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Naked Girls Puke Vomit Puking Vomiting and Barf
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"Yo bro I won't be able to check out the building with you, Meme wants me to stay at the hospital with her but send me some flicks and videos" Earl, my business partner, text me letting me know in advance that he wouldn't be able to tour the building were supposed to build a recording studio in. I needed him to be there especially going into this venture together, but if anybody understood that family comes first it was me.

Anxious to see what I was possibly stepping into I arrived at the site twenty minutes earlier than the expected time. I sat in my car and glanced through the paper work in my briefcase while I waited for the realtor. For some reason my nerves were on edge while I organized my paperwork and made sure I had everything I needed. Just as I was closing the briefcase I peeped a red BMW pull up to the curb across the street from where I parked. The door swung open and I couldn't help but be impressed by the long legged, chocolate complected, long black hair, tight dress wearing real estate agent.

"Oh damn", I said quietly to myself, as she continued to catch my eye like a baseball falling into a outfielder's glove. As much as I wanted to switch into player mode I kept my cool, switched my focus back down onto my briefcase and remained professional, while still glancing up a few times watching her cross the street.

I finished gathering all of my paperwork and stepped out of my car with my briefcase and a bottle of water and made my way across the street to the doors of the gray metal like building.


The agent was in the small dusty lobby standing in front of the elevator doors talking on the phone. Noticing she was on the phone I softly knocked on the opened door three times. "hold on," I heard her say in a soft tone putting whoever she was talking to on hold "Come in!" She yelled towards the doorway, "ima call you right back girl I got a client coming in," I heard her speak into the phone as I walked into the building and towards her. She extended her hand towards me to shake my hand as I got closer, "Earl?" She said shaking my hand.

"No I'm Lamar I'm his business partner. He couldn't make it so it's just me today. how you doing?" I said. "We'll Hello Lamar I'm Janet and I'm fine thank you, and yourself?" She said smiling. "I'm good just trying to find a building, so we can get the ball back rolling on finishing this cd." " what are you interested in using the space for if you don't mind me asking?" She questioned. "A recording studio. This is actually the third time we have to relocate because of neighbors complaints about noise." "Well this is your place," she said with a big smile, "you can make all the noise you want in here!

So shall we begin the tour?" "Lead the way," I extended my hand out directing her to walk in front of me.

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As she headed towards the elevator I couldn't help but watch her work that tight dress that hugged every curve in her body. I wanted her more with every step she took. I took a sip of my water to control my thirst and continued to follow her to the elevator. As she press the up button on the elevator she brought up Earl, "I hope things are okay with him, he seems like a nice guy" "Yeah, he's definitely good peoples.

We been producing music and mixing songs together since were in high school. That's my homie" I said as the elevator door opened. We stepped into the elevator and as the door began to close she pressed 3 on the old worn down number pad.

"Well id like to hear y'all work one-day if you don't mind." "No no I don't mind actually id like that," I said low key throwin game. The dim light over or heads blinked a couple times as the elevator went up. We both looked up at the flickering lights and she said "I'll have the maintenance man put a new light bulb up tomorrow" "Uh oh problems already?" I said jokingly just to see her flash another one of those beautiful smiles, "But on a serious note how are the people on the first two floors?

I don't wanna invest time and money and then have to relocate again." Just then the elevator stopped and opened up. Stepping out of the elevator she said "There's a photographer who owns the facility on first floor, he's hardly here; you might see him once maybe twice a year.

The woman who owns the second floor died in a car accident two years ago, She was a famous painter.

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Her son comes here every year on her birthday but that's it. Her family's not ready to let go so they keep the space, I promise you though you wont have any problems with this space, except maybe a flickering light bulb or two." She laughed. Walking through the short hallway I followed her to the small kitchen; there was a new black and silver stove next to a big silver refrigerator and plenty of cupboard space. Very impressed by the kitchen alone I continued to observe the space flicking pictures while i moved along.

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I can't lie the lobby and the elevator definitely had me second guessing about this place. Janet gave me information about what's being done in the space while I observed. "We just remodeled the whole kitchen, I had them knock the walls down to add more space and bought all new appliances." I took a few more pictures while she continued to tell me about the large loft like area, the bathroom and the small bedroom.

"Im feeling this" The room across the hall was perfect; there wasn't too much space or too little, just enough to build a booth and sitting space for the guest.

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Janet walked with me as I continue to observe the place, I tried to keep my focus on the details of the efficiency but I found myself getting more and more distracted by the beautiful women showing me the space.

"I bet if Earl was here he'll definitely say this is a go. Matter fact I'm texting him now" "Okay," She laughed "Damn Never mind my phone about to die so I guess I'll make the decision ok my own. So how much would it be to rent out this space? I could see myself making all kinds of music in here" "It's very cheap, you're looking at 800 dollars a month plus utilities" "Sounds good sounds good," I said licking my lips and looking Janet in the face.

"Can we schedule another appointment within the next two days.

If it was all up to me I'll be scribbling my signature on every dotted line right now but me and Earl are in this together I guess," I said laughing She laughed along with me and said, "Okay, um how about Saturday at noon? Is that ok?" "That's cool; Saturday I'll be free I'm sure Earl will be here with me after I tell him about this spot" We shook hands and began to make our way to the elevator, "So how long have you been a realtor?

and how you get started?" "It's been five years I've been in the business. It's actually a family business, I began with my mother she use to flip houses with my step dad, when he passed she showed me the ropes of buying and selling houses and I've been doing it ever since." She pressed the down button to bring the elevator to the floor "Oh that's what's up, young successful black woman.

I love to see that" "Thank you," she said flashing a smile while the elevator opened. "You're welcome" I replied As She pressed the one button to go down, "So What made you want to be a music engineer? My younger brother actually wants to be a rapper" she giggled "he's 13 tho at that age who doesn't want to be a rapper.

I heard one of his" In the middle of speaking the light went out and the elevator went pitch black inside "Oh damn, I hope we don't get stuck in here, it feels like were still on the third floor" I said She pulled a iPhone out her purse then shined the light onto the numbers on the elevator, she pressed the one button continually as if it was going to miraculously make us move.

"I hope not either"she said right as the elevator jerked hard, "oh shit, " i yelled out nervously as Janet dropped her phone to the floor panicking and screaming "Oh my Goooood, oh my God" The elevator dropped again in the mist of her screaming "Sit on the floor and hold the rail just in-case the elevator cable snaps" I said.

I put my briefcase on the floor then sat in the far right corner of the elevator, she got a hold of her iPhone then sat in the left corner. She sat there with a deadly stare on her face making it easy to see she was terrified.

"I'm about to call my mother to see if she can have some one come out to fix this and get us out". The lights came back on right as she tried to make a phone call, my hopes were up I thought the elevator was going to operate normally.

Janet smacked her phone "Shit!!!! I don't get no service in here" "I got four percent of battery left, you can try to call her on my phone" I turned my phone on "What's your mom's number?" "It's 4 1 2 7 1 2 4 3 2 6" As she spoke I dialed the number "Did you say 4 3 2 6?" I press the call then I slid the phone across the floor "here, you got to make it quick my phone about to tap out" As soon as she picked the phone up off the floor it died immediately "What the fuck, Your stupid phone died, what are we going to do?" "I can try to push the doors apart" I stood in front of the elevator doors; putting my fingers in between the cracks, I used every muscle in my arm to open the door but only being able to open it only about two inches; after trying for a few minutes i got frustrated and let go, I removed my white button up shirt then tried again, attempting to spread the doors apart again, "When you think the briefcase can fit push it between the crack" "Okay" she said grabbing hold of the briefcase.

The elevator door still wouldn't open more than two inches. After about 10 minutes of trying I had to give it up. My finger tips were in pain, my heart was racing and I was sweating, at this point Im convinced there's no way out.

Frustrated I sat on the elevator floor thinking of my next move. Janet tried to use her phone again "There still no signal, this is crazy were really stuck in the elevator" "I know, crazy as hell" "Where you from? If you don't mind me asking" I said "I'm from monroeville" "You up there with them rich white folks huh?" "It's not what it's cracked up to be, there's a lot of black people out there too" "So you like the Gateway Gators huh?" I laughed, "Woodland hills use to tap that ass back in the day" "Yeah, right we use to tap their ass" "What year you graduate?" "2007 what about you?

"2006. So do you have any kids?" She scooted over towards me with her phone in hand to show me pictures "Yeah, a boy he's three" She slid her finger across the phone screen "and he's bad" While scrolling she passed A picture of a man holding her son, "That must be your man or baby's daddy?" I kindly asked "Yeah, he's in jail now, hes doing 20 years in the Feds cause he just couldn't leave them streets alone, I tried to change his ways but he did what he wanted" "Damn, I tried to tell my young nigga, The streets don't love you, they just take you away from the people who do" "I swear and that's what happened to us, I'm here to raise a little boy to be a man on my own" The light went out again "Them damn lights" I said She laughed "I know it's already bad enough were stuck in a elevator, so anyways what about you Do you have a wife, girlfriend or someone you care for?" "I talk to a few girls right now but I'm single as fuck" "Oh okay playa playa; do you have any little ones?" "Yeah two boys, Chris and Chance" "Are they by the same mother?" "Yeah, both from the same woman" "Oh ok that's what's up.

So basically you can talk to who you want and fuck who you want huh," she laughed. " haha I guess you can say that. To be honest, I might be addicted to sex.

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I get pleasure out of pleasing a woman, I love women" "You don't got to have multiple females to fulfill your need to please, you can have one woman who will give you your needs, and fuck you better or as good as all them girls." "Yeah You right, what you trying to say though? are you that one girl for me?" "Boy, you trying to be fresh. I'm too much woman for you. You wouldn't know how to handle me mentally or physically" "Don't doubt me, My finances might not be on your level but I am a man, and I'm well educated.

I'm not going to boast on how I am when it come to being physical but I will have you coming back for seconds" She twisted her lips and sucked her teeth "Is that right? Coming back for seconds huh?" "I'm serious as hell, if I ate you right now I'll have you running up these walls" "That sounds kind of kinky I'm stuck in the elevator with a stranger who's talking about eating my vajayjay, hmm I might have to think about this" I licked my lips as I watched her give me the side eye "What you thinking about?" I asked "Come here and I'll show you" I scooted over to the same corner as her and within seconds she pulled the hair on my chin to bring my lips towards her red lips an kissed me; Her lips were soft, wet and tasted like strawberries.

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She gave me two pecks, we looked in one another eyes then our tongues got involved. Im thinking to myself "it's always them pretty chicks who are the freakiest" I thought to myself as our tongues tied like a knot. I kissed under her neck above the gold herringbone as she threw her head back against the wall and moaned "Mmmmmm Mmmmm" she let out as I aggressively pulled the dress up her thick thighs; I ducked below the waist an kissed on each thigh; rubbing my tongue up and down to put chills down her spine.

I caressed her body while I pushed the dress up some more revealing the fact that she wasn't wearing panties. Instantly turned on I placed my face between her inner thighs and sucked her clit with my wet mouth. She melted in seconds changing from a sitting position to lying flat on the floor. I cuffed her thighs and licked and sucked the pussy full throttle at a constant pace. She moaned loudly grabbing the back of my head pushing my face in her juicy vagina.

I kept my tongue and lips moving breathing out of my nose as she pushed and pushed my head harder into her pussy humping my face at a furious rate.

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The lights flicked on and off like club strobe lights as she kicked her heels off giving herself better opportunity to push off the elevator floor and into my face. I pushed her feet back together towards her head then stuck my long tongue in her pussy hole an fucked her pussy with it.

I bounced my face in and out shaking my face against it. I could tell she was enjoying my actions due to her heavy breathing, extremely loud moaning and her back lifting from the floor numerous times. I continued to suck and lick her like I was on the verge of dying of starvation and her moans made me go even harder.

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In no time her legs got stiff and her toes twisted up, "Fuckkk I'm cumming" She yelled while banging her fist on the elevator wall hard as fuck and her back arched as the orgasm took over her body. I continued eating her at a furious rate while she released her nut pushing my forehead back removing my face from her tasty lady fruits.

"Oh my God," she moaned still laying on the floor In the same position," you wasn't lying about those skills of yours," she said Smiling. "Word, you like that huh?" "Um humm," she said bringing herself to her knees,"now stand up so I can taste that dick." I couldn't stand up quick enough.

I rose to my feet, placed my back up against the wall and unbuckled my pants dropping them to my shoes. I guess the floor was too hard to be on her knees because she bent down standing on her toes grabbing hold of my rock hard dick. I held onto the rails looking down at her while she swallowed my dick looking me straight in my eyes.

The look in her eyes let me know she was about to suck the fuck out of my dick and I was ready for it. She spit on my dick to make it moist while she slowly beat my dick. She wrapped her mouth around my dick and bobbed her head back and forth stroking at the same pace causing butterflies to rise in my stomach. Soon as I began to get really into this extreme act of kindness the elevator jerked causing her teeth to rub against the head of my dick feeling like a needle sliding across the tip.

I quickly removed my penis grabbing hold of it and yelling out in pain "Ow ih ih ih." She glance up towards me, with her hand over her mouth, "Oh my gosh I'm sooooo sorry, the elevator shook bad my head just bobbed!" "It's cool babe, that shit just caught me off guard, I'm good though." She grabbed hold of my dick again and kissed it gently, "I'm sorry" she said kissing it again a few more times.


I pulled her up by her wrist "stand up and take your dress off and bend over." I demanded bringing her from her knees to her feet. I reached in my pocket, grabbing out the Magnum that I always keep on hand. She turned around and giggled, " oh I guess your always prepared huh? You def must be a ladies man." I laughed while removing the condiment from the wrapper and rolling it down over my dick, " I told you I like women, now bend back over." I slid my penis inside of her thrusting it all the way in.

I pushed her back down to arch her spine as I began to stroke her from behind throwing every inch in her while pulling her body into mines. Moaning loudly she gripped the metal rail, while I took in a fistful of her hair not giving a damn if it was weave or not.


I twisted my wrist pulling her hair back while I used my other hand to arch her back. Thrusting in and out moving my hips to establish my stroke I fucked her at at a steady pace while she moaned out, " Ugh Fuck me! fuck this pussy harder harder owwww" I pushed her face into the elevator wall and fucked her more aggressively; dicking her down something serious as She threw her ass back at me. After a small session of giving backshots I picked her up off her feet and fucked her against the wall in the corner.

I held her by the ass as she wrapped her arms around my neck. The lights went completely out in the elevator as our bodies bang on the wall.

I couldn't hold her body up too long so my arms weakened after at least five minutes of holding her up so I put her down and positioned myself on the floor. "Come ride this dick," I demanded and in no time she stepped over top my body and positioned herself right onto my dick and slid down it like a pole. I cuffed her ass as she bounced on my dick like a trampoline. I felt hands clawing my chest but I couldn't see her facial expressions because it was pitch black in the there leaving me with her moans to tell me exactly how the dick was feeling.

I bent my legs up fucking her back lifting my lower back and hips up from the floor. "Here I cum, here I cum" she moaned out as I continue to dig inside of her "I'm cumming I'm cumming" she's continued yelling out stiffening up and slowing down her pace.

I pushed my dick up in her an held both of her shoulders down to put more pressure into the nut. After she released all over my dick she rode me slowly dipping her pussy on the tip of my penis in no time I felt a energy taking over my body and I bust a hard nut inside the condom. After the great elevator sex we put our clothes on an cuddled up in the corner falling asleep. After about three hours a jerk from the elevator abruptly woke us up.

Startled I jumped to my feet and looked around forgetting I was in an elevator. I looked down at Janet still slumped on the floor shoes off bad legs open and laughed to myself. All of a sudden I heard voices outside of the elevator. I woke Janet up and told her.

We began to bang on the elevator to get her whoever it was outside the doors attention. We spoke to the person outside the door and told them we'd been stuck for a while. Within a hour the elevator people came and we were finally released from the elevator. We walked out of the elevator, looked at each other as Janet fixed he hair and walked out of the building to our cars.

A week later we signed our lease for the building. Janet and I fucked a few more times with no strings attached, Earl and I built our studio and the elevator got repaired. but I still use the steps hoping not to get "STUCK"again.