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Indica Reign In Wonderful Teen Porn Movie
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Fbailey story number 439 Our Halloween Party I have always enjoyed watching the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, however they don't show nearly enough of them during a game.

So when my fifteen-year-old daughter Victoria wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader for our Halloween Party I was all in favor of it.

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Every year I hold a safe Halloween party for the entire neighborhood. My wife left me with our only daughter years ago, so as her only parent she usually gets what she wants. Halloween was a month away but that didn't stop her from pestering me about taking her shopping. Well Victoria tried on several pairs of tight white shorts but didn't find a pair that excited her.

Finally, the lady down the street offered her a pair of hot pants that she had when she was younger. They fit Victoria perfectly and they excited her. Hell, they excited me. Those hot pants from the seventies fit her like a second skin, they rode low on her hips, and the lower half of her ass cheeks hung out.

She thought that they would be perfect to tease the boys. Victoria found a place on the Internet to purchase one of the vests that the cheerleaders wear.

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When I asked her about the tied shirt that they wear she said that she didn't need one. When I asked her how she was going to keep her breasts covered she said that she wasn't. That certainly needed an explanation so I demanded one. Victoria told me that for the last two years she has teased the boys until she was voted the biggest tease in school by the other girls. Apparently the boys are too dumb to even know that she does it on purpose.

Anyway Victoria knows exactly how far she can bend over or open her legs in any of her skirts so as not to flash her panties at the boys. She has recently learned to tease them with glimpses of her 34-B bras too. Now she's going for her biggest tease of all. There were four boys about her age that come to my Halloween party every year and she has already been filling their heads with thoughts of her bare breasts with her nipples barely covered with a tiny vest.

She told them about the bottom half of her ass cheeks sticking out too.

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She smiled as she told me that she's just doing them a favor by providing them with jerk off material. She confessed that teasing the boys provides her with masturbation material too. That was more information than I needed to know. When she received the vest in the mail she told me that she would need to practice wearing her vest to figure out the best methods to tease the boys.

In the past she has been able to use a big mirror but this time she wanted me to help her figure it out. I was looking forward to catching glimpses of her breasts as she tried things unsuccessfully. Victoria then shocked me when she said, "Dad, tonight I will remain topless so that you will get used to looking at my breasts. Then tomorrow I'll start my training.

I love teasing the boys, but before Mom left us she told me never to tease you. She said that you had a very low tolerance and that it wasn't fair." Actually my wife was quite right. I do have a very low tolerance when it comes to being teased. I can get hard instantly over the slightest feminine distraction.

That's why I only work with men. Somehow however, I have been immune to my own daughter up until now. I had a hard-on to beat all hard-ons. It was straining to straighten itself out inside my underwear.

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Well actually it had straightened itself out, not in the most ideal way however. Victoria looked down at my crotch and said, "I'm sorry. Here check out these babies." Then she lifted her top up over her head and then removed her bra for me. There before me were the most beautiful breasts that I had ever seen. Those B-cup beauties looked like perfect round mountains of flawless flesh. There was no sign of gravity, no marks of any kind from her bra, and no blemishes of any kind.

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Her areolas were a light shade of pink and also perfectly formed. Then there were her wonderful long nipples. She certainly took after her mother in that respect. Her nipples were quite long, perhaps three-eighths of an inch already.

The last time that I had measured her mother's nipples they were almost five-eighths of an inch long. I miss sucking on them. Then Victoria said, "You can suck on them if you want too. Mom said that you love to suck on long nipples and mine are longer than anyone's at school, even the teachers. At first I was embarrassed about them but when everyone wished that they had a set of headlights like me, I started enjoying them more. However, most of the time I put a special cup in my bra so that they don't show." I said, "No wonder I hadn't noticed them before." Victoria said, "I can take the cups out before you get home, now that I realize you would like to see them poking out.

Once in a great while I'll remove the cups in school for just one period to tease Mr. Burns. He is gorgeous. He is my Science teacher and he can't keep his eyes off me. I love teasing him." Well not one to turn down an offer like that I took my topless daughter into my arms and hugged her tightly. I told her that I loved her and then I took her into the living room and lay her down on the couch.

Then I feasted on her nipples for a good twenty minutes switching between them every so often. By the time I was done she was moaning throughout her second orgasm. I could give her mother orgasms by orally stimulating her nipples too. Victoria never realized just how sensitive her nipples really were. Victoria squeezed my head to her breast and said, "Dad that was wonderful.

If sex is that great I can't wait to loose my virginity." I asked, "Do you have anyone in mind?" Victoria blushed and said, "You! Mom always said that you were the most gentle and loving man that she had ever met. In fact that's why she left you…she wanted it dirty and rough and cruel and she knew that you couldn't fill her need.

However, I think you are perfect for my need." I pulled my head away slightly and kissed her breast as I said, "Thank you honey but I don't think I should be the one. After all I am your father and it is incest.

There are laws against that." Victoria smiled and said, "Those same laws apply to you sucking on my nipples and giving the best orgasms that I have ever had too.

Don't they? So what's the difference?" I replied, "Intercourse." Victoria smiled and said, "In that case we should call it lovemaking, sex, screwing, or just plain old fucking." I was shocked. I had never heard my daughter talk like that before. Then I felt her pulling my mouth back to her nipple for round two. That night was one of the best nights in my life. My daughter allowed me to totally satisfy her sexually. She never begged me to stop like her mother had and she never tried to push me away either.

She just accepted everything that I gave her. I watched as her hand slipped under her skirt, into her panties, and started pleasuring her clit to multiply orgasms and then to compound her already intense orgasms. I though that she would explode or pass out from all of the stimulation that she was receiving, but she didn't. After two intense hours I told her to take a shower and go to bed. Reluctantly she did. After the eleven o'clock news I went to bed.

Victoria was sound asleep on her mother's side of the bed. I took a peek under the covers to see what she was wearing…nothing at all. In the morning when my alarm clock went off and I jumped, I dislodged her hand from my erection.

I usually had a problem in the morning but I never had my daughter's hand on it before. Victoria's eyes shot open and she looked like I had stolen candy from a baby or something. She said, "Hey, I was playing with that. Bring it back here." The look on her face told me that she meant business. So I rolled onto my back in my original position. Victoria said, "I owe you this much for last night. You made me realize how great it was to be a woman and to have a man that truly loved me." It was not long before I was cumming.

She sensed it too and placed her mouth over the end of my cock as it fired the contents of my balls into her waiting mouth. She swallowed as quickly as she could while I tried very hard to fill her mouth until it overflowed.

When I asked her how she learned to do that she replied, "Sex education." I asked, "Your teachers taught you how to do that in class?" She laughed and replied, "No silly, the other girls taught me how to do that in lunch period. We practice on anything that we can. The school gives us hotdogs, whole carrots, and big dill pickles.

We practice on that stuff all the time. Its just another way to tease the boys like in that movie Fast Times At Ridgemont High." I was amazed but impressed at the same time. I had no idea that my daughter had learned so much about sex without even the birds and bees talk from me.

She not only swallowed it all but she sucked and licked my cock clean too. Then she told me to take a shower while she made breakfast for us. I watched as Victoria got out of bed and walked out of my bedroom naked as the day she was born.


Although she looked nothing like the day she was born. She was a very beautiful, well developed, young woman. That night when I got home from work Victoria was in her white hot pants and vest with nothing else on at all. She looked great. Then she had me watch her as she moved around the living room picking things up and putting them back.

She rearranged the knickknacks, the throw pillows, and then she sat and stood several times. It was my job to tell her whenever I saw her nipples or her areolas. She gained experience with every activity but I was also treated to many nipple shots too.

In the kitchen she sat the table, filled our drinks, and boiled some hotdogs for us. She got the bread, mustard, and relish out for us too. Then I asked for cheese, which I knew was on the bottom shelf in the refrigerator. That gave me an excellent view of her fine ass and her vest fell completely open exposing her breasts at the same time.

I said, "If you intend to bend over that far you had better trim a little more pubic hair." Victoria asked, "Can you see my pussy?" I said, "No, but I can see some of your beautiful pussy fur and I liked it very much." Victoria asked, "Should I keep it? Do you think the boys will like it?" I told her that the boys would love it.

So then she practiced bending over a few times while the hotdogs boiled. She needed to know the exact amount that she could bend without showing her pubic hair to me. That first evening she became quite adept at wearing that vest and doing normal things around the house without showing me her nipples.

At bedtime Victoria kissed me goodnight and said, "Come to bed right after the news. I'll be waiting for you." I skipped the night news and took a shower before going to bed with my daughter. I even shaved for her rather than doing it in the morning.

When she threw back the covers to invite me in, I could see that she was just as naked as I was. She said, "I was hoping that you wouldn't stay up. I want you to suck my nipples. I'm horny from showing off all night to you. You do me at night and I'll do you in the morning, until you decide that we can make love." I climbed in, crawled right to her closest nipple, and latched on.

Then I reached her clit with my finger before she did. I was going to please her fully for what she had given me that morning. After three powerful orgasms I moved my lips down to her pussy, I moved my body down between her legs, and then I latched on again, but that time to her engorged clit.

She held my head and thrust her hips up into my face. Then she cried out during that orgasm, she thrashed around wildly, and she then she went quite still. I had succeeded in giving her so much pleasure that her body had shut down. I smiled, pulled the covers up, and turned the light off. In the morning I woke up before the alarm went off. My daughter was sucking my cock. Her blowjobs were better than I could remember receiving from her mother.

Just before she let me cum she stopped and said, "Put it in me…if you want to cum, put it in me…now." That girl had just used the power of sex to get what she wanted. Her mind had become that of a scheming woman. Just before a man cums he is most vulnerable. If the timing is just right he will promise you the moon if you just let him cum.

She had reached that exact point.

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I just rolled over on top of her and slipped my cock into her virgin pussy as if I was possessed or hypnotized. I was beyond making love to her, at that point in time it was all about me. I had to satisfy myself at all cost. My cock was inside a willing pussy and he knew it. There was nothing else that it needed to know. When my little head takes over there was nothing else for me to do but go along for the ride.

At that point my cock and her pussy were the only things in the entire universe. One was trying to please the other, then out please the other, until the intensity of their mutual pleasure out weighed everything else in the universe.

At that very moment the sun exploded causing the universe to calliopes upon itself causing a black hole…and everything went dark. When I opened my eyes and looked at my alarm clock it was almost noon. I looked over and Victoria was still asleep. I slipped out of bed as quietly as possible and called into work pretending that I had been too sick to call in earlier, then I called into school for Victoria too.

When she came looking for me she was smiling…and she was naked. I too was naked and my cock stood at attention. Victoria giggled and said, "That was totally amazing. Is sex like that every time?" I replied, "Sorry to say, but no. It's not like that every time but if you are with the right person it is still very good." Then Victoria asked, "Has that every happened to you before?" I replied, "No." She smiled and asked, "Not even with Mom?" I replied, "No." We ate a breakfast lunch combination and went back to bed.

That second time was not as good but still better than anything that I had ever had with her mother. The next two times were very good as well, as the one the next morning before we parted to start our day. By the time that our Halloween party had arrived Victoria no longer wanted to tease the boys. She bought the top that the cheerleaders wear and tied it under her breasts then she added boots and a hat that made her look fantastic. She was the hit of the party.

At my request she waited until near the end of the party and had the four older boys help her hand out the bags of candy for the other kids to take home.

She purposely spilled a bag of candy and bent over to pick it up. She gave those boys an even better show than she had given me that day in front of the refrigerator.


When she finally stood up and turned around she said, "Oops. I'm sorry but I thought that you might enjoy the view." She was looking at their hard-ons and smiling.

They assured her that it was all right and that they had definitely enjoyed the view.

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In other words it was worth it. Victoria said, "Go up to my bedroom. Stacey is up there. She will give you all a Halloween blowjob. That's why she dressed as a hooker.

It'll cost you a bag of candy though." Then she handed each boy a bag of candy and ushered them up the steps while she brought a basket of candy bags out to the other party guests. As the party was breaking up and we were saying goodbye to our guests those four boys thanked Victoria for the best Halloween party that they had ever been too. Then Stacey thanked her for fulfilling her wildest fantasy. I watched as Victoria took Stacey into the dinning room and kissed her, tongue and all, as she thanked her friend for taking care of the boy's problems for her.

Stacey reminded Victoria that she still owed her for the favor. Victoria then asked, "Dad can Stacey spend the night with us?" The End Our Halloween Party 439