TeensLoveAnal Teen Ass Fucked By Peeping Tom

TeensLoveAnal Teen Ass Fucked By Peeping Tom
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It all started in the years of my life where I was confused, lonely and sometimes a little unhappy. You know the years when everybodies bodies are changing and every body is making fun of eachothers bodies.


There wre the girls who were sissies, whores, sluts, and also over emphasizing their breasts with wonderbras so they could get the boys attention. And there were boys who were the sportsmen, they pimped on girls and did whatever they want.

There were boys who were kinda like geeks, they talked about anime all the time computers and other stuff, and maybe a little over weight. Then there were guys like me, who could mingle in between both groups, we could sit at any table in the cafeteria at lunch. We probably had the best time.

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Well now thats cleared up lets get back to the story. It started in 7th grade, we were all growing or most of us were. We had a foosball table well actually two and thats what we did before school during lunch and after school we had the best times ever at those foosball tables. But one day i was pulled away from one of my friends Kate (ya i know, she's a girl), she told me that one of my good friends Amanda needed to talk to me. So off went to the lockerroom where Amanda was waiting for me, she was a hot girl, she had a good body, perfect ass, nice tits that weren't emphasized by breasts, and an unforgetable face.

She was there pacing around like she had a ton on her mind. "Yo," I said, she jsut stood there lookin' a little nervous, "Kate told me that you wanted to see me.

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So wassup?" "Well." she started, "I've kinda been a little nervous around you. I really like you, like, like you like you. And.


I was wondering. if you wanted to be my boyfriend?" standing there i looked at her and she looked away and looked back at me.

I didnt know What to say, this was a big choice, i mean for my popularity, this could seriously help or damage it. I looked down and saw those tits and that body that i have dreamed of fucking or at least make out with and out of temptation to get laid said the first thing out of my mind, "Uh.

yeah! I will be your boyfriend." as i was speaking she started to smile. She stood there and i stood there and thnking that hey, were in good relations right now, I inched my way to her and she inched her way to me and we kissed, the first kiss i've had but i dont know about her.

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I realized that we were in a public lockerroom so I departed from her. "whoa, nice" She smiled and we departed. Walking away I thought about what my happen this year with her. I realized that there were bar and bat-mitzvahs to go to so i thought, 'perfect get her away from the party and into a private sector of the vacility and talk or make out.

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All i knew wat that i was gonna get some with her, hopefully. The next saturday was the first saturday we've been together, it was also the first bar-mitzvah that we had that we've been together, couldn't wait. the service was at a temple where the services were short, maybe a little above an hour or so, it also had a quiet room where we could talk and not be heard and also a one way glass so we could see the everyone else but they couldnt see us.

so i sat in there so i could talk or doing anything that would disrupt the service so i sat in there.

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Amanda got to the service a little late and saw me lying on the bench that was in the quiet she came in and asked, "Can i sit around you?" "Oh ya," i respone and sat up. "Hows the service been?" she asked "Meh, i dunno, i haven't been paying attention." i said "Ah, can they see us?" she asked "Nope" i said "positive?" "Yup." "Cool. Bored?" "A little, You?" "there always boring." she said in a dull voice.

"What can you do?" "This." She got up closed the door, put up the sign that said full. and came over to me and took off her fleece. For such a cold day i couldn't beleive that she was just wearing a tang top, bra, and fleece.

We started kissing and nobody would know. I started my hands and her hips and moved them up just a little every second and then put them through her shirt and tryed to unclip her bra and amazingly for my first time i did it, i unclipped her bra! She stopped kissing me and grinned at me and took off her top showing her unclipped bra.

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"You want to fuck these so bad?" she asked showing off boobs. "What's the right answer to this question." i said, "i know." I lifted her bra and put my mouth on her tit and nibbled on her nipple, she slightly moaned as i sucked on her tit and put my left hand on her back and put my right had down her skirt.

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We kept this going for about a minute until she backed off. Undid my belt and panted to find my throbbing erect cock presented before her.

she kneeled up to it and rubbed her breasts all around it and bent her head so she could suck on it a little. I was feeling such good pleasure that i could hardly breathe. She let her tits drop off my cock and put my entire cock in her mouth, "II'm going to cum!! gah." i barely said. She didnt say any but continue to blow on my cock and it came out into her mouth.

She gagged a litle but swallowed it all up leaving no drop on our clothes or the floor. she got up and grinned at me with no cum anywhere on her face, she turned around and said, "The service looks a little over ya we should get dressed.

We got dressed and we gave a good bye kiss together.

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We walked out hand in hand. "CONTINUED IT SHALL BE" YODA