Extra petite teen plowed in bed

Extra petite teen plowed in bed
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RECAP…… Harry breaks up with Ginny. He has a wet dream with Ron in it. He then comes up with a plan to get Ron naked and have sex with him. He invites Ron to Grimmauld Place and offers him muggle wines. Ron gets extremely high and Harry takes him to his bedroom. Harry offers to change Ron's clothes because Ron is too drunk. He starts taking off all of Ron's clothes and finally removes Ron's briefs so that his best friend is now naked in front of him. PART TWO&hellip.

Harry's heart almost stopped for a moment when he saw the scene in front of him. He stood up from the bed and moved a few steps backward to take it all in. His best friend Ron was lying butt naked in front of him on his bed.


Ron's cock was in a semi erect position. So it was not resting on his balls but had formed a curve and was trying to stand weakly. Even so, it was still huge. Harry wondered how big it would look when it was completely erect.


It made his mouth water. How he wished he had such a great looking and huge cock. How he hoped that one day he would get to suck the one that was now in front of him, nestled comfortably in a tuft of shining red pubic hair. Harry accepted that Ron's cock was indeed beautiful.

It had a stout but long, white shaft and a delicious pink head. Ron had circumcised himself the previous year and he had told it to Harry. Black and purple veins of all sizes stood up on every side and made it look even more beautiful. It was bouncing up and down with Ron's heart beats. It lolled sideways and came to rest pointing directly at Harry. It was as if the cock had chosen him. With a sly smile, Harry thought to himself that he was, indeed, the 'Chosen One' after all!

The wines that they both drank together had now reached Harry's brains. With every turn of his head, he could feel the room spinning around him, more than it was supposed to. This feeling of drunkenness heightened his emotions for Ron.

All that he could see in front of him was the steaming hot, naked body of the sexiest man alive. He looked at Ron's face. It was a light shade of red because of all the drinking. Yet, it was an extremely handsome face. His mouth was slightly open. Keeping his gaze as steady as he could, he walked softly to the bed and sat near Ron's waist. Harry's eyes once again fell to Ron's chest. It heaved up and down steadily with every breath that Ron took.

He moved his hand over it, grazing the smooth, hairless surface with his fingers. His hand came to rest on the right nipple. It was light brown and slightly hard. He started rubbing it with his thumb and index finger. He could fell a light tickly feeling in his own balls.

He moved his hand to the other nipple and brought down his mouth to the first one. He started flicking it with the tip of his tongue. He then covered it with his lips and started sucking it like an eager and hungry new born baby. He moved his tongue around the hard stub in wet circles and he savored it till he was completely satisfied. All this while, he kept the other nipple busy by rubbing it with his hand. As Harry got up, he wondered if Ron had felt him suckling at his chest.

He had no way of knowing anyway. But he was wrong… He turned around once again and was surprised to see that Ron's cock was now perfectly erect. Even while he was passed out, it seemed that Ron was completely getting the pleasure that Harry was giving him. Harry's eyes were now glued to Ron's manhood. It was perfectly straight.

And it looked bigger than ever. Harry almost felt jealous that Ron's penis was so perfect from every angle. It was his belief that stout and healthy people have huge penises and lean and small people have small ones. But he knew he was wrong about that.

He would never have guessed with Ron's lanky frame that he had such an unnaturally huge dick. "That Hermione is one lucky bitch" he thought sourly. By now he was feeling so erotic that his own cock was fighting frantically to get out of his tight jeans. He opened his zip trying to keep his head steady and pulled his cock out through his briefs with great efforts.

It was hard as a rock and was standing as straight as it could. Harry looked at it for a moment and then held it in his hands. The warm feeling of his own cock in his hand drove him mad. It was all he could do to prevent himself from jerking off right there. He could not remember the last time that he was so horny. He was sure that if his cock could speak, it would have begged like a sex-crazed, horny slut to be pumped, satisfied and milked till it had given out its last drop of cum.

He looked up and his eyes fell on the floor length mirror in front of him. Through his drunken confusion, he did not recognize himself in it for a few moments. It was as if another untidy-haired boy was sitting in front of him and seducing him by showing him his cock through his pants, slyly. But Harry was no going to take it lying down. He decided to tease his mirror image back.

Checking that Ron was still asleep, he took his glasses off and stood squarely in front of the mirror. He smiled roguishly to himself and began unzipping his jacket.

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He took it off and threw it aside. He slid off his shirt as erotically as he could, feeling the fabric brush every inch of skin and feeling the cooler outside air on it. He admired his shapely body for sometime. His cock was still poking out of his jeans. Harry examined the slight leftward bend that it had. But in the end, he decided that it was an impressive piece of stiff meat.

He unbuckled his jeans and slid out of them slowly, making sure that the boy in the mirror could take it all in properly. With every inch of his skin that was revealed, Harry could feel goose bumps erupting on it. He removed his jeans and pushed them aside. He stood there with only his briefs, his cock peeping out eagerly. He held it and rubbed it a few times. He was not sure if it was because he was drunk or because his cock was always like that, but today, the heat that he could feel coming out of his cock was driving him completely wild.

And then, finally, he lowered his briefs till his ankles and stepped out of them, his cock jiggling up and down all the while.

He shook his ass rapidly and watched his cock wag in full speed from side to side, slapping his thighs and leaving wet marks on them.

He turned around once on the spot to get a proper look at his body and paused for a while to look at his round and smooth buttocks.

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He realized with a smile that he was now standing completely naked with Ron, who was naked as well, in the same room. He closed his fingers around his own cock. With his other hand, he groped his balls.

He stood there lustily looking at his image in the mirror with drunken eyes, watching himself caressing his own crotch lovingly as if it was a particularly cute kitten that he had just found.

The room was starting to spin around him faster now. He heard a hoarse cough behind him and turned around with a start. But he was relieved to see that Ron was still sleeping, completely passed out.

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He told himself that he should do whatever he had been meaning to do quickly because he was going to pass out too.

He turned around and walked towards Ron rubbing his own chest all the while. He climbed the bed at Ron's feet. He spread the long and skinny legs apart so that he could have a better look at what they were hiding. Ron's crotch was now in full view in front of Harry. His balls looked dark red and strangely hairless. Each testicle was almost the size of a chicken's egg.

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Harry went closer to feel them but even with his fingers spread wide apart, he could not cup them in one hand. They were warm and hung loosely.

Harry could only imagine the amount of cum that those balls could give and he wanted to have them even more. From Ron's balls, Harry's hand went to the swollen one eyed monster above. It was a comfortable and fulsome grip. As soon as he touched it, a warm feeling spread through his hand which made him think of the time he had bought his wand.

"The cock chooses the wizard" he thought with another silly grin. Harry did not want to waste any time now. While still kneeling between Ron's legs, he bent towards Ron's crotch. He kissed Ron's balls with his nose buried at the base of Ron's cock. The smell of that cock was making him lick those balls more wildly as he buried his face even deeper in that sweltering hot crotch.

Like a famished dog, which had come across a bone, Harry licked and sucked at Ron's balls furiously. He let his tongue explore the wrinkled surface, right till its base which disappeared down the crease into two round and sweaty ass cheeks. Each testicle filled his mouth completely and he sucked at both of them greedily, all the while oozing a lot of saliva from his mouth. He kept going at them till they were raw and there was a huge wet spot just below them on the bed, formed because of the juices in his mouth, as they trickled down the ass crack.

And now he turned to the flawless looking penis that awaited him in perfect attention. He held it once again and tried to feel to its pulse. As he squeezed it, the veins stood out even more clearly. A glistening drop of clear liquid had accumulated at the tip. He scooped it with is finger and spread it over rest of the pole. Slowly and steadily, he began wanking Ron's cock.

With great fascination, he watched as the hole on the top disappeared under the skin and resurfaced with every jerk of his wrist. All of his fear that Ron would wake up had evaporated by now. His passion had overpowered him so much that he could not think of any thing else other than Ron's awesome cock and the things that he wanted to do with it.

He wanted it to last for as long as possible. Even though he was not sure if people cum when they are passed out, he wanted to savor Ron's dick till he was content. So he went steady, feeling every inch of it as he moved his hand in small circles.

He could even feel the veins pulsating against his palm, which was now slippery because of all the pre cum. When he felt that he needed a little more lubrication, he got his hand to his mouth and licked his palm over, making it as wet as he could.

He was immensely enjoying the taste of Ron's pre cum and the flavor of Ron's cock. While he was still jerking off Ron's cock with his hand, he put his weight on his knees and taking support with his other hand, he got his mouth near it and touched the tip of the dick with his tongue.

Fresh and hot drops of pre cum were oozing out of the hole with every stroke, as it was continuously opening and closing rhythmically.

The salty taste was heavenly and he kept licking the tip to take in every drop that came out. His lips followed after his tongue.

He was kissing the tip of Ron's dick lightly and lovingly and more than anything else, he hoped that it would kiss him back.

And before he knew it, he had wrapped his lips around it completely and was giving Ron what he hoped was the first of many more blowjobs to come. He adjusted the rhythm of his mouth with that of his hand. His fingers and his lips together tried to pleasure Ron's dick in identical movements. Ron's dick felt warm but still hard in his mouth.

Harry's head was bouncing up and down trying to take in as much of that dick as he could. But that was not proving easy. It was so huge that Harry's mouth started paining by the time it was half way in. it was proving difficult for him to open his mouth wide enough.

So, he started sucking Ron's cock much more energetically. He was now starting to make slurping noises with his mouth as the cock almost came out of his mouth every time. Harry was letting out slow moans but they were being muffled because of the cock in his mouth. He startled brushing the cock with the tip of his teeth and was startled to feel Ron's hips rising. He looked up at Ron. His eyes were still closed but even he was letting out slow moans now.

His breath was coming out hoarsely. Harry guessed that he was too stoned to know what was going on. Ron was probably feeling that he was having a wet dream.

But Harry did not care now. He would not even care if Ron got up at that instant and killed him. He was worried about absolutely nothing. He tried to keep his eyes fixed on Ron's face but they kept closing out of sexual bliss. There was nothing else in his mind.

His senses were completely clouded and he was horny beyond control now. He just kept plunging at the cock in front of him wildly. He sucked like the world was coming to an end.

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His balls felt like they were going to explode and fill the whole room with his seed. While still bobbing his head furiously, he removed the hand that was on Ron's cock and guided it to his own. He started stroking his own cock wildly. He thrusts were so hard now that with every blow, Ron's cock would enter his mouth completely, pulling it extremely wide and hit Harry in his throat sharply.

He did not even care for the pain that would follow. He just wanted to take it in as much as he could. It was going out of control now. Harry was getting more and more drunk and was thrashing like crazy. The sweet taste of Ron's cock had filled his mouth and he could feel the warm feeling reaching the rest of his body.

He dug his teeth deeper in the rock hard surface.

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Ron began rocking his ass faster, his chest now rising and falling rapidly with every hoarse breath. His head went deeper in the pillow that it was resting on; his hands grasped the sheets tightly. He bit his lips as Harry grinded his cock greedily with his teeth. Harry was wanking his own cock so furiously that his hand was a blur now. His moans had now become lusty cries and even Ron started making some noise from his mouth. And suddenly Harry knew that it was coming to an end. He was just about to reach the point of no return.

His balls started welling up and he was filled with a strong feeling of anticipation. Ron's sweaty crotch started going out of control as he grinded his ass on the bed. His dick started throbbing harder and Harry could feel it in his mouth.

He increased his own speed and without any warning, he felt an electric current course through him. For a moment, he could see only stars in front of his eyes as he entered his most intense orgasm. It was a feeling like no other he had ever experienced since he had started jerking off. His hands and his mouth started moving mechanically as he could not feel himself putting any energy.

His eyes closed and huge loads of thick and hot cum shot out of his dick and splattered Ron's thighs.


He kept going with the same pace as all his seed spewed out in torrents. Almost at the same time, Ron involuntarily let out a wild and loud cry. Like an angry volcano, his cock erupted in Harry's mouth. Load after load of unbelievably hot and sweet cum filled Harry's mouth.

He was determined not to waste a single drop. He lifted his other hand and started wanking Ron's cock with it. Ron kept shooting his cum in Harry's mouth and seven hot, thick, creamy and sweet wads hit Harry on the roof of his mouth and in his throat. His mouth was filled to the brim and before he could control it, it spilled out of his mouth and went down on Ron's pubes from his cock and down to his balls.

Harry milked Ron's cock and sucked out the last drop of cum that it could give, all the while still pumping his own cock which had now begun deflating after shooting five thick ropes. He raised himself from Ron's cock and now looked at the mess that he had made.

His looked down at his dick which was now completely flaccid and was resting. He bent over Ron's thighs and licked off his own seed. He liked the taste of it but it was nothing to what he had just tasted. After Harry had licked Ron's lightly hairy thighs clean, he slithered over to his balls and licked off Ron's remaining cum. He cleaned Ron's crotch thoroughly after working his tongue around Ron's cock, his balls and his curls of red pubic hair.

After treating himself with that sweat and sweaty dessert, he sat up to catch his breath. He was so high by now that he was surprised he was even conscious. He shook his head and gathered his senses. He had no intentions of giving up just yet. It was still not over. In fact, it had just begun. With a mischievous smile, he lifted Ron's legs under the knees and pushed them to Ron's chest. Two red and sweaty ass cheeks parted before him to reveal a pink hole down the crack.

A hole which he had wanted to explore just as much as the cock that he just enjoyed. He looked at it greedily and he could feel his cock stirring feebly, once again. "Time for some serious action now!" he said eyeing Ron's exposed hole hungrily and rising, as his dick prepared for another session…… (Let me know what you think of this one. Your comments are important for me.

There is still a lot after this. I hope you like it…)