Gay sexy young blonde emo twink Sean has been known for his hot

Gay sexy young blonde emo twink Sean has been known for his hot
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Coming from work one night, she said goodnight and wished her coworkers well. "Goodnight Sasha. You've got to work for me like we agreed tomorrow morning. Don't forget to set your alarm!". They poked fun at her for one incident where she didn't remember to adjust the time on her alarm clock and was late to work. "I'll be here. No need to worry". She couldn't shake the feeling of being watched and confirmed her fears.

A man stood beside his car, leering at her young form. Sasha still wore her waitress uniform of a dress, white blouse and black dress shoes. He had noted her schedule on Friday nights and more likely than not, she walked home so his plans were set in motion.

It turned Preston on to see such a little teen girl all dolled up and he took off after her. Sasha darted clumsily down an alleyway, hoping somehow she could lose her stalker. He loomed intimidatingly a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier than her.

This offered him an unfair advantage plus his intrepid motivation to kidnap the little slip of a girl. Preston guessed by the look of her, she had to be about fifteen. Her dark black mane of hair whipped over Sasha's shoulders as they sprinted across busy streets, through parking lots and over footbridges. He spotted an opportunity and in his desperation dove for her at the sudden curve of their path. She whined with both arms trapped at her side.

Sasha's face was lying in the dirty trail and Preston knew nothing would stop him. "After all these weeks of waiting, you're all mine!". Her legs trembled weakly between his. "Please. Don't do this".

She couldn't pull down the front of her dress which in the scuffle had ridden up, nor was she able to cry out for help. His weight on her back kept Sasha's lungs from breathing in much more than labored gasps. "If you so much as scream, I will slit your throat. Do you understand me?". She whimpered sadly and nodded. It was then that he turned her over.

Preston wore a black ski mask but the clothes he was wearing easily would blend into a crowd. A charcoal gray suit, black tie, matching pants. Typical office attire.

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None of it reminded her of anyone she knew. His hands worked slowly unstringing the belt that held her dress around her slim hips. She watched her shirt being pulled up over her head and saw how he lingered over the tiny mounds of flesh pertly offered up to be visually raped. His hands were rough though Preston spent a few minutes exploring each tit, rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Sasha squirmed uselessly beneath him.

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Her boobs were very sensitive to touch and what little he did excited her. Next, her dress was tugged lower until it bunched up around her ankles. His hands grasped at her throat as she felt something trying to poke her pussy. It stretched her hole wide and continued to violate the chaste passage, stroking deeper past anything Sasha herself had ever tried.

He stuffed her, grunting into the chilly November air. His breath poured out in puffs through the mask. Her ankles were resting on Preston's shoulders and she noticed his hands dwelled between the fat cheeks of her ass. He spread both halves and exposed her clenched hole to the briskness of the night. She cried to herself, feeling how her anus clenched repeatedly from his attempts at fingering it.

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Sasha's pussy grew wetter against her will and made it harder for Preston to avoid leaving his evidence. He swore, bucking hard as his cock shot a nice warm load right inside of her wet slit.

She sobbed and rested her feet on the ground beside him.


"Alright, Sasha. There's one more thing I want from you. And that is your ass. Now turn yourself over and stay still". She obeyed him. Her hips were pointed up at his cock, but nothing would keep her from resting her chest on the cold grass. She never had taken a man's cock up her ass other than her fathers, and even then he wasn't much of a man to begin with.

His bulbous cock head worked its way up her puckered anus shifting side to side.

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He waited for her to grow accustomed to where he wanted to put his prick and withdrew. Preston bent down and circled her tangy asshole with his tongue, sliding the tip right into her narrow hole.

She jerked around feeling something wet up her ass and soon took two of his fingers right inside. They were covered in drool but Sasha started to enjoy the vigorous probing between her cheeks. He knew that it was now or never and again inched his cock right up the newly slickened hole. She grunted uncomfortably but had no choice in the matter. His prick disappeared all the way up her ass and Preston stammered from the intense heat she wrapped him in.

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He wouldn't last more than a dozen thrusts at best and so carefully worked himself in and out, stopping when his balls tightened to recuperate.

Her ass was heavenly.


Even though it was rape, he loved forcefully enjoying women against their will. Sasha especially. She cried out into the deserted parking lot below and sensed he was nearing the point of no return.

Preston's balls tightened for the last time that night and released another handful of cum right up her lower intestine.


He pulled out and grabbed her throat, turning her to face him. "If I hear that you've gone and run your mouth again, I personally will come and find you.

I don't care how many policemen are doing surveillance, or who's chaperoning you everywhere you go. They will slip up and I'll be waiting to get my revenge".

Sasha shivered in the chill of the night and crawled to her pile of clothes. She got dressed and walked to the road, hoping that she wouldn't have to go to work tomorrow.

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