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Teen pussy squirt compilation and bring young xxx Stranger in a giant
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The Greenwood couple was finally going out for a romantic evening together and would be leaving their two daughters, Alice (age 21) and Marie (age 15), the house for themselves for the evening. This was a pretty special occasion, being the Greenwoods, (Erica Greenwood in particular), rarely ever trusted their daughters to have the house for themselves overnight.

They were young once and remembered all mischief and trouble they had once gotten into any time parents weren't around.

But, tonight would have to be an exception. Jack made huge plans for him and his wife and it was a surprise where he was taking her. He wasn't going to let her worries get in the way. Jack Greenwood was a pretty simple guy¬played cards with the guys a couple nights a week after work over some beers, kept up with sports, exercised a lot, and was therefore in great shape.

Erica Greenwood was a gorgeous, intelligent conservative woman. She always wore suits or dresses with expensive jewelry, was extremely polite and well-mannered, happened to be the perfect homemaker, and always looked beautiful. Needless to say, their two daughters were knockouts themselves. Though the Greenwoods were a wealthy and reputable couple, they're still only human and no one can be perfect. Jack Greenwood had his share of friendships with some pretty shady guys, having made a few close friends in prison when he was younger, before him and Erica had met and married.

It wasn't unusual for Jack to have the guys over to watch a game and they were always pretty rowdy, vulgar, and childish by nature even more so once they had a few beers. Erica never enjoyed having them around much. They tended to make sexual jokes around her and hint to Jack how "lucky" he was to have "three hot women all to himself." Jack would always just say, "Sure am boys!", laugh it off and pass 'em another beer.

Then he'd just get back into the game…not pay much mind. Erica always took it a bit serious and didn't like having the girls in the house when Jack's friends were over. She didn't like being around much either. Most times, her and the girls went out for dinner or out shopping and let the guys have their time to relax and be guys. "Where are you guys going all dressed up, huh??", asked Alice.

"I'm taking your mother out to a really high class place in town. Have some dinner, some cocktails, make some romance…isn't that right babe?" Jack took Erica's hand and spun her around and let her land in his arms and then reeled her in for an embrace and gave her a kiss.

"Yes your father is being quite the romantic!", Erica replied, laughing as she looked up at Jack and rolled her eyes. "Alice, I'm leaving you in charge while we're gone. Your dad made some fancy reservations and he WON'T TELL ME WHERE." she coughed and looked over at Jack. He smiled. "Hey, what, a man can't surprise his wife??" He smirked and walked out of the room to gather some of his things. "We'll be staying somewhere tonight so you guys will have the house to yourselves tonight!" Alice was surprised.

"Really!? That's awesome mom!" "Hey, don't get too excited, Alice. I'm leaving you in charge. This place better be just the way I'm leaving it right now when we get back tomorrow MORNING, and you better make sure Marie behaves herself.

No sleepovers, no parties, no¬" "I heard that MOM!" Marie came running down the stairs. "What, you think I can't behave? I'm fifteen for god's sakes. I'm practically an adult. We'll be fine!! You guys go and have fun!!" "That's the spirit, baby." Jack put his arm around Marie and gave her a kiss on the head. "Now you guys be good, you hear me? Listen to your mom.

She knows everything, you know." Marie rolled her eyes. Jack walked over to Alice and gave her a hug. "You guys need dinner or anything, there's some money on the counter. Order yourselves some chinese or something, alright?" He gave Alice a kiss on the cheek. "Yeah dad.

Thanks. Have fun." Alice walked over to Erica to give her a hug. "By the way, the guys might be stopping by later. I gave them the keys. There's a big game tonight and they wanted to use the big screen TV", Jack shouted from the door. "What? You didn't tell me about that. I don't want those guys coming over here, Jack.

I don't trust them.", Erica said in a concerned tone. "Come on babe they won't do any harm they just wanna hang out and watch the game. The girls'll be in their rooms anyway they won't even know they're here.

These guys have done a lot for me, come on now. You know that." Erica sighed. "Well, I don't like it. But, okay. Girls, you'll be okay?" Erica looked over at Alice and Maire. "Yeah mom it's fine. No big deal. We'll just hang out upstairs.

Who cares?" said Alice. "Okay. You guys need anything, you can always call Rob next door." Erica gathered her things and followed Jack out the door. "Thanks mom. Have fun! Be romantic! Get laid!" Erica looked back at Alice and gave her the middle finger. "Ha, very funny mom! Safe trip!" Erica closed the door. Even though Jack and Erica assumed that their daughters would have wild plans in mind for the night, it turns out the girls didn't have very wild plans in mind after all.

They got right into their pj's, ordered in some good chinese, kicked back in the living room and watched their favorite movies.

When Alice noticed that Marie had fallen asleep, she shook her and woke her up. "Hey, come on let's go upstairs, get to bed", Alice said. Marie got up and started heading upstairs. Alice started to clean up the plates and leftovers from the chinese, and put away everything so that everything would look nice when her parents came home the next morning.


It was already 1:00 AM. "I guess dad's friends aren't coming.", she thought, and continued to clean up. Just when she was about finished, she heard the keys in the door. She walked over to the hallway to make sure she wasn't hearing things. The door opened and her dad's friends walked in. There were three of them. There was Josh, who was a tall, muscular guy in his late thirties. He was probably the toughest of the three. He had tattoos along his arms and he was completely bald.

Alice was pretty tough herself, but even she was intimidated by him. Then, there was Carlos, a bit younger than Josh but equally buff. He had long black wavy hair and tan skin. He always wore a bear tooth necklace around his neck. He was very quiet and wise. He was mysterious but he was the one who always made the guys laugh. He had the most clever jokes. He even made Erica laugh a few times. There was something charming about him.

The third one was Derrick. He was the one Erica disliked the most, as he was the one who usually made all the disrespectful sexual jokes. He was a bigger guy, quite a beer belly on him. He always had a stain or two on his t shirt and ripped knees in his jeans. He had long brown hair and always wore it in a pony-tail. He wore a black bandana. Figures he was the one carrying the 12-pack of beers.

"Hey'a sweetheart. What are you doing up? Isn't it passed your bedtime?" Derrick looked at Alice up and down. She was thin and curvy with smooth tan skin.

Her long black straight hair rested on her breasts and extended nearly to her waist. Her summer pajamas didn't consist of much a black tank top and a pair of green boy shorts. She swam a lot. Her arms and stomach were toned. He bit his lips. She noticed Derrick's eyes on her and folded her arms across her chest, and then walked over to the guys so that she wouldn't wake Marie up by shouting across the hall.

"WHAT are you guys DOING here? The game was over hours ago. Do my mom and dad know you're here?" Derrick walked past Alice and placed the 12-pack of beers on the kitchen counter. The other guys walked into the living room and took a seat on the leather couch.

"Well, sure they do. I've got the keys right here…that means I've got permission from your daddy himself.", Derrick said as he stood almost so close to Alice that he was nearly pressing against her. His breath smelled like beer. His face was sweaty. "Uh huh…well, I think I'm gonna go call him and make sure it's cool." Alice quickly moved away from Derrick and started walking into the kitchen to grab the phone and call her dad. When she walked in, she was surprised to find that Carlos was blocking the phone.

"Hey Carlos, can you pass me the phone?" Alice looked at Carlos and waited for him to move or respond but he stayed where he was. He didn't say a word. He looked at Alice up and down and smirked. He looked her deep in the eyes. He made her nervous. "You see Alice…" Josh came up behind Alice and put his hands on her waist.

He pulled her in towards him and pressed her body against his. "Your daddy isn't gonna know we're here…now is he?" Alice gasped as she felt a cool object suddenly press against her lower back. It was round. It felt like a gun. Alice struggled to speak. She looked up at Carlos. He was the only one she had felt somewhat close to, but he only smiled. "Are you gonna be a good girl Alice?", Josh whispered into Alice's ear.

Alice could barely breathe. She had no doubt in her mind that these guys would shoot her if they felt it was necessary. She knew about her dad's past in prison and knew these guys had probably done things along these lines before. Suddenly, Derrick came over from beside her and wrapped his sweaty bandana around her jaw, covering her mouth.

Alice struggled.

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"Now you be a good girl for daddy's friends and be nice and quiet. You don't want us to have to hurt you, or to have to get your sister involved, now do you? You be a good girl and maybe we'll leave her out of this." Carlos grabbed Alice's feet and Josh and Carlos picked Alice up. She grabbed at Josh's arms and tried to scratch him to get him to let go.

She tried to kick out of Carlos' grip. She squirmed and muffled small screams escaped the bandana. Her hair flipped wildly. They brought her into the living room. Derrick held Alice's legs down while Josh held Alice in an upright position. Carlos reached into his pocket and took out a pair of handcuffs. Josh got her arms behind her back. Carlos locked the handcuffs on and then sat down next to Alice on her right. He put her right leg over his left and Josh sat on her left side and put Alice's left leg over his right.

Alice's legs were now spread open. Derrick stood in front of her with the gun pointed at her. Carlos held onto Alice's leg and rubbed it up and down, grabbing at her thighs, pulling her leg so that her legs were spread even more.

Josh did the same. "Listen sweetheart, we don't wanna hurt you. We just wanna have a little fun. Now, I'm not afraid to use this gun. I'm sure you know that. So, you be a good girl, and no body here gets hurt.

Understand?" Alice panted and her deep exhalations escaped from underneath the bandana. Josh leaned over and licked Alice's neck and continued to rub her thighs. With his other hand, he started to massage her breasts. Carlos kept rubbing and grabbing at her thighs. She felt the air creep into her shorts and into her panties to her open pussy.

Tears filled her eyes. She wiggled her hands but it hurt to move them too much. The cuffs were tight. She thought of Marie. She didn't want her to get involved in this.

She calmed down as best as she could. "That's it", Derrick said, coming closer to her. She could taste the salt of Derrick's sweat in her mouth from his scarf. She looked up at him disgusted. Derrick put his hands on Alice's shoulders and touched her hair. He kneeled down to get a better look at her face. She panted and resisted looked at him in the eyes. Josh and Carlos continued to rub her thighs. Derrick moved his hands over Alice's large breasts, down to the bottom hem of her tank top.

His touch was slow and caressing. He moved his hands back up to the top hem of the shirt. Carlos and Josh's rubbing at her thighs was becoming a bit of a tease. Somewhere inside, she wanted them to put their hands on her pussy. Derrick grabbed a hold of her shirt with both handsand then with one sudden jerk, he ripped Alice's shirt open and tore it away from her body. He threw the remains towards Josh. Alice let out a louder muffled scream.

She didn't expect what he had done. "What did I say about making noise??" Derick slapped Alice across the face. Alice let out a whimper. She turned her head and looked Derrick in the eyes.

She was furious. Derrick put his hands back on Alice's chest and rubbed her naked breasts. "Oh yeah…that's a good girl.

You like that?" Alice let out a slight whimper. Derrick disgusted her. "Stand up", Derrick demanded. Alice stood and Carlos slapped her ass. Josh pulled at her shorts. "Take her shorts off.", Derrick demanded. Josh pulled Alice's shorts down and threw them across the room.

She was left in her sheer orange panties. "Mmm…that's a good girl." Derrick licked his lips. "Lay her down." Carlos pulled Alice's body onto the couch. He laid behind her and pulled her into his lap. He placed her cuffed hands on top of his crotch. He put his hands on her breasts and started to rub them. Derrick walked up to Alice and unzipped his pants. He approached her and as he got closer, he let his jeans fall to the floor.

"You wanna suck this cock, sweetheart? Huh?" Alice whimpered. She turned her head left and right trying to avoid having Derricks cock shoved into her face. He pulled down his boxers and positioned himself on top of her on the couch. He kept her legs apart with his body.


Once he was taking up her entire field of vision, Derrick turned and winked at Josh and Josh got up and walked out of the room. He took the gun and the shirt with him. Carlos moved his right hand down to her stomach, and then slid his hand over her panties. He started to rub over her panties in circular motions. Alice let out a slight moan.

"That's it baby. I'm gonna make that pussy get nice and wet." Carlos whispered in her ear, and then breathed hot air into her ear. He licked her ear and licked her neck. She could feel how hard his dick was through his pants. "Look at that nice big cock, baby. You wanna suck it, huh?" Derrick grabbed his cock and started to rub it against Alice's face. Alice squirmed. She looked up at Derrick shaking.

Derrick grabbed the bandana and slid it down to her neck, Alice gasped for air. He took Alice's face and turned it towards his cock and put it in her mouth. Carlos started to rub Alice's pussy a little rougher. "You like that baby huh? You like getting that pussy rubbed huh?" Carlos licked Alice's ears again and kept rubbing her pussy over her panties, teasing her, and rubbing her breast with his left hand.

Derrick rammed his cock in and out of Alice's mouth. Suddenly, there was a faint scream from the upstairs. Alice jerked.

Josh had gone upstairs to Marie. "Shhhh" Carlos said, and kept rubbing Alice's pussy. Derrick fucked Alice's mouth harder. Her spit drizzled down from her chin onto her breasts.

There was a loud noise, and then a series of thumps and small faint screams. Josh walked into the room with Marie with the gun pressed against her head. One of the pieces of Alice's shirt was wrapped around her jaw. Marie scrambled heavily at the sight of her sister being held down on the couch with Derrick's cock in her mouth and Carlos's hands all over her. Josh pressed the gun to her neck firmly. "You stop right now. You're gonna be a good girl just like your sister.

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You hear me?" Marie's curly long blonde hair clung to her sweaty smooth tan skin. She was a little thicker than Alice, but still had a beautiful body. Derrick took his cock out of Alice's mouth, pulled the bandana back up over her mouth, and walked over to Marie. When Alice saw Marie standing there wearing only her panties, an embarrassment and fear flood over her.

Carlos kept rubbing her pussy over her thin orange panties. "Look at you sister's sexy body. You wanna see her get played with, huh? You wanna see her get played with? Would that make you nice and wet?" Carlos slapped Alice's pussy and kept gently rubbing it over her panties and massaging her breasts.

Derrick pushed Marie to her knees, pulled the shirt down out of her mouth so that it hung around her neck, and shoved his cock into her mouth. Marie whimpered. Her body was shaking. His cock slid all the way to the back of her throat. Water filled her eyes. Derrick groaned with pleasure. Josh got down behind Marie and wrapped his arm around her.

He put his hand on her panties and started to touch her pussy. "Oh yeah suck that nice big cock." Derrick gathered Marie's blonde hair in his palms and pushed her head back and forth. Josh rubbed Marie's pussy with his right hand and started to unbuckle his pants with his left. Alice scrambled to attempt to help her sister.

"I wouldn't try that if I were you baby. You don't want me to hurt you, do you?" Carlos moved his left hand from Alice's breast and grabbed his cuffs. He took her hands and made her feel his hard-on.

He pushed down hard. The cuffs dug into Alice's skin. "I can hurt you if that's what you want." Alice cringed and then relaxed and let a whimper. "I didn't think so." Carlos put his left hand back on her breast and started to massage it in circles, up and down.

He moved his fingers over her pussy lightly from side to side and in circles. "I know you like that. Get nice and wet. Get fucking wet." He licked her ears. Josh pulled down his pants at last and took out his cock. Derrick took his cock out of Marie's mouth. Marie gasped and spit all over the floor. Josh grabbed Marie by the shoulders and pushed her onto the floor. He turned her around so she was laying on her back. Derrick grabbed a hold of her and pulled her into his lap. "There's a good girl.

Now you can watch your sister. You like seeing her get her pussy rubbed? That make you wet?" Derrick took the shirt from around Marie's neck and put it back over her mouth.

He grabbed Marie's tits. Marie let out a slight muffled scream. She struggled a little and then froze up again when she caught sight of the gun right beside Josh. Josh opened Marie's legs and put his hand on her pussy. He started smacking it. He pulled her panties down and off, and then spread her legs. Marie's pussy was clean-shaven. Derick massaged Marie's breasts. "I have an idea" Derrick said. Derrick got up and let Marie to lay on the floor. Josh continued to smack Marie's pussy.

Marie moaned slightly. Derrick walked over to Alice. "Get up", he said. Carlos let go of Alice and let Derrick take her. Derrick pushed Alice onto the floor next to Marie. Derrick turned Alice and bent her over so that her face was right in front of Marie's pussy. Alice whimpered and flipped her head about. She let out a cry. Derrick grabbed Alice's hair in his hands from behind her and pressed her ass against his cock, pulling her head back.

"You're going to lick that nice pussy and make it nice and wet so that I can fuck it. You understand?" Alice struggled.

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Josh held Marie still from behind her and held her legs open. Marie squiremed and tried to get away. "You want her to lick that little pussy don't you? Huh?" Marie squirmed. Derrick pulled the bandana down and then pushed Alice's head down in front of Marie's pussy.

Josh put his hand on Marie's pussy and rubbed it and was surprised to find it was a little wet. "Lick that little pussy, baby" Derick said, forcing Alice's head further. Alice stuck her tongue out and licked her sister's clit. She let out a cry. Marie kept squirming. Alice slowly moved her tongue across her sister's little pussy up and down, over her clit and pussy lips. "Get that pussy nice and wet." Derrick said, as he slapped Alice's ass.

Carlos stood over the four, rubbing his cock, getting it ready. Marie started to open her legs wider. She let out a slight moan. Alice moved her tongue in circles around Marie's clit.

Josh reached his hand down and slapped Marie's pussy. "Spit on her pussy, baby, get it fucking wet." Alice obeyed and drizzled spit on her sister's pussy. "That's a good girl. You like licking her little pussy don't you? You wanna see her get fucked? You wanna see that little pussy get fucked?" Derick rubbed Alice's ass and rubbed his cock.

He slapped his cock against her skin. He put his hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy from behind over her orange panties. Alice moaned. "Say you wanna see her little pussy get fucked" Alice licked Marie's pussy more. "Say you wanna see her get fucked!" Alice moaned.

Derrick was rubbing her pussy teasing it. He moved her panties over to the side of her pussy and opened her legs wider. He wanted to tease her. He moved his hands away and let the air hit her open pussy. "Get up" Derrick said, and moved Alice out of the way.

Josh got in front of Alice and spread her legs wide.

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When Josh spread her legs, it was to his surprise and delight, Marie's pussy was so wet that it was swollen and glistening. Josh put his hand on her pussy and rubbed it. "Aw yeah that's a nice wet pussy.

Yeah. You wanna get fucked huh? You wanna get fucked?" Marie moaned but struggled at the same time. Derick got back behind her and massaged Marie's breasts.

"I have an idea" Derrick said. Derrick got up and let Marie to lay on the floor. Josh continued to rub Marie's pussy and smack it.

Marie moaned and stopped struggling. Derrick pushed Alice onto the floor next to Marie. He laid her on her back. He kneeled down and pulled down her panties. Carlos started to remove his pants and boxers. His cock was the largest if the three. He took off his shirt. His body was amazing.

He got onto the floor and pulled Alice back into his lap. He placed her cuffed hands on his bare cock.

Carlos put his right hand on Alice's pussy. It was smooth and shaved, completely bald. It was soaking wet, hot pink, glistening, and swollen. "Mmm that's a good girl. That's a nice wet pussy." Alice moaned. Derrick then walked over to Marie and picked her up. He put her on top of Alice, in the 69 position. Carlos got up and let Alice lay flat on the floor. He got on his knees and grabbed Marie's ass and pulled it towards his cock. Josh got in front of Marie, his cock in her face. Derrick kneeled beside the three, placing his hand on Alice's pussy and stroking his cock with the other.

Josh pulled the shirt out of Marie's mouth and shoved his cock in. "You wanna see that wet pussy get fucked, Alice?" Carlos asked, and he put his fingers in his mouth. He put his wet spitty fingers on Marie's pussy and started rubbing it.

Marie moaned. He then grabbed his big cock and started rubbing it against Marie's pussy.


Alice laid underneath them her sister's pussy in her face. Carlos rubbed his big cock against Marie's wet pussy. "You wanna get fucked baby?

You want that cock in that little pussy? Tell me you wanna get fucked" Josh kept fucking Marie's mouth. Marie moaned. "Tell him you wanna get fucked baby" Josh said, pulling Marie's hair.

"I wanna get fucked" Marie whispered hesitantly, her eyes closed and her mouth open. "What was that? I didn't hear it" Carlos rubbed his cock against Marie's pussy more, ramming his cock head over her clit. He put more spit on his fingers and made his cock wet. Marie gasped. "I wanna get fucked!" Alice was getting so wet.

Derrick was rubbing her pussy so good and she was staring at her sister's little wet bald pussy and Carlos' huge cock rubbing against it. Carlos then pulled back and put the head of his cock at Marie's opening, and then rammed his cock into Marie's pussy and started to slide it in and out. Marie screamed load and Josh put his cock back in her mouth. "That's a good girl." Carlos fucked Marie nice and hard. He pulled his cock out and pushed Marie's lower back down, forcing her pussy into Alice's face.

"Lick that little wet pussy, baby" Derick said, stroking his dick. Carlos rubbed his cock. Alice started to lick Marie's pussy. Marie moaned as Josh kept fucking her mouth. Josh got up and Derrick got in front of Marie. Josh picked up Marie and slammed her on the floor next to Alice. Carlos got down behind Alice again, rubbing her pussy. Derrick leaned forward and started sucking on Alice's nipples.

Alice moaned and opened her legs wider. Her pussy was so wet. Derrick moved back and took Alice's legs in his arms. He placed her ankles on his shoulders. He wet his fingers and jacked off his cock a few times. Carlos rubbed her breasts. Derrick leaned forward and slowly pressed his cock into Alice's pussy. She screamed. "Aw yeah baby that's a nice tight wet pussy." Alice moaned louder. Josh had Marie in the same position, fucking her really hard.

"That's a good girl. That's a nice tight pussy." Marie laid there with her eyes closed and her mouth open. She moved her body to Josh's rhythm. She moaned. Derrick fucked Alice nice and slow, his cock glistening with her pussy juice as he pulled out and pushed back in.

Alice moaned and looked over at Marie to watch her getting fucked by Josh. Derrick pulled his cock out of Alice. Carlos finally was going to have his turn to fuck her. He picked her up and put her on her stomach. He unlocked the handcuffs and made her get on all fours. Alice grunted. Her wrists hurt. She looked over at Marie. She was moaning so loud now. Carlos came closer to Alice from behind her, and started to rub his cock against her pussy. Derrick stood in front of her, and rammed his cock into her mouth.

Alice whimpered. She could taste her pussy juice all over Derrick's cock. "Ohh yeah.that pussy is so good and wet." Carlos Kept rubbing his cock against Alice's wet pussy, teasing her. Alice moaned and pushed her body back so that the head of Carlos' cock would rub against her clit. She moaned. Carlos then pushed his cock into Alice's pussy and he started to fuck her really hard. The smacks of her ass hitting his waist were the loudest sounds in the room.

Alice whimpered. Derrick fucked her mouth harder. "You like getting fucked baby? You like that big cock in that wet pink pussy?" Alice moaned. Derrick fucked Alice's mouth harder and started to cum in Alice's mouth.

"Awww yeahhhh…" He took his cock out and squirted more cum all over her face. Alice spat the cum on onto the floor.

He put his hand on her face and rubbed the cum all over, and reached down to her breasts. Carlos was fucking her so hard. Carlos pulled his cock out of Alice's pussy and turned her over. He wanted to see Alice's face while he came. He grabbed her legs and pushed them apart.

He gently eased his cock back into her pussy. "Oooohhh…" Carlos slowly pushed in and out of Alice's wet pussy. He sucked on her big nipples. Alice moaned and panted. Carlos pulled out of Alice's pussy and cum squirted out of his fat cock and drizzled all over Alice's body. Carlos put his hand on his cock and jerked it off, and then rubbed all the excess cum onto Alice's wet swollen pussy. A moment later, Josh pulled out of Marie's pussy and started to jack off his cock. "Aw yeah I'm gonna cum all over that pussy" His warm white cum drizzled all over Marie's wet glistening bald pussy.

"Aw yeah…" The two girls lay there, exhausted and motionless, both pussies covered in warm hot cum. Josh walked over to Alice and pulled her over to Marie. Alice resisted. She felt nauseous. He picked her up as she struggled and put her on top of Marie. "Now, rub your pussy against hers. I want you to rub that cum all over each other's pussies." Alice whimpered. Josh picked up the gun and put it against Alice's head.

"Fuck her little pussy." Marie lay there without moving. She moaned slightly as her sister's large breasts rubbed against hers. Alice aligned her body with Marie's and started to move up and down. She pressed down on Marie's body a little more firmly. She suddenly felt the nice warm silky puddle of cum on Marie's pussy.

"That's a good girl fuck that little pussy for daddy's friends." Josh picked up Alice sat her up in front of Marie, and opened Marie's legs.

He weaved Marie's legs between and under Alice's and made Alice slide forward. Their pussies touched. Marie moaned. Alice started rocking back and forth. The warm cum and wetness and smooth pussy felt so good. Alice rocked harder. Marie moaned. "Oh yeah you like fucking that pussy, huh?" Josh asked, leaning over Marie. Derrick came up behind Alice and rubbed her big tits. Derrick leaned over their pussies and spat downwards. The spit dripped into the crevices of their pussy lips. Alice moaned. "Ooo.mm" Alice moved faster.

Marie started to moan louder. Their smooth wet pussies rubbed against one another and as their pussies hit one another there was a rhythmic a smacking noise.

"Oh yeah say you like fucking that pussy, Alice." Alice moaned and tilted her head back in ecstasy. She moaned louder. Marie started to move with Alice. "Say you like fucking that little pussy. Say it." Derrick grabbed Alice's tits harder. Josh pressed the gun against Marie's temple. "Say you like fucking that little pussy, baby." Marie moaned. "I like it." The girls kept humping eachother's pussies. "Say it louder!" Marie screamed with pleasure.

"I like it!" Alice moaned as Derrick rubbed her tits.

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Then, Alice reached orgasm. She humped Marie harder and harder and then screamed with pleasure. Marie panted. The men released the girls and they relaxed and laid there, on the floor. They had both reached orgasm. Derrick and the guys started to put their clothes back on. "You know," Derrick started, "Your mommy and daddy are gonna be back in a while, and see, we aren't leaving.

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We'll be having some fun when they get back." TO BE CONTINUED