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Melanie Jerking off with feet
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"Go on now, go. I'll see you tomorrow morning." Julie shooed her brother away and Enoch sighed as he continued to make his way home. He hated it, living in Grasmere. The people here were nice enough, sure, but he missed everyone from back home. He missed his mother and father, his friends who had all also been sent away because of the war.

When would he see them again? How long would the war last?

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They had been sent away because of the shortage of food at home, and while food was abundant here, Enoch was unhappy. "Hey kid," The shopkeeper said with a smile as Enoch approached his food stand. "You're here early today." "Yeah." Enoch said as his eyes glossed over the selection of treats. "Father Dresden was sick today. Can I get the usual?" "Sure thing." The shopkeeper went in the back and returned with a roll of liquorice.

"I remember when I was in school, and I'd get so excited when a teacher wasn't feeling well because we'd get to all go home early. Ah, to be young again." Enoch chuckled as he reached into his pocket and gave the shopkeeper one copper coin. "Thanks." Enoch said and turned to walk away. "Of course, it's always great when you come around." He yelled from behind Enoch. "Tell Hamden I said hello, and that I have his groceries for the next week ready!" Enoch grimaced at those words.

Of all the towns he could have been sent away to, it had to be Grasmere. And of all the people who could've fostered him, it had to be Hamden. He hated the fisherman, he was old and smelly, and he wasn't a nice person behind closed doors.

He only pretended to be a simple, god fearing fisherman in public and whenever Julie was there, but Enoch had seen his true colors, and as a result, dreaded returning home. Walking along the path back home, Enoch stopped as he passed a lake and stopped for a second to watch the serene waters glimmering under the moonlight.

It was peaceful. He took out the liquorice he had put away in his pocket and began eating it. Enoch didn't like it when Julie went out because that meant it'd just be him and Hamden in the house, and he'd then make Enoch do these disgusting things to please him. He had said that Enoch had to do it, as a way of repaying him for saving them from the war and starvation back home. But if Enoch had to choose, he'd surely rather return back home to his mother than pleasure that old pervert, even if it meant he'd not see his friends here anymore.

Of course, at this age Enoch already knew about sex and had the basic idea of what went on during intercourse, and also knew that some people were more interested in the same gender, or were flexible with their interests. It was something he and his friends joked and talked about in school.

He still had many questions however, and was a little confused about the way his body was changing, and being forced to pleasure Hamden only made him all the more confused.

Sighing, Enoch finished the remaining roll of liquorice. He hated it here. Even with all his new friends in school and the nice townspeople, Enoch just wanted to return home.

There seemed to be nothing that could make him happy, he was homesick and miserable, and he longed for his mother and old friends. Many nights, Enoch would dream of running away and hitchhiking all the way back home, but of course the boy was not naive enough to actually try it.

Bandits roamed the lands because of the poverty caused by war, and Enoch was sure that he'd just end up getting snatched up by them. Getting on his feet, Enoch decided that he had stayed out as long as he possibly could, and that it was finally time to return home. The boy returned to the path and walked the remainder of his way home trying to balance only on the side of the path. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• "Where the bloody hell have you been?" Enoch had barely closed the door behind him when he found Hamden waiting for him at the door, annoyed.

"You said Father Dresden would be sick today!" "H-He was." Enoch stammered. God he just loved it when the boy got nervous. He was just adorable. "It's just that we were kept back a little bit, and-" "No excuses boy!" Hamden bellowed. "It's already almost the time you'd get back home on a regular school day! You know I don't like it when children lie to me." Hamden abruptly lashed out at Enoch, causing the anxious child to flinch, and grabbed him roughly around the back of the neck, dragging him further into the house.

The old fisherman had been drinking, and he was not in the mood to wait. Drinking had been a habit he picked up in his earlier days as a soldier, and he had carried it on with him through his entire life, often drinking in the evening when Julie would be out with her friends so that she wouldn't see him and ruin his pristine reputation in town.

"Ah, look." Hamden smirked as they passed the kitchen. "My dutiful wife, cooking up some dinner for us." He shook the boy roughly. "Maybe we can have some dinner after this, huh?" Eliza was just a year younger than Hamden, but she was now in her fifties, old and unattractive.

Her body was thin and every time he fucked her, it felt like Hamden was shagging a bag of bones. It just wouldn't do anymore. He smirked at her as she watched him pull the young boy away into his bedroom. "Okay, Enoch." Hamden said as he sat the young boy down on his bed. "Let's get you out of these clothes, shall we? I'm sure you've had a long day." Enoch was used to this, and he understood how things worked. Hamden watched with a lustful grin as the young boy complied and pulled off his shirt and shorts.

Laying down in the center of his bed now with nothing but his underwear on, Enoch looked up to Hamden with those beautiful hazel eyes, that were both innocent and pure. "I've been waiting all day for this." Hamden said as he began to pull of his own clothes, his hungry eyes never leaving Enoch's young body. "You're gonna make me feel really good, aren't you boy? You're gonna make papa feel really good after a hard day of work, won't you?" Hamden stood naked now, with his old and fat body plain to see.

His chest was bushy with grey hairs, and his six inch rod was already hard and throbbing. How could he not be turned on, just looking at Enoch laying naked on his bed? The boy's youthful but clean cut hair sat on top of his head plainly, and fiery wisps of his red hair had fallen over his pale forehead. Enoch was irresistible, with his smooth, boyish legs that were still relatively hairless and un-muscled naked, all for Hamden to enjoy.

How could he possibly control his lust for the boy? "Come here." Hamden commanded as he sat himself on the bed. Enoch dutifully heeded the older man, getting up and settling himself down next to him on the bed, his eyes wide and doe-like as he awaited Hamden's next demand.

Leaning forward, Hamden held the young boy's small chin in his hands and kissed him. The feeling of Enoch's soft, small lips on his own was heaven to the old man, and he hungrily pushed forward with his tongue as he searched for Enoch's tongue. "Mmm!" Hamden could not tell if that was a yelp muffled by his lips or a moan of pleasure from Enoch, but he didn't really care as he felt his tongue finally slip in between Enoch's lips.

Leaning forward, pushing the boy backward, Hamden lustfully attacked with his tongue, searching for the boy's own tongue hungrily, sending chills of pleasure down the old man's spine. It was all simply amazing, Hamden had not felt pleasure like this since he had been a young, virile man in his twenties. He could tell that the experience was not as enjoyable for the young boy, however, as he squirmed uncomfortably in the old man's hold.

But Hamden did not care. Enoch never did seem to enjoy kissing, but it was his job here to make Hamden happy, not the other way around. Without realizing it, Hamden had begun to stroke his cock as he made out with Enoch, and soon felt himself on the verge of cumming. Pulling away from the boy, he allowed himself to calm down for several seconds, not wanting to finish too quickly. "Very good, Enoch." Hamden panted. "You make me really happy." He placed a hand on the boy's naked shoulder, rubbing his smooth, fair skin.

"Really happy." His hand had begun to slide up Enoch's neck to the back of his head, gently grabbing onto his red hairs as he pulled the boy's head toward him. "I want you." Hamden began to say as he began to stroke his cock again. "To suck on my nipples, Enoch, and to stroke my cock for me. You can do that, can't you?" Enoch seemed hesitant, as always, but with a little bit of encouragement and pulling harder on his head, the boy complied.

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His chin rested on Hamden's belly as he began to lick at his nipple, and the boy's small hands went around his rod, gripping it tentatively. Hamden let out a grunt of pleasure as the boy's lips began to close around his nipples, and his hand began to stroke his throbbing cock.


"Yes, faster." Hamden panted, out of breath as his body was racked with pleasure. "You sure do know how to please a man, don't you Enoch? That's my boy, Enoch, that's my boy." Hamden could feel Enoch's soft tender tongue flicking at and swirling all around his nipples, as his wet lips sucked on his dark areola. Hamden had to admit, Enoch sure did have a gift with his tongue, even if he was useless in every other way.

No other girl had ever given him this kind of pleasure, not his wife when they had been younger, nor any of the many girls he had slept with on his travels as a soldier in the army. Hamden moaned in pleasure as his hands began to explore the boy's body, caressing his small chest and squeezing his small, pink nipples, and rubbing his crotch vigorously, which was still covered by the white underwear he wore.

After several minutes, Hamden had begun to grunt as he rocked back and forth. He was close now, and had grabbed a fistful of the hairs at the back of Enoch's head as he pressed the boy's face into his chest. Enoch's hand had begun to stroke his cock quicker now, becoming a blur of motion. Soon, there was no way that Hamden could hold it back any longer. "Fuck." His body spasming, Hamden lurched forward, grunting as he grabbed onto Enoch's face and pressed it against his chest, all the while cumming rope after rope of thick cum onto the floor and on Enoch's hands.

The climax was one of the most powerful Hamden had ever felt, and he remained in that position, hunched forward as he clutched onto the boy, for several minutes until the orgasm had finally subsided. Falling back down on the bed with Enoch in his arms, Hamden finally began to feel sleep begin to take him after a long day. He opened his eyes and looked down to the boy, who was at his chest as they laid on the bed together.


His short red hair was ruffled from all of Hamden's clutching and pulling, and his cum was still smeared over the boy's right hand. He smiled at Enoch. Enoch seemed so small, so helpless as his little chest rose and fell with each breath, pushing against Hamden's old and fat body.

Enoch looked up to him with those stunning eyes, and Hamden smiled down at him, gently stroking his forehead so that the hairs were neatly pushed back. "You're a beautiful boy, did you know that?" Hamden asked. Enoch only looked up at him, as if studying his face to see if the older man meant it. "I love you." Enoch seemed surprised at this, but finally managed a smile back. Hamden gave the boy a kiss goodnight, and closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep.

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Eliza was sat at the table, the mug of beer clasped in her hands, and the uneaten dinner prepared on the table.

It was already in the wee hours of the morning, and she couldn't sleep. Well, for one there was the issue that Hamden had taken Enoch to sleep in their bedroom, on their bed. But the second issue that was keeping her awake was that she knew very well what was going on in that bedroom, and she wasn't doing anything about it. Eliza sighed. Her marriage hasn't gone the way she had imagined it. She had been only seventeen when she met Hamden, just a little older than Julie was right now, and had been immediately entranced by the soldier seven years her senior.

He was smart, brave, handsome and charming, and he took such a great interest in her then that she could not say no when he had proposed. But how times had changed. He had not looked at her the same way since they'd both grown old, and his eyes had been wandering, to other, younger women at first, and then to children, and finally to only the boys. Eliza knew it was wrong of course, but what could she do?

Hamden had always been one to beat her whenever she stepped out of line, and so she had learnt early on how to be a dutiful wife. Whenever Hamden would spend the night with Enoch, Eliza would just sit out here, waiting, thinking, listening to her husband be pleasured by another. She heard his grunts and groans as he climaxed, and would always scold herself for just sitting idly by and allowing it to happen.

What he was doing was wrong, and she knew it had to stop. The door creaked open finally and Hamden stepped out, sleepy and yawning.

It was time for him to wake, he had to wake everyday before the sun rose as all fisherman have to, and she would then carry Enoch to his own room, and scrub and clean him before tucking him into his own bed to continue resting. Eliza would also normally already have breakfast prepared for Hamden, as was the duties of a faithful wife.

But not today. Today she would stand up to Hamden. "Hamden." Eliza said as she stood up. Hamden was still yawning and rubbing his eyes, but she knew the conversation had to happen. "We have to talk." "Talk can come later." Hamden brushes her off, walking right by her as he sat himself down on the table.

"Bring me my breakfast, I've no stomach to speak with you now." But Eliza did not budge. She was determined to say what needed to be said. "No Hamden." Eliza said, her voice rising. "We have to talk, now!" This seemed to jolt Hamden from his sleepy state. He looked around and saw no breakfast at the table. "What the fuck?" He yelled, standing up.

"Eliza, what do you think you're doing?" "I told you, Hamden." Eliza said, her heart racing. "We have to talk. What you're doing, the things that you're doing with Enoch, it's not right. It just isn't." "What?" Hamden frowned, but then laughed. "Oh, I see. You're getting jealous over my bedroom activities with a boy." "No," Eliza stepped forward, her face serious.

"I couldn't care less about what you do with others in the bedroom. I didn't say a word when you brought that young girl home, and I didn't say a word when you were out spending nights with that tavern wench either." She saw his eyes widen, and saw fury in them.

"But I do care about what you're doing to that boy, Hamden. Enoch is just a child. A child whose parents trusted us to care for and love unconditionally. What you're doing. What you're making him do in your bedroom, on OUR bed, is wrong. It's wrong, and it's sick, and I will not have anymore of it-" Eliza had not been done speaking yet, when Hamden suddenly burst out in rage, barreling toward her and sending her to the ground. "-You fucking good for nothing woman!" He screamed, towering over her.

Eliza gasped in shock, touching her face. There was blood coming down her nose, and she had hurt her knee falling down. "How dare you talk to me like that!? How dare you speak to me, your husband, about what I should or should not do!" He raised his foot and stomped on her, causing Eliza to scream out in pain. "Who is the one putting food on our table?" Hamden seethed.

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"Who here has to work extra hours just so we can pay off the bandits to keep everyone here safe?" Hamden kicked at Eliza again. "You stupid bitch, you dare to speak to me like that?!" "I'm sorry!" Eliza sobbed.

"Im sorry!" "Sorry? Sorry for what?" Hamden screamed. "Sorry that I decided to foster some children to satisfy my own needs? What did you even expect? That I wanted more mouths to feed?

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No, I wanted someone home who could fucking get me off, you old hag!" Hamden furiously stomped on her again, and Eliza cried out in pain. "These kids, we saved them from starvation! We saved them from death, and you think that a little payback every once in a while at night is a little too much to ask? Fuck you! Maybe if you could've just done your job as a wife and give me a son, I wouldn't have had to foster these kids in the first place!

I could've just raped our fucking son every single day, and I would've made you watch me do it!" "You're a monster!" Eliza screamed, through the blood in her mouth. "I dread the day that I met you, Hamden, and I wish I had never married you!" "Oh yeah?" Hamden glared evilly at her, a fiery rage sparked within his eyes.

"Is that so? You can't live being married to me? Well maybe we should just cut our marriage short then, huh?" Getting to his knees, Hamden reaches for Eliza's neck and clasped his hands around it. Immediately, his wife began to fight back, but she was no match for the former soldier. She kicked and gasped and clawed at his arms, but Hamden had remained strong over the years, and his grip around her neck had remained firm.

Eventually, the kicking and struggling stopped, and Eliza's cold, lifeless hands fell to the floor. "No!" A voice suddenly screamed from behind him. "Stop it, get off her!" Hamden felt the blow against the back of his head strike true, knocking him over in pain as the vase shattered into a million pieces on the floor.

"Fuck!" Hamden screamed in agony and rage, slamming his fist on the floor as he clutched the back of his head. He was bleeding.

Standing up, Hamden spun around quickly, his eyes bloodshot and his face contorted with anger. It was Enoch, that damned stupid boy, standing wide eyed with his mouth open as he clutched what remained of that flower vase. "You piece of shit!" Hamden lashed out and struck the boy across the cheeks with his fist, sending him sprawling to the ground, groaning in pain as he clutched his face. "Do you know no respect, boy?" Hamden screamed as he reached down and grabbed the boy by the wrists. "Well, then it's about time I teach you a fucking lesson!" •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Enoch had awoken to the sounds of shouting and screaming.

The young boy lay there on the bed, dazed and still naked for several seconds as he tried to figure out what was happening. There were loud thumping, and the sounds of screaming was rising in pitch and desperation. The young boy frowned. It also sounded like Hamden was mad, very mad about something, but what was going on? Remaining still, Enoch waited for several more seconds. He was afraid of Hamden, and didn't want to make him any angrier by coming out to look at what was happening.

Perhaps Eliza had not made his breakfast to his liking, or perhaps she forgot to do so entirely. It wouldn't be the first time Hamden reacted strongly to such simple mistakes, and all it would take was several hours for the old man to calm down. So it would probably be best for the young boy to stay put and pretend to be asleep. But Enoch realized after several seconds that the shouting and screaming had stopped, and there was no sound to be heard at all. He frowned and tried to listen more carefully, and he could hear barely the sounds of nails scratching at the wooden floorboards desperately.

Realizing that something was terribly wrong, Enoch jumped off the bed and ran out the door, only to find a horrific sight before him.

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Hamden was on top of Eliza, with his hands around her neck, choking her. Eliza's eyes were wide open in fear, but she was not moving anymore.

Without thinking, Enoch grabbed the flower vase at the center of the dining table and ran forward, smashing it over Hamden's head. "No!" He screamed. "Stop it, get off her!" Hamden was knocked over by the blow, stumbling to the ground several feet away from Eliza, and only then did Enoch see truly how dead Eliza was. He stood there, clutching what remained of the vase as he stared down at her dead body in wide eyed horror, and then looking to Hamden, who was seething in uncontrolled rage and anger as he clutched his head.

Enoch realized slowly that he had made a terrible mistake. The fist shot out at Enoch too quickly for him to react, and the impact on the side of his face sent him sprawling to the ground. It felt as if a sledgehammer had slammed into him, as he clutched at his face painfully. Enoch was sure that would have left a bruise. "It's about time I teach you a fucking lesson!" Hamden screamed as Enoch lay on the ground in a daze.

"Ow!" Enoch yelped as Hamden grabbed him roughly by the wrist. "No, stop!" "Shut up!" Hamden dragged him across the living room, and flipped him over to his stomach. Enoch landed with a hard thud that knocked all the air out of him. "All I've done is feed you, clothe you, and take care of you. And this is what you do to me?" Enoch felt the full weight of Hamden's body press against his back, the older man's hands pushing his face to the floor and pinning his struggling arms down.

"Agh, wait, you're hurting me!" Enoch whined as Hamden twisted his arms painfully. He could feel Hamden's shoulders digging into his naked back and his fingernails burying itself into his scalp.

"Now I'm gonna teach you a lesson you'll never forget, you ungrateful son of a bitch." Hamden grabbed Enoch's underwear and pulled at it, ripping it off the boy's body and leaving him naked.

His hands went down to his trousers and Enoch could feel Hamden's hard cock slapping against his bare ass as the old man pulled it out. Panicking as he realized that Hamden was about to forcibly penetrate him, Enoch squirmed desperately, his heart racing in fear as he tried to escape, but to no avail. Hamden only pushed his face down into the ground harder, hurting Enoch as he began to line his cock up with the boy's anus. Enoch could feel the cold, wet tip of Hamden's cock pressing against his small asshole.

There was no point struggling, no point in trying to fight Hamden off. The man was too big, too strong, and Enoch would only make things worse for himself. Remaining still, Enoch whimpered as tears fell down his face, as he felt Hamden's cock slowly force its way into his asshole, dry and unlubed.

The boy bit down hard on his knuckles, forcing himself not to cry out in pain. He knew that Hamden hated it when he'd scream or cry, so he forced himself to stay quiet as he laid there, sobbing silently. "This is what I love about you." Hamden grunted as Enoch felt his tip began to slide in. "You're so fucking tight." Enoch could taste blood leaking from his knuckles now as he began to bite down harder. The pain and discomfort was almost unbearable, and Enoch's breathing was becoming more ragged as his little chest heaved up and down.

With one final push, Hamden finally push through. And even as Enoch tried to muffle himself, he could not help but let out a blood curdling scream as Hamden's cock finally slipped into his small butthole.

"Fuck." Hamden moaned into Enoch's ear. "You're so fucking tight." For several seconds Hamden just remained there, not moving as he reveled in the new sensations of finally entering the boy. But Enoch was in pain, the feeling of having a foreign body intruding inside him was excruciating.

His body began to shudder and his small thighs began to convulse uncontrollably at the pain, which only added to Hamden's pleasure as the vibrations of the boy's shaking flesh rubbed against the entire length of his cock.

"It's too big." Enoch sobbed, his little fists clenched into tight balls. "It's too big." Hamden did not care for the boy's complaints though, and began to pull back and thrust forward. Enoch whimpered as jolts of pain coursed through his entire body with each thrust.

He had hoped that if he just kept still and remained silent, it would all be over soon, but Hamden only continued to thrust harder and faster as time went on, causing Enoch to begin thrashing in pain on the ground, begging for the older man to stop, begging for his forgiveness.

All of Enoch's cries and whimpering only seemed to encourage Hamden, however, and he grabbed on to the boy's shoulder's as he began to buck wildly. "I'm gonna fucking cum!" He screamed.

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Enoch was screaming too, unable to even form coherent words anymore as Hamden thumped his pelvis against the boy's butt repeatedly. His breathing was erratic and his heart was pounding hard against his chest.

Enoch wondered if he could actually die from getting raped like this. After several more thrusts, Hamden let out a yell, and pushed forward with all his might, burying his cock inside Enoch's butt. Enoch felt the muscles on his back spasm at the pain, arching backward as he felt Hamden begin begun to cum while still inside him.

"A-Ah." Enoch cried weakly as cum came flooding into his small hole, filling him totally. Hamden grunted and pulled his cock out of Enoch, causing some of the cum to leak out of his freshly stretched hole. Enoch sobbed in pain and agony, tears running down his cheeks as he laid there violated and defeated on the ground, while Hamden closed his eyes as he relaxed in the blissful serenity of post orgasm.

"Enoch? Hamden?" The boy's eyes widened as he heard his sister speak suddenly, and looked up to find her standing at the doorway to the living room. She was standing there, looking quite terrible herself with only rags to cover herself, looking shocked and mortified as she stared at the scene before her.

Enoch was lying on the ground, his small body naked and bruised, with cum gushing out of his red and abused ass, while Hamden laid atop him, naked with his dick softening.

Then her eyes went to Eliza. Her mouth dropped open as she realized that the old lady was dead. "What are you doing!" She screamed at Hamden as she burst into tears. "Hey, calm the fuck down!" Hamden warned sternly, standing up even in his nakedness.

"Listen to me Julie, let me explain. Don't do anything stupid, and don't scream for help. I can explain." Julie glanced back at Eliza, took one look at the advancing Hamden, and screamed at the top of her lungs. Enoch despaired. Stupid, Julie, why would you scream? Who would help us, there was nobody around here for miles. Now, both Enoch and Julie would suffer Hamden's wrath. The boy watched with fearful eyes as Hamden lurched forward, grabbing the sword hanging from the wall that he always kept around as a souvenir from his time as a soldier.

Enoch watched in horror as Hamden grabbed at the sword, and then stepped forward to Julie, who raised her arms to defend herself. But it would be no use, for she could not stop the steel of a sword, and after Hamden was finished butchering her, Enoch would be next.

But as Hamden raised his own sword, another figure suddenly farted into view, pushing Julie safe out of the way.


Enoch watched as his sister fell to the ground and crawled clear of the two men, who eyed each other dangerously. "What? Who the fuck are you?" Hamden frowned, pointing his sword at him. "You're trespassing on my property, boy. I'm only gonna give you one chance to turn around and leave." The stranger seemed to be a man in all aspects, standing in equal stature with Hamden, but Hamden was not wrong.

When Enoch studied him, he saw clearly the youthfulness in the stranger's face, and guessed that he was about Julie's age. Enoch got a clearer look at his face when he turned to glance at the naked boy, before he turned back to Hamden. Without answering, the stranger pulled free his own sword that was at his belt, a loud ringing of steel piercing the air as he did. Hamden studied the sword and laughed.

"A messer? Boy, you cannot have any idea how to wield a messer. Do you not know who I am? I was a soldier, a hero in the army. I know many people, dangerous people. You had better leave now before you get hurt." But the stranger stood steadfast, unblinking as he watched Hamden's naked figure sway side to side, the sword in his hand.

Taking his non compliance as a threat, Hamden screamed as he lunged forward with his sword, attacking the stranger. Swinging the sword in a overhand strike, Hamden put all of his weight behind the slash, only for the stranger to parry it as he stepped to the side. Enoch watched wide eyed in disbelief as the stranger easily disarmed Hamden in one motion, his sword coming around to cut at the old man's stomach, before coming back down to hack Hamden's sword hand off with one clean strike.

The young boy screamed as he watched blood pour from the stump in Hamden's arm, who was paralyzed by shock as he began to stumble. The stranger did not hesitate or pause for even a second, his sword coming back up in a killing blow as he impaled Hamden through the stomach, all in one swift motion. He pulled the sword from Hamden's body, spraying some of the blood on Enoch, who blinked blankly as the old man's blood splattered across his cheek.

Enoch looked up to their savior, the stranger with the sword, with bruised and blood smeared cheeks and tear filled eyes.