in watching her breasts he didn't see her dip a chuck of pineapple into the chocolate, and as the sharp difference in taste was registering in his mind he saw her again dip down, but this time closer towards him.

He quickly looked from her breasts and up towards her face as her lips move towards his, but instead of her kiss he felt her tongue lick up the pineapple juice that had dribbled down his chin. He quickly reached out with both hands, but she stepped back his fingers just barely brushed along the sides of her breasts. Her voice quivered as she said, "naughty boy," and waved her finger back and forth in front of him.

He put his hands back down in his lap to show he'll be good, and to hide the fact that he are really enjoying this little game. He watched as she approached the tray again and slooowly bent forward to prepare another piece of fruit. As he again watched her breasts slowly slide toward the front of her top he waited.

Slowly they slid back, and then again as they moved towards him, lowering and then sliding forward again he waited. Then he reached out, but not for her breasts, this time for her hands. As he felt her pull back he let her pull he up off the bed. Once cleared of the bed, tray and fruit he pulled her towards him. He felt her mock efforts at trying to pull free of his grip, but this only excited him more.

Pulling both of her hands behind her back he secured them both with one of his hands, before leaning over to look down at her body. He reached up and grab the satin ties on the corset and with one pull everything fell to the sides.

He heard her breath catch and felt her body shiver as his free hand began to squeeze one of her breasts and pinch its nipple. Leaning down he took the other nipple between his lips and sucked it in, licking roughly and nipping it with his teeth. Again he feel her body respond and he take great delight in teasing her. Then his hand sliped downward and into her panties. His fingers glided over her smoothly shaved pussy and he smile as again he heard the sharp intake of her breath. He rubbed his hand over her mound for only a moment before plunging his middle finger into her.

As her body responded he pull it almost out of her before plunging it back in again. Several more times he repeat the process before removing his finger to bring it up to her face. Slowly he lower his hand to her face and began running the middle finger over her lips. Back and forth it slid, across her lips before he gently pushed it inward.

He watch her eyes as she excepted his finger and begin sucking her own juices off it. He stopped pushing and watch as her head began to move back and forth on his finger, almost as if she was giving him a blowjob.

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Slowly he removed the finger and lean in towards her asked, "So he like to tease, huh?" Again he watch her eyes as she nodded in response to his question. "Well, then let's play," he said to her. Still holding her hands behind her back he reached for the tray with his free hand and place it back on the table next to the bed. He then pulled her towards the night stand next to the bed and opened its drawer.

Finding what he was looking for he reached in and then turn back to her. Reaching up, he placed the blindfold over her eyes. He had noticed the bindings at the bottom corners of the foot of the bed when he first walked in the room and had wondered if he'd get to use them tonight.

Again he reached into the drawer and found the next item he'd need. Turning her towards the bed he 'forced' her down, face first with her legs hanging over the side. Then, placing his knee between her legs and using his hip against her ass to hold her down, he took both of her hands and pulled them over her head. He used satin ties from the drawer to secure them in place.


Again, holding them with one hand, he let his free hand explore her body. But this time his hand slid down her back to her ass. He wasted no time pulling her panties aside and plunging two fingers into her wet pussy. He watched his fingers as they plunged into her, over and over again, then a wide grin spread over his face as an idea popped into his head.

Removing his fingers he quickly replaced them with his thumb, and again began his playful assault on her pussy. When he felt her push back against hand he smiled at her response. Then he replaced his thumb with his two fingers and began to plunge them in again with abandon.

He watched as her body began to respond more energetically, then he stopped and listened to her muffled protests.


With both fingers jammed up inside of her he placed his thumb directly on top of her asshole and began to rub. He watched as her back arch with pleasure before he began moving her fingers inside of her again.

As his fingers continued to push in and out of her wetness, his thumb pressed harder against the entrance of her ass. And when it finally pushed its way inside he felt her almost rise up in an attempt to push back against it. Now his thumb and both fingers were moving in and out of her and it was all he could do to hold her down as he felt her again and again trying to push back against his hand. Suddenly he pulled his hand away from her ass so quickly that he caught her completely by surprise.

"No!" she cried out! Reaching up with his free hand he felt under one of the pillows until he found what he were looking for. He pulled the end of the length of rope out and tossed it toward the middle of the bed. Then with both hands he pulled her off of the side of the bed into a standing position and led her to the foot of the bed. Again he forced her face down onto the bed and then reached to the rope. Quickly he looped the rope around the satin tie, then climbing over her he pull up towards the headboard and secured it in place.

Satisfied that her hands are now secured above her head he rolled off the side of the bed and walk back to the foot again. With her hips bent over the edge of the bed and her knees resting on the floor he reached for the bindings at each corner. Then forcing each knee outward he secured them, spread open to the corners.

Now he step back to survey his handiwork. Moving quickly to the drawer again he fetched another item before returning to the foot of the bed and her waiting ass. He'd been gone too long and thought about this ass too much, and now it's all his. Again he pulled her panties to the side and pushed his two fingers up inside of her. Her hungry, wet pussy eagerly accepts his fingers as he began his assault anew.

As his fingers continue to move in and out of her he began rubbing her sensitive asshole again with his thumb. And again he felt her trying to push back against him. But before he pushed his thumb into her ass again he slipped a third finger into her pussy. He heard her moans as all three fingers continue without missing a beat. Just as suddenly as the third finger slipped in, all three fingers slipped out. He heard her moan of protest, but ignore it. He reached for one of the objects from the drawer.

Pulling her panties aside again he inserted a long, cool object inside her pussy. As he began to stroke it in and out of her, her breathing began to increase rapidly. But before he brought her too close to the edge he pulled it out again. He waited for her breathing to slow down a bit before slowly pushing the long object into her ass. He watched her stiffen but continue to slowly insert the object all the way in. He waited until her arched back relaxed, then begin to reinsert his two fingers back into her pussy.

He can feel the muscles within her clamp down on your fingers as he continued pushing them in and out. He listened to her breathing and when he decide the time is right he pull your fingers out.

Again he smiled at her protests for he knew what's coming next. When he decide he just couldn't wait any longer he pull her panties aside again and slowly push the head of his dick inside her waiting pussy.

He heard her groan of approval, but took his time and entered her slowly. When he'd finally got all the way inside of her he paused. He adjusted her panties so that they covered the end of the object protruding from her ass to keep it from slipping out to far. Then he grabbed her hips and slowly began to pull out. Just as the head of his dick got close to leaving her pussy he thrust back in again.

Once he was fully inside of her again he repeated the process. Over and over he slowly pulled out before thrusting back in again. And as he listened to her breathing grow deeper and louder he started to feel his own need building. He look down and realize that every time he pull back the end of the object sticking out of her ass would to slip out just a bit. And every time he thrust back into her he push the object back in again. He watched this process, fascinated by the effect the object was having on her ass, at the same time as his hard dick was thrusting up into her pussy again and again.

Suddenly he felt her body begin to tremble, and her breath was coming in loud gasps, and he felt his own body begin to respond to hers.

That's when he hit the little switch on the object in her ass. Just as the object came to life, sending vibrations shooting not only through her ass and up her spine, he felt those same vibrations shooting around his dick.

And as he felt her body slam back against his he grabbed her hips and begin thrusting forward for all he was worth. Weeks of pent up frustrations erupt from his as he pumped into her again and again. Weeks of similar frustrations slam back against him as she felt her body explode around him. Again and again he met her thrusts with his own until neither of them could move anymore, and his body collapsed onto her.

Somehow he remembered to reach between them and turn off the vibrator still humming in her ass. In the stillness of the night, when her body finally stopped trembling he heard her softly whisper, "Welcome home, sweetheart."