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A short, Erotic story, by James Burns. Just Friends. She awoke to explosions and light flashing into the room. There were fireworks just outside the window, signalling in the New Year. She looked to the clock and sure enough it read 00:02.

She was lying on a double bed, the sticky sheets only half covering her naked body, it was a little chilly given the time of year but she didn't care.

The body of another naked female was pressed into her front and was keeping her warm. That's when she noticed the subtle but unmistakable aroma of Womanly juices in the air and the memories of how she became to be in this situation flooded back. She snaked a hand down to her sparsely haired pussy.

Her fingers circling her hard, aching clit, she gasped and her pussy leaked juices all over her fingers and thighs as in her mind, she went over every intricate detail that had lead her to this very moment.

Anna was an overall average and plain girl of just fifteen. She liked music but it depended on the song itself not the Genre, age or name of the band, she could listen to heavy metal then straight after listen to a classical or rap song. Anna had shoulder length blonde hair, mostly put up in a ponytail, complementing it with stylish glasses that framed her sea-blue eyes, on occasion, for longer distances. Anna was average height, weight and at a 34B average breast size too. Anna was in 9th grade at Stevenson junior high.

She wasn't exactly the most popular, she wasn't picked on or bullied or anything but she wasn't talked to/about much either. Anna was known by most of the student body and teachers alike. The populars and outcasts greeted her and were nice to her but she wasn't invited into any clique or social group. Anna had one or two close friends; Amethyst, her best, was a good looking, free spirited and down to earth girl.

She was into punk, Goth and heavy metal music. She was an inch or two taller than Anna and her chest was a comfortable 36C. Amethyst had dyed purple hair down to mid back and brown eyes.

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She was quite slim but not anorexic like most of the girls in the school and was slightly larger than Anna in weight. Amethyst was openly bisexual having found girls a turn on for as long as she could remember. She found boys attractive too and reasoned that neither one was better than the other, it was just different. "Sometimes a change of pace does a girl good" as she put it. Anna on the other hand was still a virgin, preferring instead to focus on her studies and really hadn't given much thought about the opposite sex let alone the added complications of same sex relationships or sexual encounters.

That's not to say she did not notice the occasional good looking person. Anna masturbated when her studies allowed, yet no fantasies shone through, her mind rather blank as she concentrated solely on getting off.

It was the day Stevenson junior high broke up for the Christmas holidays, Anna and Amethyst were talking by their lockers. "Okay so, New Years Eve, I'm having a Slumber party. You, Liss, Angie, Ashley and Debbie are invited." Amethyst said as she opened her locker and gave Anna a proper invite, printed on a card, with an RSVP on it.

Anna filled it out and handed it back to her. Amethyst turned around to put it back in her locker while taking out her books for her next two lessons and putting them in her bag. "You know I'll be there, Ame." Anna said, with a smile playing on her lips. To her surprise she caught herself checking out her best friend. What the hell was I just doing? Ame could have turned around at any second!

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She chastised herself, but she had to admit Amethyst's womanly features did look good. The rest of the day took forever to finish for the girls, as did the next two or so weeks until New Years Eve. Through telephone conversations and one or two trips to the mall, Anna had learned that the others wouldn't be coming due to their families already having plans that day.

Finally the day had come; both girls spent hours getting ready. Anna made her way to Amethysts' rather expensive house with three bedrooms and another two due to a recent loft conversion. She turned up at around six and after being invited inside; the girls went into the den to watch 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.

"Oh my God, Johnny Depp is fucking hot!" Amethyst said, biting her lip, looking longingly at the television. "Naa, he's too old, I personally prefer Orlando Bloom. Speaking of which, I think we should watch 'Lord of the Rings' when this is over." Anna responded sitting up, looking for the DVD she had brought with her, ready for when this film ended.

"Ugh! You're such a geek, Anna." Amethyst said, quoting the first thing she had ever said to Anna.

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Both girls started laughing, looking back on how they became best friends. Reminiscing, Anna looked over at Amethyst who was lying on her stomach, butt moving from side to side as she waved her feet in the air, her chin resting lazily in her hands as she watched the screen. Anna's initial thoughtful gaze turning lusty as she began to check Amethyst out again, her eyes drawn to her womanly flared hips and rounded ass. Anna licked her lips as her pulse quickened. That's when it happened, the event that sparked a series of events leading both girls to Amethyst's double bed; Amethyst turned to see her best friend's face looking lustily, licking her lips and staring at her ass.

Amethyst blushed slightly, flattered at the attention; a smile crept onto her lips as she started to undress Anna with her eyes. Anna glanced up to Amethyst's face, seeing Amethyst's eyes at her breasts and slowly working down, both their pussies started to tingle and a flush of colour dyed their throats and upper chest.

"Have you ever wondered what it was like to kiss someone, Anna?" Amethyst asked. Her voice was husky and thicker than usual and she began to move. "Yes, sometimes--" Anna was unable to finish her sentence because Amethyst practically lunged at her, lips meeting lips as she kissed Anna hard, passionately and hungrily.


Anna was about to pull away before it hit her, this felt right. Deep down, this was what she really wanted and hesitated only briefly to determine that before meeting her friends kiss with a sloppy one that lacked technique but certainly made up for it In passion. Tongues slid to meet tongues sensually, in a time old dance as Anna began to learn the ropes. By the time their Hands started to caress and explore each other's bodies, the girls where in a world of their own where the only thing that mattered, that existed, was the person whose tongue was spiralling gracefully around her own and whose hands where sliding sensually over her breasts and ass.

They finally leapt apart to the sounds of someone coming down the stairs. They lied down on their stomachs after straightening their clothes and wiping their mouths.

By the time the owner of the footsteps was in the room they looked perfectly normal again. "Dinner's ready" Amethyst's hippy mom, April, said. She stood in the doorway looking in on the two girls who were on their stomachs chins resting on palms, seemingly engrossed in the television screen.

"Okay, mom, there's only 5 minutes left to go on the film, can we watch it quickly first?" "Sure, just be up in the kitchen by eight." With that, April had left the room and made her way back up the stairs. "That was close!" Anna exclaimed quietly, secretly very turned on by the prospect of getting caught. "No kidding.

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If I did get caught though, I would prefer it to be by mom, she already knows I like girls." "Yeah but our moms go shopping together and I'm not sure I like the sound of your mom telling mine what she saw us doing, I mean I'm not even sure what I like yet, Ame." Anna confessed, still a little flushed.

Amethyst knew exactly what her friend was going through, having gone through that phase before; she stroked her arm for a few minutes, smiling warmly.


"Did you like that?" Amethyst asked, referring to the kiss. She glanced at the clock noting it was 7:58 and looked into her best friend's eyes again. "Yes I did, I enjoyed it very much." Anna said. She also looked at the clock but Anna did it to get away from her friends penetrating, invasive and ravenous gaze. They both stood and walked to the stairs to go get their dinner and unsuccessfully escape the awkwardness that quickly descended upon the pair.

The way Amethyst looked at Anna made her feel like a piece of meat in a butcher window and she didn't like it at all.

Even the kiss left her with many questions about herself, was she a lesbian? If so, how would she go about it?


If not, why did she enjoy the kiss so much? Bisexuality hadn't even crossed her mind, even though Amethyst had talked about it many times during school and slumber parties. Amethyst had even snogged one or two girls in front of Anna.

All these questions burned in her mind like a thousand hot pokers, confusing her and accounting for at least 90% of the awkwardness. Dinner was a quiet affair neither saying much to the other as Anna was trying to make sense of what was going on and formulate a plan. Afterwards, Amethyst suggested they move the party to her room, once the door was closed, Anna had reasoned that there may never be a chance like this to discover more about herself ever again so she would grab it with both hands-or Amethyst rather- and kiss her deeply, having learned quickly from her first kiss barely an hour ago.

Writhing under Anna's surprise attack, Amethyst finally got her bearings and grabbed and kissed her back with raw female sensuality, shoving and pinning Anna against her purple painted wall, strewn with band posters and hot male actors taken from magazines. A few fell to the floor, exposing bare purple wall. Anna pushed Amethyst back to her bed, ripping off their tops and straddling her, kissing her so hard, their lips hurt, Anna's new-found lust overflowed as she ground her crotch down on Amethyst's abdomen, bra cups rubbing over each other, eliciting moans from both girls.

Anna's fingers fumbled on the buttons of Amethyst's jeans, they finally popped open and Anna would have ripped them off if it wasn't for their positioning. Anna noticed Amethyst wore a purple, lacy thong. Amethyst slipped off Anna's tight jogging bottoms almost with ease, admiring her white French briefs and ran a finger along the soaking wet gusset. The tip of her finger was now coated in Anna's juices, she wanted, no, needed to taste Anna right that very second.

She broke off the kiss, inhaling Anna's scent then slipped it into her mouth. Anna tasted so good, Amethyst groaned and went in for seconds, kissing her in the meantime, allowing Anna to taste her slightly salty-sweet, musky flavour.

Anna found she loved the taste of pussy, even if it was her own. She ripped Amethyst's bra from her torso, snapping the plastic clasp in her haste to get the juicy breasts in the open air. Anna trailed kisses down from her new lover's lips to her boobs, instinctively sucking her bullet-like nipples into her mouth and lashing them with her tongue while mashing her crotch on Amethysts thigh. Amethyst was letting out little mewling sounds as the girl sucked and licked on her nipples.

Amethyst slipped a hand into Anna's briefs, touching her pussy skin to skin for the first time. Her pubic hairs tickled Amethyst's hand as she ground the top of her palm, on Anna's clit, her fingers circling her tight, wet opening. The briefs gave her limited manoeuvrability but it was enough to get Anna moaning and quivering into her breasts, sending vibrations through Amethyst's nipples. She removed the pesky movement restricting briefs. Amethyst gasped seeing Anna's pussy for the first time.

Amethyst switched positions, laying Anna on her back; she crawled between her legs, spread her pussy lips and dived in head first.

Anna's scent was driving her insane with lust, Amethyst couldn't remember wanting a woman more in her entire life.

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Her tongue touched down on Anna's heavenly tasting pussy, licking at the source of her juices first, slipping her tongue in all the way, making it squirm inside her as she channelled the juices into her mouth, she then withdrew her tongue and licked upwards. Amethyst took Anna's clitoris into her mouth and sucked that little flesh button and lapped at it while she slipped a hand down to remove her own panties, she slipped them below her thighs and kicked them off.

Anna was out of her mind, the sensations overwhelmed her; she had ripped off her own bra in desperation so she could pleasure her own nipples. Her best friends tongue was driving her insane, she could feel it, like when the shore draws back rapidly, really far before a tsunami, then, with the full force of a Tsunami, she came, the orgasm ripping through her body like nothing she had ever felt before. Anna let out a guttural shout and gripped her best friend's hair, forcing Amethysts face to her pulsating pussy; she came again and again, soaking Amethysts face before passing out.

Anna awoke to the feel of something warm, wet and smooth crushed against her face and a very familiar moaning, she opened her mouth to breathe because her nose was being blocked and tasted pussy, realising what Amethyst was doing, Anna grabbed Amethyst's hips and took long licks up and down her pussy, unsure of what exactly would give her friend the sensations she experienced, as her tongue bumped into Amethysts' clit Anna heard her moan harder so she focused her tongue lashing efforts there.

Amethyst was going crazy; her best friend was clumsy but very enthusiastic which definitely made up for Anna's clumsiness, her hips were bucking all over Anna's face so hard that she was having difficulty getting a proper lungful of air, nevertheless she kept on licking and sucking Amethyst's pussy until she grabbed handfuls of bedding and groaning long and loud, she felt the familiar tingling speeding up with Anna's Tongue.

"Cum for me, Ame!" Anna almost shouted, forgetting that there were people downstairs. Anna's words sent Amethyst over the edge, her hips bucked more violently as she came, her groan reaching a crescendo as the tingling exploded all over her body. Her toes curled and she clutched the bedding for dear life, falling forwards, she landed with her head on a pillow, panting hard.

She looked down at the girl who gave her one of the best orgasms of her young life. '"Never done this before" my ass, that's the fastest anyone's ever made me cum!" said Amethyst, Anna simply beamed with delight at the praise and said with a giggle, "We look a mess." Anna couldn't see herself, as there were no mirrors facing her, but, judging by Amethyst, her statement was correct. Amethyst chuckled, looking in a mirror, she groaned, her hair was a mess and she had Anna's pussy juices all over her mouth.

Amethyst really didn't want to be seen like this so she got up, opened her door and shouted downstairs "Mom! Me and Anna are going to bed, we are both tired." Amethyst hoped this would work but was unsure because she knew her mother had gone out to buy fireworks especially for tonight. "Ame! I went all the way to the mall in the next state to get these from the specialist fireworks place! . Fine look out your bedroom window before you go then!" "Okay mom, thanks!" Amethyst locked her door, turned out the light and pulled Anna to the window, they saw April carting out 3 big boxes of different kinds of fireworks.

The girls watched the exploding pretty colours light up the sky like rainbow lightning for over half an hour before one box was gone and April headed inside. Both girls headed for the bed, slipping inside the sticky sheets, scooting close to each other they kissed once more before falling asleep, the last time either girl remembered seeing read on the clock was 21:17. THE END!